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Seo Specialists India - SEO News and Trends Update Seo Specialists India - SEO News and Trends  
RSS 6 |  Seo Specialists India - SEO News and Trends

Learn the Latest Effective Video Marketing Strategies

Video Marketing Strategy

We are living in a beautiful world of digitalization where things are getting more visual every day. Businesses are choosing video marketing for perking up their overall promotions and increasing sales. But, not all are getting the success that they are expecting. Here, are some strategies that can help in improving the video marketing of your brand –

Begin from beginning

Dedicate a noteworthy portion of your marketing budgets for video as it is one of the best marketing tools for engaging your audience. Whatever is your industry, video content is always worthy to use. For improving your video marketing, measure the play time and enhance it by turning the long story short and make it lead. Bring fresh content because people love to watch something new and unique every time.

Increase the number of videos

There is always a scope to increase the number of videos or updating the viral videos or expanding the videos you have. Make changes and observe to know the likings of your audience. Create original videos that can grab the attention of your targeted users.

Expand your video content

You cannot put everything in one video as every video has its own specific qualities that bring different results.  So, plan and make different videos with a different specific purpose in mind to get the desired results efficiently in a well to manner. This will also reflect the exact and right message to the users making a place in their mind.

Check for the right channel and right length of videos

Choosing the right channel for broadcasting your videos is very important. YouTube and Facebook are the key priority of many businesses for their video marketing channels so you can also use them. But, remember more users increase more competition so your videos have to be stand out of the crowd for better promotions of your business.

The future of content marketing is bright and video marketing is one of its efficient tools. So use it wisely and enjoy your business growth and popularity fruitfully with elegant video marketing.

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(Published: Tue, 11 Dec 2018 10:15:08 +0000)

How To Speak To Seniors And Colleagues About SEO

Colleagues speaking about SEO

In any organization, there are different departments with different works and importance. It is not necessary that people of every department know the work of other departments. When you have been working in SEO, it is quite possible that other people do not geek out about redirects, 404s, spiders, backlinks, indexing, and canonicals the way you do. Instead, you may get a confused or black look when you discuss these elements publically. But, sometimes it becomes essential to let the leaders and seniors know about the importance of SEO for raising funds you better SEO. Convincing them to bolster their SEO budgets can be challenging.

Here, are some communicating tips you can follow to make them understand your choices and tactics about SEO efficiently.

Introduce SEO terminology

Firstly let them understand the SEO terminology as this will assist to know the field as every field has its own jargon. Give time to them to learn the basics of SEO and clearly define the terms so your communication becomes easier. This will also help them to understand your work and its importance.

Explain your actions

SEO is a field that does not yield quick results. So explain them the course of action so that they can trust you and can be patient. With lacking tangible benchmarks and no set timeframes, it might become difficult to convince the boss. So keep the big frame and let them know your actions and its possible reactions.

Prepare right and easy explanations

Forgetting your demanded funds, you need to prepare the right explanations for the audience. Format the presentation in their language so that they can understand better and your work of convincing becomes a bit easier.


You may expect black and sarcastic remarks when talking to others having no or very less knowledge of SEO.  Don’t let them think that you are taking benefit of their ignorance or less understanding. Here you require the documentation and data to back up your SEO strategy, your claims and your reports of victory. Stay focused on the particular metrics that appears most interesting and beneficial to your audience.

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(Published: Mon, 03 Dec 2018 15:12:28 +0000)

Right Positions For Links For More Clicks

Right Link Building Positions

As the use of websites and social media pages is intensively increasing, the businesses are quickly embracing SEO for advertising and selling their products. Businesses are getting familiar and used to the SEO for enhancing their social visibility and online business.

In SEO, Links are an important part of SEO strategy with noteworthy effects but it depends on their positions. Links plays different role when they are placed on headers, footers, navigation panels and content of any website.

Here, we can help you to understand the effects of Links on a Website when

Placed in content

Links placed in content have more weight. Generally the links in content tends to steal the show as Google and other search engines would identify them to a better level and rank the website higher. For optimum recognition you should place the links in content.

Placed in the footers

Footer links are considered to have least recognition. You may get zero results when the links are placed in footer. The search engines do not make your website to come on higher ranks with these link positions. If it unavoidable to place link in footer make sure you have placed the same enough on other helpful locations.

For getting maximum benefits of your links prefer text links as these are more functional than image links. Google recognizes the text link easily whether you position it in footer, header, navigation panel or in the content. You can use anchor text for images.

Avoid using same links all over

Using similar links and anchor everywhere including header, footer, navigation bar, etc. do not help in gaining Google’s attention or higher rankings.

For more weight, use visible links

For gaining more clicks and Google rankings your links should be easy to see for users. Using very small fonts and tiny links can be missed by users.


So, choose the position of links wisely and gain higher rankings for better business and increased revenues.

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(Published: Fri, 30 Nov 2018 11:03:43 +0000)

Essentials Things To Do To Your Old Blogs Posts

Updating Old Blog Posts

You may have started writing your blog posts with one or two blogs in a week. Later as the blog gets older, the number increases and some of your blog posts get many hits from others. Now your blog page is carrying the bulk of posts that is increasing the size of the blog page. On several sites, a total number of pages is the chief reason to think about improving or scaling back the old content.

Here are some things you can do with the old posts –

Let’s clean up your blog

If you prefer quantity over quality, plenty of old posts ultimately get buried, the entire evergreen topics have been written about before that makes ever harder to keep a record of your content.

To get better results and enhance your crawl efficiency, prune back the number of pages you are putting forward. There is always a scope of improvement so you can optimize and curate your accessible content. This can provide the users a gathering of content with the focused topic and makes you easily discoverable and offers value for users and the business.

Assess your data

It is important to assess your existing data. Check what content is beneficial for users, what is their interest, what is beneficial for your business, its relevancy, etc? Answers of these questions will help you to shortlist the required content and bring them in limelight from time to time.

Expand, Improve, Update the kept posts

Now you have a pile of to keep data. Now what to do with this?

Firstly, you can improve the content with grammar check and making it clearer with clear highlighted points. No need to do many experiments, simple changes can also do well for your business.

Expanding means you can add up new points or the latest versions or alterations may occur about the topic you wrote. This can give users and read more information and likes to your posts.

Stay updated with the analytics of your improved blogs along with the old one. This can help you to respond well with the needs of the users fruitfully.


For the individuals interested in content creation and optimization, you may want more eyes on your final contents. You can attain success by doing it in several ways like sharing and re-sharing on social platforms, resurfacing posts to the front page of your page.

After all your efforts, bear in mind that it will habitually take Google a few months for sorting the relevancy and rankings of our updated content. So, don’t be impatient and just keep monitoring, expanding, promotion and updating your content.

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(Published: Wed, 28 Nov 2018 11:23:41 +0000)

Google Shopping Merchant Promotions for Increasing Business

Google Shopping Merchant Promotions

‘Shopping’ brings a smile on every face. It gives satisfaction and a different kind of joyful feeling. Nowadays, it has become easier to buy whatever we want through online shopping from the comforts of our place. With the increasing competition, online shopping is becoming confusing as you have many options to pick from.

The online merchants are trying their best to provide the best services and products. This makes them come up with new and innovative techniques to highlight their best products to increase their sells. Ads also help them to promote their business and now using Google merchant promotions is the latest technique among online businesses.

If you are searching for something unique to make your ads stand out so people visit your website, go with merchant promotions. You need to play your cards well with the Google Merchant Promotions. Keep the prices low from your competitors that will definitely bring more users to your shop. But, it may not be possible all the time, so you can do so with certain high demand products on certain occasions.

With Google shopping merchant promotions your ads are highlighted and you get more views and ultimately increased sells. These are special as are labeled in shopping ads with an explanation triggering a pop-up with further particulars about your products and a Shop button to ease users’ work. Positive results are observed with this. It helps in significantly increasing CTR and eventually conversion rate, and business revenues.

With Google merchant promotions you get an opportunity for showing your discounts to a massive audience without spending extra bucks, secures the finest ad placement in the top of result pages of Google.

You can increase your revenues directly by offering the best special offers to your users on different special products they want to buy with the help of Google merchant promotions.

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(Published: Sat, 24 Nov 2018 15:23:26 +0000)

Tips to Improve E-Commerce User Engagement Efficiently

User engagement is a very common term among the businesses, but it’s very crucial when it’s come digital marketing. Focus on user engagement is a must for better business online.

