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Adventure Trekking Nepal Update Adventure Trekking Nepal  
RSS 6 |  Adventure Trekking Nepal

Get The Superior Adventure In The Ama Dablam Expedition Trekking

Do you want to climb the mount Ama Dablam from South mountainin beginners to easily start climbing on mountains? Normally, Trekking in the foothills of Ama Dablam is the best way to travel far-off destination across different valleys that brings you complete perspective for viewing natural semblance and cultural aspects in Nepal. In fact, walking on the Ama Dablam Expedition trekking trails would be a great option to enjoy the fascinating alpine forests as well as wide open pasturelands. Lots of trekkers get attracted towards the untainted and untouched destination and here is the wonderful option for you to get the most amazing aspects. Forgetting the complete tranquillity as well as splendid view of the mountain ranges and it is the best-beaten path to easily embark. Witness the never seen before the landscape with walking less explored region in Nepal. Adventure Mountain Treks  brings you the great opportunity for you to easily make your trekking enjoyable to trek in much more amazing manner. Of course, on your travel, you would also get a professional guide who would bring you complete guidance all through the path to high excellence. With the professional guiding expedition, you would easily walk through the lush green forests and the trekkers would definitely enjoy every day of the trekking. it one of the best place of Himalayan tapestry with some peaks including offers in the extensive backdrop with unique pictures in the wide range across the gaping valleys.

Ama Dablam Expedition

Excellent Trekking Arrivals:

The beauty of hilly lays over the clouds also gives you the complete way of viewing the laid-back lifestyle to the people who make the trip momentous. Hiking is another highlight of best-beaten trekking in Nepal. Excellent sunrise views on the Everest Expedition also shows you the amazing option to enjoy the visit and enable complete aspects of getting the beautiful view of the trading route, rich local culture and many more to the excellence. Water is scintillating delights to witness on your trekking here so that it would be a great way to easily observe daily lifestyle. View the most magnificent place of your journey to the mountains and return back to tour in Nepal. Of course, you can also efficient witness never seen before landscape as well as walk into the mountains where people have walked less and explored the region in Nepal. Get the complete hassle free trekking to the excellence and much more efficient way to enable best trekking aspects.

:: Read More
(Published: Tue, 05 Jun 2018 03:18:59 -0700)

Realize the Glorious Adventure of Various Trekking

Worldwide trekkers will aim to reach the world's highest Mountain of Everest. Everest trekking allocates new experience and they will live some moments happily from their stress entailed life. You will get to view miscellaneous places during the Everest base camp trek. Those places are mentioned below:


The height which you trek to reach Annapurna Base Camp trek is of 7,000 and 8,000 meters. Along with that, you will see many different landscapes. This base camp trek is the famous trek most of the trekkers will preferably visit there. The extended length of this camp will proffer you the best-terraced rice paddies, lush rhododendron forests and high altitude landscapes.

Annapurna Base Camp trek

Annapurna has been parted like Annapurna I at the height of 8091 m, Annapurna South height of 7219 m, the Machapuchhre height of 6993 m and Hiunchuli is on 6441 m. The greatest viewpoint of all these hills is the specialty of Annapurna region.

Everest base camp trek:

In the Everest base camp trek, Gokyo Ri is the place which is the central point to see all the four of the 14 eight-thousanders in the world. The Cho Oyu is the place which is located left to the Gokyo Ri. The glacier-filled mountain called Ngozumpa which is the widest glacier mountain in the Himalayas. The height of the Everest base camp trek is about 9,300 ft to 8,600 ft. But this is all feet of the Everest camp.

Everest base camp trek

Along with the given places, the Trekking in Nepal will proffer various experiences. The beautiful Everest High Passes, roaring Dudhkoshi River, renowned Namche bazaar, serene Imjatse valley and several Buddhist residents. Everest is the place of adventure you will touch the feel of excitement at each and every step you are taking.

Rules of trek:

Don't conclude that trekking is just for viewing the different places. But it's a chance to check about your ability of both mental and physical fitness. Since the trekking requires more patience and good body condition.

The preferred travel agency will examine all these things before heading the trek. If they notice that you are unfit means they will advise to not trek. But otherwise, they will perfectly offer proper accommodation facilities and enchanting trekking. But you need to trek along with them and try to cooperate with their instructions.

