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Prom Gowns Albany
Wedding Dress Albany
Find beautiful collection of wedding dress, gowns in Albany. Futias Formal Wear provides different styles attire that cannot be found anywhere else in the area. All accessories are available for purchase contact today.
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Online Marketing Job
How it Works
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USB Data Logger
Temperature Scanner
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24*7 Dua Diagnosis Helpline
Looking For Residential Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers?

In case you are looking for dual diagnosis residential treatment centers, then must contact Dual Diagnosis Helpline. We are the leading online helpline that helps you find the best treatment center for your dual diagnosis disorder. Our helpline is 24*7 open or available to ensure the best services. The team of professionals is dedicated to suggesting you the best facility to get covered up soon from your disorders. If you and your loved one are suffering from the co-occurring diseases then, don’t hesitate. Make a call now and get a solution to live a happy and joyful life again.

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(Published: Wed, 19 Oct 2016 04:36:35 +0000)

Plumbing apprentice jobs
Plumber resumes
Browse plumber resume from skilled and experienced plumber resume database. Join employer membership for experienced pluming candidate.

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(Published: Thu, 06 Oct 2016 10:03:43 +0000)

Featuring Myanmar Latest News focusing on Business

Myanmar health care system evolves with changing political and administrative system and relative roles played by the key providers are also changing although the Ministry of Health remains the major provider of comprehensive health care. It has a pluralistic mix of public and private system both in the financing and provision. Health care is organized and provided by public and private providers.

In implementing the objective of uplifting the health status of the entire nation, the Ministry of Health is taking the responsibility of providing comprehensive health care services covering activities for promoting health, preventing diseases, providing effective treatment and rehabilitation to raise the health status of the population. The Department of Health, one of (7) departments under the Ministry of Health plays a major role in providing comprehensive health care throughout the country including remote and hard to reach border areas. Some ministries are also providing health care for their employees and their families.

They include Ministries of Defense, Railways, Mines, Industry, Energy, Home and Transport. Ministry of labor has set up three general hospitals, two in Yangon and the other in Mandalay to render services to those
entitled under the social security scheme. Ministry of Industry is running a Myanmar Pharmaceutical Factory and producing medicines and therapeutic agents to meet the domestic needs.

The private, for profit, sector is mainly providing ambulatory care though some providing institutional care has developed in Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon, Mandalay and some large cities in recent years. Funding and provision of care is fragmented. They are regulated in conformity with the provisions of the law relating to Private Health Care Services. General Practitioners’ Section of the Myanmar Medical Association with its branches in townships provide these practitioners the opportunities to update and exchange their knowledge and experiences by holding seminars, talks and symposium on currently emerging issues and updated diagnostic and therapeutic measures.

The Medical Association and its branches also provide a link between them and their counterparts in public sector so that private practitioners can also participate in public health care activities. The private, for non‐profit, run by Community Based Organizations(CBOs) and Religious based society also provides ambulatory care though some providing institutional care and social health protection has developed in large cities and some townships.

One unique and important feature of Myanmar health system is the existence of traditional medicine along with all opathic medicine. Traditional medicine has been in existence since time immemorial and except for its waning period during colonial administration when all opathic medical practices had been introduced and flourishing it is well accepted and utilized by the people throughout the history. With encouragement of the State scientific ways of assessing the
efficacy of therapeutic agents, nurturing of famous and rare medicinal plants, exploring, sustaining and propagation of treatises and practices can be accomplished. There are a total of 14 traditional hospitals run by the State in the country. Traditional medical practitioners have been trained at an Institute of Traditional Medicine and with the establishment of a new University of Traditional Medicine conferring a bachelor degree more competent practitioners
can now be trained and utilized. As in the all opathic medicine there are quite a number of private traditional practitioners and they are licensed and regulated in accordance with the provisions of related laws.

In line with the National Health Policy NGOs such as Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Association, Myanmar Red Cross Society are also taking some share of service provision and their roles are also becoming important as the needs for collaboration in health become more prominent. Recognizing the growing importance of the needs to involve all relevant sectors at all
administrative levels and to mobilize the community more effectively in health activities health committees had been established in various administrative levels down to the wards and village tracts.

