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Magic Himalaya Treks Update Magic Himalaya Treks  
RSS 6 |  Magic Himalaya Treks

Why to travel to Annapurna region for trekking?

Why to travel to Annapurna region for trekking?
Annapurna is the Massif Mountain in north central Nepal. Annapurna peak include one and only 1 mountain over 8,000 meters.  It has thirteen peak over 7,000 meters as well as sixteen more over 6,000 meters. There are many possible best treks in Annapurna Nepal. Here I am going to list some possible best trek in Annapurna. These are the reason begins travel to Annapurna region for trekking.

1.Annapurna base camp trek

Annapurnabase camp trek is known as Annapurna sanctuary trek. It is one among the possible best treks in Annapurna Nepal. Annapurna base camp is the base of Annapurna I Mountain. Annapurna base camp is surrounded by many mountains from all sides. We can see many mountains view on Annapurna base camp trek. Fishtail mountain is another awesome view on trek. We can see Hiaunchuli as well as Annapurna south too.

2.Annapurna Circuit Trek

Annapurna circuit is a trek within the mountain ranges of central Nepal. It is the main highlight of the whole Annapurna region. This is one among the best popular hiking trails. The Annapurna circuit trek offers different types of temperatures, climate, lifestyles, vegetation, landscapes, traditions and many more from beginning to ending. This makes trek unique and best from others. It is known for crossing the widest pass of the world which is known as Thorangla pass trek.

3.Mardi Himal Base camp Trek

Mardi Himal base camp trek is the most popular on less people. This trek is done on tent for many years. Treks follow the off beaten trail of shepherds. The trekking trail is open on 2012. The trek trail is fresh as well as clean for trekkers. It is also common as Mardi Himal trek. It is possible to do all the year. The Mardi Himal base camp trek is the trek to reach the base of Mardi Himal. We can see the best view of Himalayan ranges.

4.Ghorepani poon hill trek

Ghorepanipoon hill trek is one of the short treks in Annapurna region. This trek is the combinations of hiking through small villages as well as big villages. Ghorepani village is on of the big village as well as important villages in Annapurna region. The main highlight of the trek is Poon hill visitors’ tower. We can see the best views of Himalayan range from the Poon hill. The Poon hill tower offers the view of Dhaulagiri Himalayan ranges as well as Annapurna Himalayan ranges. Fishtail mountain, Nilgiri Mountain as well as Hiaunchuli are other attractions of the viewpoint. The trek also famous for Rhododendrons forests too.

5.Jomsom Muktinath trek

Jomsommuktinath trek is north of Pokhara. The maximum elevation on trek is Muktinath villages. This village is situated on elevations of 3800 meters above the sea level. This trek is also known as pilgrimage trek. Many numbers of Hindi as well as Buddhist people visit this area doing trek. Muktinath temple is the main attractions of treks including Dhaulagiri massive mountain. This trek is one among best treks in Annapurna.

Besides, Those trek we have lots of trek and tour in Annapurna. Khopra danda trek is also very popular trek for Himalayan ranges and local lifestyles. Dhampus Sarangkot trek is also one short trek from Pokhara. Annapurna base camp trek with Poon hill is combinations of two treks. Annapurna base camp trek and Ghorepani Poon hill trek. Base camp helicopter tour of Annapurna is another important tour to do. Remember us for Possible Best Treks in Annapurna Nepal and support visit Nepal 2020.Hope you are able to find the answer of Why to travel to Annapurna region for trekking?

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(Published: Wed, 17 Jul 2019 09:43:00 +0000)

Reasonable cost for doing base camp helicopter tour of Mount Everest
Everest base camp helicopter landing tour is one of the best opportunities of doing the base camp in less time. This tour provides the golden opportunities of landing the base camp and step foot on. The base camp helicopter tour is the common tour at present. Many people around the globe visit Nepal for doing this tour. This tour is the most expensive day tour here in Nepal. People don’t know about the exact cost for doing this tour. Many Travel Agencies sold this tour on different cost and prices. Here today I am going to tell you about the possible costing for doing this tour on Reasonable ways.
The helicopter tour is possible to do on two ways. They are the Private way and the other is joining the group. Both two ways have different prices ranges as well as facilities. Here I am going to tell you more about these two possible ways of doing the tour.
Private Heli tour to base camp
First of all let’s talk about the private ways of doing the tour in Nepal to base camp. The private helicopter tour can have 5 people excluding pilot. The cost for the tour can be different during season and off season. During the main season like spring and winter season the cost will be ranges from USD 4000 to USD 5000. The cost is for the one helicopter that takes 5 people to base camp and bring back in Kathmandu. While you do private tour it doesn't matter the group size. If you are single also the cost will be same unless you are ready to join other people if there bis any. During the off season time the cost for the helicopter will be from USD 3900 to 4500 per helicopter. During the off season time there won’t be much other people interesting in doing so the private tour is very common. People have to do it on private way if anyone wants to do the tour. There are many travel company in Nepal selling those private tour. The price ranges may differ from one to another.

Joining Heli tour to base camp
There are many individual who dream to land on base camp of Mount Everest Nepal. This tour is perfect match able to those people who don’t have capacity to do heli tour privately. The cost ranges from USD 900 to USD 1500 per person. The cost on this tour differs on group size. If there are all 5 people doing the tour in 1 helicopter then the cost will be USD 900 per person. IF there are only 4 people on helicopter doing tour then it will cost you USD 1150 per person. In case if there bis only 3 people on the helicopter then the cost will be USD 1450 per person. If there is only two joining then cost will be USD 2000 per person. If there is only one then it is only possible on joining basis. If any company take money telling less group size and if there is more than that you can remind them and ask the amount refund. All The Company are not clear on these things so while doing tour you need to select right one.

Doing this tour will definitely makes you happy and feels awesome of getting chance to land on base of world highest mountain. Do visit Nepal and support Nepal to have successful visit Nepal year 2020.

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(Published: Tue, 09 Jul 2019 08:47:00 +0000)

possible trek and tour in nepal

Nepal with different trekking & Hiking
Nepal is a beautiful country in Nepal. It is a landlocked country in Asia. There are many mountains ranges in Nepal. Many trekking area have different trekking options. Everest regions have many trekking. They are Everest base camp trek as well as Everest high pass trek. Everest view trek as well as renjo la pass trek is stunning trek. Gokyo Everest base camp trek as well as Gokyo valley trekhas opportunities to see lake and rivers in high elevations. Everest base camp helicopter tour is one day tour to see Everest base camp. Everest base camp trek in helicopter is trek on the way up and return back on helicopter. We have Everest base camp luxury trek as well as Everest luxury trek for people who like luxury trek.

Everest base camp trek at night

Everest base camp trek in January
as well as Everest base camp trek in February is trek with stunning view.Everest base camp trek in March as well as Everest base camp trek in April are loved for clear day and blue sky. Everest base camp trek in May is chance to see climbing groups and tent in base camp. Everest base camp trek in august as well as Everest base camp trek in September are the beginning of another big season. It is stunning view as well as nice weather. Everest base camp trek in October as well as Everest base camp trek in November have many tourist for trek. Everest base camp trek in December is the end months for ebc trek.

Early morning view of Everest

Annapurna region is also the best trekking area. Annapurna base camp trek is also known as Annapurna sanctuary trek. Ghorepani poon hill as well as mardi himal trekare short trek in this region. Annapurna circuit as well as Annapurna base camp trek with ghorepani is long and wonderful trek. There are many nice treks in Langtang region. Langtang valley trek as well as tamang heritage trek is short trek. Langtang gosainkunda and helambu trek are one of the pilgrimage area trek. Gosinkunda pass trek is also a pilgrimage trek. Helambu trek as well as chisapani nagarkot trek is short and sweet trek.

Night view of Everest base camp trek

There are lots of trek in restricted area of Nepal. Upper mustang trekas well as Manasluis one of them. We have kanchanjunga base camp trek also to experience tenting trek. We also have lower Dolpa trekas well as upper Dolpa trekking for tenting. We have 12 days Everest trek as well as 13 days ebc trek in Everest. we have 14 days everest base camp trek as well as 15 days Everest base camp trek.

Everest base camp helicopter tour

Besides that we have Base camp helicopter tour in Annapurna. Magic Himalaya Treks have lots of tour as well as trek. Visit Nepal and support us for Visit Nepal 2020.

