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Deafening Awesomeness!!! Update Deafening Awesomeness!!!  
RSS 6 |  Deafening Awesomeness!!!

MOVIE NEWS: THE WOLVERINE | deafeningawesomeness
"Rising Soon" = In various states of production for years
After a slew of delays, "The Wolverine" finally began shooting on July 30, 2012. The core problem was to nail down a director after various shifts, most notably Bryan Singer (X-Men 1 & 2) and Guillermo Del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy series) turning the offer down and Darren Aronofsky (The Fountain, Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan) pulling out of the project. The studio finally settled on James Mangold (Walk the Line, 3:10 to Yuma, Girl Interrupted). This will be the sixth installment in the X-Men movie franchise and the "stand-alone sequel" to the flawed 2009 "X-Men Origins: Wolverine".

I feel that things will not end will for this guard
:: Read More
(Published: Wed, 12 Sep 2012 22:45:50 -0700)

WAY TO BE... | deafeningawesomeness
:: Read More
(Published: Wed, 12 Sep 2012 22:45:36 -0700)

ARTIST FEATURE: SARA K. DIESEL | deafeningawesomeness
"Day of the Dead"
After finding the above picture, I had to see more of Sara K. Diesel's work- I was not disappointed.  Based out of Pittsburgh, PA and a recent graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design, Sara K. Diesel uses a mixture of digital and conventional techniques. I think her art has a great sense of color and emotion. Here are some of my favorite pieces:




To see more and/or to shop her merchandise, visit her Official Site!

* I do not own any of the visual/audio content displayed and all media is the property of the respective owners. If you do own any media displayed here and wish it to be removed, please inform me and I will do so.
:: Read More
(Published: Wed, 12 Sep 2012 22:45:24 -0700)

Well done cosplayer, well done.
Here is a pretty good Phoenix-possessed Emma Frost. I'm just thrilled the cosplayer isn't 300 lbs; you'd be shocked to find out how often that happens.

Perhaps some backstory is needed. If you aren't currently following any of Marvel's X-Men titles, the Phoenix force has returned (yes, again) and possessed 5 members of the mutant community: Cyclops, Emma Frost, Colossus, Magik and Namor. Here is a shot of the costume from the comics:
Just a reminder to everyone: this woman used to be a teacher
Generally, people tend to get more of a full body-suit when inhabited by the Phoenix. Emma Frost, railing against the conservative, opted to go for a gold Baywatch-swimsuit meets gladiatrix. Is this costume kinda ridiculous? Yes. Does she kinda look like an angelic stripper? Yes. Do I still love Emma Frost, possibly more than ever? YES. 

* I do not own any of the visual/audio content displayed and all media is the property of the respective owners. If you do own any media displayed here and wish it to be removed, please inform me and I will do so.
:: Read More
(Published: Wed, 12 Sep 2012 22:45:12 -0700)

MOVIE REVIEW: V/H/S | deafeningawesomeness
OMG, how scary- who would still have their VHS tapes on display??
V/H/S is a horror film that is flying pretty under the radar for most people, for now anyway. An official selection of The Sundance Film Festival and shot in the "found footage" style (Blair Witch, Cloverfield, Paranormal Activity etc.) that I happen to love, this movie tells one main story and then 5 smaller stories; an anthology. Without giving away any spoilers, a group of degenerates are hired to find a specific VHS tape in a house, the rest of the stories being viewed as they watch some of the tapes they find.

Some of us just party harder than others.
First off, I had pretty high hopes for this film; the trailer was genuinely disturbing. This movie does display some cool ideas, clever concepts and interesting video effects. That being said, there really aren't any truly scary moments in the film. Creepy? Sure. However, you most likely won't jump at any parts of this film. Too many stories are told that seem far too short. Instead of 6 different scenarios I would have much rather seen 3 of the stories really developed and fleshed out. Some of them are over before you know it, without any build-up or climax. Just over. It felt like a bunch of concepts, like the synopsis on a book cover, without the story ever coming to life.