Presently, we all know people use different types of devices for doing something and also switch between them while purchasing. For helping the customers from beginning to end, it is important to provide information they require for forming a better relationship with your business.

To earn their trust and win from competitors, better user engagement and experience is important. And, to improve your e-commerce user engagement follow the tips –

Share Valuable Content

Sharing is caring’. Share the valuable information can be a good idea for better content. Many of us are afraid of getting our ideas stolen by others but remember you are master in your task. So, share without fear and let your users understand you more and fall for you for their online shopping.

Navigation is Imperative

Keep the navigation intuitive and attractive as many people think that the cornerstone of any website has to be superior website navigation design. A great navigation can reflect a great impact on increasing your user engagement. With difficult or confusing navigation, people may get annoyed and leave the page even if you have the best content and products for them.

Cover Multiple Vendors and the Entire Platforms

As we know people use different devices, your website should be good and well-functioning for all devices. Outsourcing the assortment of vendors is great as it makes it potential for you to enhance all that you are performing in-house, lacking the requirement of doing huge investments and long-term commitments. It helps to reduce costs and perk up the level of your services.

Express with Images

The public is visual beings, along with a beautiful website design, you really need superlative images. Your website requires to have high-quality photos of the products and services you have for users that your users can zoom in on for better understandings. You can also engage your users by asking the reviews about the product they got that will enhance the confidence and knowledge of potential buyers. Use simple description with elegant images to make them well-versed and confident about getting the best products from you.


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(Published: Fri, 26 Oct 2018 12:26:06 +0000)

Best SEO Strategies for Deleted or Withdrawn Business Products Online

Surfing an online website to buy some new dresses, selected the best one suiting your size and budgets, now you click on to buy the product but found that the website does not have that product anymore.

Disappointed right!

The same your users may feel when they land to your business website page with discontinued or deleted product. This can be a inadequate and annoying user experience.

So, here are some effective SEO strategies you can follow to let your users not to use redirection experience disappointment while using your e-commerce website.

Use redirection for Deleted Product’s class Page. You can use ‘A 301 redirect’ for better SEO for you deleted or unavailable items on your website. it would increase the ranking in the category pages. Additionally, it will decrease the chances of making users go back and visiting your competitors’ website.

You can also point the redirection to a highly relevant or similar product manually. It will give you a high conversion rate and also keep the customers engaged in getting better options than what they want. It also lets you direct the flow of social metrics and Google rankings from product to another. As a result, you can be in better positions in SERPs for long with any loss.

Another way is to simply use Custom 404 Page. An error page will well inform your users that the product is no more available on your site. But, along with this, you can provide a search box for finding the relevant items.

Also, provide the information about the deleted product like the reason for deletion or when it would next be available, etc. This will help your visitors to make better decisions.

Do whatever you can do to retain your rankings but never mislead or confuse your customers as this may make you lose them forever. Be clear and clever to keep up your SEO rankings and serve your customers at your best.

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(Published: Mon, 22 Oct 2018 12:30:50 +0000)

What Bing Ads have for you?

Many of us do not prefer using Bing Ads for getting in front of our target audience. This is because many of us do not use Bing for search regularly. But, underestimating this can a mistake and using it for advertisement can help you have more bucks in your pocket.

Bing Ads’ growth is noticeable in over the past few years. It’s a tough competition to Google AdWords. So, for small and medium businesses, it is a great opportunity to generate more positive leads and convert them to permanent customers with Bing Ads.

Bing PPC Advertising Solutions offered by experts have a lot for you counting –

Bing has cheaper CPCs and low competition

Bing Ads utilizes the same auction process as the Google Ads auction, so the advertisers on Bing have plentiful advantages from a lack of rivalries like cheaper costs per click and better positions. Bing is the best option for medium and small businesses to earn better results with low investments.

Bing Ads delivers more granular organize at the promotion and ad group stages

Bing lets you assign diverse campaigns distinct time zones. This creates complicated ads scheduling approach far easier for managing in Bing, chiefly if you want to reach to the international audiences.

Bing Ads has enhanced device targeting options

With Bing ads, users get the opportunity to adjust their bids from whichever device they want including desktop, mobile, tablets, etc.

Bing Ads also provide control over search partner target options and more transparency.

Bing Ads do not vigour you for close variants.

You get better and improved better social extensions with Bing Ads. Also, you get control of search demographics with Bing Ads.

So, use Bing Ads and enhance your business revenues and social presence efficiently without making holes in your pocket.

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(Published: Fri, 19 Oct 2018 06:45:25 +0000)

Do This to Improve your Click Through Rate Instantly

For many individuals, Google AdWords Campaign is very simple – Writing your adverts, adding some primary keywords, entering the required card details and watch the sales and inquiries begin coming in, right?

Well not completely, as you need to do more…

Unstructured or unmanaged AdWords account can be responsible for low click-through rates of your adverts that results in low or no traffic, enquiries or sales that you are expecting.

To improve AdWords CTR and to perk up your Google AdWords traffic, follow these tips –

Use all Kinds of Ad Extension

To make your ad out of the box, use a complete range of extensions as this would upsurge the size of your ads. Additionally, this will make them appear more pleasant and relevant improving the click-through rate.

Some of the extensions you can use are –

  • Sitelink Ad Extensions
  • Call Extensions
  • Structured Snippet Extensions
  • Callout Extensions
  • Price Extensions
  • Message Extensions
  • Location Extensions, etc.

Write Convincing Advert Copy

Very easy to hear, but requires time and efforts because unless you do not write the best and engaging adverts including strong calls to action your advert performance will be common. You can experiment in this by seeing competitors’ adverts.

Use Target Keywords in Adverts

Your CTRs will be poor if you are not incorporating the targeted keywords in adverts. Comprise the target keyword in the headline and also in the ad copy and yet again in the present URL for better results.

Title Capitalization in Your Adverts is Beneficial

With the use of title case in the advert, you can make it look more impressive and it is also a proven way of increasing AdWords CTR.

Utilize the Advert Display URL Efficiently

You can use the display URL to reinforce the keywords you are using in your Ad Groups. Instead of simply displaying your actual website address, create an address that is not real but appears highly significant to the search query you desire your advert to show for.

Know the Competition

Improving yourself is not enough especially when completion is tough. Keep an eye on the competitors to know their strategies and learn new advert ideas from them as well to beat them. You can also boost the SEO of your website and attain the desired results.

Adjust your Bids more Often

Regular review of your bid prices is important and make certain you are firstly bidding adequate for appearing on the first page or second that high enough for getting a decent click-through rate and eventually cost-efficient conversion rate. You can use Bid Adjustments at some stage in when you identify individuals are more likely to buy.

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(Published: Wed, 17 Oct 2018 05:27:51 +0000)

Know the Latest Website Development Trends

With the constant innovation and increasing crave for new things among users, the fight to build better digital experiences is getting tougher. It becomes essential to make the digital things filled with fun, information, engaging and intuitive. For attaining success on the web your content should have to be accessible all over, in instantaneous, and, of course, on mobile devices.

Some latest website development trends are discussed here that you can incorporate into your website design and development to be in the winning race.

Single Page Designs

Yes, with the lack of time and abundant choices on the web, people love to get more info in less time. Many developers are now using single page design to provide concise and all-inclusive knowledge to the visitors of their work on a single page.

Mobile Friendly Designs

Mobile friendly designs are not a new term but growing excessively with time. Earlier developers were making the desktop website design to look good on mobiles. Now the scene is constantly changing as the user expectations are growing the developers prefer to make the responsive design for mobiles first and making it compatible for desktops.

A Rise in Push Notification

Push notifications are certainly becoming high-flying, and at present, several sites are now incorporating them into their designs. Basically, push notifications to offer a way for sites to inform you about the availability of the new content without entailing you to check your email or browse to the website. These are great in terms of engagement, specifically when activated for mobile devices.

Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to high technologies, AI is the most popular and widely growing term. Some major tech companies, like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, have been liberating their AI technology for public use. Artificial Intelligence is by now used by big applications, either to advance search engines, like in Google’s case or in Wikipedia’s case to classify imprecise or scratched contents.

Page Builder Selections with Modular Page Creations

Page builders work by facilitating you to drag and drop elements onto your web page. This facilitates design customization with no or less understanding of coding and related stuff.

Static Websites

Dynamic websites are losing the race than static website design for providing online content. Presently, several bloggers have moved towards this preference as it is high-performing, low cost, and present superior security. Static website generators effortlessly renovate simple text to static websites or blogs, crafting a great option to create websites.

