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GS Car Hire - London Chauffeurs Update GS Car Hire - London Chauffeurs  
RSS 6 |  GS Car Hire - London Chauffeurs

Be Driven in Luxury Car on your Wedding day

luxury wedding car services Don’t you want to be treated “the Best” on your wedding day? Why not? It is your special day and you deserve all the luxury you can have. And it all makes a sense when it comes to hiring a wedding luxury car while you are going to be a bride. Every bride wants to take their loved one on a luxury ride and leave an amazing impression. Being professional chauffeurs handles everything really well. Also, Chauffeur service is one of the most used services during the wedding days in UK, London.

Let’s find out how hiring a wedding chauffeur service can ease everything on your big day:

1.      A Flexible wedding day transportation

It is a real pain to reach a wedding venue on time when it is far away. Also, you might have your special guests like your friends or relatives whom you want to reach a wedding venue on time. Chauffeurs are really flexible and smart with their work. Just pass on your list of concerns to the chauffeurs and be free. Chauffeurs make it easier for everyone to reach the wedding venue and they also treat the guests as VIPs in their luxury car.

2.      Customized Luxury with easy Management

First, getting chauffeurs to make everyone reach the wedding venue on time and also getting a customized vehicle that suits the theme of your wedding. What could be better than this? You just need to give your requirements to the luxury wedding car hire agency and rest they will take care. Isn’t it lovely?

The best part of hiring a luxury wedding car services is that it will save you a lot of time and you will be able to focus more on your wedding celebration rather than thinking over the cars themes and other stuff. Have you ever thought that just by sharing your requirement list will save you this much? If not, then now you can! You will definitely love the dedication chauffeurs put up in creating your wedding a day hassle free.

3.      VIP treatment for your Guests

The greatest benefit of using a wedding chauffeur service is that you have access to amazing luxury cars. Hiring a wedding chauffeur service gives you a lot of options than any other taxi services. You may select the luxurious vehicle suited to your wedding theme or can choose the most preferred Stretched Limousine luxury car for your relatives and friends and treat them like VIPs. The wedding is an opportunity to show your love and gratitude to your loved ones. Chauffeurs are professionally trained to take care of your special guests’ during the travel.

Don’t be afraid to show the world your royal status symbol with Stretched Limousine luxury car on your wedding day.  


Choosing luxury wedding chauffeur services will give you and your family a VIP treatment. Overall, it will be an amazing experience that will save you time and a lot of efforts. The chauffeurs treating your guests’ in the best way will give them another reason to remember your wedding in the best way. Also, your appearance luxury wedding car will make an impact and will leave an amazing impression. As mentioned earlier, chauffeur service on the wedding day is one of the most used services in the UK and you will get a lot of rental companies as well. Make sure you choose the best one and the rest I ensure you will be so relieved during the whole wedding event.

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(Published: Tue, 05 Mar 2019 09:23:05 -0500)

Hire the Luxury Cars through Car Rental with Chauffeur Service
Car Rental services providing the chauffeurs along are most popular among the people. Out of the all available services providing the cars for rent and the chauffeurs, Luxury car hire services are the best and most appreciated one. In this amazing service, the people are offered the opportunity to hire the luxury cars and get the professional chauffeurs for the assistance. This particular service is best suited for the airport transfers, executive transfers as well as wedding transfers yet it can also be used for any sort of private transfer purposes. Chauffeurs are the best assistants those who are expert in handling the various tasks during the transfers by handling the materials, greeting performance and move through assistance. All this in combination makes the person being transferred feel like excellent. Let’s take a look at how the luxury car rental with chauffeurs work and how can anyone hire this service. Read till the end to get the most out of this information, you would be really impressed by this insane car transfer service and the procedure of it’s working.

Booking Online From Anywhere on the Planet

The digital pathway has made it extremely simple to book the services online, collaborate online and even make the real-time connection with anyone online. Using this pathway, Luxury car rental with chauffeur service can be requested and the service can be booked. Just connect with one of the chauffeur’s services providers online and then select all your requirements and after that finalize the service booking through the payment. This is as simple and would barely take more than minutes to book a car on rent from the chauffeur services along with the chauffeurs.

State about the Chauffeurs Need

As per the requirement, a number of professional chauffeurs could be asked along with the luxury car service. The service providers will be conveying that many numbers of chauffeurs and hence you would be able to meet your needs. These chauffeurs, as stated in the starting paragraph, they can be best for the transfers to airports, weddings venues, executive transfers, etc.

The Service Will Be On Time

While booking the chauffeur car service the time and the date preferences are required to be filled. This is the time and date at which the service would arrive at the pickup spot that is provided. Now, if anyone has booked the luxury car rental with chauffeur service, it will be exactly reaching the pick point on time and never be late. The chauffeur luxury car service is reliable and works in even the extreme conditions so as to fulfill the transfer needs of the clients!

Every service tends to grow by the time goes on and this is similar for the chauffeur’s service, it would become even more advanced in the upcoming years and hence will be the finest car transfer service. Even in the existing world right now, the luxury car rental with chauffeur is the most valuable service that could be used for various important transfer purposes. Got about the way how anyone can easily and quickly grab this amazing car service through the above data, everyone reading this would be definitely going for this service from the next time for all of the transfer needs.

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(Published: Fri, 06 Jul 2018 08:56:42 -0400)

Spending Money On Executive Chauffeur Hire London Is Worth At The End!
The end goal of every businessman is to make profits and keep his reputation high among its clients. Do you know that a simple idea of hiring executive chauffeur hire London could leave an impression in the mind of your clients? That’s true. When you arrive in a style in a business meeting, your clients notice the way you arrive there. No matter what challenges the cut-throat competition throws at your business, ruling clients’ mind will always give you a hope for survival in business.


