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Beat Mode News and Articles for Making Music Update Beat Mode News and Articles for Making Music  
RSS 6 |  Beat Mode News and Articles for Making Music

Sound Design: Katie Gately
Make sure to grab the free Ableton Instrument Rack This video is from Ableton. Very interesting how Katie embraces sound and explores the world to create her music. LA-based producer and sound designer Katie Gately explores the evolution of her creative process and shows how she incorporates field recordings and voice to create her signature […]
:: Read More
(Published: Fri, 12 Jan 2018 16:01:19 +0000)

Review: PADS by Umlaut Audio for Kontakt
Do you wanta sample library with lush pads and rhythmic pulses? Then you will love PADS by Umlaut Audio. PADS by Umlaut Audio is a fantastic sounding and inspiring Virtual Synth Instrument for Konatkt and the Free Kontakt Player that is very useful for musicians and composers of electronic and cinematic music. PADS is a […]
:: Read More
(Published: Tue, 02 May 2017 03:27:54 +0000)

Regroover Essential from accusonus
Looking to create new variations from your existing loops? If so you’ll be interested in checking outaccusonus Regroover. Regroover is an Artificial-Intelligence beat machine (Virtual Instrument plug-in) that extends traditional music sampling. Regroover features: Unmix your samples and extract distinct sound layers. Rearrange the isolated layers and create new, exciting variations. Craft the isolated beat […]
:: Read More
(Published: Wed, 19 Oct 2016 20:07:59 +0000)

Kontakt GUI Maker
Hmmmm… this looks interesting
:: Read More
(Published: Mon, 12 Sep 2016 20:38:40 +0000)

Spectrum Hybrid Waveform Synthesizer for Kontakt 5
Looking for iconic sounds of the most sought-after analogue and digital synths? Then you should check out Spectrum Hybrid Waveform Synthesizer from Wave Alchemy for Kontakt 5 14 iconic vintage synthesizers, 10,000 samples and 175 unique patches; each expertly programmed and creatively combined into a single unified, incredibly powerful virtual instrument – our most versatile […]
:: Read More
(Published: Thu, 14 Jul 2016 15:32:17 +0000)

Great Interview with Steve Vai
Q & A with Steve Vai that all musicians can benefit from watching.
:: Read More
(Published: Tue, 21 Jun 2016 18:34:04 +0000)

Trump Elected World President
Wow… what is there to say… just watch this damn thing. You will be amazed. Trump Elected World President aka Japanese Donald Trump Commercial You’re welcome! Have some more!
:: Read More
(Published: Fri, 17 Jun 2016 15:30:47 +0000)

Google Taking Over Creating Original Music
Is it just me, or is the last thing we need is for Google to be writing songs based on artificial intelligence it has created? Sure, as electronic musicians we use our share of technology and computer software to make our music, but at least we still are part of the process. What would it […]
:: Read More
(Published: Wed, 08 Jun 2016 15:27:25 +0000)

Heavyocity Grid II Synth Sequencer for Reaktor
Looking for an inspiring sequenced instrument with a playable synth? Then you will want to check out the latest offering from Heavyocity called GRID II. Grid II is an 8 voice synth sequencer for Native Instruments Reaktor from Heavyocity. It was made in partnership with Icebreaker Audio. Unlike most sequenced instruments, that are either based […]
:: Read More
(Published: Tue, 07 Jun 2016 14:24:03 +0000)

Omnisphere 2 and a Leaf Blower Making Music Together
Check out the way Diego Stocco is using Omnisphere 2 to turn the noise of a leaf blower into cool sounds in Omnisphere 2. Also check out Diego’s new Color Bots for Ableton
:: Read More
(Published: Wed, 01 Jun 2016 18:42:19 +0000)

Beatskillz Drop-x VST Sampler Plugin
Want to quickly make drum rolls, repeat and stutter vocals and other sounds? Then you should check out Dropx. DropX by Beatskillz is a very easy to use Drag & Drop Sampler plugin with Beat Repeat and Automatic Sample Mapping. It includes 10 sound banks and over 250 presets. The Dropx plugin can contain up […]
:: Read More
(Published: Thu, 19 May 2016 14:42:36 +0000)

Incipit Creative Delay Toolbox from Inear Display
Want to quickly mutate your sounds? Then you will want to check out the new vst plugin calledIncipit Creative Delay Toolbox from Inear Display. It has over 80 factory presets and a randomizer. Incipit is available as a vst or audio units plugin with 3 effects chains that includes a 4 octave pitch shifter, delay […]
:: Read More
(Published: Thu, 12 May 2016 15:34:52 +0000)

Interstellar for Omnisphere 2
Looking for somesonic space ambiances, SFX and deep drones, aliens sounds, robotic vocals, cinematic pulses, dreamy and spiritual textures, and ethereal angelic voices of the cosmos? Then you will want to check out Intersteller for Omnsiphere 2 by Subsonic Artz Listen to the sounds of Interstellar First of all, and as you sure might have […]
:: Read More
(Published: Sun, 01 May 2016 18:06:38 +0000)

