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Best Dental Clinic In Nashik Update Best Dental Clinic In Nashik  
RSS 6 |  Best Dental Clinic In Nashik

General Dentistry A – Restoration B – Root canal treatment C – Scaling and Polishing D – Crowns E – Bridges F – Splinting G – Pit and fissure sealants H – Minor Oral Surgeries A- Restoration Also called as filling, means repair of a damaged or decayed tooth, restoring back to its normal shape, appearance and function.It protects part of the tooth exposed to injury, prevents loss of tooth and permits normal eating and function. It may be amalgam(silver), Glass ionomer or composite restoration. B- Root canal treatment When infection goes deep to nerves and vessels of the tooth, they get decomposed and necrosed and can not be repaired. Infection may be because of tooth decay(caries), trauma, crack in the tooth or injury. When tooth get infected it gives pain, sensitivity to hot / cold/ sweet food. Patient sometimes can not chew on that tooth. Sometimes tooth becomes dead which shows little or no pain. In root canal treatment infected nerves and vessels (which are in the form of pus and necrotic debris now) are removed with the help of fine instruments. Root canal space is cleaned, shaped, filled and sealed with the special type of material. Then tooth is restored with filling material and crown. This lasts for several years without any problem. The patient can chew as a normal tooth from that side We have state of art armamentarium to make R.C.T. easy and more comfortable. Medex, Biomedicare x-ray machines Rotary endodontic system from (Heroshapers, protaper, k3) and X smart micromotor system from Dentsply. “Propex” apex locater from Dentsply to locate exact root lengths of the tooth. C- Scaling and Polishing It is a treatment for removal of tartar plaque,stains on external surface of tooth with the help of special type of ultrasonic scalers. Plaque is a thin film of bacteria which is always there in our mouth and sticks on the tooth surface. Plaque cannot be rinsed off, only can be cleaned with brushing. If plaque is not removed from the tooth twice daily with proper brushing, and mouthwash gargles, it hardens to form tartar(calculus). This hardened calculus cannot be removed with brushing but requires ultrasonic scaling in a clinic. If it doesn’t remove, it causes gum and bone disease and weakness gums and teeth causing periodontitis (Pus and infection inside the gums). This causes bad breath, bleeding, the mobility of tooth and sometimes loss of a tooth. Most of the times these problems are painless, that’s why it is not noticed by the patient. It is advised to see a dentist every 6 months for professional cleaning. D. Crowns(caps): n natural teeth, part of a tooth above gum-line is called as Crown. When tooth crown becomes attrited (wear), unattractive, damaged or treated with the root canal, it is protected with “Replacement crown”. Types: Cobalt/ Nickel Chrome Poecelain fused to Metal Metal Free Porcelain- (Zirconia, Alumina) crown are very popular as it has strength and high natural cosmetically pleasing appearance. E. Bridges: It replaces missing tooth or teeth by the support of neighboring teeth. It closes the gaps created by missing teeth just like a bridge on a river. Bridges can be made by above types of material (Just as for “crowns”). F. Splinting: It is the treatment by which mobile teeth are stabilized with a special type of material. A thin band of material placed continuously on the back side of the tooth to hold them together. G. Pit and Fissure Sealants: When natural tooth enters(grows) in the oral cavity it has several grooves on its surface. In 95% population, these grooves are so deep that it can’t be cleaned with normal brushing. These grooves usually have entrapment of food in which bacteria grows to form the decay/ caries. It is necessary for all growing children to get these grooves filled with pit and fissure sealants for maintaining the health of tooth for a longer period of time. H. Minor Oral Surgeries: Flap surgery with bone augmentation: When because of advanced gum disease tooth lose its bone and gets infected with pus(Periodontitis), small surgery is performed by opening gums with surgery, cleaning and shaping the bone, cleaning the tarter and putting artificial bone for strengthing the roots. Gum held with sutures which are removed after 7/ 8 days. Apicectomy: sometimes infected tooth has “Cyst” at its apices in the bone. It is removed with this procedure. Disimpaction: When the tooth gets impacted, it can not grow or partially grow above the bone, it gets infected because of less access to clean it.Many times it is removed by above mentioned surgical procedure.
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(Published: Mon, 09 Jul 2018 02:33:20 -0700)

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