Use of Javascript is Increasing

JavaScript is renowned for its system of frameworks, libraries, and tools. Web developers are required to gain knowledge about the JavaScript fundamentals like pure Functions, Promises, Classes, Closures, RAIL, Node, Express, etc.

The Popularity of Cinemagraphs is Augmenting

GIFs or videos that are running in the nonstop loop are previously being used on a lot on social media websites and that is soon being featured on other websites too. These cinema graphs are the best and innovative way of conveying messages in little time with ease.

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(Published: Tue, 16 Oct 2018 06:42:17 +0000)

8 Astonishing ways to nourish your organic leads

For improved rankings lead generation is essential, but it’s just the one side of the riddle. You might be getting loads of leads on your business website or blog, still not ranking higher or no betterment in revenues. The reason is conversion. Along with organic lead generation, converting the leads to customers is important.

To nurture leads is like trying to match the perfect couple for a happy life. Here are some tips you can follow to nourish your organic leads and turn them to customers.

Keep a check on leads and conversion ratio

Auditing is vital for better results. Study your traffic levels and conversion rate to find out the best strategies of engaging leads. No lead management is like the leaky funnel. Generally, buyers come to a site browse products and them decide to buy or not. Let your leads complete the process of search, analysis, and decision.

Personal attention through personal email leads generation

Everybody likes attention and to convert your potential customers into permanent buyers, send personalized emails based on their interests. Track their history shopping or likings that will help you to help them in getting what they want easily.

Use multiple platforms for lead generation

Email campaigns are one of the best ways to generate leads. But, using more platforms increases the chances of getting more conversions. So, don’t hesitate to use the best platforms for promotions, campaigns, etc.

Do not irritate users by daily emails

No one wants to fill their inbox with repetitive promotional emails as they can unsubscribe you. Make the finest lead nurturing email agenda that not only maintains your corporation name in your prospects’ mind but also provide them enough time to grasp the information.

Everything is not for everyone

Do not send every email to every lead. Make separate lists so that based on their available information, they will get the most relevant emails only.

Create the content clients crave for

Stop telling stories of yours every time and start providing useful information from the customers’ point of view. Good content always shows positive results so go for it. Keep an eye on the SEO strategies as well to rank your website better on search engines.

Determine whether the leads are suitable

It is not necessary that every bean sprouts. Sometimes a lead may not be fitted for you. So, don’t waste time and resources on it. Instead, you can use it to turn other lead into customers.

Is the lead really interested?

Understanding the behaviour of the lead is important as sometimes they are getting the best service from a competitor or the lead is just interested in your free service and content not in the premium ones. So, their interest first and then put your efforts for conversion.

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(Published: Fri, 12 Oct 2018 07:10:18 +0000)

9 Mistakes to Avoid for Superior Website Navigation Design

Combination of several elements makes a better website. Good website navigation design is one of them. An unorganized or poorly built navigation can hurt the rankings and increases visitors to leave the site quickly. Some websites with good content also suffer due to some simple navigation mistakes. With some simple and easy changes, you can make a better navigation.

Here are some mistakes you can avoid to enhance your website navigation efficiently.

Having too many options or very fewer options

Yes! It’s true. Your website should appear transparent to the visitors. Try to limit the options to seven as so many options can simply confuse them and decreases their interest. As a result, they leave the page even you have best for them.

On the other hand to be safe so not remove important options from the bar as this will not help visitors in any way. Subheadings are also time-consuming for users so choose wisely and important things first.

Meaningless or common headings and labels

Keeping common headings like ‘products’ or ‘services’ is not providing any specific information to the customers. Instead, you can use ‘used cars’ or ‘weight loss tea’ or ‘web designing services’. Such headings and labels provide an exact idea about what is inside the page helping them to save time and get what they are looking for easily.

Manifold main navigation areas

Having more navigation bars on the sides or below the main navigation area can be more confusing and let users leave the site. It appears less appealing and distracting to users.

If necessary use the additional navigation –

Local navigation links in a sidebar

Links like contact form or Login can be placed over the main navigation

Use footer links making the rest of the navigation visible.

Irregular navigation design

Being creative is good while website designing and unique content writing, but not for navigation design. The complex structure of odd buttons, icons, and shortcuts placed in the weird site areas is an awful idea that can flop on your site’s usability and aesthetics.

Unreadable content

Content is the backbone of any website, a known cliché. Having multiple fonts in the text of your page may appear cluttered and unprofessional. Not every user reads the whole content; instead, they scan and jump to the relevant information. So, the website with overloaded visuals and info do not keep users busy or attracted for long.

No link back the logo to the homepage

Users may want to visit home after browsing the inner pages and letting them directly come to home is through the logo. So, linking your logo with the home page is an important option for better navigation.

Immature or wrong order of navigation

The order of navigation is very important to make the visitors browse your site fruitfully and get what they want. Being predictable is good when it comes to navigation as it makes the users find and get their desired options fruitfully.

Contradictory CTAs

It is essential to have call-to-action buttons on your website. But, too many CTAs not correlated can puzzle the guest. You can use the common ones like –

buy now

join our email list

refer code for a friend

sign up today

Click here to know offers & discounts

So, use them on them only where necessary not on every page.

No updates

For better user experience you need to update your website design in a timely manner. Remove the banners related to offers or discounts after the end date. It looks unprofessional having outdated banners on the website. Also, keep all the themes, apps development and plugins fully updated.

:: Read More
(Published: Mon, 08 Oct 2018 13:21:35 +0000)

Trendy Website Navigation Designs for Better Rankings

Don’t let the visitors lost in the maze.

Choose the appropriate and handy website navigation design.

One of the most important factors contributing to enhancing your search engine rankings of an e-commerce website is a deliberated navigation of it. Having a well-planned and well-designed website will help in reducing the bounce rate, increases clicks and boosts page view. A website with easy, informative and quick navigation helps customers to make better decisions that turn to perk up your sales.

So, picking the right navigation design from the vast array is very important and it depends on the distinctive requirements of the particular website.

Here are some trendy website navigation design options you can choose from –

Mega menus

Mega menus can be a good option as they appear different from the more common ones. This is better and useful for the websites having loads of inter-related items and options. This is because these expand wider with manifold pieces of content.

Sticky navigation bars

If you want your users to navigate and explore the website from anywhere on the pages, sticky navigation bars is your right choice. The sticky bars chase the users as they scroll. It helps them to be on the right path without getting misplaced.

Responsive navigation menu

Responsive website design is very common nowadays so why not responsive navigation menus. For e-commerce shopping cart or product page, you can use responsive sub-navigation menu that appears better on mobile devices. It makes more users shop and browses your website. Perk up their user-experience ultimately boosts your sales and popularity.


This is perhaps the most admired and used style of navigation containing links anywhere along the peak of a website, usually beside with the company name or logo. If you want a simple, regular design then horizontal navigation design is the best choice.

Scrolled or fixed menu

A design with the fixed menu can be supportive for websites with long pages as in this the navigation relics fixed on the top of the page even when you scroll it up or down.

No navigation

Yes! No navigation is the best option for crisp, still and small websites that want to offer focused content with the least distractions for the visitors and users.

Be creative

For bringing an extra touch of elegance and uniqueness to your website, you can create your own kind of navigation design.

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Essential Tips for Effective Website Navigation

Designing your website navigation efficiently is the foundation, not the conclusion. To achieve the desired benefits from the best conversions and sales online, you are required to spend time in planning the simplest and efficient way of interaction of the audience with the content on your website.

Generally, there is no accurate way of doing the precise website navigation. Every website has its own challenges that can be loomed in one or other way. The basic rule is you need to find out the most insightful way to systematize and represent your products and services you are offering on your website.

To minimize the failure, consistent, straightforward, well-placed and organized content is the key. Once you have created navigation, you can keep an eye on the analytics to evaluate whether the things are going right or not. So, the digital ink is always wet that can be erased and can be rewritten.

Here are some essential tips you can follow for better and competent website navigation.

Be expressive with keywords in the label

What people see is what sells. Keep the navigation descriptive by using key phrases in labels. It helps in increasing keywords and also beneficial for SEO. Labels like cake making machines, recipes, etc. are better than products and services. These are more helpful to visitors find what they need and also for a search engine to find relevancy and make you get in top rankings.

Keep important things at the front foot

Visitors remember the things they first look and they become happier if they get what they want at first glance. Offer them what they desire by keeping the important and popular items in first place.