More or less, hiring a chauffeur service is like an investment in your own venture that assures high returns over time. You might be seeing it as an extra load from financial aspects. However, it will pay you off in making more business, eventually and here are the ways you can accomplish it.

1.       Turn Your Clients Into Fans With Warm Hospitality

What if your clients are arriving from another country to see you at a business meeting? You just can’t use a simple taxi to pick them up or else, you will put your reputation at stake. You need to consider a service for executive chauffeur hire London to pick them up right from the airport. You will want a luxury service that can represent you in a pleasing style. Chauffeur services give you a way to gain your client’s attention and let them reach to the business venue in a cosy way. At the end of the day, they will appreciate you for the attention you have given to them.

2.       Take Them Around Places And Gain Their Favour

Though your clients are visiting to discuss business aspect, still it doesn’t mean that they will spare no time for leisure activities. In fact, this should be taken care by you as you are the host. Make them feel valued and honoured by hiring a chauffeur service to take them out for sightseeing after the work. If London is new to them, ask chauffeur to drive them to Oxford Street for shopping or maybe to any other place of their choice.

3.       Spend Some Time Out For A Dinner

No doubt, a client is going to work with you if you keep work priorities at the front and meet his expectations. However, spending an evening out with him shows that you are a deserving businessman who really cares for him. It will help you get advances and he will remember you for years for the good time he has spent with you on a dinner.


By preferring executive chauffeur hire London, you will do the best favour for your business. The satisfied client seems to give repeated business and chauffeurs will help you accomplish your aspirations. A little investment on chauffeur hire will become a reason for your business growth that you will reap out for years to come. So, don’t hesitate to invest in professional chauffeur services.

Hire executive chauffeur hire London to please your clients today. Give GS Car Hire a chance to exceed your client’s expectations out of cosy travel. We value your clients just like you and treat them in the most luxurious style. Talk to us today!

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(Published: Wed, 19 Jul 2017 10:16:02 -0400)

Make your Wedding Easy with the Best Wedding Car

Well, often couples have an ambiguous idea about the type of car they want or need, they often think of; what color it should be, how many people can accommodate in it. However, there are some couples that specifically want a long wheel base, Rolls-Royce, (this is a very good choice)these cars are so precious and in demand that the couple has to book the wedding car service as soon as they get hooked to be sure they get the car of their dreams.


Chances are that you might be having a large number of bridesmaids, you would like both sets of parents and relatives to travel in the special wedding cars, or you have to provide cars for friends as well, you may need multiple wedding cars. In order to make sure the entire cars look classy together you will need to be sure they are the same make, era and possibly color. If you book your transport early it is likely there will still be coordinating cars available with the wedding car service providers

Most couples that choose wedding car service because they want to reduce their stress of commuting their friends to the venue. Vintage cars are flowingly stylish and full of character, and they will look fantastic in your wedding photo-shoot. Their design is generally more complex and intricate than any other modern car, and there are more possibilities for decorating a vintage car. If you are having a classic or an older style car is a must to complement your theme.

There are many different fleets of wedding cars available to choose from, here are a few possible options to suit your wedding

Classic wedding cars


Call it vintage or classic, these cars have always been top priority for the most of the people. For the ultimate luxury and decadence on your wedding day, you can hire a Mercedes-Benz, Rolls Royce or Bentley car. Also, Check that your wedding car service provider will decorate and add beauty to the car for the occasion, and will they provide champagne, romantic music, and maybe even a red carpet for your arrival at the reception as a newly wedded couple. These types of cars are perfect for an elegant wedding, especially for an evening reception.

Novelty wedding cars

asking the wedding unique and personal is the main aim of many couples today, and choosing the novelty wedding cars can certainly add interest to your big day.


If you live in London, a replica tram that can transport your whole bridal party to the ceremony and reception can be a fun idea. These services are available in London and some companies even hire double trams that can take up to 50+ guests, not just your bridal party. To get the most out of your tram, make sure your guests enjoy and take tours in it while you are having your wedding day photos taken.

Another novelty adding car that could be used to commute your entire bridal party is a Leyland School Bus. Imagine the photo opportunities as you and your well lovely relatives hop on the school bus to get to your wedding breakfast.

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(Published: Tue, 17 Jan 2017 08:29:18 -0500)


searching for the best restaurant in the London for the perfect dinner celebration?

Well then we have searched the streets of London to take your taste to the new level and make your food a piece of celebration time. The ultimate guide to the best restaurants in London

1. Singapore Garden, London


Must Eat: - Must try charkway teow (fried rice noodles)

Craving for the Singaporean and Malay food especially in London, well now you don’t haveto worry . At Singapore Garden you can satisfy your taste bud.

2. Twist, London


Must Eat: - Must try Fat, juicy, grilled prawns and homemade pasta.

Twist restaurant offer dishes in a very unique way, served in small plates. Aroma of food is superb with the charming décor and world class chefs giving you so many options to choose from menu.

3. CoBa, London


Must Eat: - Must try Barbecued Pork lemongrass and noodle salad with flavor of mint, red chilli.                                  

Thinking of Vietnamese barbecue dishes alongside classic soups and salads, well then head straight to the famous Coba restaurant run by a Chef Damon Bui, a supper club veteran of Vietnamese and Aussie descent.

