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game of thrones english subtitles Update game of thrones english subtitles  
RSS 6 |  game of thrones english subtitles

(#All Episode) Game of thrones season 4 English subtitles download

Looking for good game of thrones season 4 english subtitles, which gives you uninterrupted entertainment?

Here you are at right place.

We are collecting game of thrones season 4 all episodes english subtitles and we will post them one by one after testing.

But before we navigate you guys through the download link, Here is some GOT season 4 glimpse.

Game of thrones season 4 glimpse

In King's Landing, guests arrive for Joffrey Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell's wedding. Among those in attendance is Oberyn Martell, Prince of Dorne. After Joffrey is poisoned at his wedding by Margaery's grandmother, Olenna Tyrell, Cersei Lannister blames Tyrion for his death. Outraged at the kangaroo court presiding over his trial, Tyrion demands a trial by combat. Cersei chooses the Mountain as her champion and Oberyn offers to represent Tyrion. The trial ends in a victory for the Mountain and Tyrion is sentenced to death. Before he can be executed, Tyrion is freed by Jaime, who tells him Varys will smuggle him to the Free Cities. Tyrion, discovering that Shae had been sleeping with Tywin, strangles her before shooting Tywin and fleeing Westeros.Sansa Stark successfully escapes King's Landing with the help of Petyr Baelish. Baelish smuggles her to the Vale, where she comes into conflict with her jealous aunt, Lysa Arryn. After Lysa witnesses Littlefinger kiss Sansa, she attempts to throw Sansa through the Moon Door, only for Littlefinger to push Lysa to her death. When Littlefinger is interrogated, Sansa defends him.Meanwhile, Arya Stark and Sandor Clegane make way for the Eyrie. The duo arrive at the Eyrie days after Lysa Arryn's death and are denied entry; they then encounter Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne, who have been tasked by Jaime to bring the Stark sisters to safety. Brienne and the Hound fight, ending with the Hound grievously wounded, Arya leaves him to die. She encounters a Braavosi ship captain, who gives her passage after she shows him the coin Jaqen H'ghar gave her, and saying "valar morghulis".Bran Stark, accompanied by the Reeds and Hodor, continues trying to find the three-eyed raven. Despite being held up by the mutineers at Craster's Keep and a wight attack that kills Jojen, Bran finally meets the three-eyed raven.At the Wall, Jon Snow tries to warn his leaders about Mance Rayder's impending attack. Jon must also contend with the mutineers at Craster's Keep, led by the deranged Karl Tanner. The Wildlings launch an attack on Castle Black, leading to the deaths of many. Jon goes beyond the Wall to assassinate Rayder, only to be spared by the sudden arrival of Stannis Baratheon and his forces, who overwhelm the Wildlings and rescue the Night's Watch. Davos Seaworth and Stannis had successfully negotiated with the Iron Bank of Braavos to shift their support from the Lannisters to the Baratheons.In the North, Roose Bolton aims to cement his hold. He orders his hunter, Locke, to kill Jon Snow and track down Bran and Rickon Stark, and sends Ramsay Snow to take Moat Cailin. Ramsay uses Theon Greyjoy to secure Moat Cailin. Roose rewards Ramsay by legitimizing him as a Bolton, and moves his seat to the former Stark stronghold of Winterfell.Across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys Targaryen continues her conquest of Slaver's Bay by taking control of Meereen. Daenerys decides to remain in Meereen to learn to rule. Daenerys discovers that her trusted advisor, Jorah Mormont, had spied on her for Robert Baratheon, and exiles him. Daenerys learns that her dragon Drogon has begun killing humans; while she is unable to capture Drogon, she chains her other two dragons.

Game of thrones season 4 English subtitles download

 Game of thrones season 4 English subtitles SRT

So this was our work.We have done it by posting Game of thrones season 4 English subtitles.
Now it’s your work to like,share and comment your views to let us know how it’s working.

Thank you.

References- WIKIPEDIA
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(Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 01:04:02 -0700)

(#Verified) Game of thrones season 5 episode 1 English subtitles Download

Game of thrones season 5 episode 1 English subtitles - Hy guys.Here we are with English subtitles for game of thrones season 5 episode 1.These subtitles are verified to run with every version of game of thrones season 5 episode 1 video format.