Less use of drop down menu

Avoiding the most famous type of menu type, drop down will benefit your website in many ways. It eases the crawling process of search engines. Additionally, let the users catch what they are looking for in a glance. It makes them visit again as you are saving their time and simplifying their search task.

But, if you are having a website with many products or services with long list and subdivisions, then use the mega drop down for playing safe.

Have limited menu items

Fewer the items in the menu bar, better the search will. Having a lot of labels in the menu can confuse or irritate the visitor. To avoid leaving them, limit the menu items to 7-8. You can chuck them into a group of five if having many things for users. It will be pleasant and easy for them to scan and read.

Analyze and change

After website design and navigation, keep analyzing as it gives you scoop to make changes and increase the rankings and visitors. It is not necessary that visitor will come only through the home page; there are so many entry points. So, all should look perfect. Analytics can help you to –

  • Eliminate items that hardly ever get clicked, if they are not needed.
  • Re-label or Rename those infrequent clicked items, if possible.
  • Shift the often clicked items to the beginning.

Check for navigation on mobile devices

As the trend of a responsive website is stretched all around, make it look and easy navigation on mobile devices as well.

Exceptions are always there, you can make your own strategies as on size doesn’t fit all.

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Significance of Website Navigation to Enliven Business Online

In the recent years, we have experienced loads of escalation and the introduction of innovative trends in the field of web design and development. Many businesses are digitalizing with well-designed websites presenting their business services and products to online users and customers. But, not all getting desired results and one reason for this is lack of precise website navigation.

Designing a solid navigation is an essential aspect of the website design process as it lets your visitors understand you and easily find what they are looking for. Online visitors do not waste time on a bad navigating website as lacks patients. Due to increasing competition, you have to make your potential customers stay on your website so that you get a chance to serve them.

Initially, you should map out how your website navigation will appear before the novel website design goes live.

Here, are some essential points that would make you well-versed about the significance of website navigation and its impact on results.

  • Navigation decrease Bounce Rate – Bounce rate of a website is imperative for its rankings. In the eyes of Google and other search engines, enclosing a high bounce rate is the indication of an unsupportive website that can make you lose your important keyword rankings. It also affects the SEO.
  • Navigation increases Visit Duration – Proper navigation will let your visitors stay and offer you prospect to articulate why you are best for them or what best you have for them at their fingertips.
  • Navigation influences online traffic – Your rankings and the amount of organic traffic you will get depends on navigation.
  • Navigation influences conversions – You must have easy to use the site and for that navigation is important. It also helps to convert the leads into consumers.
  • Navigation enhances overall appearance – With bad or inappropriate navigation your website can appear unorganized, unstructured and unattractive.
  • Navigation provides all-inclusive info – The navigation tools and bar clearly indicates about the knowledge and depth you are offering.
  • Navigation indicates noticeably what you are offering – With easy and delighted navigation individuals will have an apparent indication of what is on offer. They can easily find and get from your website. Additionally, it influences them to explore more as a result increased sales and revenues.
  • Navigation sticks impatient users – Proper navigation bars and links with specific keywords can help impatient users to stick to your website and enjoy surfing their desired products and services.

So, don’t let your visitors hitch in navigating on your website with the best website navigation. To get the preeminent and lucrative website design and navigation services feel free to contact us.

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Improve Website Conversion Rate to Improve Sales

Individuals in digital marketing know the importance of website conversion rate. Conversions are the lifeblood of almost every online marketing campaign. They understand that a good conversion rate is the backbone of elevated sales volume.

Many people are not aware of their low conversion rate and are facing loss in business and low revenues. For improving your sales online you need to focus on improving the conversion rate. Conversion rate optimization particularly deals with the modification you do to your website for encouraging visitors to complete a preferred action. It can be buying something online, filling out an opt-in form or taking part in the contests or social shares.

Some essential tips you can follow to improve your website conversion rate are –

  • First and the simplest method to improve your conversion rate is, to begin with, the effective track of the conversions you already have. Track the inquiry by phone, signups form submissions, online chats, etc. your conversion rate may increase to an extent with this simple accounting.
  • Pay attention to call to action buttons. Add to cark, remove an item, make payment all such buttons should take your customer to the direct place they want to move. It can perk up their user experience ultimately perking up the conversion rate.
  • Review the landing page and make sure the layout, content, and functionality of the landing pages are up to the mark to deliver exact info and service your customers are looking for.
  • Gain the trust of customers by offering the best services. Try to show all the details related to your product that a user wants to now. Like if it’s a clothing site, show the size, price, color options all such info on the same page so that they can make a well-versed decision in no time. Saving your customer’s time will save your business.
  • Keep yourself active with constantly improving content. Addition of interesting content like articles, blog posts, videos, and pictures will augment their interest in your products and services. Getting interesting information and knowledge about the service and products you are offering will surely make them your fan and regular customer.
  • Maintain privacy and show let them get exactly what they want. Remove the distractions from your landing pages to make their visit precise and quick.
  • Offer different payment options and let the additional information part in forms optional.
  • Using the CTA buttons rather than links is a good way as this looks better when viewed in mobiles.
  • Offer them discounts and special coupon codes so that they can enjoy savings with you. Saving their money can make them your fan ultimately increasing your sales and mouth publicity.
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Tips to Recover from Google Penalty

Recovering from Google penalty can be a tough task. But you have to do it to regain your position and traffic quickly. Firstly, you need to discover the reason for the penalty.

Here are some tips that can help you in Google penalty recovery.

Verify the entire backlinks pointing to your website. Bad backlinks are one of the most common reasons for penalty or ban. Remove all the bad backlinks from porn or gambling websites.

Create a disavow file and upload to Google Search Console. Latest updates to Penguin supposedly id in watching that spam inbound links is not your mistake.

A content audit can help you to check the status of your web pages and present broken pages. It will also aid in understanding the ranking pages, inbound links, and methods to enhance posts and content for more ranks.

Revise and review the hitch content. With the help of an audit, you will be able to find the pages with high bounce rates and making users not to stay on the page for long.

Avoid the thin and copy content and bring up fresh and eye-catchy content.

Ensure the fraction of anchor text on inbound links. You should not have more than 10% of your inbound links linking to the same name anchor text.

Keep an eye on the broken links on your website. You can use the broken link checker plugin to get better results.

Make certain that you have done no follow to all affiliate links. No unnecessary ads and information should be reflected on your website.

Look for the hidden text or keyword stuffing. Correct them to regain your name.

Take help of SEO specialists India to make sure entire SEO related things are done correctly.

Remove the unnatural links and user-generated spam. Check the comment section and clean up the irrelevant ads, comments or links making you spammed.

So, follow the tips and make sure not to get penalized again by taking extra watch and care of your website or blog.


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Get Found Online with SEO Web Design

You might be aware of the power of SEO for gaining your online presence and increasing revenues. Many people think that web design and SEO is the same thing. But, it’s different and is incomplete without each other. Having a well-designed website but no SEO than your site will appear nowhere. On the other hand, you are having good SEO done but the site is not functioning would be a disappointment.

Fear not! For the individuals deems SEO is wizardry and unicorns, we will arm you with the knowledge you require.

Why SEO Web Design is important for a business?

SEO forms a strong foundation and bridge among users and your online business. SEO is important as it brings potential clients and customers to your website. Search engines use SEO to input data as the key information to provide what the internet users are looking for. Google and other search engines look for quality and to stay ahead of the crowd you need to do SEO to improve the quality of your website.

Splendid benefits of SEO Web Design

SEO Web Design can facilitate direct information to the suitable potential customers which allow them engaging with your business. Without SEO your website will be like a car without petrol.

It offers seamless organic traffic that ultimately increases the overall growth of your business as well as revenues.

It also eases you to operate your business online.

With proper SEO speed of your website improves that make individuals enjoy surfing your site.

SEO web design makes your customer satisfied and happy that brings positive reviews making more customers to try your services.

Where to get the best SEO website design for business?

It is important to get your SEO website design done carefully by experts. You can choose a professional service provider – Seo Specialists India. Here, you get outstanding Website Designing Services meeting your specific needs and requirements.

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SEO Interview Questions to Triumph the Job

Yes, we are back with some more SEO related questions. This can make you well-versed and help to crack hard interviews.

Earlier, we discussed some basic questions about SEO and its related terms. Now we can move a bit further to enhance your knowledge and understanding.

Questions on On-page optimization

Que1. What is the significance of keyword research and its tools available in the market?

Ans1. Keyword research is essential to understand the users demand a specific service or product in addition to knowing the keyword search volumes.