4. Grain Store, London


Must Eat: - Must try salted watermelon, pardon peppers, salt cod branade or corn tamale,frilled vegetable slasa,pork belly

The vegetarian’s options of this restaurant with the fusion of meat with artfully prepared dishes put the food lovers in delight. Theres something for cocktail lover’s vegetable inspired peashoot syrup or sours laced with aubergine rum.

5. One Aldwych Hotel, Covent Garden


Must Eat: - Must try scrambled or fried eggs with your choice of toast

Come here for the creamiest scrambled eggs, great smoked salmon and freshly made juices, its worth every penny.

6. Core Collective, Kensington


Must Eat: - Must try protein waffles with beery jam and peanut butter

London most delicious waffles. The waffles are totally dreamy, the berry jam is perfectly sweet and the almond butter is a treat for post workout. Check out this place and reward yourself here.

7. EAT, London


Must Eat: - Must try Chicken Pot Pie, a creamy delicious soup

Don’t know what to eat on Wednesday, well then head straight to the EAT, London to try out the Creamy chicken with loads of fresh vegetables. Garnished with a puff pastry lid.

How to reach: - Book your cab ride with Chauffeur driven car hire services and reach the spot in style comfort and peace of mind.

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(Published: Mon, 24 Oct 2016 10:07:46 -0400)

5 Interesting Ways to Spend a Day near Heathrow Airport

Although, Heathrow airport has not been a famous destination, yet  if you are stuck somewhere around the Heathrow airport, then the Heathrow airport chauffeurs can show you the area around, with a different charm. If you get a chance to take a hotel and stay in there for one night, don’t even think twice. There are various fascinating places around the place that can offer you the real taste of the city. And if you get the chance to watch out, these fascinating places, then we want to tell you that each hour spent around the Heathrow Airport is worth.  So, here are the five quick suggestions for spending quality time around the Heathrow Airport.

1.       Village Life around Heathrow

When we talk about the sites around Heathrow, one quick view is Denham. Your Heathrow airport chauffeur can easily take you to the site.   The drive itself is pleasant enough to give you the taste of the  real England. The pubs of the city area well known among the dwellers and you can enjoy the traditional drink in a very peaceful environment. Moving a bit ahead, you will get to see the flint-built church.

2.       Little India

In case, you fancy the taste of Indian Culture, there is no need to go all the way to Mumbai or Delhi. Instead, you can spend hours in the Southall, exploring the vibrant culture and delicious cuisines. Shop for the fabrics and sarees and take a taste of the Indian clothes. You can even sight the shops decorated with the posters of Bollywood actors and actresses. Visit the Jas Musicals to gaze the guitars and sitars or try playing the flute. Indian snacks like Samosa and Golgappas can also be enjoyed there. Don’t forget to try the India sweet dish Rasgulla.

3.       Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle was founded by William the Conqueror and still you can find the remains of the Norman work. Taking a walk around the Windsor castle is a bliss itself. The majestic avenues of the pine tree and plane tree are worth watching. The airport chauffeurs will take you to the Windsor Castle and will offer you the complete guide of the castle. Don’t miss the chance to visit this amazing place if you have even a few hours to explore the surroundings.

4.       Legoland

If you love Lego or your kids do, there are chances that you are going to love your day out. Located 12 miles from Heathrow, Legoland is an easy catch with so much in store.  Your kids will love to be there visiting the Legos they have admired foever.

5.       Hampton Court Place

Mediveal charm, Intricate zigzag spiral chimneys, the classic architecture, formal gardens, maze, great painting, and the match can be caught at the Hampton Court Place.

Altogether, spending one or two days around Heathrow is never going to leave you in boredom. In fact, you are going to love every moment spent around that place.

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(Published: Mon, 30 May 2016 07:20:21 -0400)

Why Use London Chauffeur Car Hire?

There are numerous reasons why you might utilize chauffeur car hire. This is the ideal alternative for businessmen who need to keep things as anxiety free and as advantageous as possible, particularly if you have a bustling life and need to travel as often as possible.

Picking a chauffeur service implies that you’ll be allowed to do whatever you have to do in the back of the car. This could include:

·         Working on your laptop

·         Taking business telephone calls

·         Drinking before a night out - without worrying about how you are returning home toward the end of it!


Also, the chauffeur driving you around will dependably be respectful, gracious and accommodating, adding to the exceptional sentiment your hire. There’s in no way such as being chauffeured!

Another famous purpose behind hiring a chauffeur is for a wedding day. This is an incredible method for getting the bridesmaids and bride to the occasion in style, helping you to arrange ahead and ensuring you don’t need to stress over the vehicle on the day. They normally offer amazing vehicles, so you can spend as much as you need to get the vehicle you’ve always wanted to go in.

High flying businessmen use London chauffeur car hire service for ease. It keeps them stress free in the traffic, abandoning them accessible to take a very much earned breather or, if they can’t avoid, to bear on working from a tablet or leading business calls in the relative comfort of the back seat.

Many famous people use it for protection; some utilize it so they can drink easily and still get private transport without danger to their driving license. Without a doubt, numerous famous people have been known in the past to lose their license from beverage driving.  

Obviously, this is not simply something that influences the rich and well known. Drink driving fatalities were a year ago answered to be at an unsurpassed high. Those sufficiently lucky not to experience death through this insane act stand to lose their driving licenses if got.

It is reported that 300,000 chauffeurs lose their driving licenses yearly in the UK. This is because of an assortment of reasons from beverage driving, speeding and different other motoring offenses.