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(Published: Fri, 21 Jun 2019 11:37:00 +0000)

Trekking guide nepal
Namaste: I am Nabin Baniya one of the director from Magic Himalaya Treks and expeditions PVT.LTD. I was born on the mountain area called Ganesh Himal which is very famous and named after the God Ganesha. Fulkharka Vdc of Dhading districts and Bagmati zone is the place where  i born on 11th November 1992. I was grown up there and get education until 2 class and came Kathmandu for further studies.I got school leaving certificate from Kathmandu. i used to travel and trek with my brothers which make me interested in this tourism field so i started studying travel and tourism.Trekking helped me to understand the subject so i started working as a trekking guide.
After a few years i also started organizing trek that makes me to work myself so i collaborate with my brothers shanta who was in this fields 10 years before than me and who have more experience and knowledge. we together opened an agency called Magic Himalaya Treks and expeditions and started organizing treks and adventure related activities to the adventure travelers to Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India.
Now i am working and operating Magic Himalaya treks, not only  as a owners but also as a organizer/operator/seller. Being working as a seller i was able to find out what kinds of services and packages clients are Expecting from the operator so i am able to make the packages keeping on minds about the clients needs and exceptions which brings more satisfied customers resulting more Business. After working such a long time i was able to understand that the  service and securities is the main things which we have to keep in mind while operating business to brings further business opportunities.

“Satisfied Service with Securities brings Further Business opportunities”.

Magic Himalaya Treks: Kishab Raj adhikari was born in dangsing village of fulkharka districts and dhading districts. He was an ex Milatery army of Nepal government. after retired from the milatory he started his trekking related carrier as a porter. being strong and fit he was very good mat pottering but with his inteligency and loved by clients he started to work as an assistant guide and lead the many trekking region of Nepal such as Langtang, Annapurna and Everest.
After working for a few years as assistant guide he now worked as a guide in Nepal.

Magic Himalaya treksRamchandra baniya was born in dhading districts and complete his study and started to work as guide in mountains. he had been to different trekking routes in Nepal and Tibet. he is the English speaking guide and well known of how to make clients happy.
he is the specialist to Annapurna trekking destinations and langtang region. he also well trained from the government and had government licensed of guiding the people in Nepal. he is also trained from keep.

Magic Himalaya Treks:Ram kumar simkhada was born in dhangsing village of fulkharka vdc and dhading districts. after being a porters for several years he worked as an assistant guide and then started to work as full time guide. he is also very popular with his services towards clients. he is also specialist to langtang region and annapurna areas. he is very hardf working guide of our company.
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(Published: Fri, 31 May 2019 07:50:00 +0000)

manaslu trek

Manaslu Trekking Information’s: A Guide that helps
Best Time of year to Visits:
The best time to visits Manaslu Trekkingis March April May, September, October, November and December. Mostly June July, august, January, February is the offseason for this trek. Lodges in larkphedi and Bimthan are closed. Heavy snow is also the reason for lodges close.
Government Rules for Manaslu Permits:
Manaslu region comes under restricted area from the Nepal Government and special kinds of paper works are needed for getting the entry on this area. Here below is the point to be noted before visiting this area:
Manaslu trek Its USD 70 per person for the first week and USD 10 per day for the additional in peak season. During off-peak season it will reduce USD 50 for the first week and USD 7 per day for the additional day.
Government rules of having at least 2 people for issuing permits:
If you are alone it seems difficult because government applied rules of two people for issuing permits which makes you to find group or at least one another trekking partner on same entry date. You need to entry together after that it’s not needed to check out together.
MCAP and ACAP Permits:
New Revised entry fees are as follows:
Nepali nations: NPR 100
SAARCE nations: NPR 1000
NON-SAARCE nations: NPR 3000
All the above permits fees are inclusive of applicable government taxes. Permit fee is not applicable for the children below 10 years of age.
No TIMS Card Required:
The TIMS card is needed for most for the trekking region except restricted area and climbing. So instead of TIMS card you can show restricted area permits and climbing permits in TIMWS check post. If you will continue to Annapurna circuit trek and jomsom muktinath trek after manaslu then you need this permits card.
Tsum Valley permits:
If you want to go Tsum Valley also you need to Pay USD 35 More to make the Tsum valley permits for a 8 days on Sep to November. In December to August it cost USD 25 for 8 days.
4 Passport sizes photograph are required while applying the manaslu entry permits.
Do you have any Questions about trip to Nepal or Manaslu?
Tell us about your trip to Nepal and your exceptions from this. We will Answer your all the questions as soon as possible and help you to design your trip in comfortable way that meets you needs.
See our Manaslu trekkingPackage:
See our other tour packages:
Find us on: + (977-9849334818 (What’s app, Viber , Line, Messengerare AVAILABLE for 24 Hours)

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(Published: Sun, 28 Oct 2018 08:20:00 +0000)

Enjoy The Complete Everest Base Camp Trek With Adventure
Everest three High Pass Trek is the massive exhilarating adventure of Himalayas that mainly includes Everest trails and you could amazingly discover the unique gem of the Khumbu region. Trekking adventure would also let you to easily cross through 3 high passes in Everest that mainly includes the Kongma La Pass - 5,535/18,159ft, Cho La Pass - 5420m/17,782ft as well as Renjo La Pass which is located at 5,340m/17,520ft. When you are setting foot on Everest base camp, you could conveniently climb on the beautiful Kalapathhar as well as Gokyo Ri with tours in Gokyo Lakes. Trekking would also easily introduce you to the most remote places as well as Nangpa La Valley, monastery village of Thame and the Sherpa village of Marlung. Most people likes to trek on the Everest three high pass trek which is quite an amazing option suitable for easily giving more option on entertainment. Everest three High Pass Trek is also considered as the ideal choice for getting the true adventure seekers which is quite the best option you are looking for in Everest region. The Everest region of Nepal also mainly involves the crossing of the high mountain passes which mainly is suitable for bringing more option.

Everest three high pass trek

Adventurous Trekking:

Most of the people like to choose the Everest high pass Trekking that mainly includes the Kala Patthar, Gokyo lakes, Everest Base Camp and many others so that it is the best option to easily give you more adventure on the trekking. Experience highlights of Everest region in much more challenging aspects so that it would be quite efficient for bringing you best adventurous you are looking for. Everest high pass trekking mainly involves crossing of Cho La, Renjo La and Kongma La for gaining the complete unsurpassed views of the mountain Everest, Cho Oyu and Makalu. You could conveniently experience the vibrant Sherpa culture on the capital in the Namche Bazaar. On your way, you could also visit the stunningly situated monastery villages in Thyangboche so that it would be much more efficient for bringing you complete feature. Everest base camp trek would also lets you to stay energized with hearty meals that are mainly prepared by the professional and cooks. Well paced itinerary offered by the professionals also gives you the complete option which is much more efficient for bringing more adventurous entertainment with the family and friends. Travel to the Everest with the fully supported trip by professionals.
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(Published: Fri, 15 Jun 2018 13:15:00 +0000)

Enjoy Trekking To Upper Mustang to Get New Experience for Customer
Nepal has filled with number of the trekking so the customer have spend pick the suitable trekking to enjoy as per the holidays. Here the Manaslu is one of the rights trekking location in the part of the Nepal and it assist to enjoy spending time with the natural and other amazing climate. Manaslu trekking is one of the sensational vistas and biological diversity and much more fun to enjoy whole trekking from starting to end of the last day trek. You can span altitude from the high of the 600 to 5200 meter so it is one of the last Himalayan jewels with no trouble of and risk of it. It is suitable for the all challenging people to enjoy a lot fun and is one of the great parts of the Himalayan trail. It is one of the restricted areas for trekking in the manacle region which never have weeks to make use fully camping trip this route become alternative for classic Annapurna circuit which is due to the road construction for all Annapurna region.


Here Upper Mustang trek is similar to Tibet that the Nepal so it is marked by its stark beauty and filled with the unique culture and also explore natural beauty and much more. Hence you can feel free to plan trekking to such location with the family and friends to enjoy the day with full support. Here you can visit some of the ancient kingdom of Lo manthag and also trekking begins from the desert landscape with all spires and also cliffs. You can enjoy lying below the rain shadow and it is one oft eh great escape from the summer monsoon. This trekking let to explore the rain shadow of the Himalaya which makes best experience of the trekking to great monsoon and this trekking is open for whole year so you can plan at any time and spend trekking with the excitement.