Granular Drum Kits for Padshop Pro
Looking for some new samples and presets to mangle in Padshop Pro? Then you will be interested in Granular Drum Kits from Online Music Foundry This percussion and sound design expansion pack offers 350 presets for Steinberg’s Padshop and Padshop Pro VST granular synthesizers. With 278 manipulated stereo samples using various effects, this all-in-one sound […]
:: Read More
(Published: Sun, 01 May 2016 17:50:25 +0000)

Review: Dronar Hybrid Module by Gothic Instruments
Is your idea of fun creatingevolving soundscapes and textures? If so – you gotta check out Dronar Hybrid Module by Gothic Instruments. Dronar sure looks good on paper and I’m happy to say it delivers the goods! It sounds exactly how you would expect it to sound… strange and unusual with lots of surprises. I […]
:: Read More
(Published: Fri, 08 Apr 2016 02:18:29 +0000)

reTune from Zplane for Pitch Correction
Ever wish you could can change the pitch of your audio in real time? Then you will be interested in the new plugin from Zplane called reTune. reTune is a real-time multi-pitch modification plugin that can be used for pitch correction and scale modification. reTune is available asVST, AAX, AU plugins. The plugin comes with […]
:: Read More
(Published: Sun, 03 Apr 2016 15:11:40 +0000)

Loopersound Deep & Tech Vol. 1 Sample Pack
Looking for some deep techno loops for your productions? Then you will want to have a listen to what Loopersound is presenting with theirDeep & Tech Vol. 1 Sample Pack. The first release Of Loopersound is Deep&Tech 01,inspired by the current Deep&Techno influences of the moment, Deep&tech aims to offer a wide selection of items […]
:: Read More
(Published: Sat, 02 Apr 2016 15:32:36 +0000)

Max For Live Freebie That is Not What You think (or is it?)
OK so you’ve got Ableton and are always looking for cool freebies – especially when they are innovativeMax For Live doodads. Well… you’ll get a kick out of this new freebie available on the Ableton Packs section which is called Max For Live Connection Kit. Before you dismiss it as an adapter to plug in […]
:: Read More
(Published: Tue, 29 Mar 2016 21:14:11 +0000)

Amber Oscillations for Omnisphere 2 by Vintage Synth Pads
Looking for a new sample library with presets for Omnisphere 2? Then you should check out Amber Oscillations for Omnisphere 2 from Vintage Synth Pads Amber Oscillations contains both a new sample library, and 120+ presets for Omnisphere 2.The new audio library was meticulously produced exclusively for Omnisphere 2 at 48 kHz and 24 bit. […]
:: Read More
(Published: Fri, 25 Mar 2016 15:51:27 +0000)

Eventide Blackhole Extraterresrial Reverb for AAX, VST and AU
Wanna save 75% on the Eventide Blackhole Reverb? If so you better hurry as this deal disappears after March 31, 2016. The Blackhole Promo just $49. (regular $199.) isHERE (if it is still up) OK – so I used to have an Eventide DSP 4500 rack a few years back, which I let go during […]
:: Read More
(Published: Thu, 24 Mar 2016 16:20:41 +0000)

Review: 80s Synthwave Sample Package by Samplephonics
Are you nostalgic for the sounds of the 80’s?If so you might want to check out the loops and one shots in Samplephonic’s sample package 80s Synthwave. I downloaded Samplephonics 80s Synthwave Sample Package and was very eager to see what it included and how I might use this product. I just found out and […]
:: Read More
(Published: Sat, 19 Mar 2016 22:16:18 +0000)

Review: Eclipse by Wide Blue Sound for Kontakt
Looking to create flowing textures, moving drones and pulsing soundscapes? Then you will love Eclipse for Kontakt by Wide Blue Sound. Eclipse is being billed as the darker sibling to Wide Blue Sound’s much acclaimed Orbit. While being darker, heavier and more aggressive, I still found Eclipse to be a very fun to play instrument […]
:: Read More
(Published: Mon, 14 Mar 2016 18:18:02 +0000)

Review: Morphestra 2 by Sample Logic for Kontakt
Looking for an inspiring collection of sounds that will keep you busy for hours and hours? Morphestra 2 by Sample Logic is a dauntingly large sample library for Kontakt coming in at a huge 25 GB with 5,000 + Instruments and Multis. Morphestra 2 getsaglowing4.8 out of 5 Beat Mode rating. It’s among the best […]
:: Read More
(Published: Sun, 13 Mar 2016 22:19:25 +0000)

Free Metaphysical Fabrications for Reaktor
Looking for even more ways to use Reaktor to generate amazing new soundscapes and textures? The you will want to download the new free Reaktor ensemble and preset collection called Metaphysical Fabrications from sound designer Christian Kjeldsen at his contortDistort sound shop. While not an entirely new ensemble instrument for Reaktor, Metaphysical Fabrications is a […]
:: Read More
(Published: Sat, 12 Mar 2016 15:43:42 +0000)