Game of thrones season 5 Episode 1 “Wars To Come” Glimpse

In a flashback, a witch tells a young Cersei that someone younger and more beautiful than herself will one day steal her accomplishments. After Tywin's burial, Cersei chastises Jaime for freeing Tyrion. Lancel Lannister returns, now a devoutly religious man and a member of the "Sparrows". In Pentos, a despondent Tyrion agrees to accompany Varys to Meereen to support Daenerys's claim on the Iron Throne. In Meereen, the insurgent "Sons of the Harpy" murder an Unsullied, and Hizdahr zo Loraq and Daario Nahaaris try to convince Daenerys to reopen the traditional fighting pits to appease the former Mereenese elites. Daenerys' locked-away dragons breathe fire at her when she comes to check on them. In the Vale, Littlefinger puts Robin in the care of House Royce and leaves with Sansa, their caravan passing Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne. At the Wall, Stannis seeks to enlist the Wildlings in his war against Roose Bolton. Jon Snow is unable to convince Mance Rayder to accept Stannis's authority. Stannis then has Mance burned alive for treason, though Jon shoots him with an arrow to kill him quickly.

Game of thrones season 5 episode 1 English subtitles Download

Game of thrones season 5 episode 1 English subtitles SRT

References - WIKIPEDIA

:: Read More
(Published: Thu, 22 Sep 2016 00:19:03 -0700)

Game of thrones season 6 English subtitles download : All Episode

The most awaited Game of thrones season 6 is here.
And so does the Game of thrones season 6 English subtitlesare.
We are providing Game of thrones season 6 all episode English subtitles for download.But before we provide these English subtitles, Let’s have a quick introduction to game of thrones season 6.

Game of thrones season 6 English subtitles

Game of thrones season 6 - Summary 

Following their escape from Winterfell, Sansa Stark journeys to the Wall, while Theon Greyjoy returns to the Iron Islands. In Winterfell, Ramsay Bolton secures his claim on the North by killing Roose and Walda Bolton and his new-born half-brother. At the Wall, Melisandre resurrects Jon Snow who is reunited with Sansa; they gather loyalists and a battle ensues with the Starks aided by the Knights of the Vale defeating the Bolton forces. Sansa feeds Ramsay to his hounds and Jon is proclaimed the King in the North.
At King's Landing, Jaime Lannister and the Tyrell army attempt to liberate Margaery and Loras, but Margaery capitulates to the High Sparrow and Tommen forges an alliance with the Faith. During Loras and Cersei's trial, Cersei uses wildfire to burn the Great Sept, killing The High Sparrow, Margarey, Loras, Mace, Kevan, and Lancel, while Tommen kills himself after witnessing the events. Ellaria Sand and her daughters kill Doran and Trystane Martell and seize control of Dorne, and Olenna meets with Ellaria to discuss an alliance.
In Braavos, Arya continues her training with the Faceless Men, and soon regains her eyesight. When she refuses to accomplish a mission, the Waif is ordered to kill Arya, but is killed instead. Arya reasserts her identity as a Stark and returns to Westeros.
In the Riverlands, The Hound pursues the Brotherhood Without Banners for massacring the people who saved him. He finds Lord Beric Dondarrion executing his quarry, and is asked to join the brotherhood traveling north. Jaime Lannister sieges Riverrun and takes the castle, killing the Blackfish after forcing Edmure Tully to order a surrender. Walder Frey celebrates the victory before being killed by Arya.
Beyond the wall, Bran Stark trains with the Three-Eyed Raven but alerts The Night King who launches an attack of White Walkers. Bran and Meera escape and are rescued by Benjen Stark.
Sam Tarly, Gilly, and Little Sam travel to the Citadel at Oldtown, stopping to visit Sam's family.
In the East, Daenerys Targaryen is captured by Khal Moro who takes her before the Khals; she burns them alive and takes command of the Dothraki. Tyrion Lannister brings a short-lived peace to Mereen, which is reinforced when Daenerys returns and flies her dragons into battle. Yara and Theon arrive and pledge allegiance to Daenerys after Euron Greyjoy kills their father and usurps leadership of the Iron Islands. Jorah Mormont departs to find a cure for greyscale and Daario is left in command of Mereen, while Daenerys sails for Westeros.


Game of thrones season 6 Episode 1 English subtitles Download

We will keep updating this post with more Game of thrones season 6 English subtitles.Till then download the one we have provide and comment if it works or not working for you.
Stay blessed.

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(Published: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 22:35:31 -0700)

Game of thrones Season 6 Episode 1 English subtitles download

Game of thrones Season 6 Episode 1 English subtitles - Game of thrones episode 6 is here and everyone is crazy about it.People are dying to watch the episode 1 (and all) on the release time not only in USA but also around the whole world.