Annapurna base camp trek is great adventure trekking so it assures to enjoy getting first class service that let to provide great entertainment for the trekker. This trekking attracts number of the trekker who is coming from the different part of the worlds. On the other hand you can choose different day of packages to reach the base camp as per the holiday and budget. Hence it becomes suitable for the all people to trek and get first class experience for the client.

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(Published: Fri, 15 Jun 2018 13:10:00 +0000)

Know The Effective Highlights Of Peak Climbing In Nepal
In general, climbing is the processes of utilizing one's feet, hand or some other region of the body to rise the precarious particles. Peak climbing intends to raise the highest point of specific peaks. Amid these periods we need proper and quality apparatuses. Island peak climbing is at the highest point in Khumbu area of the imja khola valley. This is simply over the late spring settlement of chhukung, encompassed by the imja, Lhotse and Lhotse shar icy masses. One will begin to plunge along to Namcha bazaar after us triumphs the climbing. Moreover, in transit back to Kathmandu you will feel glad to get the triumph on 6000 m mountain. It is firmly accepted on contributing to marked apparatuses and excursion team. So it is as to accomplish the most ideal odds of achievement in scaling the summit of peak or mountain.


Top notch highlights:

It offers an advantageous testing to the accomplished winter mountain climber. It is as a rule, in fact, straightforward, the most troublesome segment being a blended shake and ice divider. In like manner, this is at the slant of around 45 degrees prompting the limited summit edge. The climb will work toward the finish of a trek when everybody is completely ready to play with elevation. Island peak is named Island peak in the year of 1952 advertisement by a climbing group of Eric Shipton. The summit is intriguing and alluring with an exceptionally glaciated west face ascending from the Lhotse icy masses. Peak climbing in Nepal is beginning with touring exercises in Kathmandu valley. In the wake of having to prepare for island peak base camp, the following morning individuals begin climbing.

Island-peak-climbing (1)

Effective techniques:

It is a result of its striking areas amidst the chhukung valley. Like as island on an ocean of ice. Island peak is first climbed in the year of 1953 group as readiness for climbing Everest. Island peak climbing trips satisfy the fantasy of each novice and genuine climber, who is looking for the exciting experiences. It is for those individuals who wish to take experience trips past basically trekking in Everest. Island peak is the most well-known trekking in Nepal. Apparatuses required in climbing, for example, climbing boots, Harness, zomers, carabiners, caps, ropes and so on. Amid these climbing organization endeavored to do earth cordial way which is critical to challenge our Himalayas from contamination.
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(Published: Thu, 17 May 2018 08:37:00 +0000)

Sightseeing Beauty Of Thrilling Trekking And Experience Tamang Heritage

Have you still dreaming to trek Nepal? The Nepal trek is the dream and excellent destination to trek without experienced required in available trekking regions. Many regions are available to trek some regions suitable for experts and some others suitable for beginners. In addition to, the comfort offers heli trek to reduce the trekking, but you can visit the untouched place with additional cost. The Manaslu trekking 8,163 is highly difficult to trek so it isn’t perfect option for the beginners. The trekking and adventure enthusiast use the chance to get trekking experience in Manaslu. You can easily control your mind and achieve many in your upcoming life. You can feel the capability to trek high altitudes and walk elevations with the experienced guides. The nature attractions in Manaslu are suitable for acclimatization and adequate time to experience much with huge attractions.


The Langtang valley trek altitude 5,000m isn’t far, but little but hard and there’s no end for pleasure in the pleasant trip. The trekking route follow by the professional guides begin from lower region in the Langtang valley by verdant forests, small villages, valleys, rivers, farmlands to Kyangjin Gompa to trek Tserko Ri to capture the beauty of sunrise in the Nepal local culture. The Tibet border is significant to take a look at the trekking itinerary Langtang village and make your feeling different. The Nepal trip excitement achieves more than the trekker expectations and achieves the long daydream in the life. Anyone can trek in the Nepal destination with full safety and don’t hesitate about anything to grab the tour packages. The trekkers can visit the temples to get holistic experience and make everything convenient for huge pleasure.


The Tamang heritage trek is moderate for all the trekkers who choose tamang destination maximum elevation of 3,870m. The exciting trek fetches the trekkers into the Himalayas to capture the impressive Nepalese every-day lives and attraction of Langtang region. The trek starts from Kathmandu and focuses on the journey excellent Himalaya’s views and acquaint with Tamang culture. The trekking destination offer accommodation nearby lofty mountain views and itinerary of Kathmandu to sightsee and trek to Syabrubesi 1,550m. Moreover, the trek continues Syabrubesi to Gatlang 2,200m and safe with guides to trek without trouble. Each beginner consider how to begin and finish the trekking, but they easily finish faster because of enjoyment and gain the interest to acclimatize in the teahouse and others for longer.

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(Published: Thu, 17 May 2018 08:32:00 +0000)

Begin The Adventure Everest Three High Pass Trek Nepal
Nepal is the ideal trekking place for the trekkers to enjoy the famous trekking with unforgettable lofty mountain scenery. Many mountain treks are challenging to the experienced trekkers, but the trekking enable them for huge pleasure. The Everest three high pass trek offers Khangma La Pass 5,535m, Chola La pass 5,368m and Renjo La pass 5,338m. The Everest trek shows prestigious peaks, colorful villages, tapering ridges and others contribute to make unforgettable experience. From Kathmandu take off to Lukla almost the trekking adventure begins and spend many days with the local Sherpa people and lofty mountains. The whole surrounding isn’t easier one to forget in the trek and Namche Bazaar stay connects with the bustling market town in the Sherpa country. Moreover, you can see Dinbuche several houses picturesque and let you find out right place for acclimatize essential for the trek enjoyment.

Everest three high pass trek

In the trekking journey, you can enjoy friendly relationship with Sherpa people to explore the traditions, monasteries, culture and colorful festivals. The flora and fauna are the Sagarmatha ornaments and continuously rewarded the trekking. The Everest helicopter tour to base camp fetch you to see the beauty of Mt. Everest and let you stay in the Everest Base camp. Mainly, the helicopter journey is slightly expensive while it compared to normal trekking option. The main benefit of the helicopter journey gives the thrill, but your energy and convenient for many who can’t reach the top. The flight will goes over the Dingboche, Khumbu glacier, Tengboche and Gorakshep to reach the Everest base camp. The best helicopter trip delivers the astounding mountain sceneries and amazing views. You can get 5 minutes of landing time in the base camp because of altitude threat and stay about 20 minutes Syangboche to enjoy breakfast or tea/coffee.

Everest helicopter tour to base camp

The Everest base camp Luxury Trek let you stay in the luxurious lower villages lodging and higher elevations. The trekkers should know difficulty level, duration of trek, fitness and elevation of chosen trekking region. The Everest base camp trek 5,545m to stay in the superior hotels and enjoy safari camps. You can simply trek to Mt. Everest and drive via helicopter among the group. The lifetime memorable experience begins into Kathmandu and picks the fascinating city highlights. You can spend and relax in the best-class hotels for initial nights and check out the dramatic skylines. The personable and knowledgeable expedition will display the Everest region hidden secrets and make the lifetime fantastic journey.

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Have excitement on picking Manaslu trekking with low budget
Most people want to travel to a familiar destination that provides amazing results within limited budget. In fact, the Manaslu trekking is such a good place where you will rejoice completely and have necessary things done there. Of course, the trekking delivers amazing choice so that it let the travelers pick as the interest. Moreover, Manaslu trekking is a wonderful activity that gives energy and face challenging tasks with each other. It has passed with mountain giants and visits most places by a dessert like an appearance. Consequently, this is known as familiar places so that you will get attention on independent travel experience in a hassle free way. This delivers quite amazing results to the people who wish to travel at the Manaslu region to know the religion and culture of the destinations.

