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Adventure White Mountain for Himalaya Adventure Update Adventure White Mountain for Himalaya Adventure  
RSS 6 |  Adventure White Mountain for Himalaya Adventure

Get a fascinating hill trekking and rejoice with your buddies
Most people wish to for trekking which gives wonderful experience for them to rejoice with your family members. However, it includes beautiful destinations where it has amazing mountain views to the eyes. In addition, the place is located in Annapurna region and considers actual meaning for beauty and unfolds by the true mountains. Of course, it is situated in a lower part of the beauty and become a true destination for the people who eagerly visit the place. Moreover, the Ghorepani poon hill trek is different and allows the visitors to visit once in the life. With the touching mountains and sky, the place is very familiar to those who love nature connecting places to visit. This trekking is suitable for family, honeymoon couple and lonely travelers.

Plan for trekking
On the other hand, it is known as Annapurna Sunrise Trek which is useful for the travelers to enjoy seeing the sunrise at early morning. Most often, the trekking is known as best trails of the world by viewing wonderful mountains from a close distance. In addition, it consists of witness Annapurna and Dhaulagiri region that witness to see majestic views to the views that prefer this destination forever. So, you can visit the Gokyo Valley Trek which is familiar for adjusting the fauna and flora area that pleased to invite you. It is a kind of culture trek that allows the folks to carry out a wonderful holiday plan for all. You will enjoy a lot by planning the best trip ahead with your lovely buddies. Therefore, the destination is wonderful and offers good attention on trekking with others. It includes fun and joy by going marvelous trekking to this familiar destination forever. 

Mesmerize the trekkers

Furthermore, you must pick the destination which has everything to cover within the limited budget. In addition, it includes food and accommodation so that you can stay there enjoys a lot. However, the destination is very good which invite everyone to be happy by visiting the best trekking environment forever. The Manaslu circuit trek is a most familiar one and positioned at an upper most altitude of the world. This is known as the stone carved small house which is named after Gokyo village. The center of attraction of valley is Tengboche monastery that ranging over 8000m Mt. Everest. This is an enough place to mesmerize the trekkers which comprise of the largest lake among the best 19 lakes around the world. The flora and fauna accompanied with a suspension bridge, waterfalls, green lush vegetation, and Monasteries. Therefore, this is the major attraction where people will rejoice by climbing mountains. The trekking is open since 1991 and dawn of democracy opened trekking in this region to everyone.
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(Published: Sun, 08 Oct 2017 18:38:00 +0000)

Plan Holiday to Enjoy Major Trek in the Nepal with Safe and Fun
Everest region become common choice of the major tourist destination in the part of the Nepal and it is consider one, only fantastic mountain peaks, and other natural hills. Commonly this place has reach via with trails and rides but you have ample space to rest and take meal on your own way. This is one of the common places, which you need not worry regarding the lost, and you can force people for the other villages. People are behaving with the fun and friendly manner with you and they can support even to strangers. Here the Everest base camp trek will provide the unforgettable experience to the customer. They can speak English, which brings special comfort for the traveler to communicate in winning way. Here between Septembers t mid of the November is right reason for trek so they are requested to plan trip to this location at right time to enjoy viewing the natural scenes and much more. 

Annapurna base camp trek 

Then Annapurna base camp trek can do any time in the years but the monsoon is not right time to visit such the place so visitors can go with any of other season to enjoy camp with fun and happy manner. In this location, the rain may come down at the evening time or in the nighttime but you can realize the dark clouds are every daytime. As result, it is not comfort to view the beautiful peaks. In this place, you can find out the animals are most active to views with eyes at every time. Most of the people suggest choosing the autumn is best time for the trek because it is dry season, which allow people to have clear views of the blue sky and other even temperature. The spring season also one of the best seasons to visit and Annapurna base camp trek offer the special time avalanche though.

Upper mustang trek:
It is one of the official trekking in the Nepal, which is opened in the year 1992. in early state least number f the trekker are allow to visit, why because they protect and conserve the local Tibetan tradition and breakable location. Monsoon is right season for the customer to enjoy the upper mustang trek so you can enjoy trekking with the safe manner. At the same time, you can visit the natural valleys and other peak in the Nepal.
:: Read More
(Published: Sun, 08 Oct 2017 18:38:00 +0000)

What Are The Main Highlights Of A Gokyo Valley Trek?
The incredible Gokyo Valley posses everything you wish from a high mountain trek in Nepal. Beautiful scenery to be explored in the absolute heart of the grand Himalayas with a many variations. Not to be missed as an extender if you’re planning to explore the Ghorepani Poonhill trek or Manaslu Circuit trek.