Now to make it easy for everyone to understand the fluency of the dialogues around the globe , We are providing the Game of thrones Season 6 Episode 1 English subtitles download.These English subtitles support yify , podnapisi , HDTV x264 , ettv and all kind of download.

Game of thrones Season 6 Episode 1 subtitles English

What you are waiting for? Just add these Game of thrones Season 6 Episode 1 English subtitles to your file and have fun. ;)
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(Published: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 22:35:29 -0700)

Game of thrones season 1 episode 1 english subtitles download

We are happy to provide you guys srt subtitles file for a tv series that has got more popularity than any other tv series.

Yes we are talking about the game of thrones English subtitles.In this post we are going to share 
download link for Game of thrones season 1 episode 1 english subtitles.

It’s most difficult thing to understand any other language by just gestures.That’s why we have subtitles for those who can read English but can’t understand it when its spoken fluently.

English subtitles make you understand the dialogue very correctly so that you can get the feelings behind that.

So here it goes 

Game of thrones S1E1 subtitles English

Here is a little introduction by Wikipedia to the Game of thrones season 1 episode 1

As the first episode of the series, it introduces the setting and the main characters of the show. The episode centers on the Stark family, and how its lord, Eddard Stark, gets involved in the court politics after the king chooses Eddard to replace his recently deceased chief administrator ("Hand of the King"). The episode received largely positive reviews, and was seen initially by 2.2 million viewers. A week before the episode first aired, HBO made the first 15 minutes available as an Internet preview.

So this was the Game of thrones season 1 episode 1 english subtitles.Hope you guys get well synced and correct subtitles for you.Comment down below if this English subtitles don’t work for you.Share this post with the one who need these Game of thrones s01e01 subtitles (English).
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(Published: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 22:34:13 -0700)

Game of thrones Season 1 English subtitles free download

Game of thrones Season 1 English subtitles – The most popular game of thrones season 1 was premiered on April 17, 2011 on HBO.The first episode "Winter Is Coming" was aired on June 19, 2011 in USA.
The whole season consist of 10 episodes.The plot is so mind blowing that people liked it so much.It went viral and people of other countries than USA  also liked it so much.
That’s where the need of Game of thrones Season 1 English subtitles aroused.
So we have collected all episode download links here and we are posting those one by one after checking them.

These Game of thrones Season 1 English subtitles supports BLUERAY, Kickass And Every DVDrip format of Game of thrones Season 1.

Fast Forward Summary Of Game Of Thrones Season 1

The cable television series closely follows the multiple story lines of the A Song of Ice and Fire novel series,whose author,George R.R. Martin, said that the show's pilot script was very faithful to his work. The series begins with Ned Stark (Sean Bean) being asked to be the chief advisor (known as the Hand of the King) to lecherous King Robert Baratheon (Mark Addy). 
Ned and his wife Catelyn (Michelle Fairley) receive a letter from Catelyn's sister, Lysa (Kate Dickie) that gives them reason to believe that rival House Lannister - to which the King's wife Cersei belongs - was the cause of the previous Hand's death. Ned must travel south to help the king and find out who killed the previous Hand of the King, Jon Arryn (John Standing), while trying to protect his family from the Lannisters. As he tries to uncover the reasons behind Jon Arryn's death he uncovers the dark secrets about the Lannisters that Arryn himself died trying to expose.
Meanwhile, across the Narrow Sea in the continent of Essos, the exiled, arrogant Viserys Targaryen (Harry Lloyd), son of the former king whose throne was usurped, believes he still has the rightful claim to the throne. He marries off his younger sister, Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), whom he has psychologically and physically abused for years, to the leader of the Dothraki warrior tribe, Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa), in an exchange for an army to return to Westeros and take the throne. However, Daenerys' growing love for Drogo and newfound mental strength as the Khaleesi of the tribe mean Viserys' plans go unexpectedly and powerfully awry.
And at the wall, Ned's bastard son Jon Snow joins the Night's Watch, an ancient brotherhood sworn to watch over the massive Wall that separates the Seven Kingdoms from the dangerous unknown beyond. But an ancient force, long believed dead, threatens the land.

Game of thrones Season 1 Episode 1 English subtitles free download

Game of thrones Season 1 Episode 2 English subtitles free download

Game of thrones Season 1 Episode 3 English subtitles free download

Game of thrones Season 1 Episode 3 English subtitles SRT

Game of thrones Season 1 Episode 4 English subtitles free download 

Game of thrones Season 1 Episode 5 English subtitles free download

References- WIKIPEDIA

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(Published: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 22:33:32 -0700)

Game of thrones season 1 episode 3 English subtitles download

With good quality content,Game of thrones has reached out to every country.