Manaslu trekking

Beautiful hill climbing experience

Apart from that, Upper Mustang trek is the fascinating features of mountain views choose according to the greenery land. This gives a familiar option in which you will get only lots of excitements on visiting most places without any hassles. It is necessary for creating giants experience on starting the trek as the best one. Moreover, this considers the familiar things done in the region and hence gets attention on huge mountain climbing activities along with family. So, this is necessary for grabbing wonderful opportunity on deciding the most amazing places forever. Moreover, the mustang valleys are stratified by rock formations and visit along with buddies. It gives pleasant experience on visiting most places as the best one and rejoices well without any hassles. With independent locations, the places are admiring one so that you can plan accordingly.

Choose glacier trekking for all


On the other side, the Langtang valley trek deserves good experience by visiting pine forests, glaciers and so many views to the people. So, this is necessary for everyone pick as per the travel locations dominated by the lists. Along with trekking, you can visit animals in the National Park and spend time there without any troubles. You will head towards popular valleys of glacier trek choose according to the budget. It is capable of getting attention on the dhunche from the bensi regions capable of having lots of things choose within a limited budget. This viewpoint has a 360-degree mountain view and thus has important things to consider when you visit the place eagerly. Plus, the region is surrounding by the lush green and valleys use to feel cool breeze anytime.

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Enjoy The Spectacular Views Of Mountain By Choosing Peak Climbing In Nepal
Nepal is known as most preferred trekking spot in the world. It is highly renowned for mountain ranges and popular for trekking spot. Among the 14 highest peaks of the world, Nepal stands eighth for its most adventurous and challenging trekking spot. Mountaineers and trekkers from various parts of the world come to visit Nepal for taking the challenge of trekking in unfamiliar Himalayan trails. Nepal is highly preferred by nature lovers and adventure enthusiast. Besides from mountaineering and trekking experiences, Nepal is also highly famous for its enriched wildlife particularly ice floated glaciers, avifauna, beautiful natural scenery, colorful culture & tradition of mountainous tribes and small hamlets.

Explore The Adventure Of Peak Climbing

Peak climbing in Nepal

Nepal has several trekking trails at various heights offering middle-grade trekking, low-grade trekking & high-grade trekking. Adventure loving people of various age seems to enjoy Peak climbing in Nepal. Even toddler can enjoy the trekking fun in the Himalayas at the lower-level trekking trail. Novice trekker who has good strength can move up to middle-level trekking to take up the challenging adventurous. Trekking does not need additional skills. Adventure lovers can enjoy mountain trekking after reading the important guidelines. It is mandatory that people opting for trekking activity must wear warm clothes, a black bag filled with the first-aid kit, goods gripped shoe, necessary medicines, water, safety gear & other significant trekking equipment. Some of the famous trekking spots of Nepal are Dhaulagiri Trekking area, Annapurna Circuit, Everest Base Camp, Langtang Valley, Everest Panorama Trek and so on. You will come across several wildlife sanctuaries with exotic and rare wildlife valleys and species with plenty of chirping tweets and birds. These things will include pleasure to your trekking.

Mountain Climbing In Nepal


Island peak climbing in Nepal offers a delightful and unique experience for the adventure enthusiasts. The nature lovers and adventure seekers who are fond of walking in hilly terrain & pristine land full of flora & fauna must instantly choose for trekking tours Nepal. By taking up the trekking tour, you are sure to avail the opportunity to view the natural beauty of the surrounding very closely. Moreover, the adventure seekers will acquire many trekking routes in the nation. Adventure lovers present all over the universe tends to visit this location with the hope to view the beauty of mountains and discover the enthralling beauty of nature. Apart from Nepal trekking tours, tourists can enjoy several outdoor activities like paragliding, white water rafting, rock climbing, peak climbing, mountaineering, kayaking, jungle safari and many more. Well, if you really want to enjoy the thrill of adventure trekking then Nepal is regarded as the best spot for you. You will not forget the appeal of trekking in Nepal location.

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Special Discounted Annapurna Base Camp Trek Tour Packages
Nepal is the top rated trekking destination suggested by the whole trekkers in the globe. The trekkers who like and planned to trek in Nepal give importance Annapurna base camp trek. The whole mountain ranges in the region colossal, snow capped and magnificent as well you spend more time surrounded by giant Himalayas. The maximum altitude of the mountain range 4,130m trip level demand and activity engages higher altitude trekking and sightseeing. The trip routes are especially for the beginner and experience trekker comfort all the time. The best season is to trek February to April, May to June and September to December. The trip highlights show the destination elegance and beauty of Poon hill sunrise views, hot springs Jhinu natural bath, glacier and spectacular mountain views and world’s highest and lofty Mountain View.

Everest base camp trek

The Everest base camp trek in Nepal found in the northern Himalayan region Lukla remains world-wide trekkers. The higher altitude of mountain range 5,545m adventure gets lofty peaks snow blanketed, Namche Bazaar Sherpa Village, ancient monastery, lively wildlife, etc. The excitement explores while you finally made to Gorak Shep 5,164m and Everest Base Camp 5,364m. The expert’s offer the best tour packages mesmerize and safe bring the memorable accommodation with the mountain guide assistance. You can get guaranteed flight booking, safety guarantee, multiple features of emergency plan, first-aid, friendly care in the whole trip. You can stay in the Yak and Yeti hotel situated in Kathmandu as well comfortable affordable rate lodges in the trek. The bigger attraction of itineraries varied treks specifically in the Everest region. The trekkers need to maintain their stamina and learn some fundamentals of trekking with the use of trekking accessories.

The Trekking in Nepal give hope to enjoy the best trek and reach the extreme level pleasure. You can see the trekking itineraries thoroughly and finish safe without risks. You can visit some ancient monasteries to realize the spirit activities. The trekking region suitable for everyone, but you need to make use of the trekking accessories. You can get Mount Everest panoramic view and explore the beauty of picturesque villages, Namche Bazaar and Tengboche Monastery. The classical trek route starts from Kathmandu, Phakding, Namche Bazaar, Tengboche, Dingboche, Lobuche, Gorakshep, Everest Base Camp and Kathmandu. The itineraries may differ based on the price and number of trip days you need to trek. The whole trekking attractions pull the trekker attention and ensure what you are going to bring in the memorable trek.

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Rejoice completely with family members by visiting Everest Base camp
Everyone decides to visit the Manaslu trekking which is giving the best solution to the family members visit once in a lifetime. The destinations are highly qualified so that it begins to carry out the mesmerizing views forever. In fact, the trekking gives ultimate experience to the people who wish to spend time with family or friends. The Manaslu trekking surely give adventure skills in which you will have the best time without any hassles. Of course, the Manaslu trekking always gives exceptional tour packages where everyone decides to go with ease. So, this makes them choose the best time and hence capable of visiting the places eagerly and visit next time. The beautiful places are eye-catching one and thus help everyone to relaxation forever.

Reasonable tour package

Most probably, the Langtang valley trek is vital for the people to achieve the greatest choice so that everyone pays attention to it. So, this makes them obtain best results on visiting such places visit once in a lifetime. Moreover, the valleys are accumulated with bright sunshine and thus allow travelers to rejoice completely without any hassles. This is often the best platform for everyone who wishes to rejoice happily by picking affordable tour package forever. It will give complete guidance by having a professional guide along with you anytime. So, this is essential for the customers to pick what exactly the trekking gives them pleasure. It offers ultimate results to the travelers who wish to visit valley trek once in a lifetime.

Express joy at trekking

Among other trekking places, Tamang heritage trek deserves the best platform for visiting lots of places. The destinations are highly suitable for everyone so that one can visit most places without any hassles. As per their need and want, the trekking places offer wonderful results and enjoy a lot in a simple way. It has lots of things to admire on picking exclusive things to do in the valley trekking. You will hurry for booking the best tour packages capable of delivering highest results to the people. Moreover, this is vital for everyone to choose as per the trekking deserves the strongest thing in mind. It provides relaxation so that one could easily visit most destinations suitable for every age people. Along with trekking, you can get a clear view of mountains that surround by chill clouds anytime. So, this place is nice to visit along with family members and stay happy forever.