It is vital to take a look to the detriment this conveys to the car chauffeur separated from the awkward 148 additional driving hours lost through the span of a normal 10 month boycott.

It is assessed that 2,654 pounds will be spent, per individual banned, on option transport. This incorporates taxis, transports, prepares and paying companions and relatives for lifts. Add to that the normal 157 pounds lost in unused assessment and protection and this brings the aggregate payout to more than 2,800.

Obviously, chauffeur car hire is additionally utilized for security reasons. For this situation, vehicles can be given that secure against any sort of danger - particularly famous with those in general public eye. There is incredible breadth with regards to the car you can drive in with a chauffeur service.

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(Published: Mon, 25 Apr 2016 08:41:26 -0400)

Chauffeur Driven Services: A Secure Way of Prom Transfers

On the London roads, the best way to travel is opting for the chauffeur driven car hire. They mark the safety and luxury of every journey with their upbeat services. Accepting nothing than the top hospitality standards, these chauffeur service providers are ready to take you on a luxurious and comfortable tour. Prom is one such major journey of life that is incomplete without a well-driven chauffeur services. Teenagers take months in preparing for that special night and parents are worried about the security of the kids.

Being stressed about your kid’s safety is quite genuine and to make sure that nothing goes wrong, you must start planning in advance. You must discuss the safety of your kids in advance and to be sure, here we have some great tips for you:

Know where your kids are going

There are a few questions that you should be sure about. Know where they are going, how they are going, whom they are accompanying and till what time they will return. Once you have a complete clue about these basic, set ground rules for them. It can be a bit annoying for the kids, but you know them more and only you can ensure their safety. Adding to this, you must also have the contact number of all the friends accompanying them. This way you can minimize the prom night risk of the kids.

Talk with other parents

Befriending your kid’s friend’s parents is a great idea, if you want to be completely sure about your kids. The night of prom might be fun for the kids, but it is equally stressful for the parents. But remember, you are not alone in this stressful journey, the other parents are equally stressed. In such case, uniting for kids will save you from the nightlong stress. Moreover, it is also a chance to make new friends. Bonding over a common goal is great for ensuring the safety of the kids.

Book a chauffeur driven service

Your kids will not love it that you drop them to the prom location. Moreover, you won’t even be able to leave them at someone else’s responsibility. So, take care of this and book the chauffeur driven car providers. This way you can ensure the safety of the kids and can also allow them to impress their friends. Professionally trained chauffeurs can take care of the kids throughout the whole journey. When it comes to the prom night celebration, nothing can be better than the chauffeur service provider.

Befriend the kids

Last but not the least, you have to befriend your kids so that they do not hide anything from you. Encourage your kids to talk about the whole prom expectations. Let them ask as many questions as they want. Stay available to them and try to solve all their issues.

Just a few measures and everything will go according to your wish.

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(Published: Mon, 21 Mar 2016 04:37:48 -0400)

How To Become A London Chauffeur?

Are you a well-trained driver and love to play with cars and roads? Then, why not make it a profession? Yes, the airport chauffeur services in London is getting popularity day by day and if you take it as a profession, then you are going to have  a bright future. You just have to drive  a good car in a good way and you will be paid nicely. 


So, what all will you need to get hired as a licensed chauffeur.

The procedure of becoming a chauffeur is carried away by Public Carriage Office (PCO). Looking ahead, the PCO is controlled by TFL (Transport for London). The primary role of the TFL is to implement the Mayor of London Strategy and manage the services of the capital. Once a chauffeur in London gets a license, you are not restricted  to any specific area of London. You can drive anywhere at any time, but make sure you are booked under a licensed operator. So, get a PCO private hire driver’s license and win your way ahead.

Private hire driver’s license requirements:

Age Limits

For getting the license, you must be more than 21 years. Although, there is no upper limit, yet you have to be at least 21 years for applying for this license.

  • Criminal Record
    A thorough criminal record check will be applied to you before providing you with the license. You will be asked to get a certificate from the Criminal Records Bureau. Your driving license will also be looked for any driving conviction. You also need to have a DVLA or other license for the last three years before you can apply for it. However, it will be the sole authority of the PCO whether you are provided with the driving license or not.
  • Fitness Check
    The Group 2 Standards are required for the private hire license. For this, you will need to go for a medical examination. Any situation like poor eyesight could cause to the refusal of the driving license. So, it will be better if you have  a talk with your doctor before applying for the license.
  • Route Planning
    You will be also sent through some topographical skills like map reading ability and route selection. The route selection is divided into three parts – local, intermediate, and long distance. A license will not be offered until you have passed these topographical test. For this particular purpose, various topographical testing centers have been set.

Done with this, you will get a PCO driver’s license.  After this, you can easily get hired by a licensed private chauffeur hiring agency. Once you have this license, there won’t be any trouble getting a job. There are various companies who are offering airport  chauffeur services around London. Get in contact with one and get a job where your career can flourish.

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(Published: Fri, 26 Feb 2016 02:53:57 -0500)

10 Ways To Celebrate Valentine In the UK

Planning your valentine week  in the same old way? Why not do something different this year? Yes, skip the regular dinner and movie plan and look out what the city has in store for you. London has already geared up to all the upcoming events and there are many events going around in the city. So, without any delay, let’s see how you can plan your valentine:


Squiffy Valentine’s Day Picnic
Cahoots, the underground cocktail bar is presenting the Squiffy Picnics for the couples. Enjoy their complete hamper of booze, sandwiches, Victoria sponge cake, lavender shortbread, and pork pies. Live the jazz and swing through the beats of Hip Hop. Make the booking in advance because to escape the last minute chaos. Also, do not forget to book the London Chauffeur Driven Car.

