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Aluminum Die Casting Supplier Update Aluminum Die Casting Supplier  
RSS 6 |  Aluminum Die Casting Supplier

Low pressure gravity casting gives advantageous technical qualities

There are several methods for the manufacture of Aluminum Gravity Die Casting and that are involved in the support structures of the fabric, to form the different models of sun protection systems,

  1. Finishing detail of a low pressure cast iron part.
  • As one of the best known methods we cite casting by casting or gravity. In this system, the molten raw material between 750º and 800º of temperature is poured by free fall on the inside of the mold.
  • This method has had several updates. In the beginning the laundry was poured by hand, by means of a pot directly into the mold, which had previously been preheated, but which, due to the loss of temperature in the transport of said casting from the crucible to the mold, and to the difference in temperature between it and the amalgam of the metal, the molten material entered the mold at an approximate temperature of about 660º. This causes a reaction that becomes 'air bubbles' that generate the so-called 'caverns' inside the piece, causing a weakness in the resistance of the piece.

Metal die casting

  1. Cavern inside piece.
  • The truth is that part of the air of these bubbles is eliminated by the so-called 'ejectors'. The mold has in its configuration, and that help the soup reach the most remote parts of said spring. However, a part of said air stays inside the piece.
  • To avoid this reaction, the mold was placed on an inclined and movable base, which reached the vertical position gradually. Likewise, the pouring of the laundry is carried out by means of an automated system, which contributed to the pouring regularity and uniformity of flow. This process is slower and requires more energy consumption (due to the reach of a much higher broth temperature) than the injection system.
  • In the injection molding process, the raw material or amalgam is only about 670º, while filling the mold is done by means of a pressure plunger and accelerating the process. In addition, it should be added that the external surface finish of the piece is much more defined.
  • However, today we want to emphasize the use of a method that is reaching a lot of boom, because it greatly reduces the deficiencies of the gravity. While adding to its advantageous technical qualities, a much more defined finish, and, mainly, eliminates the generation of internal cavities or 'caverns'.
  • The most important advantage can be summed up in the fact that a clean metal is introduced into the mold from the center of the crucible, instead of a metal that has been exposed to the air. This reduces the porosity produced by the gas and the defects generated by oxidation, thus improving the mechanical properties of the final piece. In addition, the pressure exerted during the process helps a much more noticeable definition that has a positive effect on the final finish.

So for Metal Machining Parts take services of best company.

:: Read More
(Published: Thu, 07 Nov 2019 23:11:40 -0800)

Characteristics, advantages and application of die-cast aluminum alloys

Below are benefits of hiring Die Casting Manufacturer:

1) The cold die casting machine is generally used for high melting aluminum alloy die casting.

2) The aluminum alloy has a low density and can be used for complex and large molding.

3) Eccentric casting of cast aluminum

4) The slightly thicker aluminum alloy dies casting door

5) Die-cast aluminum dies are generally oily (and water-based)


Advantages of Aluminum Die Casting Supplier:

  1. The aluminum alloy has good thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and cutting performance.
  2. The aluminum alloy has a small linear shrinkage and good filling performance.
  3. The aluminum alloy has low density and high strength. The ratio of tensile strength to density is 9-15. It can also maintain good mechanical properties when working at high or low temperatures.
  4. Aluminum die casting refers to equipment made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy and molded components. Aluminum or aluminum alloy parts of various shapes and sizes are generally referred to as aluminum castings. However, aluminum alloy die casting can produce different types and effects.
  5. Aluminum alloy castings have high mechanical properties after a natural aging treatment. When the mass fraction of zinc is greater than 10%, the strength is significantly improved. The defects of the alloy are poor resistance to corrosion, a high tendency to stress corrosion and easy hot cracking of the molded parts.

How is the high-pressure casting process performed?

  1. During the die casting process, the molten metal is injected at high speed and under high pressure into the mold.
  2. Horizontal high pressure casting machines fully guarantee the complete closure of the mold. They are classified according to the closing force they can reach. This force is between 550 and 5,600 tones for Italpresse Gauss machines.  
  3. Depending on the metal used, the injection system that fills the mold may be of the hot chamber or cold room type. During hot chamber die casting, the metal is held in the die-casting machine, then introduced into the container and forcefully pushed by the injection piston directly into the mold. These parts of the machine are constantly in contact with the molten metal.
  4. In the cold-room process, the metal is first melt-processed in a separate oven, then transferred to a holding oven, and then poured into a container and injected into the mold. 

Advantages of the high-pressure casting process

  • These machines make high precision light alloy parts, superior surface finish, excellent uniformity and optimum mechanical properties.
  • The Zinc Die Casting casting process also produces thin-walled components and castings with different types of inserts, such as screws and coatings, which then become an integral part of the product itself.


  • Cold chamber high pressure casting technology is ideal for the production of a large number of cast aluminum and magnesium automotive parts, such as engine blocks, gearboxes, oil pans, engine cradles.
  • It is widely used in other sectors to manufacture components for applications ranging from the simplest component (lighting component) to the most demanding (engine parts for aeronautics).
:: Read More
(Published: Sat, 19 Oct 2019 03:56:59 -0700)

( Source: )

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