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Enjoy The Massive Everest Base Camp Trek With Professional Guidance
The Everest is a beautiful tourist destination in the Nepal that is quite famous for the striking fantastic mountain peaks with beautiful hills and massive structure. Everest is filled with many number of spots on the go with trails and ridges along with there are ample of places to easily rest. Best things about Everest are that you won’t get lost as there are lots of villages nearby. People in the places are quite friendly and they would instantly offer help for strangers and people who are living here are shepherds.Magic Himalaya Treks brings you the ultimate Everest base camp trek adventure in Nepal so hiring the professionals always brings you a great option for enjoying every moment of your stay to the excellence. Professional guides bring you the safe consideration with gaining good service with keeping safety in mind. Magic Himalaya Treks is Government Licensed Holders touring and trekking company who are ready to bring you prominent adventure for your vacation in Nepal. With more than 20 years of expedition as well as trekking experiences, each of the professional brings you excellent guide and travelling option on your trek.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek:

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is one of the amazing walk that lets you through the diverse landscape as well as culture with the terraced fields, rich mountain vistas, wide variety of flora and fauna and quaint Gurung villages.Annapurna base camp trek lets you to reach the 10th highest mountain in the world at 4130m/13549 ft height and this place is considered as the most popular place to walk on earth. Magic Himalaya Treks offers you the wide variety of trekking as well as tour Itineraries that would bring you the complete entertainment on your journey to the excellence. A team of Mountaineering Professionals from Magic Himalaya Treks brings you the superior class expedition with the trained aspects so that it would be quite useful for gaining complete benefits. Take on the Everest helicopter tour to base camp to get quite a beautiful experience full of entertainment. Annapurna Base Camp Trek is revered by Nepalese for unique beauty and it is also known for the well groomed itinerary and popularly acts as the diverse outdoor enthusiasts. Professional team is also well taught and understands the needs, fulfillment and desire of the people with complete passion. Getting the right adventure to the Everest helicopter tour is prominent and you would enjoy every moment of your stay here.

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Enjoy Your Travel Via Island Peak Climbing In Nepal
Island peak climbing is in Khumbu district at the highest point of the imja khola valley. This is simply over the midyear settlement of chhukung, encompassed by the imja, Lhotse, and Lhotse Shar ice sheets. It offers a beneficial testing to the accomplished winter mountain climber. Moreover, this is at the slant of around 45 degrees prompting the limited summit edge. The climb will work toward the finish of a trek when everybody is completely ready to play with elevation. Island peak is first climbed in the year of 1953 by a British group as readiness for climbing Everest. Island peak climbing trips satisfy the fantasy of each novice and genuine climber, who is looking for the excite undertakings.

Climbing is the exercises of utilizing one's hand, feet or some other piece of the body to climb the lofty articles. Peak climbing intends to raise the highest point of specific peaks. Amid these periods they need proper and quality riggings. Along these lines, Magic Himalaya treks and undertakings have been furnishing quality administration with very much anticipated each of high height climbing outings to the Himalayas. It is unequivocally accepted on contributing to marked riggings and outing group, in order to accomplish the ideal odds of achievement in scaling the summit of peak or mountain. The organization is glad to announce that they are having 100% achievement record. They give every single individual rigging and gathering apparatuses of all around perceived quality. Riggings required in climbing, for example, Harness, climbing boots, carabiners, zomers, ropes, caps and so on. Amid these climbing, they endeavored to do earth agreeable way which is vital to challenge the Himalayas from contamination.

Important process:

Island peak climbing is beginning with touring exercises in Kathmandu valley. In the wake of having to prepare for island peak base camp, the following morning individuals begin climbing. They will begin to slip along the imja Khola to dingbochea and go to Namcha bazaar after them victories the climbing. Similarly, in transit back to Kathmandu you will feel glad to get the triumph on 6000 m mountain. In the wake of having to prepare for island peak base camp, the following morning individuals begin climbing. It is for those individuals who wish to take experience trips past basically trekking in Everest. Island peak is the most mainstream trekking in Nepal. The summit is fascinating and appealing with a profoundly glaciated west face ascending from the Lhotse icy masses.
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Rejoice completely by picking the Everest Base camp trekking for all
If you plan your vacation in the most outstanding way, just move and visit the Everest trekking with none hassles. However, the Everest trekking is the maximum familiar option to go to as soon as by using seeing acquainted places to view all day. Similarly to this, the Everest View trekking is surely an adventure destination that everybody will pay keen to visit throughout the summer season. Nevertheless, the Everest base camp trek takes right locations that encompass mid hills that migrate to the right destination as in keeping with the requirement. In reality, that is familiar for all of us to pick out the quality vacationer place to visit once in lifestyles. Therefore, Everest base camp trek gives the exquisite option to visit alongside a circle of relatives members without any hassles. On the other hand, the base camp trekking offers attractive matters to spend and has a laugh hence.

Remarkable places to visit in life

Most importantly, the Everest base camp trekking usually a good choice to visit the temple as soon as in a lifetime. Further to this, practices are evolved again so that it creates the tremendous possibility to elevate the trekking enjoy in an easy way. The trekking gives high-quality practices and therefore capable of giving the best method to go to at some stage in the summer season. At some stage in the trekking, you will analyze many things to do in the Everest high pass Trekking for your want and desire. It offers the excellent platform for giving a proper answer and blanketed with the dense forests to visit once in life. There may be a massive number of locations to go to once in existence and as a result able to hiking without any hassles. Moreover, it offers the exceptional possibility to visit once in lifestyles and go to it again and again.

Make hilarious day as special

Most people wish to get hiking talents that have mountaineering experience so that you can learn many things inside the hiking. Further to this, the Everest helicopter tour to base camp continually gives the great strategy to the folks that desire to move for trekking with none hassles. You will get specific adventure sports that comprehensive hiking enjoys for hiking summits. The travelers have to be safe and carry the high-quality matters to grab attention in the safe and secure manner. With the help of technical competencies, you will have fun a lot by using selecting the Everest based camp trekking with none ease. It strongly shows taking protection precautions while you arrange Everest base camp hiking all the time. That is required to participate in climbing enjoy so it does now not include mountain trekking for all. So, you can consider the world best tour experience in a simple manner.

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Enjoy the Combination of the Remote Valley on Choosing This Trekking Service
Trekking brings the great fun and smile on each people so there are searching for the best and suitable company to obtain the different trekking service with real fun. Here the Lang tang valley trek is one of the continuity of the remote valley and filled with the spectacular valley. It has filled with the spectacular panoramic views to spend the real time with family and friendly to enjoy on the choosing this trekking service. It is one of the suitable for the people who looking for the trekking but it is one of the east west running valley to views the natural look and much more. It need for the acclimatization as well the for the side trips in the different valley but it is not easy to spot the wildlife in the forests.

If you want to explore the stunning and amazing trekking obsessively, the Gokyo valley trek is suitable for the people. This new trek meet the all need of the people and it filled with the number of attracts toward it. Here these GOkyo lakes make this trek as the special so it will be more comfortable for the people to enjoy trekking with the unforgettable experience. On enjoy this trekking will assure to get out from the stress and pains and much more. It delivers of the great and significant features and it has marvelous ice ridge so you can enjoy the whole day with the real fun and support. From the official website, the customer can go with the right trekking support and service to make the trek with the safe. Even they provide the proper and experience guider to take care of you and other traveler.

The Tamang heritage trek is one of the exciting trek to Himalaya and it delivers the peek into the ever day lives. It provides the special support to enjoy such the unforgettable moment in your lifetime. Here we provide the pickup drop service from the both airport and hotels and it will be safer to enjoy such the special serve. Our staffs are good at English and well trained so we assure to guide in right path without meeting any trouble of it. If you new to plan for the trekking obsessively, here the best time to enjoy this trekking service is spring and autumn season. Though the trip is taken winter which assist to enjoy cold temperature and provide the best experience for the customer without meeting any risk of it. Hence, the customer can visit official website and obtain the suitable packages with no risk of it.

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Enjoy Everest Base Camp Trek with Best Travelling Experience
Everest base camp trek is explorer decision for a long time. After mainstream on the planet individuals began keeping enthusiasm for this sectors and region. Base camp is where the endeavors gather raised their camp. At that point gradually and bit by bit each experience sweetheart begins to visit this Everest sector.Everest helicopter tour to base camp is raised amid the undertaking's time frames before specialized moving to Everest begins. The Base camp of Everest isn't a settled place. Presently, individuals make Everest base camp well known and occupied. Everest enterprise treks additionally can do on different routes as indicated by people groups request, limit and time. This is determined by the khambu ice sheet that is the reason the base camp changes after the icy mass moves. After many endeavors of climbing and scarifies. Enchantment Himalaya additionally composed Everest base camp trek through Gokyo lakes.