Valentine’s Evening With the Stars
The royal observatory is one of the best places to celebrate valentine day. Watch the planetarium show standing on the world’s Prime Meridian. The breathtaking sights offered through the 18-tonne telescope is just breathtaking. You two can have a great time watching the night view together.

National Gallery Friday Late
Taste the historical aphrodisiacs at the national gallery. Activities are absolutely free and  you can enjoy the late night activities and special valentine events. Discover the collection, shop the art crafts, and dine in the national dining room. There is always so much to do at the National Gallery and if it is Valentine, then don’t forget to catch some of the special programs.

Valentine Day Concerts
Enjoy the live musicians performing in the Lady James Room. The Gothic tower was built by a grieving Lady Anne James in the memory of her husband. Listen to the “Baroque delight” and hear the romantic story of Anne and Willam James. Even the panoramic view of London is worth seeing from the top of the tower.

London Shell Co.
Get a classy outing with the London Shell Co. The ship “My Fair Lady will move from Camden to Little Venice while you two can enjoy the three-course menu. The food arrangement is inspired by Oyster bars and crab shacks. The best part is that sailing will take place during lunch as well as dinner. The London chauffeur car hire will drop you to the location and from there you can enjoy the ship journey while savoring the delicious food.

The Tropical Orchids In Kew Garden
Enjoy the cocktails and music among the tropical orchids of the Kew Garden. The Brazilian themed valentine evening is something special to try this year. The great music, tantalizing cocktails will double the fun of the evening. Get a booking done with the London chauffeurs and they will take care of your pickup as well as drop off.

You can enjoy a swift and hassle-free journey with the chauffeurs of London. Traveling with them, you will sense the addition of opulence and comfort.

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(Published: Wed, 10 Feb 2016 08:05:14 -0500)

10 posts!

10 posts!

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(Published: Fri, 22 Jan 2016 06:48:17 -0500)

How Can Luxury Cars Improve Your Special Day?

Wedding, birthdays, anniversaries, and romantic dates are a few days of life that need to be perfect from every aspect. So, while you are busy with the other arrangements, don’t forget about the transportation. After all reaching the party destination in opulence can add cheer to your party. Well, don’t think that it is going to be expensive like the other arrangements as you can add luxury to your travel in just a few bucks. All you need to do is - call the London Chauffeur Car Services and select from the comfortable fleet of vehicles. Not just luxury and comfort, they add a dash of elegance in your weddings.

There are various reasons by which the chauffeur car hires can add elegance to your special days:

The first issue the London folks face is the punctuality. Whether it is the wedding day or a birthday bash, traffic is always an issue. A lot of trouble can arise if you get late on a day like a wedding. To make sure that the commuters don’t face such issue the London chauffeur providers take various important steps. They will reach out for you in advance so that even in the cases of heavy traffic, you reach your location on time. Moreover, they are well aware of the routes of the London and will take the best path to make your journey hassle-free.

You neither have to buy a car nor have to worry about its maintenance. Also, the chauffeur providers offer the option of the luxury fleet. This means you can change your car whenever you want. Bentley, Rolls Royce and Mercedes, enjoy their rides without worrying about the owning issues. Just one call and your transportation arrangements are the duty of the chauffeur providers. They will reach for you on time and will make sure that your reach the destined location on time. Being late or vehicle issues are never going to come between your celebrations.

Dash of elegance
When you will step out of the luxury Mercedes, heads will surely turn. Especially when the car doors are opened by a well-dressed chauffeur. These chauffeurs are trained to make you feel like a celebrity. Punctuality and courteousness are the key assets of their services so you don’t have to worry about anything. This is going to be your day and will leave a long lasting impression on the guests.

Affordable Option
The best part is all these services come at an affordable service. There won’t be any hassle of car maintenance, insurance and regular servicing. Just enjoy the opulent ride and these things will be the concern of London chauffeur providers. Select your choice of car and get driven around the city in comfort and opulence.

The chauffeur driven services of London are surely the best pick when you are planning for the wedding and birthday journeys. So, don’t wait anymore and give a call to book the luxury transportation for the upcoming parties.

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(Published: Mon, 11 Jan 2016 09:07:19 -0500)

5 Places To Visit In London During the Christmas

London has always been one of the best places to visit during Christmas. There is a bunch of things to do amidst the icy cold winter and snowflakes. There is so much to look for in London during winters and especially when it is Christmas. Various celebrations and events occur during this period and you can have a fun-loving time during this season. So, if you are planning to get around in  London this Christmas, then here is the list of the most exciting to-dos.


The Natural History Museum

The festive music, Christmas market halls, the twinkling Christmas tree, and ice skating, there is so much to catch up at  the Natural History Museum. Book a chauffeur driven car in London and you can reach the location in opulence. Various offers are also out so  you are going to be benefited a lot during your journey. Your kids and family  will love this place and you can also have  a great time over here with the love of your life. The ticket will cost you around £ 15.

Meet Santa at The London Zoo

London Zoo sees an equal amount of rush around the Christmas period. Friend, family, and couples all can enjoy their day at the London Zoo. The Regent’s park at the London Zoo will turn your day into a magical one. Take a trip around the Santa’s grotto and you will get the chance to meet Santa. The kids will also be able to lend a hand during the Keeper’s Little Helpers Session. During this occasion, they will be lending hands for preparing presents for the zoo animals. Also, the kid’s are going to be over excited to see their favorite Santa over there. Tickets for Meet Santa will cost you around £ 25.00 in total.