Organization of Health Service Delivery

The Third Wave Reform Process

Since the present government was elected in March 2011, a series of far reaching reforms were introduced and undertaken. The First Wave Reform dealt with the introduction of a multiparty democratic system and the transition from the old to a new system, while the Second Wave Reform put emphasis on strategies for executive, economic, political and social reforms. The Third Wave reform, which is concerned with ensuring a solid foundation for a new democracy to take root and a higher living standard for people putting emphasis on things that will directly improve the well being of the people.

The major instruments using for these reform processes are: Framework for Economic and Social Reform (FESR), National Comprehensive Development Plan (NCDP) including health sector and regular five years plans. FESR provided a reform bridge linking the ongoing programs of the government to the National Comprehensive Development Plan (Health Sector) (2011‐2012 to
2030‐2031), a 20‐year long‐term plan. This is not only the medium‐term and longer‐term plan, it also focuses on potential “quick wins” that will bring tangible and sustainable benefits to the population.

Health Care Reforms on Uplifting the Health Standards The Government of Myanmar is committed to improving access and quality of health as part of
its reform agenda aimed at raising the overall level of social and economic development in the country.

Meeting on uplifting the health standard was held at the President Office on 31st January 2014. On the occasion, President U Thein Sein stressed that health care services would be implemented in cooperation with local people residing in regions and states. The President has called for stepping up efforts in decreasing infant and maternal mortality rate by promotion of health, prevention of diseases, detection of diseases as early as possible, provision of prompt
and accurate treatment and rehabilitation. The President has also urged Ministry of Health and region/ state governments to coordinate each other to be able to reduce the infant mortality rate and the maternal mortality ratio as part of efforts for meeting the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. He also called for making efforts for fighting the HIV and TB in the country.

Regarding the reforms of health sector, the President has urged to expand the organizational setup, to encourage skills and performance of staff and to ensure transparency in reforms, to establish the health insurance system and to formulate necessary rules and regulations for the food safety in the country. He also urged the staff of the Ministry of Health to make efforts for reforming the hospitals to become reliable health care facilities for the poor people as the
government has already committed. He also stressed the need for reviewing the Myanmar Health Vision 2030 and to draft the national health development plan and regional health plan in line with the National Comprehensive Development Plan. In accordance with the guidance of the President, the following twelve Task Forces were formed by the Ministry of Health for the health sector development.

(1) Task Force on Improving the Quality of Medical Care and Diagnostics
(2) Task Force on Disease Control
(3) Task Force on Public Health and Maternal and Child Health
(4) Task Force on Universal Health Coverage
(5) Task Force on Food and Drug Administration
(6) Task Force on Traditional Medicine
(7) Task Force on Health Research
(8) Task Force on Human Resource Development for Health
(9) Task Force on Private Health Sector Development
(10) Task Force on Review and Revise of Health Policies
(11) Task Force on Strengthening of Health Information System
(12) Task Force on Promotion of Health Education

Organized by the respective task force, series of the technical consultations and discussions were done. Participants included the responsible officials from relevant departments of the Ministry of Health, retired health professionals, responsible person from the related departments and ministries, organizations and private sectors.

The Chairman of the National Health Committee, Vice President Dr. Sai Mauk Kham has urged on uplifting the health standard of Myanmar as part of the efforts for health care reforms and achieving better health outcome through efficient functioning of health care delivery system at the National Health Committee Meeting which was held on 29 April 2014 at the Ministry of Health in Nay Pyi Taw.

The Chairman of the National Health Committee, Vice President Dr. Sai Mauk Kham, delivered an opening speech at National Health Committee Meeting (29‐4‐2014).

According to the guidance of the Vice President and recommendations made by the meeting, the following (5) workshops were conducted and organized by the Ministry of Health for the health sector development.(1) Workshop on development of human resources for health (2‐3 June 2014)(2) Workshop on improving quality of medical care (5‐6 June 2014)(3) Workshop on promoting primary health care services (9‐10 June 2014)(4) Workshop on health financing aiming towards universal health coverage (12‐13 June 2014)(5) Workshop on restructuring and reorganization of health sector (30 June 2014 to 1 July 2014) It is necessary to speed up the momentum in the health care sector in tandem with a rapid acceleration in political, economic and executive reforms without neglecting the promotion of the private sector.

