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3D Animation video Services Update 3D Animation video Services  
RSS 6 |  3D Animation video Services

Animation Video Uses For Your Business

If you want your business to grow online and nothing has worked for you till now try the magic wand of animation videos. Animation videos helps to get across your business message in an attractive and eye-catching manner. It’s a hard truth that most people are more interested in watching videos than reading contents or product description! Humans find images, motion pictures, attractive videos and an impactful voice artist to be more engaging than reading a long content. 

It’s a fast paced life where everyone wants to know it all in a short time. Here business animation videos play a pivotal role. A new boot range can sell like hot cakes if a proper animation video is designed about a simple girl who starts getting more attention in college as she adorns those boots. A playful, fun and smart voiceover can help increase sales. Some reasons yet to use animation videos for your business are:

1.You can attract new customers who previously didn’t know about your business. You can just post the video on you facebook or instagram page and ask your followers to share across. You will surely get more popularity in no time.

2.When a new range of products is launched it’s hardly known to people. To increase sales you can create an animation video.

3.Also another reason is that the search engines work in a manner that if you include an animation video that’s relevant to what your business is about, then the search engine is going to push your business site up in the rankings and you might even appear on the first page of Google search.

4.Last, but not the least is the traffic that you will get on your website and ultimately more people will be your loyal customers, thus increasing your sales and turnover.

If you are looking to get Animation videos made for your business it’s good to have knowledge of some types of animation videos and decide which one you’ll need for your particular business. There is a 2D character animation, 3D animation, white board flash animation, skeletal animation, etc.

The 2D animation works using 2D vector graphics or 2D bitmap graphics. These days the work is much easier with animation video maker software and graphic designing. The earlier cartoon shows used to make use of this 2D character animation for putting the cartoons into motions. Now they find their usage in animated GIFs, powerpoint applications and flash animation.

3D animation are different from 2D that they are digitally modelled and manipulated by a user. The designer usually uses a 3D polygon mesh to create virtual environments. It imparts state-of-the-art feel because it is a technique that can easily popularize your brand online.

Apart from these two, another method that helps in creating life-like animation characters is skeletal animation. Skeletal animation broadly consists of two parts-a surface representation defining the external characteristics of a character like skin, hair, clothes, mesh while the second part is the interconnected bones or mesh structure holding the character together. Skeletal animation can be used for a wide range of animation video making like trees, cars, doors, birds, etc. In fact most of the talking birds or Noddy’s car that you saw in a children’s cartoon show used this type of animation! It’s a fun type of animation technique to look at and users will find it very attractive.

I hope after knowing about all these types of animation videos you will make a wise choice about which type of animation video to go for!

:: Read More
(Published: Fri, 01 Nov 2019 06:48:15 GMT)

How to grow your business through Animation videos?

To grow your business in the current competitive scenario is a tough call and requires proper strategy. With hundreds of new businesses sprouting each day people have a myriad of options to buy products or obtain services from. To stand out of this crowd requires out-of-the-box thinking and a unique and compelling method to engage the audience. Animation video maker services are what you should go for if you are planning on expanding your business to a huge extent.

Human psychology processes an image much faster than any written content/ text. Only 20% of people can remember what they read and as low as 10% can remember what they heard. There are few novel readers and millions of movie watchers. The thrilling visual effect and movement of characters on screen is visually enthralling and we remember a highly dramatic scene years after we have watched it. This is the reason that a short one minute video is highly impactful for your business. If you can get your message across via a short animated video with impactful images and voice over, you will not be some dull looking business site that people only visit to go back to what they were doing previously.

Here I will tell you why an online video idea is great for your business but not everyone truly understands the method of achieving this goal. People think big businesses have to ability to pull off live-action video integrating actors, directors, high megapixel camera and a nice location for outdoor shoots. If you are thinking ‘I am just a business in seed stage, how am I supposed to arrange budget for this huge project’, then you are wrong! You can create characters that can fly, sing , cry and do every type of actions and emotions that you want. These are the features apart from the regular scripted animation videos that we see on most business websites.

Animation299 is a highly notable and successful video production company in Florida and has an experience of about two decades. This means it has worked on various portfolios. You can connect with customers in a fun and interactive way. They also help improve your SEO and thus improve traffic and leads on your website.

Another major form of video creation is stop motion animation that we need to know about if you want to grow your business. In this video type, an image is moved through various image frames in a fraction of seconds, thus creating a visual effect of the character doing an action. The Animation video makers use specific animation software on computers to design the video with such minute details. They bring the non-living objects like a doll or an animal to life by incorporating them with entertaining dialogues and funny reactions. Obviously the message that you want to send across the audience is delivered in an impactful and interactive way!

After knowing so many aspects of how to go about creating compelling videos for your business, take action and invest in a good animation video maker company.

:: Read More
(Published: Fri, 18 Oct 2019 06:35:13 GMT)

Why all Animation Production Companies should thank Emile Cohl
No all would be familiar with the name Emile Cohl. However, if you are running an Animation Production Company of your own you should really thank this person. How was Emile Cohl? He was a cartoonist. Popularly known as "The Father of the Animated Cartoon.” This French cartoonist has already given a lot to our generation.

Adversity causes some men to break and some men to break records. This was true with Emile. His father was a rubber salesperson and mother was a linen tailor. The factory where his father worked had many economic vicissitudes. This caused the family to have an unstable living. At this point, Emile’s direction could have been easily misguided. However, the teachings of his father did not let this happen. Emile was always a well-cultured child.

Emile’s mother was always struggling with poor health. He was an overprotected child for the same reason. He was introduced to the real world only after the death of his mother. Emile was then sent to the boarding school. It is a great challenge for a child to see the death of his mother and then leave for a boarding school at the same time. It needs great courage to face these challenges. Emile’s days in the boarding school were good. It was the boarding school where his artistic talent was discovered and nurtured. The boarding school provided him a window to have a look at the world differently. True artists are created when they are away from their home. This became true with Emile Cohl as well.

When Emile was only 15 years old, his father had put him in a three-year apprenticeship with a jeweller. Later on, he was also placed as a broker. Then his calling for the love of drawing haunted him. He left the job and announced his life dedicated to drawing. He adopted a Bohemian lifestyle and even spend a few days hungry but never got disconnect from the art.
If Emile Cohl had not made Fantasmagorie 1908, not many animators or Animation Production Companies would have flourished in the market. Born on 4th January 1857, this French caricaturist is a forgotten hero. As I said, do value the contribution of "The Father of the Animated Cartoon.” Emile Cohl if you are a part of the animation industry.
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(Published: Tue, 04 Oct 2016 12:35:08 GMT)

( Source: )

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