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SkillSplit is an e-learning platform that brings learners as well as tutors closer to accelerate learning process. At SkillSplit.,com, we’ve open-community  learning skills academy so that you can learn new skills at your own pace. Choose your path to progress. Search for the tutors near you and meet the best teacher to get skilled in the course you want to learn. For tutors, trust SkillSplit to earn while you teach online. Earn money by sharing skills with more learners. Find studen
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Finding A Mentor Online Made Easy with SkillSplit
Finding a career mentor online is not an explicit process. Having a mentor to guide sounds great as it helps you improve your success score in academics and career. In developing countries like India where education and career are given utmost importance, there are many ways to connect with your domain experts and tutors online that makes it easy for you to learn and boost your confidence.​At SkillSplit, we believe that finding mentors and mentoring the students in a right way fulfills th
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(Published: Wed, 07 Jun 2017 09:39:20 GMT)

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