Since you're trekking is based on the remote peak mountains even you get bored while trekking the guide will encourage you by telling the interesting facts about the place. So you have to book the foremost travel agency for the smooth trip.

:: Read More
(Published: Tue, 05 Jun 2018 03:08:11 -0700)

Enjoy The Great View Of The Beautiful Mountains In Nepal

Adventure Mountain Treks & Expedition is considered as one of the top trekking agency that lets you to enjoy the complete journey to the excellence. In fact, most of the people also tends to choose the most amazing option for easily spending their vacation to the excellence. Adventure Mountain Treks & Expedition is ultimate top trekking agency in Nepal that brings you complete option for the tailor-made travel with getting more adventure in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. Using the qualified and experienced working team, it is also much more efficient to get the utmost travel experience for the modern visitors. They also extensively get the complete option for enabling more number of option to enable more entertainment maximum. Nepal is considered as the awe-inspiring countries with the superb nature as well as holy spirits to give you the most amazing option for enjoying in the most amazing spots to spend the vacation maximum. Beautiful and adventure mountain treks has also developed more option in the appreciative destinations that enables the short break which would efficiently take you to the beautiful sights of Kathmandu Valley, jungle safari or Himalayan trails.

Adventure Mountain Treks & Expedition:

Langtang treks

Langtang treks are considered as best trekking trails and this place is also renowned for the amazing Nepalese hospitality and optimum chances for enabling the best adventure sports. Adventure Mountain Treks & Expedition professionals have more than a decade of experience related to the tourism. Professionals offer the most valued and high service to enjoy trekking, camping and other activities for the people. Langtang treks bring you the widest adventure to your cultural and leisure holidays suitable for enjoying in the Nepal Himalaya. Experienced trekking team would guide so it would be quite easier for enjoying every moment of stay. The physically demanding trek are useful for getting the complete viewing high-altitude lakes as well as have quick glance. Get complete detailed information on wonders of Nepal Himalaya with scenic beauty in extensive trekking and camping. Langtang treks will be useful for getting the best class viewing beautiful mountain scenery with spectacular visions. Cozy ambience of trekking in the short trips will give the great opportunity for getting entertainment. This is considered as best class trekking spot and quite famous for crowning glory of the country. Langtang attracts most of the tourist for discovering as well as exploring paradise found in Nepal. Langtang is one of the magnificent place cradled with grand Himalayas and here is best attractive spot by tourists.

:: Read More
(Published: Thu, 10 May 2018 04:20:58 -0700)

Spend Holiday by Planning Trek to Nepal with Friends and Family

Annapurna trekking is a great and remarkable adventure in the part of the Mountain ranges and it is one of the most and amazing mountain range with world highest mountain views. It is one of the 10th world tallest peaks which let to enjoy by the people who plan to place such Annapurna Base Camp trek. The foothill are filled with the varied ethnic groups with the presence of the all attractive villages and also terraced farms, fair and much more. Here the it come across the different breath taking views points with the views of the Himalayan so it provides additional look for the customer. Everest base camp trek filled with the breath taking view points with the famous Himalayan views and support and a part from that it is one of new life style in the middles of the hills of Nepal and also moderate adventure in the part of the Himalayas. This trekking starts from the place of the Pokhara and also Lake City of Nepal and wing via the green area and lush forest. Then you can travel via with farming villages which assist to provide special range between people. Therefore you have to plan such Trekking in Nepal and enjoy with friends and family.


Everest base camp trek is ultimate option for the anybody who is interested in the finding the Himalayas. Then it has many beauty of mountain and also some of the glorious peaks in the part of the world. It is best for offering you with peaks and also delightful Sherpa people and also offering you with astonish mountain views and also glance into life of the famous climber. It provide much closer look to the Buddhist monasteries views and glance. It is great option for the board on an epic which let to enjoy special views with no risk and trouble of it. Here Everest from so close and also feel the power and also grace of the proud mountain standing there over the top of the world. This trek is itself a grand trek as it lead you through the Everest region. If you have any additional doubts, you can collect from the tour guide website. It filled with number of the additional support and solution with no risk and trouble of it. Therefore you can read the terms and condition before going to pick the tour provider to make trekking with comfort forever.