So,To make it possible for everyone to have this tv series fun,In this post we are posting  Game of thrones season 1 episode 3 English subtitles.

These subtitles are well synced and corrected by the respective subtitle team.We have found you guys the best working Game of thrones season 1 episode 3 English subtitles download links so that you can use it instantly without any delay.

Little bit about Game of thrones season 1 episode 3

Ned joins the King's Small Council at King's Landing, capital of the Seven Kingdoms, and learns just how poorly Westeros is being managed. Catelyn decides to go covertly to the south to warn her husband, but is intercepted by an old friend, Councillor Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish. Bran learns he will never walk again. 

He does not remember that Jaime Lannister pushed him out of a tower, saying instead that he fell. Jon struggles to adapt to life on the Wall, as he trains with a number of low-born recruits who are not impressed by his bloodline. Watch Commander Lord Mormont asks Tyrion to plead with the King to send more men to the Night's Watch. Daenerys learns that she is pregnant, and begins to stand up to Viserys.

So here it goes

 Game of thrones S1 E3 english subtitles

We recommend you to use VLC player to get best of subtitles experience.Hope these Game of thrones season 1 episode 3 English subtitles work for you.If not,Please comment down below so that we can update the links.

Have Fun ;)

References - WIKIPEDIA

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(Published: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 22:33:30 -0700)

Game of thrones season 1 episode 2 English subtitles download
Hey guys. We are posting Game of thrones season 1 episode 2 English subtitles for download.These English subtitles are for second episode of game of thrones.These subtitles are are in SRT format and well synced and corrected by the subtitle providers.

So here goes

Game of thrones season 1 episode 2 English subtitles download link

A little about Game of thrones season 1 episode 2

"The Kingsroad" is the second episode. Nearly all the action of the episode happens during travel: Eddard Stark and his daughters accompany the king's entourage to King's Landing to occupy the post of Hand of the King, Tyrion Lannister joins Jon in his travel to the Wall, and the newlywed Daenerys goes with her husband's khalasar to the city of Vaes Dothrak. Meanwhile in Winterfell a grieving Catelyn Stark watches over her unconscious son Bran.

These were the download links for Game of thrones season 1 episode 2 English subtitles.Comment down below your experience with these subtitles and share this post with the one who needs these Game of thrones s1 e1 english subtitles.

:: Read More
(Published: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 22:33:29 -0700)

Game of thrones Season 1 Episode 4 English subtitles download

We have game of thrones season 1 episode 4 English subtitlesin our hand and we can’t wait to share these subtitles with you.

These English subtitles have correct timing and no delay at all. We have checked verified the subtitle SRT file.

A little bit about Game of thrones Season 1 Episode 4

Tyrion reaches out to Bran with a method for the boy to reclaim his mobility, before heading south. Ned searches for clues to the unexplained death of Jon Arryn, the former Hand of the King, and in the process uncovers King Robert's illegitimate son. Robert and his guests witness a tournament honoring Ned. Jon takes measures to protect Samwell Tarly, an awkward and friendless boy, from the abuse of the Night's Watchmen. 

A frustrated Viserys clashes with his newly empowered sister. Sansa dreams of life as a queen, while Arya envisions a far different future. At a chance encounter in a roadside tavern, Catelyn rallies her father's allies and has Tyrion arrested for conspiring to murder her son.

The link for game of thrones season 1 episode 4 English subtitles Download is below

game of thrones season 1 episode 4 English subtitles Download 

Let us know how the English subtitle was and is it worth using it or not in comments.
Thank you.

Keep visiting.

References - WIKIPEDIA
:: Read More
(Published: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 22:32:15 -0700)

(#All Episode) Game of thrones Season 5 English subtitles Free download

We are adding game of thrones season 5 English subtitles to our list of game of thrones English subtitles. These English subtitles are check and verified working with HDTV x264, Addic7ed and all kind of versions.

Game of thrones season 5 has brought up some real drama.All The seven kingdoms are unstable and a new kind of surprises waiting for you guys in this season.

Here is a sneak peak of the game of thrones season 5

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Glimpse

In Meereen, the Sons of the Harpy have started to revolt against Daenerys Targaryen's regime. To regain peace and control, Daenerys complies with the request of re-opening the fighting pits while taking Hizdahr zo Loraq as her husband.