There are several keyword research tools available and some of the most useful and efficient are Google Keyword Planner, Google Auto-suggestion, Bing Keyword Tool, Uber Suggest, and WordStream keyword tool.

Que2. Tell some imperative on page techniques?

Ans2. Unique title with a relevant keyword, Appropriate meta description tag, Use of heading in right order, Search engine friendly URLs, Social Sharing, Correct Internal linking, High-class, unique content with keyword density, Prearranged data in the page, Latent semantic keywords, Schema incorporation.

Que3. What is the right title tag length?

Ans3. 55-60 is the optimal length for the title tag.

Que4. Explain Meta description and its use?

Ans4. The meta description is the summary appears in the SERP of about 155 characters. We can use keywords in Meta description to improve the CTR of any page.

Questions on OFF-page Optimization

Que5. What are link building and its importance?

Ans5. Links in Link building are the sign to Google to facilitate your site is an excellent resource admirable of citation. So, sites with more backlinks are liable to earn superior rankings.

Que6. Explain how to do link building?

Ans.6 we can set our rules to do good link building like

Checking the quality of Backlink (PR, PA, DA must be good)

the content among sites should be relevant

using Anchor Text properly

Avoid site-wide links

Avoid links from low-quality sites

Que7. Define no follow link?

Ans7. Link with an attribute rel=”Nofollow” is said No Follow backlink. These do not surpass any PR value, although supportive for link diversity. YouTube, Facebook are some of the examples of No Follow backlinks.

Now, you have much knowledge about SEO. But, having practical knowledge of the things is more important. So, it is better to try using the tools and learn more fruitfully. This will not only perk up your knowledge but also enhances your confidence.

We will surely bring up more questions soon.

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Know About the Types of Google Penalty

Nobody wants Google penalty.

For an online business owner or blogger getting penalized is the worst nightmare. The consequences of getting a Google penalty can be distressing. This leads to sudden lost organic search visibility, traffic, and revenues.

It can be tough to recover from the painful condition but not impossible. For Google penalty recovery of your website, firstly you should know about the reason of penalty.

When you notice a sudden drop in rankings, possibly there are two major kinds of penalties you can get. First is the manual action from Google’s team and the algorithmic penalty is the other one.

Manual action is performed by experts of Google team who evaluates the quality of the website and based on various factors report you as spam or penalize. When your website lacks E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust) your chances of getting Google penalty increase.

For example, a medical site providing all kinds of medical information and advice for users, but not having real E-A-T, Google may place a filter causing a demotion to the site.

To identify if your website is penalized by manual action, you can go to Google Webmaster Tools and check the latest warnings or notifications about the unnatural links. Manual penalties are easy to detect that algorithm penalty.

Now, come to algorithm penalty. These are to worry about as can burn your rankings quickly without any notification and the source is likely Penguin or Panda. Penguin and panda are not the penalties; instead, they are the fantastic algorithms with unique learning mechanism of Google that works on a set of rules. They cause penalties if a site is violating the rules.

The Penguin algorithm targets site’s with over-optimized anchor text and unnatural backlink profiles.

The Panda algorithm marks duplicate and low-quality content that thwarts user experience.

You might face an algorithm penalty if having bad backlinks like –

 Website with duplicate, low or bad quality content

 Unrelated website links

 Forum profile or spam comments

 Links from gambling or adult sites, etc.

About 90% of Google penalties are related to the bad backlinks so save your website by getting good backlinks and de-index the bad ones.

Once, you got the reason for Google penalty you can find out different ways to recover from it.

We will provide the best tips and guidelines about Google penalty recovery soon.

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Is SEO for Mobile Apps Essential for Organic Installs?

The answer is definitely YES.

In last few years focus on the mobile-friendly website is grown that means the seo on getting apps indexed too. Now, it becomes important to focus on SEO for mobile apps also for improving visibility and get more organic installs. Mobile web search is expanding significance and can’t be overlooked by app developers and marketers. Your company now should have an app developed from the best App Developers Mumbai to stay ahead in the competition.

Here, we can help you know how SEO is important for mobile apps

So let’s begin with the beginning

Attain position in app-specific search results

There are several app stores available and the best way to get noticed is to make top position in the best app stores. This will make you visible among more users and organic installs. You can achieve this with right and attractive single Snippet and app packs.

Single snippets are the brief extract or piece of information about an app flashes as a search result. So, choose punchy, easy-to-understand and effective snippet for your apps.

Also, try to arise in app packs. App pack is a collection of apps flashes as a result of any app search query counting three or six apps.

Consider the ranking aspects

Professionals in Mobile Application Development Company in India provide best web development as well as SEO services. They take care of ASO to improve rankings of your apps in play store.

The algorithm used by Google for suggesting and ranking the apps in the mobile SERPs is not the same uses to suggest and rank apps in the Mobile SERPs is diverse from the one used by the app stores. Hence, keywords rankings for the app won’t be the similar on Play Store and in the web search. But, ASO app store optimization is a bit similar to SEO that can help you in upsurge your rankings.

Some similar ranking aspects are

On-page factors: URL, Title, App Name, descriptions, etc. for iOS apps the description has nothing to do with ASO, but for SEO, a yes.

Off-page factors: user ratings and reviews, installs volume, backlinks from genuine and good websites.

So it is vital to do good SEO for mobile apps and gain the desired results.

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Perk up On-Page SEO to Perk up your Ranks

If you own an online business or website, you know the importance of SEO. Effective and professional On Page SEO Services can let you stay on top and enhances your profits. In SEO, when it comes to On-page SEO, keyword density, Meta tags, etc. starts floating in mind. Here, are some helpful, easy and practical tips collected that you can use to improve On page SEO efficiently in a timely manner.

SEO friendly URLs

Use SEO-friendly URL that is short, easy and keyword rich to rank better in search engines. It also helps audiences to remember you easily.

Use keyword in the title tag

To gain more weight, try to use important keywords at the beginning of the title tag. Titles tags are significant in terms of on-page SEO.

Use modifiers in title

Addition of modifiers is one of the best ways to rank in top. You can use ‘best’, ‘2018’, ‘tips’, ‘reviews’, etc.

Use H1 tag wisely

H1 tag deserves special attention as it plays a noteworthy role in grabbing the attention of audiences and bots. So use keywords and make your headline tag eye-catchy and powerful.

Use subheadings too

You can wrap the subheadings to cover more keywords in addition to improving the appearance and precision of your website.

Use mobile-friendly website design

Today, mobile-friendly websites are considered and are appreciated by users as well as bots. Go for responsive website design and secure a good position for future as well.

Use multimedia

Using images and videos not only increases the appeal of the website, also reduces the bounce rate and let your users stay longer on your site.

Use outbound links

With outbound links, you can increase chances for search engines to know your content topics easily.

Use internal links

You can provide two three links to your other related posts in your articles. This will help readers to get more in just a click.

Use keywords in content’s first paragraph

Your important keywords should appear in the first 100 words of the content. It should be done in a good way not stuffing. Experts offering On page Optimization Services in India can deliver the best content for your website.

Speed up your site

People do not like to wait. Boost the speed of site by using an image compressor, faster hosts, etc.

Use social sharing buttons

Social media is a great way to get more eyeballs and become popular. So, don’t forget to use social media platforms.

Use long contents

Lengthy is potency. Use of long and eye-catching content will definitely help you entertain and engage your potential clients and visitors. So, write unique and efficient content meeting your audiences’ desires.

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Tips to Improve your Keyword Research



The keyword is the key to success in SEO.

Keyword research is an important aspect of SEO. To improve rankings and online presence your keywords should match with the search results. Keyword research is a constant yielding of data to make better decisions. Keyword research is measured to be very easy but the fact is the opposite.

Searching and using the correct and suitable keywords is very essential as these bring the desired traffic to your portal or website.

Here are some tips to improve your keyword research to get the best possible results.