Sky Lodge At Montague on the Gardens

Complete with pine trees, reindeer, twinkling lights, and snow falls, the Sky Lodge has returned again. This will bring the perfect mood of Christmas for you. Not to forget the subtle taste of cheese fondue and the festive range of vodka. There is much more to relish on like chocolate fondant with cream. Go out with friends and family and you can enjoy it to the fullest.

The Royal opera House

The Royal Opera House is one of the most heart throbbing art venues in central London. It has always been the one stop location for all the Royal Opera and Royal Ballet. It has the capacity of over 2,256 people and exhibits various shows from time to time. During Christmas, this venue exhibits The Royal Opera, so, book your tickets now and catch the remarkable performance with friend and family.

The Winter Wonderland

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland offers the biggest celebration of the year. It is surely going to offer you the most adorable memory to cherish. The professional chauffeurs will take you to The Winter Wonderland in comfort and ease.

So, get around the city and enjoy the Christmas moments is bliss.

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(Published: Mon, 21 Dec 2015 06:51:51 -0500)

Things To Do Around Luton Airport

Bedfordshire is divided into two sections: Luton and Bedford. There are numerous of tourist attraction around the city that can be visited by opting for a luxury chauffeur car hire in London. Luton airport is one of the five key airports of London. So, if you are around the city, then don’t miss the chance of visiting the scenic beauty of the city. From castles to palaces, there is a wide array of places to visit around the city. Just book a chauffeured car and you will be taken around the city in luxury and comfort. Whether it is a one-day trip or a few hours trip, the chauffeurs of the London will take care of all your small requirements. Also, this historical city is so close to London that it offers a great chance to enjoy their time in the great city of London.

Stockward Museum
Wardown and Stockward Parks and Museums are housed in the Victorian mansion in Wardown Park. The museum collection mainly displays the traditional crafts of Bedfordshire. Situated in the beautiful Wardown Park, you can explore all the development of Luton and its pre-history.  One of its main highlights is Luton Life Gallary, including the national Lace Collection and the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Regimental Gallery. Throughout the year, many activities and exhibitions can be encountered out there.

Shopping In The Mall Luton
Luton proves to be an ultimate shopping destination for the destination. If you are tired of the high  street shopping, the Luton Indoor Market offers a great shopping experience. After doing the bulk shopping, head towards the superbly cooked food. The modern market hall has 126 units with surprises from all over the world. Food, fun, shopping there is everything to entertain the shoppers.

Someries Castle
The name Someries castle was derived from William de Someries, who had a residence on this site. Although not much is left of the castle, yet it will give you a great view of London’s history. Book a chauffeured car in London and you will reach the location in comfort and elegance.

Woodside Farm & Leisure Park
Take your family to this location and you can have a great time ever, especially when you are accompanied by kids. There is a variety of animal and farm things to watch out for. Rabbits, donkeys, goats, pigs, and various other farm animals can be seen there. Kids can play out in the farm while you sip your coffee in the open grounds.

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(Published: Mon, 14 Dec 2015 08:39:04 -0500)

A Tour Of London In Lavishness Of Chauffeur Services

In the anticipation of the huge bills of luxury travels, various trips and tours ends with the normal taxi hire or public transportation. But with the affordable chauffeur services of Gatwick airport transfer, it has become easier to travel in opulence and comfort. With the swanky fleet of cars available at these providers, you can select the one that suits your need. No matter what’s your plan, the expert team of these service providers make sure that your journey is fun-laden. So, here is a list of places that you must visit with chauffeur services:

Hewer Castle
30 minutes from Gatwick airport, Hiver Castle is the most visited place around Gatwick. The service provider of Gatwick airport transfer chauffeurs will provide some budget deal for this visit. You will be picked from the Gatwick airport with one of the courteous chauffeurs and will be dropped to the exact location. The castle with its beautiful gardens is a popular tourist destination that you must visit and if you wish, the chauffeurs can also take care of your visit to the dream city of London.

Madame Taussade
Meet your favorite stars face to face or even pose with them. Fashion, glamour, and fame describe Madame Tussauds the best. When you are visiting the world of stars, then why not arrive like a star. Flaunt yourself with the chauffeurs of London and visit Madame Taussade and the celebrities who are virtually captured inside. With 300 stunning wax figures, this incredible place holds all the hunks and beauties of the world at one place. Your favorite actors, sports person, her majesty the queen along with William and Kate pose here with elegance.

British Museum
The British museum is a representation of architecture from the ancient time to that of the modern era. The Rosetta stone and Parthenon sculpture are a few things that you will appreciate. More than six million people visit British Museum every year. Visiting this place in a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce is just ravishing.

National Gallery
If you are an art lover, then this place is a must to visit for you. This place is filled with Western and European paintings dating back to the 13th century. From time to time, you will get to attend exhibitions, audio and visual programs, guided tours, and summer events. The London chauffeurs will take you the museum in opulence and will also guide you about its cultural value.

Tower of London
This place is the mix representation of London’s glory and history. Here, you will discover the powerful fortress, the beasts that made it London’s first zoo and the legends of the raven. Well, there is so much to know about this tower and this cannot be done without a proper guide. For this purpose, the chauffeurs of London can help you the best as they know this place by heart.

So, this time you don’t have to cancel your trip, rather you can travel in luxury and that too under a budget.