:: Read More
(Published: Thu, 10 May 2018 04:15:03 -0700)

Tackle Major Expedition Of Lofty Himalayan Peak Picturesque Views

The Nepal peak climbing is the unique deal for many trekkers makes use of the online to grab best trip packages. The Nepal trekking peaks deliver chance to tackle the stunning Himalayan Mountain without organizing major tour, which is comfortable and easy than Nepal expedition 8,000 climbing and adventure in the trip. The peak climbing trek delivers the best opportunity to climb over Himalayan peak and suit the taste of white wilderness. Many treks in Nepal are easier to complete as well many treks hard to complete. The peak climbing in Nepal Everest region popular peaks are Lobuche, Island Peak, Hinku Valley and Khongma-tse closer to the Everest base camp. The Nepal peak climbing doesn’t need little bit mountaineering experience, it is important to engage in maintaining the physical condition and outdoor background. The skill of using the crampons, ropes and ice-axe will surely become handy and actual climb starts to teach the fundamentals of handling ropes and various climbing devices for trekker safety.

peak climbing in Nepal

The climbing treks guided by the professional guides who registered with NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association) each climbing guides are generally local familiar with the safe routes and mountains. The tour in Nepal experience the joy and pain climb in the lofty Himalayas privilege reserved for magical expedition climbers. The trekkers who are in the trekking package buy should make sure the whole collection of packages. The experienced agent let the climbers pick discount offered packages without hesitation. Besides, the trip packages encounter the trekker complete requirements and make the pleasure among everyone unforgettable. The trek, accommodation and views of mountains give satisfaction for what they spend to enjoy the trekking.

Langtang treks

The Langtang treks maximum altitude of trekking target 5,000m need to trekker to keep fitness level moderate. The Langtang Valley climbing is widely pleasant trek in Nepal starts the trip to Kathmandu. The route map begins the trekking from Langtang Valley lower region by farmlands, Kyangjin Gompa verdant forests and small forests. The trekker can climb to Tserko Rio for astounding sunrise views in the Langtang ranges. The Tibet region borders significant trading route and see the control in the rich Nepalese local culture. The Langtang Valley trek provides the itinerary fetch the trekker to enjoy the Langtang village and start sharing first trekking experience in Nepal. The Langtang trek itinerary begins from Kathmandu, Syabrubesi, Mundu, Kyangjin Gompa, Tserko Ri, Lama Hotel and return to Kathmandu. You can choose the budget saving trekking packages among the new group or family members.

:: Read More
(Published: Mon, 09 Apr 2018 23:06:22 -0700)

Pick the Everest base camp trek to enjoy a lot

Everyone is looking the familiar holiday spot that allows them to rejoice completely and get pleasure always. In such a way, they are searching for the base camp trekking that really gives them pleasure activities without any hassles. Of course, Everest base camp trek always right one and thus have the ultimate pleasure to join with family members. This could take according to the requirements and thus have a familiar approach for getting delightful approach forever. In addition to this, the offerings are really made by luxury one and thus have delight way for meeting different things capable of everyone. It enables everyone to rejoice completely and get into full adventure skills during trekking. Therefore, you should get attention on the accomplishment on visiting Everest base camp as the best one.

Everest base camp trek

Affordable budget tour

Furthermore, the Annapurna Base Camp trek offers amazing development and thus has the best solution reach according to the guidelines. Most often, the climbers definitely get attention on the mountain standing there and have eye-catching views of the climbers. So, this makes them obtain good approach for visiting the places without any hassles. They are giving more spectacular views that are organized to delivers highest mountains in a simple manner. It is also known as grand trek and leads to visit throughout the Everest region. With the help of trekking agency, the visitors definitely get highest mountains ranges surround with glaciers and hilly region. On the other hand, the Annapurna base camp trekking delivers fabulous opportunity to the people who need to visit some places with amazing windiest places. Therefore, this gives suitable opportunity to raise the forested middle mountains as per the guidelines.

Annapurna Base Camp trek

Amazing trekking routes to all

This could take according to the Himalayan trekking and offers best class results taken in the mountain range. This is essential for getting a first-class as well as top trekking agency in Nepal that is helping you in all possible ways. The special thing about the trekking is including major things that are possible for showing amazing mountain experience for your need and want. It will start trekking at the base camp and thus have further results on choosing the windiest places in Nepal. The place is voted as the world largest trekking routes which include amazing glaciers and thus have potential results on trekking experience. For the nature lovers, the place is admiring and thus has glorious sights to see on the destination. So, this is vital for them to choose according to the requirements and consider the very close view to the monasteries.