Major process:

This trek to base camp is a standout amongst other opportunities to see the zone and to find out about it.Everest base camp trek is for the individuals who lean toward off beaten way and seeing lakes in high height. After that, the prevalence of the Everest raises high everywhere throughout the entire world. The representatives have likewise planned Everest high pass trek for individuals who lean toward testing and trekking in high slopes. Numerous years back some campaign bunch was considering climbing eight thousand meters mountain. Among this trek, Tilicho pass and Nar phue trek is an extremely testing trek and required a tent to do it. After research, they choose to climb Dhaulagiri. This prevalence brings many individuals from a various piece of the world. Individuals come here to see its characteristic magnificence.

Annapurna base camp trek

After they got on the best, they measure the height and discovered erroneously climb another mountain. Annapurna base camp trek is arranged in center of the Himalayas secured from all sides. It is reasonable for all age gatherings. This occurred because of the absence of geological learning. This trek does not require any trekking encounters. We make them climb additionally in Annapurna area. The prominent climbing top is pisang crest, tent pinnacle, thorang crest and chule east pinnacle. This campaign is as yet taken as a win. It is on the grounds that individuals getting triumph on eight thousand Meters Mountain for the first time. Other than this all trekking and pinnacle climbing enchantment Himalaya treks additionally work extravagance helicopter tour in Annapurna. With this effective climbing, the Annapurna Himalayan district winds up plainly well-known step by step.
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New Trekking Experience Mysterious Island Peak Trek
The Himalayan peaks drawn climbers, adventure lovers and cultural enthusiastic for longer period. The Nepal trekking region is worldwide popular and suitable for all the beginners to get new trekking experience as well experienced trekkers. The beautiful and risky place shows the attraction of climbing experience and urges the person to begin the trekking and climbing to reach the target. It is ideal for exhilarating trekking experience in the Nepal specifically Everest base camp. The Island peak climbing stands on the peak of wonderful mountain about 6189 meters and provides the unforgettable memories for the great achievement. The completion of trekking isn’t easier and known well by all the trekkers in the Nepal region. You never forget to make sure the safety things and feasible comfort to the higher standard. Only, the expert’s advice the trekkers to keep the safety accessories before the trek begin. The proper safety accessories like medical box and oxygen to avoid the problems while you climb the top mountains. Now, the trekking enthusiastic move further suitable trekking and enjoy the thrilling experience.

Nepal peak climbing:-

The Peak climbing in Nepal shows the nature attraction of landscapes, crystal clear snow, beautiful Nepalese people culture, spiritual sense and so on. The entire aspects of Nepal peak climbing and summit to engage in the incredible trekking. Now, you can get success in the selection of right trekking package and check out the latest deals. The additional deals to save the cost and keep you invest reliably for the climbing enjoyment. You can simply make the long daydream true after the special offers. The experienced agency expresses the complete details of the chosen trekking destination. Besides, you can avoid challenges in the trekking and you can explore the giant peaks of Himalaya. You can climb interesting scramble and rock ridge to the amazing glacier.

Trekking experience:-

The Langtang valley trek makes you see Giagantic Mountains and snow head lead to the summit with achievement of great day. The climbing guides highly experienced make sure the safe ascent with the harness and jumar for the challenging section. The highest trekking mountain welcomes to know the beauty of the mountains and landscapes. You should take a look at the complete trekking details and what you need to achieve in your life. You can capture photography langtang valley and show the interest on climbing for the trip. You can choose the present trekking destination for the following vacation and suggest others to enroll with you. The memorable experience of trekking not easier to forget and give pleasure forever.
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Everest Base Camp Trek – The Best Trekking Camp to Enjoy
Everest base camp trek on Nepal side is voyager decision for a long time. Base camp is where the campaigns gather raised their camp. Everest base camp trek is raised amid the endeavor's time frames before specialized moving to Everest begins. The Base camp of Everest isn't a settled place. This is determined by the Khumbu ice sheet that is the reason the base camp changes after the icy mass moves. After many endeavors of climbing and scarifies. Many years back certain trekker’s summit on the highest point of Everest. After that, the notoriety of the Everest raises high everywhere throughout the entire world. After famous on the planet individuals began keeping enthusiasm for this areas and territory. At that point gradually and bit by bit each experience darling begins to visit this Everest district. Presently, individuals make Everest base camp prevalent and occupied. Presently,Everest helicopter tour to base camp is extraordinary compared to other trekking undertakings on the planet. This trek to base camp is a standout amongst other opportunities to see the range and to find out about it. It gives the opportunity to learn conventions, culture, history, and ways of life of local people living here.

Annapurna base camp trek:

Numerous years’ back some endeavor amasses were considering climbing eight thousand meters mountain. After research, they choose to climb Dhaulagiri. After they got on the best, they measure elevation and discovered erroneously climb another mountain. This occurred because of the absence of land information. They climbed Annapurna rather than Dhaulagiri. This campaign is as yet taken as a win. It is on account of individuals getting triumph on eight thousand Meters Mountain for the first time. With this effective climbing, the Annapurna Himalayan locale winds up plainly well-known step by step. This notoriety brings many individuals from a various piece of the world. Individuals come here to see its normal excellence. Base camp is arranged in center of the Himalayas secured from all sides. Annapurna base camp trek has mountains all around. Annapurna trek is one of the brilliant opportunities to come to the base camp with fewer endeavors. This base camp is arranged in 4130 m. Annapurna base camp trek is additionally prevalent as Annapurna haven Trek. Moreover, Annapurna base camp trek there are numerous others trekking accessible in Annapurna districts. Annapurna circuit trek is a strenuous trek. It passes 5416-meter rise. Trekking like Ghorepani poon slope trek and Muktinath trek are simple and direct. It is reasonable for all age gatherings.

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Get Astounding Tamang Heritage Trekking With Professional Guidance
Tamang Heritage Trek is one of the most exciting treks that help you to easily enjoy the camping in much efficient way. When you like to make your vacation quite enjoyable and adventurous, Magic Himalaya, Trekking Company in Nepal brings you the most exciting packages that bring travelers more guidance.Tamang heritage trek helps the travelers to view the beautiful sceneries in the mountain regions. Know the life, culture and habitat of the Tamang people who are dwelling in the Nepalese mountain of Langtang region. Natural beauty of Tamang region makes everyone to enjoy lovely treks in this place. Tamang is also famous for the best treks in Asia because of the foothills Himalayas. Tamang is perfect for the beginners where it provides days of treks and covers wide distance of trekking in much more enticing style. Tamang Heritage Trek begins in Kathmandu and you can visit the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites in much more enticing manner. Pickups and drop service form the hotels and airport will be made by the expert drivers so that it would be quite easier for getting complete entertainment.

Image result for Tamang heritage trek

Magic Himalaya Trekking Packages:

Magic Himalaya is one of the leading Tours, and Travel packages in Nepal. Professional offers possible adventure in the Nepal to make the trekking in Everest so you could easily get best adventure in amazing manner. Magic Himalaya is the Government Licensed Holders based on touring and Trekking Company in Nepal. Everest high pass Trekking package offered by the Magic Himalaya treks Company would be the best option for enjoying a good time with the professional guidance. Get a wonderful Trekking Experience in the great Himalayan pass and enjoy the camping in the most beautiful place of the earth. Throughout journey you will be view the outstanding Himalayas, you can easily get the acquainted of culture and tradition to live close to the vicinity in the mighty Trekking. Magic Himalaya offers wide variety of trekking as well as tour Itineraries in Nepal and many other countries. High pass Trekking could be quite adventurous so that you could easily enjoy a good time with your friends on your journey.