Review: Vocalise by Heavyocity for Kontakt
Vocalise Gravity Pack 02 by Heavyocity is an amazing production ready human voice sample library for Kontakt that features many creative instruments with pads and voices of various types. Vocalise gets a 5 out of 5 rating. Vocalise sounds really expensive and has a wide variety of instruments with many snapshots and preset variations that […]
:: Read More
(Published: Sat, 05 Mar 2016 16:44:11 +0000)

Free Drone and Noise Generator for Max For Live
Like making noise and drones on autopilot? Ploid! by Max for Cats is a Free Max for Live Drone and Noise Generator available at Gumroad for free (actually it is name your price) If you have Ableton and Max For Live you should grab this nifty free noise generator. After all it does have a […]
:: Read More
(Published: Fri, 04 Mar 2016 16:33:12 +0000)

Vice Loop Slicer Gets an Update
Want to effortlessly slice and mutilate loops and then export to your DAW? Then you’ll want to check out the new updated 1.2 version ofSonic Arts Vice Loop Slicer. Vice is a standalone or VST/AU plugin that can load loops and tweak them using modulation and fx. Quickly load loops from the integrated loop browser, […]
:: Read More
(Published: Thu, 03 Mar 2016 16:50:15 +0000)

Eclipse from Wide Blue Sound for Kontakt is here!
Looking for a synth with an endless array of sonic possibilities? Nathan Rightnour and Jeff Rona of Wide Blue Sound, the makers of the acclaimed Orbit, just released Eclipse for Kontakt and it’s a monster! I’ve had a chance to mess around with Eclipseand it’s filled with gorgeous sounding presets and is very fun and […]
:: Read More
(Published: Tue, 01 Mar 2016 19:36:00 +0000)

Northern Lights for Omnisphere from Pluginguru
Lookin’ for fresh new sounds for your Omnisphere 2? The you’ll be interested in the new collection of patches for Omnisphere 2 from PluginGuru called Northern Lights by Jason Schoepfer. Northern Lights is a brand new patch library for Omnisphere 2.1 with 166 Patches, 92 Multis and 8 SoundSources. The latest release from is […]
:: Read More
(Published: Wed, 24 Feb 2016 15:56:14 +0000)

SEQui2R Synth for Kontakt from Audiofier
Looking for a synth with a full featured sequencer? Then you should have a look atSEQui2R Synth from Audifier It has lots of features worth investigating! Check out the video unveiling features of the SEQui2R SEQui2R SynthFeatures Two separate sound engines/oscillators 8 different waveforms categories chosen from the amazing Galbanum, Architecture Waveforms collection, including: Sine, […]
:: Read More
(Published: Tue, 23 Feb 2016 18:17:40 +0000)

Dronar for Kontakt by Gothic Instruments
Want to explore and create rich evolving atmospheres? Then you may interested in Gothic Instruments new release Dronar Hybrid Module Dronar Hybrid Module is an atmospheric sound generator for Kontakt 5.51 and higher DRONAR Hybrid Module makes it astonishingly easy to create rich, dramatic, complex and evolving atmospheres with a set of controls designed to […]
:: Read More
(Published: Thu, 18 Feb 2016 16:56:13 +0000)

Origins of Audio Pulse Sequencer
Looking for an idea starter? Maybe what you need is Origins of Audio Pulse. Pulse by Origins of Audio is a sequencer for Kontakt that might just get you out of that creative dead end. Pulse is a sequencer – not a sample library – in fact you need to import samples in order to […]
:: Read More
(Published: Thu, 11 Feb 2016 16:29:47 +0000)

Review: The Light for Kontakt from Soundethers
Looking for an inspiring sound library with a nice selection of tuned textures and soundscapes? The Light from Soundethers is a professional sound library that isbased on field recordings and deep tuned underscores that utilize version 1.4 of the free Photosynthesis Engine. There is a folder witheach of the 25 single layer “field recordings” bare. […]
:: Read More
(Published: Sat, 06 Feb 2016 19:21:51 +0000)

Ableton Link Now Available in Live 9.6 Update
Want to synchronize Ableton Live with your ios devices? The 9.6update for Ableton Live now includes the new Link technology to help musicians get all their music into Live. Link synchronizes beat, phase and tempo of Live and Link-enabled iOS apps over a wireless or ethernet connection, which means you can use it to play […]
:: Read More
(Published: Wed, 03 Feb 2016 20:25:54 +0000)

Freebie: 175 Free Drum Sounds
Looking for some 24 bitdrum sounds for your music productions? Then you will want to grab the freebie from Wave Alchemy featuring 175 24 bit one shotsfrom the new release Drum Tools 02! > Download 175 Free Drum Sounds from Drum Tools 02 Drum Tools 02 contains 4,025 24-bit, 100% royalty-free drum hits arranged into […]
:: Read More
(Published: Sat, 23 Jan 2016 17:24:19 +0000)

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