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(Published: Mon, 09 Nov 2015 02:57:24 -0500)

Some Things About Chauffeur You Must Know

London is one of the most beautiful tourist spots that everyone should visit. To enjoy the trip, you need to be aware of all the travel services. If you are looking for reliable transportation during your stay in London, you may want to consider hiring a reliable London chauffeur cars. London chauffeur cars make your journey more convenient to make you feel very comfortable. You can also acquire its services for your business trips or special occasions such as, wedding ceremony, party, roadshows, etc. They are always ready to provide the services 365 days of the year and 24 hours of the day. The main thing is that the journey will be very safe and secure. You can be benefited a lot by hiring their services in many ways such as:-

A reliable London chauffeur car offers their customers with top quality services. It provides them with a wide variety of cars so that you can make your own choice. The only thing you have to do is to select the car and make the booking accordingly.

They Are Well-Trained

London chauffeur service offers chauffeur services at your doorstep easily and without any kind of delay. You can easily rely upon them to save your time on a trip. The drivers employed here are experienced and trained people. They are well educated and well trained for better hospitality. They show the excellence in their driving because they are well trained in defensive driving techniques for anti-hijacking, awareness procedures and many more.

They are Reliable

They are very clear about the charges without any hidden charges. You need not worry about the last minute surprises. They are always willing to save your money. With an excellent track records the London Chauffeurs have developed a huge range of satisfied clients. This is the reason that many people become their regular customer.

They are Dependable

They employ the latest technology for the accurate booking and many more. Due to this reason there are very few chances of forgery with customers. There has never been any accidental cases and burglary till now. They are very popular among businessmen and many VIP’s uses their excellent chauffeur services time to time. This shows they are dependable and reliable. Enjoy the holiday trip with your families, by easily hiring your services. They ensure they serve you the best of your abilities.

Chauffeur driven cars in London is growing faster day by day. They make your trip most memorable day by providing reliable, competitive, and safe transport. You really enjoy the journey with London chauffeur services. They are very friendly and communicate with you very effectively and with very friendly hospitality. For you, punctuality is the main essential thing that is required. They really maintain the exact timings without any unnecessary delays. Next time you are in London, choose a reliable London chauffeur car. So, you can really feel pleasure in the journey with a warm feeling of safety, reliability, and friendly hospitality.

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(Published: Thu, 24 Sep 2015 07:16:20 -0400)

6 Tips for Renting a Car Without Any Hassles

Experience for renting a car sometimes becomes bewildering, but it should not be.  For whatever the reason you are hiring, a car, for either business or pleasure, takes a time to understand all the policies and services. Then, select the package that suits best to your needs.


Here are some key considerations to keep in mind while renting a car for you or for your family or friend:

1. Insurance Cover
While renting a car, it is crucial to recognize the potential risks in order to take all the necessary measures before hiring a car. You must be ensured that you, your family, and friends have adequate insurance cover and understand your liability during an accident of a car.

2. Car Policies
While looking for a rental car, all the information is available online that you need to consider at first. Going through this information before starting your journey can save lot of money and time. This service in London is preferred first. You can go for executive car hire services in London, if you ever planned your journey there. Make sure you read all the terms and conditions carefully.

3. Amount of Fuel
Generally, car rental companies supply their vehicles with a full tank and most of them expect the car to be returned with the same amount of fuel. Extra fuel will be from your packet. But, this can be an expensive option. What if the fuel is not consumed fully? Understand the price of each option and clear about each policy.

4. Other Terms & Policies
Purchasing a fuel tank or an optional insurance by the company is good as it gives a peace of mind to the budget. There are also many other offers provided by companies that make your journey run smoother from navigation system to Wi-Fi connections. This will surely make you happy.

5. Vehicle Picking System
This facility will saves a lot of time as it comes under the customer service representative. You can avail this service completely if you are hiring a car only for a business trip or a holiday.

6. Car Rental Rewards
Looking for additional services requires little efforts for which you need to call up for enquiries. Many car rental companies have their own loyalty programs. All such programs embody a number of benefits and outcomes in great time cost-effective for both renters and companies. These schemes are useful for frequent travelers as these points can be used by them on free rental days.
Renting a car has become crucial for vacations or business tours. Thus, get many advices for understanding their contracts. Executive Car Hire Services in London instructs customers before signing. It is always wise to understand the provisions of a rental contract and any conditions on the use of a vehicle.

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Why should you Hire Luxury Chauffeur Driven Cars in London?

When you travel to a foreign country, you wish to get everything handled smoothly. This is why you start booking the flight tickets, the accommodations and the conducted tours well in advance. In case you are going on a business tour, you also need to be on time so that you can attend the seminar or the conference in a timely fashion. Once you land from the flight, you need to look for either public transport or cabs for reaching your destination. Quite unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will get a public transport or a personal cab as soon as you start looking for the same. This is where luxury chauffeur driven cars come at your rescue.

Whether you are on a long awaited family vacation and want to enjoy a hassle free tour to London, or you are on a business trip and supposed to meet your valuable client on a given time, it’s not at all desirable to wait at the airport, with all the luggage, completely exhausted after a long, tiring flight. However, this is the scenario that most tourists have to face when they decide to rely on public transports or cab services in London. This is why it’s advisable to hire luxury cars that are driven by trained and experienced chauffeurs. If you are planning to book luxury chauffeur driven cars, London is the best place to explore. This is simply because there are many agencies that offer luxury chauffeur driven car services.

There are countless benefits of opting for the specialized car hire services.