To strengthen the efficiency and equity in the health system, the health sector has being undertaken health sector reforms. Ministry of Health has conducted dissemination and coordination meetings for accelerating the third wave reform processes and measures that must be undertaken by health personnel at various levels of the ministry. Moreover, surveys on patient satisfactions and needs assessments were also conducted in States and Regions. The results of these studies will provide important inputs in the process of making a more responsive health system.

Health Financing in Myanmar

The major sources of finance for health care services are the government, though there are other minor sources such as external aids, community contributions etc. Government has increased health spending on both current and capital yearly. Total government health expenditure increased from Kyat 7,688 million in 2000‐01 to Kyat 652,745million (BE) in 20142015.

Government Health Expenditures (2000‐01 to 2014‐15)

Financial allocation to the health and education sector was increased in the fiscal year 20122013. The government share to the health sector as a percentage of general government expenditures for last five financial years were indicated in the following table.

Government Health Expenditures as percentage of GDP and as percentage of General Government Expenditure

Social security scheme was implemented in accordance with 1954 Social Security Act by the Ministry of Labor. According to the law, factories, workshops and enterprises that have over 5 employees whether State owned, private, foreign or joint ventures, must provide the insurance for their employees with social security cover. The contribution is tripartite with 2.5% by the employer, 1.5% by the employee of the designated rate while the government contribution is in the form of capital investment. Insured workers under the scheme are provided free medical treatment, cash benefits and occupational injury benefit.

To effectively implement this scheme, workers’ hospitals, dispensaries, mobile medical units and branch offices have been established nation‐wide. The 2012 Social Security Law was enacted on 31st August 2012. In this new Law, invalidity, old age pension benefit, survivors’ benefit and unemployment benefit systems have been introduced based on international practice. In addition, social security housing plan for insured workers has also been introduced.

Path to Universal Health Coverage in Myanmar

Myanmar aspires to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC) as part of its Vision 2030 for a healthier and more productive population. UHC would help achieve the twin goals of any health sector, i.e., improved health outcomes and reduced financial burden on the poor and vulnerable, due to health expenditures.To achieve the goals and targets of strengthening the health systems towards the provision of equitable universal coverage, it is vital to focus on ways to improving health outcomes, enhancing the financial protection and ensuring the consumer satisfaction.

Realizing the current critical challenges and to achieve the aspiration goals, the following nine strategic areas have been identified.

  1. Identify the Essential Health Package ensuring access to comprehensive quality health services for all
  2. Enhance HRH Management through implementation of the Health Workforce Strategic Plan to address the current challenges hindering the equitable access to quality services
  3. Ensure the availability of quality, efficacious and low cost essential medicines, equipment and technologies including supply chain management and infrastructure at all level
  4. Enhance the effectiveness of Public Private Partnerships
  5. Develop alternative health financing methods and risk pooling mechanisms to expand the fiscal space for health in order to alleviate the catastrophic health care expenditure of the community and enhance financial protection
  6. Strengthen the community engagement of health promotion and delivery of healthcare service in Myanmar
  7. Strengthen the evidence based information and comprehensive management Information system including non‐public sector
  8. Review the existing Health Policies and adopt the necessary polices to address the current challenges for UHC
  9. Intensify the Governance and stewardship for attainment of UHC
:: Read More
(Published: Fri, 21 Oct 2016 07:02:20 -0400)

Painter jobs in Los Angeles
Painter resumes
Find a commercial & residential painter resumes at PaintingJobs. Build your career as a professional painter.
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(Published: Fri, 14 Oct 2016 06:32:39 +0000)

Tips For Choosing Best Mobile Apps Developer In Ma
Tips For Choosing Best Mobile Apps Developer InMalaysia
:: Read More
(Published: Fri, 21 Oct 2016 01:05:38 -0700)

Popularity of Ghorepani Rhododendron and Mera Peak Trek for Trekkers

Since many years, Nepal has not only remained popular among worldwide tourists for acting as the home to famous Mount Everest, but also for acting as home to many high mountain peaks, which provide favorable conditions to enjoy mountain trek. In this article, experts, who have gained vast experience by traveling across Trekking Peaks in Nepal, will overview on two of the popular mountain peaks named Mera Peak and Ghorepani Rhododendron Peak.