  • Firstly, understand your potential customers and their needs based on your business type.
  • You can use Google Keyword Planner for finding and preparing a list with their search volume. Based on the list and your business motto choose some primary keywords and try to target them. You can research keywords and create long tail keywords with the primary one.
  • For example, you are in the clothing business and your primary keyword is ‘clothes online’, so you can add ‘men clothes online’, ‘buy men clothes online’ or can add the city name you serve. This can help you to target a more specific audience and turn them into your customers.
  • Choices of individuals’ changes with season change and if you are in food, clothes, cosmetics footwear, or any such related business, you need to focus. Determine the likings of customers in different seasons and target related keywords. You can take Professional Organic SEO Services from experts to pick the right keywords.
  • It’s a long-term process and you are required to do regular research and observe search volume to get desired improved traffic and positive results.
  • If you are having various categories, then pick up 3-5 main keywords for each category and use them in blogs, Meta descriptions, titles etc. of different relevant pages. This will be beneficial for robots to crawl and bring you in top search results.
  • Search for the keywords with relativity low or medium competition. Due to increasing competition rankings with single keywords like ‘clothes’ is tough. As the top pages are acquired by the popular brands, it becomes difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to rank. So use low or medium competitive keywords to make your brand visible quickly in top search results.
  • Do not stuff the keywords. The placement of the right keywords is important to make and retain a strong online presence. Use unique content and use the keywords, wisely wherever possible efficiently.


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Gain Popularity with Facebook Marketing SEO Tips

Undoubtedly, social media marketing is playing a fantastic role in increasing sales of online businesses. It helps in improving brand loyalty, recognition among potential customers. With millions of users on-board, Facebook has gained the number one position for social media marketing. All happens as Facebook marketing also helps with SEO.

But, many people think what exactly Facebook SEO can do for their business?

Hiring Facebook Marketing Services Company in India is a good approach for gaining popularity and revenues you desire in a timely manner. Experts can help to convert leads into business, elevated conversion rates and superior ranks in SERP. Seospecialistsindia is the best company you can trust for accomplishing your entire Facebook marketing objectives.

Facebook SEO can do a lot for your business and here are the tips you can apply in Facebook marketing SEO.

Win the game with the best name

To skyrocket brand awareness and overall growth, choose the best and attractive Facebook page name. It is the first step to optimize your Facebook page.

Optimization of Page URL

Your Facebook URL should be in matching with your product, business or brand name. It helps in better promotions, also ease individuals to memorize your brand or products.

Keywords in about section

Generally, people judge your brand through about pages. So, your about section should cover specific details and understanding including what, who, etc. about you and your brand. With targeted keywords in about, you can make your audience to find you effortlessly. So use relevant high traffic keywords.

Share without fear

Add complete business address and contact details. Many of us do not like this due to the fear of unwanted enquires. Adding these details is good in the eyes of bots. So share without fear.

Update and optimize status page

Posting updates regularly is a good activity. But, doing it cleverly is important for SEO. The beginning of “Write something…” serves as the Meta description for you. So make out the best of it by using it as a title in SEO.

Use keywords

Though Facebook marketing can be a friendly platform to connect with clients, using keywords is important. Use relevant keywords in most places as we do in on-page SEO. Company objective, about section, brand Description, are some areas used as SEO elements in Facebook page marketing.

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Follow the Tips to Bloom your Blogs with SEO

Writing is an art and the skill improves with practice. In terms of publicity and SEO, good writing is not enough. Even you have eye-catching thoughts, a different way of writing and style, if your blog is not reaching to your audiences all efforts are wasted. So, using the right SEO techniques is important to make your blog popular among your targeted audiences. Whether you are hiring Professional Blogging Services or writing your own blogs, SEO is imperative.

Blogging is the answer to user-friendly SEO. With the help of effective SEO let you tap into an infinite stream of highly targeted traffic in a cost-effective manner. It helps in converting and nurturing visitors into customers, drawing organic traffic, engage your customers, makes you different from the rest and also grows the interest and demand of your services and products increasing your overall growth.

To make your blog SEO perfect and noticed, follow these tips – Keyword research is important

Do thorough keyword research as it is the key to better On-page optimization. Including the right keywords increases the probability of getting your content noticed. You can choose any keyword tool from the array available.

Use long-tail keywords

After choosing a couple of relevant and important keywords, place them in the right place. Say no to stuffing. Use keywords in a way that it puts a great impact on a search engine and humans. Use it in titles, introductory sentences, Meta descriptions, conclusions, headings, etc.

Image optimization

For making your blogs eye-catching and pleasing to audiences, using images and videos is a good idea. Include keyword in the file name and description of it. You can take help of professional Blog Writing Services India for better results.

Link the links

Building links is a good way to approach more audiences. When you are mentioning any other article or blog incorporate a link. This will provide you with good backlinks that can bring you in to search result pages.

Involve your readers

People love to read interesting stuff in addition to you can give them the opportunity to subscribe for further amazing posts of yours. Comprise significantly placed RSS or Feed Subscription Buttons in your blogs. With this, your readers and followers will have notification of your new posts.

Greet and serve your audience well

Other than providing fresh, interesting and unique content, show your gratitude in a timely manner. Let them know how important they are to you.

Be patient

Getting no or slow results even after your entire efforts, don’t panic be patient. It might take some time to new blogs crawl and get noticed.

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Freshers Get Ready to Embark on a Victorious SEO Journey

Are you looking for a job? Are you a fresher and want to make a career in SEO? If yes then you landed in the right place.

SEO is one of the most powerful yet confusing words for the beginners. In today’s digital world, SEO is a catalyst for the success of several top ranking online businesses and activities. So making a career in this field can make you shine. But, it is difficult to crack the interviews without proper knowledge of the field.

Here, are some basic questions asked in interviews that you can prepare to get the opportunity to work in the SEO division.

Que1. What is SEO? Or what do you mean by the term SEO?

Ans1. It is the most basic question you would be asked. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process to improve the Search Engine rankings of websites, services, products, blog or any other online content. It involves the implementation of various techniques and tactics like keywords research, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, etc. With effective SEO one can earn natural, unpaid organic traffic.

Be specific and confident in your answers and do not use any words about which you have no or less knowledge. The interviewer can trap you from your answers. They can ask further questions from your answer like –What is on-page off-page SEO, how you do keyword research etc.

Don’t worry we will further discuss these questions as well.

Que2. Explain crawling, domain extension, web hosting, indexing.

Ans2. You should have a brief knowledge of all such small terms. At least you should know the basic definition.

Crawling – It is an automated process of acquiring data about a website. It means the search engines spiders/crawler/ bots search a website and gather details concerning every page counting the images, keywords, titles, etc.

Domain Extension – The notion used at the end of the name of the website like .com, .org, .in, .ed, .uk, etc. are the domain extension. It specifies the country code and specific organization.

Web Hosting – Services and technologies provided to businesses and website owners to store information and to be viewed over the internet.

Indexing – It is the process of adding WebPages in the Google directory after the completion of crawling.

Que3. Do you know about SERP?

Ans3. Search Engine Result Page or SERP are the pages showed by search engines as an answer to any query typed by the user. It also includes some advertisements on top.

Que4. What is a keyword?

Ans4. In terms of SEO, keywords are the phrases and words that searchers enter to search something into search engines. It defines your web page. Right keywords can help to rank well in search engines. In includes short-tail and long-tail keywords.

Que5. Explain long-tail keywords?

Ans5. Phrases with 4+ words are long tail keywords. These are better for more specific search and easy to rank.

Que6. What is on-page SEO?

Ans.6 On-page SEO includes the entire activities and tricks performed within the websites for getting top ranking and to attain more appropriate traffic from the search engines.

Que7. What is Off-page SEO?

Ans7. The other techniques and activities performed for improving the rankings of any website is call Off-page SEO. It incorporates numerous promotional activities, social media marketing, content marketing, link building, etc.

Que8. What are backlinks?

Ans8. Backlinks are valuable for better SEO. It refers to the incoming links from other links to your website. Genuine and good backlinks can help improve rankings in search engines.

SEO is a vast world in itself as you go deep you get more to know and learn new. We will come soon with more helpful SEO related questions.

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Top 10 Advantages of SEO for Businesses

At the beginning of digital marketing, almost every newcomer looks for the best technologies and skills for establishing a remarkable imprint on potential clients and customers. Many of them get baffled when they hear about SEO for the first time.

Yes, it’s quite obvious because SEO in itself is a giant world. If used correctly it can help you rule and make a noteworthy position in your digital market field. SEO is one of the most reliable and efficient approaches amid other tactics and process to nurture new businesses.

Some top advantages of SEO for businesses are described below that will blow your mind and make you choose the best SEO Specialists India to serve you.

  1. Stay High and Give Tough Competition to Business Rivals

In the marathon of online business, with professional SEO you can be the first to come in sight of audiences, to earn more than your competitors. Ultimately you will win the race and be on top of search engines.

  1. Growth in Website Organic Traffic

All efforts are to improve your organic website traffic. As you begin the SEO efforts, traffic will boost steadily. To observe the improved results use reporting tools and Google Analytics and watch your sales touches the roof.

