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Never Republican and FU Trump for Great Americans Update Never Republican and FU Trump for Great Americans  
RSS 6 |  Never Republican and FU Trump for Great Americans

FU Trump (the group on Facebook)
Looking for like minded individuals who love dumping on Trump? Then you need to join the Facebook Group FU Trump With over 50,000 members the FU Trump group is one of the most active on Facebook. You’ll find discussions on just about everything going down in the news right now plus get notifications from a never ending stream of funny memes. Not just funny – but downright hilarious. Get ready to laugh and smile for a change. FU TRUMP!
:: Read More
(Published: Sun, 03 Dec 2017 16:00:04 +0000)

Harvey Weinstein is a well documented asshole.
Harvey Weinstein is a well documented asshole. Harvey was only famous because he ran the movie studios and had lots of money he could throw all over the place. Sound familiar? Sounds like Mr. Pussy Grabber, right? Otherwise people could give a shit about him. If he didn’t have money to throw around he would have been a nobody. He certainly isn’t anything special to the Democrats other than he was showing up to all the events and contributing to causes we cared about. And until the past week or so NOBODY was talking out loud about Harvey being a
:: Read More
(Published: Sat, 14 Oct 2017 03:32:50 +0000)

Do you care about Russian Trolls?
Does anyone care about the fact that the election was influenced by the organized efforts of Russian trolls?   It makes me really angry to think about it and also realize we’re not really acknowledging that TROLLS are what helped turn the underdog Trump into the president.   People talk it about it now like we didn’t know what was going on. And we barely acknowledge that Trump won because of the trolls. It’s like taboo to whine about losing.   The past day or so Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook finally admitted Russian trolls bought advertising to influence the election
:: Read More
(Published: Sat, 09 Sep 2017 21:58:21 +0000)

FU Trump Shirts & Hoodies
Show the world how you feel about Crooked Donald with an FU Trump Shirt! Get them HERE Available in many colors and styles including T-shirts, Hoodies, V-Necks for women, sweatshirts and more! Look stylish at your next protest event in an FU Trump Shirt! Official gear for the FU TRUMP GROUP on FACEBOOK. Oh and there are also FU Trump MUGS!
:: Read More
(Published: Tue, 15 Aug 2017 15:35:07 +0000)

The Media Is Rigged with Fake News From Trump
Boy – talk about FAKE NEWS – how about all the lies from Crooked Donald? So now they are using the “fake news” story to make the press seem like the enemy when in reality is our president who is twitsing wirds, misleading people and outright telling lies. Yes – Trump is a LIAR. He is lying. More people need to stand up and say it. His supporters though believe the garbage he says. They believe him when he says Obama had more debt in his first month than Trump as if the playing field was even when each started.
:: Read More
(Published: Sun, 26 Feb 2017 16:57:23 +0000)

White House Wrecking Ball
White House Wrecking Balls! Who is the wrecking ball? Steve Bannon or Donald Trump?
:: Read More
(Published: Wed, 01 Feb 2017 23:11:29 +0000)

CROOKED DONALD’S WAR AGAINST THE MEDIA – ANOTHER CON JOB HE HOPES YOU WILL HELP HIM WITH Trump’s war against the media is one of the things that bugs me the most about him being president. It’s one of the most dangerous aspects of Trump gaining power. First he spreads lies and hate at his rallies which were covered extensively by the media by the way who gave him tons of free airtime spreading his lies unchecked. He manipulated the country by constantly calling Hillary “crooked” and encouraging people to “lock her up”. So now Crooked Donald has taken that
:: Read More
(Published: Tue, 22 Nov 2016 20:20:53 +0000)

Thank You Jill, Bernie and FBI Comey
Thanks to the Jill Bots – Bernie Bots and FBI Comey we now have a President Trump. So much for changing the world with your protest votes.
:: Read More
(Published: Thu, 10 Nov 2016 16:52:21 +0000)

Thanks For The Protest Votes
Jill Bots – Bernie Bots – Romney – Elvis – all the protest votes in the world couldn’t change anything. But they did help Trump get elected. Thanks!
:: Read More
(Published: Thu, 10 Nov 2016 16:31:00 +0000)

Congratulations Hillary U Won the Popular Vote
It is a very sad day for Democrats. Donald Trump has won the electoral vote and Hillary conceded the election. It just doesn’t feel right. I’m mad but do not really know who to direct the anger towards. The Bernie bots and Jill bots that made protest votes are on the list. FBI Comey is certainly on the list. And the media for helping Trump pass along his lies without challenging him. Oh well. I can only hope for the best.  
:: Read More
(Published: Wed, 09 Nov 2016 15:52:06 +0000)

Joe Biden Has A Message for Trump
Hey chickenshit – your ass is grass
:: Read More
(Published: Fri, 28 Oct 2016 18:30:18 +0000)

Fake News Alert
FAKE NEWS ALERT I just saw a fake info post from a “Facebook friend” passing around a phony looking video showing voter fraud where someone is supposedly voting and clicking on a Republican but it goes to a Democrat. No sources given and it was a video of a video monitor – not even the original video. Gullible stupid people might believe this, but hopefully most people will be smart enough to look at the source and demand more info before believing. If it is not sourced do not trust it. If it is on a fake news type page
:: Read More
(Published: Fri, 28 Oct 2016 18:05:38 +0000)

Deplorable Trump Supporters
So which gun rights have been chipped away at – exactly??? I’d really like to know. Hillary Clinton Life Size Stand Up Cutout
:: Read More
(Published: Fri, 28 Oct 2016 18:01:44 +0000)

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