Gokyo Valley trek is about tough walking in high, isolated, impulsive mountains, on which you’ve have to be self-sufficient & where altitude will cause real issues and can be fatal. SO, come prepared & acclimatize properly.

Like other treks in the Everest province, Gokyo Valley trek also starts at Lukla following the brief picturesque flight trip from Kathmandu. This trek is particularly designed for enthusiast walkers who’ve passion to explore the Everest & its beautiful surroundings from a different perspective. This average hike in the Everest province is also best suited to those hikers who prefer considerably calm trails with not many fellow trekkers.

Some of the highlights of Gokyo Valley trek are mentioned below:

• Like other hiking trail of Nepal, the trail of Gokyo Valley is incredibly fun walking that goes up & down the rolling hills several times just likes the massive waves in a sea.

• The terrains encompassing the Himalayan vista mixed so wonderfully with fresh water lakes Gokyo & the sights of profound Dudh Koshi River Valley infused ideally with the lush-green plantation of Sagarmatha National Park.

Gokyo Valley trek will take you to many important Khumbu villages, where the distinctive Sherpa culture & their lifestyle can be experienced to the fullest. Villages such as Kunde, Khumjung, Namche and Kunde are the main highlights where culture predominate over nature.


• The upland monasteries, the holy maniwalls imprinted with Buddhist prayers, vibrant prayer flags displaying the memorials, spirituality, chortens and the each aspect that displays Tantric Buddhism of Nygingma Pa Sect.

• The amazing floral & fauna biodiversities of Sagarmatha National Park.

• The Gokyo Ri & the Gokyo Lakes from where 360 degree of Himalayan Panorama can be witnessed.

• The closest vista of four 8000 meter mountains at a time is the major highlight of any Gokyo Valley trek, which is rather an exceptional sights during other Nepal treks. The four 8000ers noticeable from Gokyo Valley encompass Lhotse, Everest, Makalu and Cho Oyu.

So, when you are going to plan your Gokyo Lake trek? In fact, it is never too late to plan a trekking adventure in Nepal. After the 2014 earthquake, Nepal has been revived wonderfully.
:: Read More
(Published: Mon, 04 Sep 2017 06:51:00 +0000)

Everest Base Camp Trek – Know What To Expect
The grand Himalayas – and their their most appreciated mountain, Everest have grabbed the attention of adventure seekers from all over the world. While just a small proportion of the earth’s populace will truly summit the highest point of the planet, one can still pursue the adventurous footsteps of Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary by planning an Everest Base camp trek adventure.


We all know this is going to be a wonderful journey with beautiful surrounding. But what else to expect during your EBC trek. Here is a brief summary:

It’ll be really physical: You’ll be performing a great deal of walking over the course of the hike. Expect anywhere from four to eight hours on any given day over an array of terrain, encompassing high-suspension bridges, steep hills and rocky trails. Don’t be tricked by the informal term ‘Nepali Flat’ – these expanses of the route are less rigid compared to other for sure, but are still tough.

Altitude sickness: Approximately 50 percent of people experience altitude sickness, so you may experience it as well. From altitudes of 3000 meters above the seal-level, you may experience typical symptoms like nausea & headache.

The Khombu Cough: Some hikers may also experienced what’s known as ‘The Khombu Cough’.. The amalgamation of cold temperatures, physical exertion and low humidity entails that your body speedily inhales cold, dry air that can dry out the lining of your lung & bronchi, consequence in a dry, hacking cough.

Consuming adequate warm fluids will ease out the cough. Putting on a bandana or buff can also aid, as it keeps your throat warm & refrains cold air & compounds from entering and annoying your lungs.


Traffic jam:

EBC is an exceedingly renowned trail. Relying on the time of the year you are trekking, you will come across trails with many other hikers. Be tactful on narrow trails & let faster trekkers to pass you. Beasts of burden like donkeys, yaks and cows are a regular sight on the mountain.

There will also be numerous porters on the route. These individuals are in fact the backbone of the Himalaya. You’ll no doubt find porters carrying heavy loads on their back. Porters always have right of way, so if there’s one trying to pass, let them on through. They may be carrying your dinner, after all.


Well, the Annapurna Base Camp trek is definitely the best alternative of EBC trek. If you think the EBC is a bit tough for you, you better check out ABC trek or Upper Mustang trek in Nepal. Wish you the best of luck for your adventure.
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(Published: Mon, 04 Sep 2017 06:50:00 +0000)

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