Image result for Trekking Peaks in Nepal

Mera Peak Trek

Mera trekking Peak or simply Mera Peak is one among the alluring trekking peaks found in Nepal. This involves cultural-based stimulating journey from various deep forests and remote type of picturesque villages. Excluding this, majority of trekkers love to experience gentle climb to Mera Peak summit.

Most of the travelers call it as the highest possible trekking peak of Nepal. Climb to the Mera peak comes during the end of entire trekking to the region, which goes for a period of about one week, while touring companies design suitable acclimatization programs to provide tourists with excellent chances of experiencing successful and enjoyable journey.

Image result for Mera trekking Peak

Most of the ascent in Mera trekking Peak requires walking through the glaciers, which demand trekkers to possess basic crampon and ice axe skills. In addition, individuals will get countless opportunities to receive proficiencies at the lower region of Mera Glacier. Other than summit of about 6431 meters, peak climbing requires a further ascent of 30 meters that too at about 60 degree of snow dome with the help of jumar and fixed rows based on specific snow conditions.

Rhododendron Trek

Majority of trek lovers call Rhododendron Trek of Nepal as Ghorepani Rhododendron Trek. Individuals should undertake this trek at the time of spring season, as during that time the complete rhododendron forest remains in full bloom to cover the mountainside as a whole. In addition, this acts as relatively low altitude of trek but comprises of many spectacular sceneries and countless beauties associated with the entire Himalayan region.

Mountaineers or trekkers have to accomplish the aforementioned treek by following rice fields found in terraced forms above the pokhara region passion along Gurung villages picturesque and across various immense rhododendron forests. Best thing about the forest region found here is that it bursts during spring months to form hues of countless patterns. To get further details about treks and tours in Nepal, you have to approach a good trekking company and arrange for necessary mountaineering equipments.

:: Read More
(Published: Wed, 19 Oct 2016 06:47:11 -0700)

Nepal Climbing
Enjoy Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Luxury Trek in Nepal

Trekking activity comes in the mind of people at first whenever they plan for the tour to Nepal. If you are one among them passionate towards trekking activities, you should give some time for finding good places for trekking in Nepal.

Trek to the Annapurna Luxury Lodge

Annapurna Luxury Lodge Trek or Annapurna Luxury Trek acts as the ultimate way to explore the entire region of Nepal in style by simply staying in various comfortable lodges belonging to the Annapurna region. In fact, luxurious lodges provide best possible standards than any other thing present in the complete area. Downey and Ker lodges provide highest possible service levels while trekking on comfortable lounges, landscaped gardens, bedrooms, along with western toilets and hot showers. Trail between various lodges allow travelers to pass from beautiful village areas of Nepal and thereby, to get spectacular views of the popular Annapurna region.

Image result for Annapurna Luxury Trek

Trailing on Namun La Pass

Namun La Pass Adventure Trek also gives an adventurous trekking experience to travelers in the region of Annapurna Mountain. Although it is a difficult mountain pass, but gives lots of exciting experiences and challenges associated with the complete trekking job. The trail lets a person to pass the popular Namun La Banjyang with complete enjoyment. If this is not enough, the trail allows you to view nice sceneries of Lamjung, Manaslu and Annapurna ranges, along with various other popular sceneries belonging to the area.

Image result for Namun La Pass Adventure Trek

Trek to Sagarmatha/Mount Everest Base Camp

Trekking in Nepal remains entirely incomplete without experiencing the adventures yet excitements involved in Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek. The entire Everest or Sagarmatha region is stunning and beautiful, while a trek to the area gives huge worth to people in lifetime. Here, the trek journey begins with arrival of tourists in the city of Kathmandu and later on, moving forward to reach at its base camp.

Image result for Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek

Luxurious trek to Everest region, as the name implies, it allows trekkers to get plenty of options for staying in first class hotels of the capital city Kathmandu before taking a flight to the Khumbu region. Once you reach at the Khumbu valley, you would come across standard and sophisticated Everest summit lodges in the entire area.