Modern luxury cars – No matter whether you are on a business trip or a family vacation, while in London, you would surely like to make it absolutely comfortable. In order to ensure smooth and luxurious journey you should opt for luxury chauffeur driven car services since these agencies provide you with luxury cars with modern make. You are provided with a lot of options from which you can choose the particular vehicle on which you will like to ride. Be careful while choosing the specific model of a car. Consider factors like the total number of people who are going to ride and the purpose as well as duration of the trip while choosing the vehicle.

Fully licensed and insured vehicles – Peace of mind is all you want while vacationing, and that is what you can be completely assured of while hiring luxury chauffeur driven cars. While checking out the historical sites or finalizing a million dollar deal with one of your valuable clients, you won’t surely like to be in trouble due to the vehicle issues, and that too, in a foreign country! This is why it’s advisable to be on the safe side and opt for the services of luxury car agencies. Since the cars that they offer to the clients are perfectly insured, and all the chauffeurs are not only trained, but also licensed, you can rest assured of safety.

These are the key reasons why you should hire luxury cars that are driven by trained and experienced chauffeurs.

These are the key reasons why you should rely on luxury driven chauffeur car services.

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(Published: Tue, 18 Aug 2015 03:12:23 -0400)

Hiring a Wedding Car: How to Get the Perfect Deal
We all dream a lot about our wedding day and start planning every minute detail about it as soon as we get a chance. After all, it’s your D-day and you would definitely like to make everything perfect. Everything, related to this day, has to be very special so that you can cherish those moments for the rest of your life. So if the wedding bells are knocking, you must have already created the ‘to-do’ list. But have you thought about the wedding transport? Well, these

days it’s a fashion to book the car of your choice for wedding and this is something that you must do well in advance. This is because you might just miss the best model due to even a little delay.


No matter if you are hiring the car for your bride-to-be or her friends and relatives, you must take a note of certain factors. If you are based in London, or at least planning the wedding in London, you can consider yourself to be quite blessed. This is because wedding car hire in London is not a big deal since there are many agencies that offer luxury wedding cars. Here are some tips that will help you choose the best car for your wedding -

• Be classy and elegant – After all, it’s that day of your life and everything should be perfectly classy and elegant. While selecting the model or the make, check if it is in sync with your entire wedding theme. Since you want to keep the affair elegant, it’s advisable not to be too experimental and stick to the conventional models that are usually preferred for wedding.

• Focus on the model and the color – When you contact a car hire company, they will inform you about all the luxury cars they can provide. Consider the preference of your bride-to-be while choosing the model or color of the vehicle. Usually, most people opt for classic wedding cars like black or white limousines. You should also keep in mind the theme of your wedding venue and choose the color of the car accordingly. For instance, if the theme color of your wedding is red and pink, you should choose the color of the car in a way so that it complements the theme.

• Check the interior of the vehicle – Before you finally hire a car, make sure you check the interior as well as the other functionality properly. You never know, the model that you choose may have been used extensively. And if it’s not maintained properly, it might have become fragile. Remember that your wedding car is one of the key symbols of elegance and opulence and you just can’t take the chance of choosing the wrong vehicle.

These are some of the key tips to follow while hiring your wedding car. Make sure you check the different options before making the final selection. You should also check if the wedding car hire company is going to provide you with some additional services.

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(Published: Wed, 22 Jul 2015 08:57:14 -0400)

Deal with the Exclusive GS  Car Hire London Services

Touring to London or anywhere else in Europe is exciting and dearer option for the people from the rest of the world. Regardless of whichever place you are from the cost of living here in this part of the world is certainly not going to be cheaper. Under such circumstances, one might wonder on how to find on earth own nice, dependable and affordable London sightseeing tours service. If you are looking to find one such best thrifty Exclusive nonstop service then here you are in the best spot online now. Yes, Use the expertise of the indubitable business chauffeurs that are trained and certified in the industry. Some of the professionals are awarded with meritorious accolades and rewards for their dutiful services in the past. Experienced service crew is totally crosschecked for their profile, record of accomplishment of the past and so on, to ensure the safety of the guests that hire the cab services. 

Shout at the truthful Private sedan service right now. You can choose to Partner with the well-informed and cost-effective London sightseeing services. It is easy to do so online now. You can recommend the service to your friends and contacts to win their good will eventually. Make use of the practiced Airport transportation service for your professional and business needs too. Hire professional services of the with it corporate chauffeurs. Deal with the responsible wedding car hire London services for affordable costs now. The best part is all the staffs are medically tested for their fatnesses to cater to the public services prior to appointment.

Appoint the well-informed and quick-witted Gatwick Airport transfers now. It is easy to do so. Use the services of sound wedding car hire London service to make the occasion grandeur. Take advantage of the capable Heathrow Airport transfers to make sure that your journey is completely safe. Refer the successful personal chauffeurs to your business contacts and get favours from them in turn for your valuable recommendation. Order now with the masterly Business express service right now. Hire these remunerative  sightseeing chauffeur tours to cut down costs in your business tours. When you send your staff on professional tours, it is on high note to refer to the best cab services first off.

Deal with the well-informed and closefisted wedding car hire London. Costs are very low. At the same time the standards of work execution is top class. Avail the services of effective Exclusive nonstop services. In fact, some of the reliable companies out there are always in the lookout for the professional services of our expert staff members. Always deal with the top rated and sewed up Airport transportation service. Safety is the key to cache on. When you are quite comfortable with the ride that is completely safe, why hesitate then. Come call now to Utilise the skills of the in the bag corporate chauffeurs, here. Use the knacks of the irrefutable personal chauffeurs to reach your destinations in time. Signal the validated Business express service to come and be available at your disposal from right now.

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