:: Read More
(Published: Mon, 09 Apr 2018 22:56:55 -0700)

Book The Best Expedition Package To Get Adventurous Experience

In this busy world, people want to spend their holiday in a joyful and memorable manner. There are different types of adventurous activities available in this world, but few of them bring you more enjoyment and matchless experience. Ama Dablam Expedition is one of the most outstanding and exciting packages that allows you to get technical climbing experience. The best thing about this climbing package is that it brings you a fantastic chance to see the beauty of Mt Ama Dablam and Khumbu valley at a time. It is a specialized feature of this peak that makes it a dream place for many climbers. Apart from that, it also gets more recognition among people because of its soaring shape and wonderful and panoramic view of Makalu, Cho Oyu, and Mt. Everest.

Ama Dablam Expedition

Best expedition package

It is the technically demanding and excellent peak that includes scrambling ground, rock, and ice that bring you the outstanding challenges. If you are a climber, you need to have the best knowledge of ice and rock climbing. The most exciting and memorable expedition starts with a wonderful flight from the Kathmandu region to Lukla. If you desire to get the enjoyment, you can hire the right travel company that offers you the best range of expedition packages. Everest Expedition is another popular expedition that takes you to the highest as well as thrilling peaks where you will mesmerize the beauty of the hills. Hence, the peak is more than you expect things so that you can enjoy a lot along with the family member. However, this could take a glance at which it gives excitements by trekking to the heights. It is known as highest possible altitude and reaches on foot by involving breathtaking activities on the side.

Everest Expedition

Get more enjoyment

This gives a challenge to many people who are ready to face thrilling activities inside the region. Moreover, the peaks are awesome and give amazing results to the people who wish to get full of adventure and excitements. You will realize and experience trekking activities by having most thrilling adventurous activities forever. So, this is vital for everyone to get attention on the ice blocks and glaciers to view on the side of Everest Expedition. It would be reached by utilizing fixed ropes and aluminum ladders on the peaks. It should focus on their climbing activities that surely deserve pleasant experience on watching some attractive spots when you go for the expedition. Each and everyone is an almost right package with full of excitement, thrill, and curiosity, lasting for at least 90 days.


:: Read More
(Published: Thu, 08 Mar 2018 23:17:57 -0800)

Take Trekking In Nepal To Explore Its Natural Beauty

Everest region is one of the most glorious regions for the trek, it provides something to everyone. It is the region of world’s highest peak Mt. Everest and popular among the trekkers but it is a tough challenge task when it comes to taking Everest base camp trek you need to come with a clear goal at the end. First of all, the trek leads you deep into Buddhist Sherpa country and allows you to enjoy the beauty of world’s most magnificent peaks and its inspiring beauty. Everest is situated in the northeast part of Nepal, of course, it is the prime attraction is the Mt. Everest and also you can enjoy the views of few other peaks. Even Everest is considered as the coldest region amongst all the major treks so it is important to have proper knowledge about the region to enjoy trekking. Everest base camp trek is the best option for the people who love to get a unique experience, it is also ideal for the nature lovers.

Everest base camp trek

Annapurna Base Camp Trek:

The Annapurna Region is the famous trekking destination in Nepal; it is unique for its geographic and cultural diversity. Even it is the protected area and provides you with access to fascinating views. By visiting this place you can enjoy the attractive views of snowy peaks and you can enjoy the rich tradition as well as the cultural life of Nepalese people. Most people love to visit this place due to its extreme elevations as well as the geographical diversity. Apart from that, this Region is also contained most remarkable amount of flora so you will get the best experience by visiting this region. To enjoy the natural beauty you must take Annapurna Base Camp trek it is ideal for you to get ultimate fun and excitement.

Annapurna Base Camp trek

Why Trekking In Nepal?

The Annapurna Region is considered as the world’s best trekking place and most people take these routes to explore some new things. By taking this trekking people can enjoy a lot. From the lake city of Pokhara, the trek starts. Overall, this region is also comprised of the wettest, windiest as well as driest places in Nepal. No wonder Nepal is the ideal place for its natural beauty as well as its terrain also ranges from the subtropical jungle so most of the people are prefer to take Trekking in Nepal. Therefore consider choosing best trekking packages to get ultimate fun and excitement.

:: Read More
(Published: Thu, 08 Mar 2018 23:11:43 -0800)

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