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iphone restore Update iphone restore  
RSS 6 |  iphone restore

Apple Iphone to Computer Data Transfer
       This post provides you procedure for music songs library file transfer from iPod iPhone to computer. Procedure is same for iPhone iPad to iTunes transfer. Why you need iPhone data transfer from apple devices to computer. When you purchase new mobile. You have data contact film movies on older iPhone. And it require to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone or any other apple devices.

   Iphone iPad data file transfer can be done by many ways.

1) Take backup of apple mobile on iTunes and then restore iPhone with that backup.
2) Similarly take backup on icloud and then restore on iPad.  Apple iPhone restore is very useful when you are doing apple device troubleshooting. This will allow to secure data backup.
3) If apple devices have ios 11 or later version then you don’t need iTunes computer. Just use quick start menu. It needs apple id and passcode for data transfer.
4) And if you require to transfer purchase only . Then you don’t need any software or computer. Just open iTunes store on new iPhone iPad. Log in with apple id. And within iTunes there is option select transfer purchase. This will download all purchased songs, music album, films, tv shows on new device. This is best way for iPhone data transfer.

                But what if you have older iPod like mini, shuffle. And you want to transfer music iPod to computer. Here you cannot use above option. IPod touch 6 will support latest version of ios and iPod touch 6 allow above methods.  But for older iPod,

 Procedure for ipod to computer data transfer.

1) Start iPod in disk mode.  This is the first step for iPod data transfer to iTunes computer.
2) Start iTunes on computer. You can download latest version from internet. It is free.
3) Now connect iPod to computer using usb data cable.
4) iPod will appear within iTunes. And it will sync iPod to iTunes library.
5) Here you can manually manage music or keep automatically. Within automatically option, iTunes sync iPod when you connect to computer. While manually it requires to do process manually. When music data are transferred from computer to iPod. Make sure iPod have enough free space. As computer has Tera Byte hard disk while iPod has only 64 to 128 GB disk space.
6) To check free space available on iPod. Connect iPod to computer. Then open iTunes, within summary tab. Select device iPod. At the bottom of iTunes you will see free space on iPod.
7) Now to transfer your iTunes library including music, video, contact etc. locate iTunes library on computer.

If you have windows operating system computer then location for iTunes folder is document and settingadminmy documents my music.
Macintosh operating system location of iTunes folder is usersusernamemusic. Now copy this folder and paste it on iPod folder. This will take few minutes to transfer music videos from iPod to computer.
:: Read More
(Published: Fri, 26 Apr 2019 06:13:00 +0000)

Ipod iphone photo video transfer

Ipad Iphone ipod tips and tricks and ipod troubleshooting for screen replacement and battery. Instruction for How to transfer music mp3 from ipod to computer and itunes .Guide for video photo transfer from ipod touch to itunes. Fix ipod touch does not recognize by itunes computer. Step by step troubleshooting for ipod shuffle generations and nano all generation not found by itunes pc. Fix ipod is disabled try again in millions minutes error and reset lost password to unlock ipod.
ipod tips, ipod tricks, ipod restore, ipod reset, ipod troubleshooting, ipod unlock, apple, iphone, ipad, ipod not recognized, ipod would not turn on, iphone tips, ipad tips, ipod transfer, iphone transfer,

Iphone 5s and iphone 5c both gsm and cdma phone 5, iphone 6 s plus have 12 mega pixel isight camera which can take high resolution movies and photos.
Even itunes store and many online store provide you free gallery and movies for downloading. This can fill up memory of iphone 5 32gb, iphone 6 64gb. And you need to transfer photo gallery, photo album and photo stream photos from iphone to windows computer and iphone to mac computer.
You can transfer photo album from iphone to computer by different method 1. Connect phone to computer 1. Use icloud for photo library transfer and 3. Use dropbox.
Connect iphone to computer for photo selfie transfer
1.     Connect phone to computer
2.     Open this pc on windows 10 computer and my computer on windows vista, xp or windows 7.
3.     Now find iphone6 se icon under my computer
4.     Now your photo stored under internal storage folder.
5.     Select all photos stream photos, photo album which you want to transfer to a computer.
6.     Now copy all those photos and paste on any folder on your computer.

Use icloud to transfer photos to your computer
1.     Now first go to icloud website and download icloud client for your windows computer and if you are using Macintosh computer then download for that icloud tool.
2.     Icloud is a like a cloud storage as we are using google drive and other file saving storage.
3.     Now set up icloud on your iphone. On your iphone go to setting  - then tap on icloud- now tap on account you can use multiple account with icloud on same iphone- then enter your apple user id and password -  now you will get free 5 gb for your icloud storage. If you want more storage then you need to choose icloud plan.
4.     Now enable photo stream on your iphone clould setting. This will transfer all photos selfie from your iphone to computer when you connect it via usb or wi fi.but it cannot transfer older photos on your iphone 6 se, iphone6 s plus. 

(Published: Fri, 24 Feb 2017 10:03:00 +0000)

( Source: )

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