  1. Improve Brand Awareness

With higher rankings on the SERPs, you can build brand awareness. When your website appears in the top rankings of search engines, a number of potential customers automatically increases making your brand popular. This also builds up strong web presence boosting your revenues.

  1. Cost-Effective Approach

Unlike other costly advertising methods, SEO is a cost-effective approach in which you need to put a little amount of hard earned money and receive higher profits. Moreover, the results are permanent as you huge brand exposure and opportunity capture more leads. Enjoy high ROI on less investment.

  1. Make Your First Impression Impressive

Don’t judge a cover by its book a known cliché, but honestly, we all do. So with SEO, you can make your first impression impressive by coming in the top rankings of search engines.

  1. Become Mobile Friendly

For combating with the mobile-friendly update of the Google algorithm, SEO can help. Updating to an eye-catching and responsive web design, SEO can significantly aid in providing an excellent user experience to the mobile users. Addition of premium pictures with useful descriptive text provides great mobile optimization.

  1. 2 4/7 Promotions

You work on SEO in the day, but it works for you 24/7. SEO does not sleep and works to improve your rankings constantly.

  1. Long-Lasting Results

It might take a long time for a website to optimize come in top rankings. But, once it is done, you will be in your high position. SEO results are long-lasting and trustworthy. Keep an eye on the Google algorithm updates and update SEO accordingly to avoid any loss.

  1. Superior Conversion Rates

SEO-optimized websites load quicker, are effortless to read and surf. These appear accurately in nearly all kinds of devices, counting mobile and tablets. This will help you to grab and retain the attention of visitors and win the competition by turning them into your customers and permanent visitors.

  1. Improve Your Overall Online Presence

Along with the search engines, you can promote yourself on the social media platforms to gain more views and customers. Make mind-blowing presence over YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms with social media marketing SEO and gain more clients and customers.

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Retain SEO Effortlessly While Website Redesign

The decision to redesign your old business website is a good opportunity to come up with fresh content, look, and energy. This can increase your overall business growth, a number of potential clients as well as revenues. But, it can hurt your hard-earned organic traffic and rankings if not done correctly. Redesigning an existing website requires more attention and efforts to retain and improve the current SEO status.

Follow these tips and do not decimate your organic traffic – Before the beginning

Think about the SEO before touching your site to redesign. Prefer professional Website Designing Services to get the best results if lacking developer team of your own.

Backup your current site. Now it’s time to set a development website to no index, no follow. Make sure the entire important search engine responsive URLs are working right.

Remove outdated pages

Use the opportunity to remove the useless or old pages at this stage to lighten your website. Old promotional offers or contests page of no use should be removed.

Content design

Update the existing content; bring up fresh elements in it. Make sure the spelling errors, grammar and proofread is done fruitfully. You can change the quality, look, and style of the content to make it more engaging and catchy. Evaluate content for accurate Meta title and description used.

Accumulate the benchmark metrics

Keep all the essential website data counting ranking, indexed pages, organic traffic, revenues, and conversion rate website previously. You can compare further it with the new website when goes live.

At the time of Website redesign

Configure robot.txt to prevent your site from getting indexed. You can hire the best Web Development Company in Mumbai India. They have years of experience in website redesigning making them provide excellent redesign without hurting your SEO.

Let the development and SEO team work hand in hand

Proper alliance amid the teams throughout the redesign process is important to make the things smooth and profitable.

Ensure correct description, page title, and heading tags

Make sure all the descriptions, tags and titles are proper in each page,

Check the internal and external links

Whether you are adding new pages or not, ensure all the links are redirecting to the right site. For newly added links try to link them with older good ranking pages.

Check all the images and alt tags. Check responsiveness as well.

A coming soon page

It is better to put a coming soon message or something like that for non-working functionalities for your visitors when the redesigning is in process.

Post website redesign checks

Certainly, your site’s navigation should work efficiently and the 301 redirects are ok.

Create new robot.txt for your newly designed website. Additionally, craft an XML sitemap for Google search console.

Now you can observe the magic of website redesign by observing the changes in rankings and traffic.

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Fall in Love with Website Content Writing

Love reading!

That’s a very good habit and book lovers like to read a lot of books, novels, etc. from the vast collection of books, with very few of them we get attached to, We find a connection with the characters and the story and writers. Reading fabulous writing is like enjoying some great singer. If the artist makes a touching connection with us even with some errors, we would love to read the whole book.

Well, it happens only with print media. Website content writing is totally different from it.

Web content is scanned. Or peeked at. Not read.

Today, the web visitors are always in hurry and hunt for the real knowledge of their interest. Whether it is to buy something online or to gather some information about particulars, they want quick and concise results.

They don’t give you a second chance at having millions of options at their fingertips, they switch to another site if didn’t get what they were looking for. Therefore, your website content should have to be crystal clear, attention-grabbing and in-depth to engage web visitors and hold readers’ attention.

Here are some effective tips collected to help you think and create out of the box web content –

Permeate your story

Tell your brand story in the way they like to read not in the way you want to tell. Cover all your business aspects, product details, etc. but in a way telling how beneficial to them.

Be the leader

Don’t be afraid of writing. You know your company and the product the best. So, bring out all you have or your potential clients and customers in an innovative manner. Let the professional Website Content Writing Services India do this on your behalf.

Be serious at work not in writing

Make content your weapon to kill two birds with a single stone. Try to create light-hearted content that immediately catches eye o the readers and make them read further.

Focus on keywords and phrase them accordingly

Don’t forget that search engine can make you visible on top rankings if you have the right keywords with appropriate content and rest SEO done efficiently. Make your content keyword rich to optimize search rankings.

Keep the accomplishments in website content writing

To stay ahead of the crowd, you need to think ahead from the crowd. As you have competitors in business manually, likewise you have in the online business too. So keep a command on your writing. This you can do by avoiding the use of passive voice. Use attractive vocabulary raising their interest. And, be simple yet effective with variation in your sentence style.

Crisp, clear yet special

Keep it simple, short but explaining. A five-line paragraph is good, but a three-line paragraph will do much better. Even you can let single sentences, and one-liners steal the show.

Revise your links

Update the content as well as the internal links whenever necessary. Linking to other pages is very essential to improve SEO. Expert Web Content Writers take care of this fruitfully.

Use inverted pipe method

Most of the web readers have a short thought period. Within the starting few seconds they decide to stay or leave your page. So, craft your content to like an upside-down pipe or cone. Put the significant and interesting messages on top of the page and gradually come to low with specific and peripheral particulars.

Keep the grammar correct and rechecked

Make sure you make no grammatical or spelling mistakes. This can affect your reputation. Take the help of experts if needed.


Distinguish and manage the content with bullets and numbers to make it easier for them to understand and memorize the specifics.

Adding videos and images to your web content is borax on gold.

For better e-commerce experience, deliver prices, size details and other related specifics of your products on the front page.

Write to all kinds of readers.

Stay original and do check for plagiarism

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Tips to Buy a Splendid New Domain Name

Domain names have been at the vanguard of the digital world for businesses and personal for several years.

Some think that – If you have a high-class and good-looking website and business, individuals will surely visit and you gain potential customers, correct?

Well, not so sure and fast…

Domain name is an imperative key aspect of any website as it makes or breaks the first impression. Moreover, it affects SEO and your brand image in the marketplace. Hence, it is important to give time and choose your new domain name for business wisely. With a perfect and fascinating domain name, you can attain long-term success and growth.

No need to sweat, this can be easier if you follow some important tips like –

Choose creative over standard

Creative, catchy are the words you should think about while buying a new domain for your business, blog, etc. It is quite possible you have lots of competitors in your filed and to stand out from the crowd you need to think out of the box. So, instead of selecting generic terms go for something catchy and mind-blowing that makes sense and expressing your business idea.

Keep it short and concise

Try to choose a name between 6-14 characters because shorter is better in case of the domain name.

Easy to read, spell and write

Today’s generation is always in hurry. So make sure your domain name is easy to read and write. This will make your audience easily type and share on the social media platforms increasing your chances of getting more popularity. Your domain name should roll off the tips of your fingers as well as from the tip of your mouth.

Say no to hyphens and numbers if possible

A domain name should be punchy and smooth. As people likely to forget numbers and hyphens it is better to avoid and stick to the letters.

Keyword is the key

Keyword is the key, A known cliche, right.

But, it’s worthy to have your targeted keyword in the domain name to improve your SEO. You can use the keyword at the beginning of the name making the name dominant and SEO rich.