Tyrion Lannister and Varys arrive in Pentos and they begin their journey to Meereen. They pass through Volantis, where Tyrion is abducted by Jorah Mormont, who takes him to Meereen as a way to redeem himself to Daenerys but she takes Tyrion as her advisor. The Sons of the Harpy mount an attack on Daenerys, Drogon reappears and Daenerys flies away on his back, landing in the Dothraki sea.

At the Wall, newly elected Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, Jon Snow forms an alliance with the Wildlings. They begin evacuating Wildlings at Hardhome, when the settlement comes under attack from White Walkers and their wight armies. Samwell Tarly and Gilly leave for Oldtown and Maester Aemon passes away, the majority of the Night's Watch become disillusioned with Jon's leadership and see him as a traitor. They lure Jon into a trap and stab him, leaving him to die.

Littlefinger puts Robin Arryn in the care of House Royce and leaves for Winterfell with Sansa Stark. In Winterfell, Sansa marries Ramsay Bolton to form an alliance between the Vale and the Boltons. Ramsay subjects Sansa to physical and psychological abuse. Reek reveals to Sansa that he did not kill Bran and Rickon, the two escape together.

At his camp in the North, Stannis acquiesces to Melisandre's demands to burn Shireen alive as a sacrifice to the Lord of Light. As a result, Melisandre flees for Castle Black, Selyse commits suicide, and half of the Baratheon forces desert. The remaining Baratheon forces march on Winterfell, but are defeated by the Boltons. After the battle, a wounded Stannis is killed by Brienne of Tarth.In King's Landing, Lancel Lannister becomes a member of the "Sparrows". Following the wedding of Margaery Tyrell and Tommen Baratheon, Cersei Lannister authorizes the revival of the Faith Militant, the military wing of the Faith of the Seven. The Sparrows begin imposing their puritanical views upon King's Landing by ridding it of all "sins". They proceed to imprison Loras Tyrell, as well as Margaery and Cersei herself for committing various sins.

In Dorne, the Sand Snakes, the bastard daughters of Oberyn Martell, along with Ellaria Sand, seek vengeance for his death. After a message arrives in King's Landing from Dorne, Jaime Lannister and Bronn travel to Dorne to rescue Myrcella Baratheon. Oberyn's brother, Doran Martell, discovers that Ellaria had sent the message and allows Jaime and Myrcella to leave for King's Landing, provided Myrcella's betrothed Trystane Martell goes with them. En route to King's Landing, Myrcella dies, having been poisoned by Ellaria.

Arya Stark arrives in Braavos and begins training with the Faceless Men, guided by Jaqen H'ghar and the Waif. However, after Meryn Trant's arrival in Braavos, Arya steals a face from the House of Black and White and kills him. Upon her return to the temple, Arya is struck blind. 

Game of thrones Season 5 English subtitles download

Game of thrones Season 5 English subtitles SRT

We will keep updating this post with Game of thrones Season 5 English subtitles all episode.

Till then keep sharing us.

Thank you

References - WIKIPEDIA 
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(Published: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 22:31:23 -0700)

Game of thrones Season 2 Episode 1 English subtitles download

The best Game of thrones season 2 episode 1 English subtitles are here.

We are going to provide you guys well synced and corrected game of thrones s2 e 1 English subtitles.These English subtitles are small in size and comes with best synchronization so that you can enjoy you game of thrones season 2 episode 1 with ease.

Download your file below.

Game of thrones season 2 episode 1 English subtitles download

Stay tuned. ;)
:: Read More
(Published: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 22:31:21 -0700)

Game of thrones season 1 episode 5 English subtitles download

We came up with Game of thrones season 1 episode 5 english subtitles this time.As you guys have told us we are providing good English subtitles, we are posting another SRT file for download.

These English subtitles supports HDTV x264 , Addic7ed and all download files.

A little bit about Game of thrones season 1 episode 5

Ned refuses to participate in Robert's plan to assassinate the pregnant Daenerys Targaryen, and resigns as Robert's Hand, much to Robert's anger. Catelyn and Tyrion (who she has taken as her prisoner) arrive at her sister Lysa's home in the Eyrie. News of Tyrion's capture reaches King's Landing where Jaime Lannister, the Queen's twin brother, demands answers from Ned. A vengeful Jaime fights Ned until his man stabs Ned in the leg from behind.

So just go and perform Game of thrones season 1 episode 5 english subtitles download for your uninterruptable entertainment.

Game of thrones season 1 episode 5 English subtitles download

Add this english subtitle file to your video and have fun.

Stay tuned.

References - WIKIPEDIA
:: Read More
(Published: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 22:31:20 -0700)

( Source: )

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