Luxury Treking:

Image result for Everest base camp Luxury Trek

Teams in the Magic Himalaya company have years of experience in the tourism sector. The Everest base camp Luxury Trek is offered by the well trained professionals so that they could easily get complete adventurous and safe trek in much more excellent way. Magic Himalaya Treks are comprised of mountaineering professional team so that it would be a great option for enabling complete adventurous.
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Join Himalayan Trek To Everest To See Spectacular Mountain Scenery
Base camp at the Everest (17,590') is a daunting task but still an adventure that brings you complete entertainment. Do you like to make your vacation enjoyable in Mount Everest? Magic Himalaya Treks is one of leading Tours, Travel as well as Adventure agency that help you to achieve the Everest base camp trek in much more successful aspects. Join Himalayan trek to Everest in the most spectacular mountain scenery of the world. Without spending more amount of money, it is convenient to enjoy the trip in high excellence. Magic Himalaya Treks offers possible adventure all through Nepal with offering the most excellent service and keeps you complete safe and secure throughout the journey. Magic Himalaya Treks Agency is the Government Licensed Holders in Nepal offering more than 20 years of Trekking experience with adventurous expedition.

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Annapurna Region Trek:

Discover the remote mountain of Annapurna Region with trekking in the beautiful mountains with your friends and family members. Annapurna region is located in the western Nepal where many number of trekking is located. Annapurna is generally included in the area of the Annapurna Range - Annapurna Himal. The Annapurna base camp trek is quite amazing to walk with delivering the diverse culture and landscape with rich mountain vistas, quaint Gurung villages, terraced fields and many more. Wide variety of Flora and Fauna are seen in the beautiful Base camp trek so that you get complete adventure in most amazing way. Mt. Annapurna (8091m) is considered as 10th highest mountain in the world so that it would be quite easier for the journey in the base camp. With the height of 4130m to 13549ft height, the Annapurna Mountain is considered as the popular option to get the amazing trekking options. Annapurna Base Camp trekking package includes the complete well groomed itinerary and considered as best choice for the diverse outdoor enthusiasts. Solo female traveler options are also available for the hiking to travel in Nepal.

Adventurous Trip:
Image result for Trekking in Nepal

Some of famous trekking sites that are available in the Annapurna region are Annapurna Circuit Trek, Jomsom Muktinath Trek, Panchase Trek, Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, and many more. Annapurna region offers the complete life for adventure with many number of trekking adventure and full of natural beauty so that it would be quite easier for enjoying complete trek. Magic Himalaya Treks Company in Nepal brings you wide variety of the Trekking in Nepal and helps to make your expeditions amazing. Magic Himalaya Treks are comprised team of Mountaineering Professionals so that you could easily get the complete idea in the tourism sector. Professionals are well trained in all the sectors and fulfill passion in amazing way.
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See the astonishing beauty of Everest with perfect trekking package
Mount Everest is the most attractive tourist spot that brings tourists the most memorable experience. There are many travel options available to visit this awesome spot, but the Everest helicopter tour to base camp bring you some additional enjoyment. The specially designed tour package lets you see the loveliness of great Everest region. The helicopter tour also allows you land on the Everest Base Camp. The wide coverage and loveliness make this helicopter tour the finest Arial tour package on the globe. There are lots of helicopter tour providers in this region, so you can carefully hire the right team that suits and meets your needs correctly. The helicopter tour package begins from Kathmandu and flying towards the attractive village and gateway to the great Everest. After that, it starts flying completely towards the Everest Base Camp. Additionally, the flight tour goes over various regions to reach Mount Everest base camp. The exciting helicopter ride brings you the best sceneries and mountain views.These are attractive features of this flight tour that brings you the lifetime Everest tour experience.

Select the right trekking package

Image result for Everest base camp Luxury Trek

The best and experienced trekking providers not only give you some advantages but also let you take an exciting tour to a lovely country for exploring the most magnificent and excellent mountain view. The Everest base camp Luxury Trek brings you the surprising opportunity for trekking in the most beautiful Himalayas. This trekking package also allows you enjoy a history which has made by tensing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary. The trekking package also consists of culture and acclimating trek in the Sherpa region of Khumbu valley. Along with this, the trekking package also provides the best chance to stay in the finest and comfortable luxury lodge. It also lets you see excellent scenery of Himalayan range. Apart from trekking, this awesome trekking tour brings you a fantastic opportunity to know the traditions and culture of the climbers Sherpa. These are exclusive features of this trekking package that helps you to know several things regarding these global heritage sites.

Get more enjoyment

Image result for Everest three high pass trek

If you want to visit the center part of the Mount Everest, you can choose the right trekking package. Many trek tours are there to visit this popular destination, but Everest three high pass trek provide some much excitement. This travel package gets more popularity among climbers and trekkers due to its unique trekking facilities. It lets you find various trekking routers while traveling. Every trekking route includes amazing view point. The three passes trek consists of the crossing of kongma la, Chola and renjo la passes. It brings the high-altitude challenge for people who are seeking for getting off beaten path as well as away from mass. This trek provides exclusive views of lovely mountain scenery available in this Everest region. These are specialized features of this trekking package that bring you wonderful chance to see the Everest Himalaya with various angle and different view. Moreover, it let you hike two popular view points.

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Hire the best trekking company to get enhanced trekking experience
Many attractive and exciting trekking destinations are available now, but Nepal gets more fame among trekking lovers and vacation travelers because of its tallest trekking spots. Many adventure, travel, and trek based companies are available in this destination, so you can hire the right one which offers Everest Base Camp Trek at affordable rates. The reliable company provides better adventure in this awesome location. If you plan to enjoy a trekking activity in Nepal, you can hire the licensed trekking company. Along with this, you can also check their experience and expedition in this field. The useful considerations help you to hire the right company that brings you an extensive range of tour and trekking itineraries. The smart pick lets you get trekking guidelines from the knowledgeable and experienced mountaineering professionals. The team has better experience and expertise in the tourism sector as well as is well trained. They also understand your needs and desires to satisfy it with enthusiasm. They provide different kinds of tours, travel packing, and trekking tours.

Image result for Everest Base Camp Trek

Prefer Annapurna trek

The great selection of travel services let you choose the right one as per your desire. An official portal is an ideal platform where you can find the great range of services offered by the team. Along with this, it also lets you know the additional conveniences like Annapurna base camp trek. It is the uniquely designed trekking option that let you see the natural beauty of Annapurna. The base camp is located in the center of beautiful Himalayas. It has attractive mountain like Annapurna south, Tent peak, Hiaun chuli, Gangapurna, Singu chuli, Annapurna l, Singu chuli and much more. This trek is an excellent opportunity to reach base camp without spending more efforts. There are some other trek options also available in regions that will bring you the most exciting and thrilling experience. For acquiring the benefits, you can instantly book the right trekking package online. It is useful to check the trip facts including trip duration, maximum altitude, minimum altitude, activities, grade, meals, accommodation, trek departure, group size, transportation and more.

Book Manaslu trekking

Image result for Manaslu trekking

These the most significant facts about a trekking package, so you can utilize them correctly to make the trip much safer and comfortable. The trekking company not only bring you certain benefits but also offers Manaslu trekking. It is the greatest and excellent tea-house trek. Apart from that, it also appears as the finest all-round trek option in Nepal. It is completely over the trail of Great Himalaya. This trekking package is an excellent choice for people who are seeking for a perfect alternative to Annapurna circuit. The best trekking company or provider brings you sufficient facilities to enjoy your trekking activity without any unwanted hassles. The trekking provider also provides you some additional conveniences to enhance your trekking experience. For gathering additional details regarding the trekking packages and its facts, you can utilize the information available on the authorized portal. The best online portal brings you sufficient details regarding various trekking packages and its duration and cost.

We are also the operator for Everest base camp Yoga trek as well as Everest base camp helicopter tour.
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Peak climbing in Nepal – Top 3 Trekking Destinations To Try Out
Nepal is one of the most distinguished trekking destinations in the world and with good reasons. The globe’s tallest mountain Mt Everest (8848) is placed here with other eight of the 14’s 8000+m snow covered summits of the planet. Every year millions of people visit Nepal just to explore the trekking adventure it has to offer. The country also features a natural diversity of picturesque landscapes, Himalayan panoramas, fast-flowing rivers, cultural diversity and historic monuments of ancient importance. It’s the birthplace of Lord Budha, so the hospitality & treatment towards the guests is always the best. If you are after peak climbing in Nepal, below listed are a few trekking destinations that you must check out:

Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) Trek:

ABC likes in the bottom of the Annapurna mountain range with an altitude of 4130 meters. The trip starts with either drive or flight to the lovely Pokhra city. This tour offers the great vistas of Annapurna range, Hiunchuli, Gangapurna, Dhaulagiri and several other snow covered summits. During your trip you can experience the true Nepalese lifestyle & have close view of their traditions and customs. With ABC trek, you also can join other popular trekking routes of this region such as Jomsom Muktinath, Ghorepani Poonhill trek, etc.