These lodges not only provide quality services, but also provide luxurious facilities in the form of comfortable bedrooms and lounges, landscaped gardens, excellent yet modernized toilet facilities and hot showers. Excluding this, you will be able to receive travel guidelines from experienced and knowledgeable guides, who will highlight the hidden secrets of the complete Mount Everest region and give memorable experience for your entire life.

:: Read More
(Published: Wed, 19 Oct 2016 03:42:58 -0700)

Audio visual Staffing
CCTV Staffing
CablingJobs provides nationwide CCTV staffing jobs. Gets professional CCTV staffing for home and residential contact us today!
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(Published: Thu, 20 Oct 2016 06:39:57 +0000)

Hypnotherapy Long Island
Hypnotherapy Long Island
Hal Brickman - Long Island New York's experienced Hypnotist. Feeling stuck in one or more areas of your life? Contact New York Hypnotherapy center. They will help you to become unstuck. New York professional Hypnotherapy center use hypnosis which is proven psychological principles.

:: Read More
(Published: Sat, 11 Jun 2016 15:58:44 +0000)

Slip Gauge Inspection
Snap Gauges
Looking for snap gauges that are adjustable? Aditya Engineering provides snap gauges & other measuring tools to ensure accuracy. For high quality instrument of metrology contact today!
:: Read More
(Published: Tue, 18 Oct 2016 06:11:17 +0000)

Diwali wallpaper 2016
happy diwali wallpaper hd widescreen and diwali wallpaper 1024x768 for mobile and pc 2016

happy diwali wallpaper hd widescreen

If you are looking for happy diwali wallpaper hd widescreen and you have not got any,You are at right place right now.Yes.We have posted lots  of happy diwali hd wallpapers and today in this we are specially posting some more new wallpapers for you to use on your desktop PC,Laptop Or mobile Make sure you visit all the categories for the wallpapers you are looking to celebrate deepawali.We have made this blog all about happy diwali day 2016.

We would love if you share our hard work with the world using the below provided social sharing buttons.
We all know for what diwali is celebrated, it remarks the victory of good over evil and light over darkness. With this note we all wish that all happens for good in our lives and celebrate it with new hopes and enthusiasm.Here you go with the top happy diwali 2016  wallpaper.

diwali wallpaper 1024x768

diwali wishes wallpapers

Our most recent accumulation of Happy Diwali backdrops, HD pictures and pictures will doubtlessly help you in wishing your shut ones.Diwali Was Celebrated in the Happiness of Lord Rama.In this Diwali Day Lord Rama Return Home following 14 year of Exile.All You Know that Now there are a great many individuals utilize Social Media locales application like Whatsapp Facebook thus that why they can download Happy Diwali Pictures wishes for that

diwali rangoli hd wallpapers

So there goes the.We recommend you to explore all our categories so that you can enjoy all the stuff we have collected for this diwali.Enjoy these deepawali wallpapers .Share It.
:: Read More
(Published: Thu, 20 Oct 2016 09:53:41 -0700)

Fleet maintenance and repair
FMCSA Inspections
Get FMCSA Inspections service at Authority on Transportation provides vehicles for CEO and Expert in sprinter van repair and FMCSA Inspections service across the New York. Contact Today!
:: Read More
(Published: Wed, 25 May 2016 13:08:18 +0000)

limo repair long island
Custom limousines New York
Do you need limo service in New York City? A1limorepair are specialized in limousine repair industry for over 18 years. Visit our nearest services center for custom limousines and repair.
:: Read More
(Published: Wed, 06 Apr 2016 04:13:58 +0000)

Where To Shop In Guangzhou For Wholesale Items?
Where To Shop In Guangzhou For Wholesale Items?
:: Read More
(Published: Thu, 20 Oct 2016 23:05:25 -0700)

Web Design in India
Web Design services
:: Read More
(Published: Thu, 20 Oct 2016 22:51:00 -0700)

Cheap Flyer Printing
Cheap Leaflet Printing
Get cheap leaflet printing in UK. Novo Print provides outstanding print and design for leaflet printing at refreshingly low prices. Contact Today!
:: Read More
(Published: Tue, 04 Oct 2016 07:52:17 -0400)

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