What is that?! Don't worry, when you find out it won't make much sense anyway.
What is ultimately so disappointing about this film is that it was almost really good. The bones of something very clever were there, but it just didn't make it. It's one thing to miss by mile, but to miss by inches seems so much worse. This is the classic case of a movie's trailer being far more interesting than the actual movie. Most critics seem to be liking this movie, but I was not only unimpressed, but disappointed.

Considering this standing advice: Nothing good is going to happen anywhere that there are free-hanging light bulbs.
At the moment, this movie is only available through cable providers On Demand type rentals. However, the film is slated for a theatrical release on Oct 5, 2012. Time will tell if this small movie gets the attention and a full widespread release, a la the first Paranormal Activity. Who knows, maybe this movie will pack more punch on the big screen. Let me know your thoughts if you see it!

I'm giving V/H/S 2.5 out of 5.

Check out the trailer for yourself:

* This is an unofficial review based solely on my opinion and not prompted by/compensated by any third parties.

* I do not own any of the visual/audio content displayed and all media is the property of the respective owners. If you do own any media displayed here and wish it to be removed, please inform me and I will do so.
:: Read More
(Published: Wed, 12 Sep 2012 22:44:56 -0700)

WAY TO BE... | deafeningawesomeness
They are about 2 seconds away from asking her what the f*ck she is doing out of the kitchen
:: Read More
(Published: Wed, 12 Sep 2012 22:44:41 -0700)

Hm. I'm starting to consider how flexible I am on being gay
:: Read More
(Published: Wed, 12 Sep 2012 22:44:22 -0700)

COMICS: LADY MECHANIKA | deafeningawesomeness
The Victorian era doesn't seem as boring now, does it?
I cannot say enough about this fantastic series. Created by Joe Benitez, Lady Mechanika is the story of an amnesiac cyborg working as a private detective/bounty hunter in the brass-hued world of Victorian, steam-punk London. Lady Mechanika is just a really cool chick. There isn't a more accurate way to put it. She is the epitome of an English lady; dignified, elegant and beautiful. Oh and she can totally kick your ass too. Published by Aspen Comics, already famous for their stunning art and creative story-lines, most notably their signature series, Fathom.

What kind of pistol do you prefer to bring to formal masquerades? -Wait, you mean just Lady Mechanika and I do that? Oh.
As someone who was never really into the steam-punk scene, this comic definitely made me come around. The art of this series is amazing, chock-full of color and details, even down to the wallpaper in rooms. In case you worry that the interior art will not be of the same quality as the cover art (a painfully frequent occurrence in comics nowadays), have no fear of that while you check out some panels from the series:

The situation with Lindsay Lohan and the paparazzi has definitely gotten out of hand.
Now, for a bit of good new/bad news. The good news is you can still easily catch up with this amazing series since it has only run from issue #0-3 so far! The bad news is that no one knows when or even if, #4 will come out. With massive delays of 6 months plus between issues (the series launched in 2010!), fans are frustrated and confused by the release "schedule". With no clear answers from anyone about the lengthy delays, "it's complicated" seems to be the default answer. On to even worse news, the entire series was planned to only be a 6 issue arc. In most cases, a wildly successful comic would get quickly approved for a monthly series, however, with all of the inner issues of this comic, it seems very likely that we will be lucky to even get to issue #6. Prove me wrong Aspen Comics! Give me a chance to to produce the Lady Mechanika movie starring Kate Beckinsale (whom she was physically based on)!

Check out the official site for more info and/or to buy the comics/merchandise!

This is one of the covers for Issue #4. Hopefully this gets to see the light of day!

* I do not own any of the visual/audio content displayed and all media is the property of the respective owners. If you do own any media displayed here and wish it to be removed, please inform me and I will do so.
:: Read More
(Published: Wed, 12 Sep 2012 22:44:02 -0700)

( Source: )

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