Image result for Ghorepani Poonhill trek

Upper Mustang Trek:

Listed by Lonely Planet in 2013, Upper Mustang is the top 3rd best hiking destination in the earth. The Trans- Himalayan Mustang Region is also known as the Last Forbidden Kingdom. The trail of the journey is through following the salt caravan route of the ancient days. The purpose of the Upper Mustang trek is the capital of Upper Mustang, walled city Lo Manthang.

Langtang Valley Trek:

If you are looking for an out of the box trek that is something different from others, then you must want to check out the less crowded Langtang valley trek. It is a 10-days trek that lets you explore a variety of majestic waterfalls. Bamboo and rhododendron forests and the majestic snow covered Hhimalayas. You’ll take off your adventurous voyage following a Kathmandu bus drive to Syabru basin. During this trek you will be visiting to many old Buddhist monasteries & glaciers and also relish the local culture and tradition. This hiking can be also continued to Gosaikunda lake & burried valley Helambu.

Image result for Langtang valley trek

So, which trekking destination fascinates you the most? Regardless of which destination you choose, one thing is guaranteed you will be thrilled and entertained to the most.
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3 Most Popular Trekking Destinations Of Nepal That You Shouldn’t Miss
Nepal is the land of yaks & yetis, sherpas and stupas, and some of the finest trekking on the planet. They tiny & picturesque country Nepal cuddled comfily in the arms of the giant Himalaya. From scenic vistas to adventurous sports to exhilarating trek, the small country has something for everyone. No surprise that Nepal is one of the most favorite destinations for trekkers all over the globe. So what are the main trekking destinations that you shouldn’t miss out? Here are three examples:

Everest Base Camp Trek:

Whenever it comes to the most popular trekking destination in Nepal, Everest Base Camp trek certainly tops the list. You can visit this destination throughout the year as people trek in all seasons; however the ideal time to come to this area is between March to mid may and between Septembers to mid November. The major highlights of this trek include:

• Trek to the bottom of the awe-inspiring Everest – the globe’s tallest mountain
• Set out on taxing treks to Kala Pattar (18,192) Nangkartshang Peak (16,672'). and Everest Base Camp (17,590').
• Discover Sherpa villages & the old Thami & Tengboche monasteries
• Pay a trip to a school instituted by Sir Edmund Hillary in the mountain village of Khumjung.

Image result for Manaslu trekking

Mansalu trekking:

If you are looking for the best alternative trek of Annapurna Circuit, then Mansalu trekking is possibly your best bet. This is also a great teahouse trek in the country of Nepal. The Manaslu Circuit Trek is rapidly increasing in popularity, since lodges were built here in 2010, making the trek more accessible. No doubt, Mansalu trek is one of the most beautiful and scenic treks in Nepal with breathtaking views of the Himalayas and some of the tallest peaks in the world.

Upper Mustang trek:

Image result for Upper Mustang trek

The Upper Mustang trek provides an exceptional trekking experience in the isolated trans-Himalayan mountain province of Nepal. The Upper Mustang trek brings you into the hidden world of the old Buddhist kingdom of Mustang, also called Lo. Lo used to be part of the Tibetan empire and is therefore closely tied to Tibet in culture, language and geography. During your trek, you can relish authentic Nepalese food and also the more common international cuisine (Tibetan, Continental, Italian, Indian, etc.). Breakfast & dinner will be catered from the teahouse or from a lodge menu where you spend the night whilst lunch will be catered on the way to your next destination.
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Top 5 Peak Climbing In Nepal For Beginners
Home to 8 of the 10 tallest peaks in the planet, it’s only appropriate that Nepal is known as ‘the Home of the Gods’. Conquering the grand Himalayas can be a far-away dream of a lifetime to some while it could simply be an extreme sport, an exhilarating pursuit that provides the ultimate challenge of strength, endurance, and sacrifice for others. For those who harbor an interest in the Himalayan climb, these Short Peak Climbing in Nepal will steer starters through their first climb:

Displaying Path_2017-02-20_23:30

Pisang Peak:

The most recognized climbing peaks inside the Annapurna province, Pisang Peak is perhaps one of the tinniest trekking peaks popular among new ascenders for its pretty effortless hike, short duration and awe-inspiring Himalayan panoramas. The peak rises from Pisang village & yak grasslands in a homogeneous slope of snow and ice to the ultimate summit pyramid.

Island Peak:

Island Peak is no doubt the most renowned peak as it provides all new trekkers and climbers an exciting ascending experience & is often regarded as the 1st step for any ascenders before their summit endeavor of massive peaks in the Himalaya. Well, Island Peak climbing not just offers a delightful hike but also provides some of the magnificent sceneries of the Himalayas in Khumbu province.

Lobuche Peak:

Placed just on top of the Lobuche village in the Khumbu region, Lobuche peak isn’t far from the Mount Everest but just a few kilometers closer to the way of this globe’s tallest mountain. Lobuche Peak features its 2 diverse summits, one is Lobuche West Peak (6145m) and the other is Lobuche East Peak (6119m).

Displaying IMG_20161207_151024.jpg

Yala Peak:

Placed nineteen miles north from Kathmandu in Langtang region Yala Peak (5732 m) is admired among trekkers when it comes to easy trekking in Nepal. Langtang area in itself is a good choice for all hikers. The trek & the climb both remain unforgettably beautiful & culturally rich with scenic beauty and Himalayan panorama enclosing you.

Tent Peak:

Located just south of the ABC (Annapurna Base Camp), Tent Peak summit provides incredible panoramic vistas of royal snow-covered mountains of the Annapurna province. It’s ideally suited for those who’re looking to move ahead from hiking to beginner mountaineering. This trip encompasses hike to the picture-perfect ABC with few days of peak ascending making it a rather renowned trekking peak climbing experience.

So, when you are going to try these above mentioned peaks in Nepal? Don’t be too late though.
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6 Things To Experience During Your Everest Base Camp Trek
There’s something to admire about the Everest Base Camp that brings tourists from all corners of the world. Cultivated fields, monasteries, grazing yaks, and small villages all share their contribution.
As a leading trekking agency in Nepal, we’d like to share few things that you must want to experience during your Everest base camp trek.Here we go:

Displaying 20170510_151954.jpg

Sweeping view from Kala Patar: It isn’t widely recognized, but the sight from the summit of Kala Patar, a rocky projection above Gorak Shep, offers an incredible panoramic view from Everest to Amla Dablam & is far superior to those of Base Camp.

Displaying 20170504_064032.jpg

Discovering the famous Namche Bazaar: Suspended on a hilly region in the center of the Khumbu, Namche Bazaar is the economical and cultural hub of this mountainous area. Tibetan traders, monks and yaks share the narrow boulevards with locals and hikers alike, and a new discovery can be discovered around each corner, from bakeries to tailors to museums and monasteries. Namche Bazaar can also be experienced during your Annapurna base camp trek as well as Ghorepani poon hill trek.

Afternoon prayers at the famous Tengboche Monastery: Once you make the 1,300’ climb to border top monastery, find yourself a seat on the edge of the Dokhang (the prayer hall), enclosed by a 2-story elevated golden sculpture of Buddha, and listen to the chants of the local monks fill out the area.

Image result for Ghorepani poon hill trek

The experience of trekking lodge-to-lodge: After a warm breakfast served in a cozy dining room, shoulder a light day pack with only the gear you need for the day, leaving your duffel outside your door, and start up the trail. Spend the day wandering through villages, fields, and valleys, until you reach your next night’s teahouse where your bag awaits. The teahouses are simple but comfortable, with cozy community dining rooms to eat, relax, and socialize in and sleeping rooms just down the hall.

Momos: Akin to Chinese dumplings, the Nepalese momo is a delicious treat after a long day on the trail.

Spending the night at Everest Base Camp: You have walked all that way, why turn around & leave again in a matter of hours? Spending the night in Base Camp is a peek into the full experience of boarding on an Everest Expedition & enjoying a cup of tea while witnessing the sun peak over the top of the Western Cwm is a memorable moment.

So, when you are planning your Everest Base Camp Trek?
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