Check check & check

Once you are done with the name, check its availability on every social media platforms. For better results and to avoid confusions, you should have the same name in every place. This will help your audience to be in touch with you easily on every platform they want.

Choose correct domain name Extension

.com is the best. If possible try to get .com extension. If not, then go or .org. And, if not getting any of these, it is better to look for some other enchanting name. This will surely bring long-lasting benefits to your business reputation and potential revenues.

Your domain name will have a significant impact on the success and potential of your website.

Take help of domain name generators

If nothing comes in mind let the domain name generators help you in getting the best name for you. Seed your targeted keyword and get hundreds of suggestions that can give you an idea of a perfect domain name.

Avoid legal issues

Choose wisely and make sure you buy from a professional and legal domain name seller to avoid any future issues. Such things can hurt your business image in the future.

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Top 7 Content Marketing Tips for a Successful Product Launch

So, the time has arrived to celebrate the Granulations of new product launch…

No wonder it brings different sorts of worries altogether.

The victory of a fresh product launch relies on several factors. With the use of distinct digital marketing tools and channels, you can make certain a victorious introduction. Among all, Content marketing plays a long-lasting role in this. Content containing evergreen appeal leaves a lasting impression on a product launch.

7. Utilize Visual content

With the innovative tools and features offered by several social media platforms, you can use visual content to attract more and more audience.

Come up with some surprising visual teasers to blend the curiosity of your followers. Or just upload some images describing the look or use of your new product. Or you can highlight the launch date and crucial quality of your product with prevailing one-liners. Experienced Product Content Writers are qualified to play a long-term game on social media. They can describe your product innovatively.

6. Capture the essence

Invest your time and energy to create unique, engaging and interesting content for the product launch to make it successful by grabbing the attention of your targeted audiences. A piece of content explaining every essence o your product can make you stay on social media and in demand over time if it touches the heart of audiences. Hence, this will help you in performing better in organic search making your product launch a sensation.

5. Craft and share out captivating Infographics

Become an artist and bring out your all creativity to design attractive infographics. People think twice before buying a newly launched product. With proper knowledge about your product, you can make them believe in you and your product. Eye-catching infographics can help to educate and intrigue your audience simultaneously.

4. Make your audience to write

Let your users generate content with a branded hashtag in the caption. Yes, make them spread the word about your products through some contest or interesting quiz stuff. Offer them some surprising gifts or prizes for participation, etc.

3. Find relevant distributors

All your efforts of writing quality content adorable infographics is of no your if not reach to the right audience. To publish your content approach the relevant channels and distributors that can help you in gaining more potential clients and followers for your product launch.

2. Say aloud with a press release

The press release is important for big exposure of your product launch. It aids in announcing the important aspects of your product launch. Incorporate answers to all the related essential questions like what, when, how, where, why, etc. Make it crisp, clear, easy to understand and to the point. Adding some quotes with the product launch will be a plus.

1. Ask experts for professional content writing services

Creating unique content that stays for long over social media sounds terrifying for newcomers. No worries as today you can hire professional Content Writing Services India, offering excellent writing and related services. They can develop and execute a thorough content marketing strategy in conjunction with your product launch prolifically.


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Want to Upsurge Organic Traffic Go for URL Optimization

The first impression always counts!

And when it is about your website, URL is the first thing introducing your online business or service to users and search engines. So obviously, your website’s URL should have to be clear, engaging and self-explaining.

Some people think a URL is just a sole fingerprint holding the unique position of a web page over the internet. But, the thought of an SEO expert is different. For an SEO expert, it is an effective approach to increase social visibility as it aids search engines to understand the content and purpose of the webpage. As good and relevant would be the URL more the chances of increasing organic traffic. Hence, URL optimization is essential to improve website rankings.

Here are some important tips about URL optimization for better results –

1. Use readable URLs

Users, as well as search engines, prefer easy to read URLs as it provides them clear understanding about the content on the page. Precise and easy-to-understand URL helps you connect with your target marketplace.

For instance

You are looking for professional SEO company in Mumbai, and options is here

which link would our prefer, of course, the first one as it gives you an idea of getting SEO company in Mumbai that you are looking for.

2. KEYWORDS is the key

Using exact targeted keywords in the URL is always a good option as it emphasis the purpose of the webpage. Whether it is informative, transactional, administrative, etc. providing clarity at the beginning will surely add up in your overall online presence and growth.

3. Say yes to hyphens and avoid underscores

Playing by the rules can help a lot in generating organic traffic. To separate keywords in the URL, it is strictly stated that Google algorithm reads hyphen not underscore.

4. Use Canonical URLs

Use canonical URLs to avoid penalties of duplicate content. There are several ways to canonicalize.

5. Shorter is sweeter

Try t use a shorter URL and gain value by keeping it between 50 to 100 characters. The search engine can read long URLs, but shorter will be helpful for users as these are easy to read, copy, paste and share.

6. 301 redirect

Use 301 redirect if you have changed URL for any reason. This will avoid the removal of your already indexed page by search engines.

7. Use mobile-friendly URLs to a sitemap

Mobile-friendly pages have a propensity to rank higher in mobile search results. And, today mobile users are increasing at a rapid rate. So, take leverage of it.

8. Use robot.txt and avoid capital letters in URL

To avoid bad links use robot.txt and to avoid confusion for search engines and users keep URL simpler without capital letters and fancy characters. You can take help of Social Media Marketing Company in Mumbai.

9. Use URL to titles

Using URLs to title achieves typically the human-centric goal, i.e. to permeate a brilliant sense of what the web user searching on the page through the URL.

10. Evade dynamic parameters when possible & create XML sitemaps

XML sitemaps help search engines in finding your site’s pages more efficiently and this can also be used as a reference when picking the canonical URLs.

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Important Social Media Platforms for Your Online Business

All set, to start your dream business!

Finally, all the admin things and process are done accurately place. With all the profoundly perceptive of your new startup and coming brand identity, now it’s time to enlighten the world about your business in a fruitful way.

With the blessing of evolving marketing tools and platforms, it becomes easier to have direct access to your target audience. Today, there are several social media platforms and Social Media Marketing Company in Mumbai that can help you connect with your audience in meaningful interaction aiding you in establishing your brand in their minds and hearts.

To gain long-term benefits of social media you need to heed to the latest technologies and marketing methodologies. Make sure you have a strong and engaging command over social media to perk up your business.

Some easy to use and effective social media platforms you can add in your marketing toolbox are –


One of the most common and highly used platforms that offers target digital advertising platform making you to easily reach a diverse range of audiences. Here, you get people from different age groups and all genders so it simplifies your work of getting the right audience. Facebook’s e-commerce integration is a plus for businesses. Professional Facebook Marketing Services Company in India can help your potential users to easily reach you and your online store in just a few clicks. So, you can increase your numbers and brand popularity with Facebook.


Another promising social media platform for businesses in 2018 is Instagram. This platform assists you to abolish clutter, highlighting your goods and services in an incredibly visual manner. You can attract users by telling your brand’s story with distinctive and appealing visual content. Instagram vigilantes on visuals, both video, and images.


LinkedIn is considered one of the best social networking platforms for professionals. You can get excellent results if having recruiting firm or something related. B2B brands with an objective to grab the attention of business decision-makers and experts can gain incredible leads with this social media platform.


People love to watch interesting videos online and it is your opportunity to bring out your creativity. Create and publish amazing video content to reach and engage your targeted audience.


To drive more traffic to your business portal through images, use Pinterest. You can reach men, women, children across different demographics, including income, age, place, and education level it is an image-focused platform perfect for brands in the home décor, cosmetics, fashion, food, art, and related businesses. Here, your users can directly pick their favourites and buy conveniently in few clicks making you gain sales and visibility.


Hashtags play an imperative role in edifice your posts, hence use relevant hashtags. It offers advertising opportunities with which you can deliver digital ads to your online consumers. Choose from the plenty of ad formats meeting your needs and desires to attain your business digital advertising goals. In addition, you can take help of Twitter Marketing Services Company in India to get your promotions done professionally.


Make people understand you better with this question and answer platform. It offers you an opportunity to be an expert in your filed and make people understand your brand better. By providing reliable, realistic answers increase traffic to your website in addition to overall business growth.


With Google get more attraction and leads. By using all available resources into the platform you can attain success in reaching your potential customers. Its SEO value makes it an important tool for new start-ups and small commerce.

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Important Tips about SEO for Humans

When it comes to SEO; keywords, rankings, strategies, traffic, link building, target audience, content and so many such words start flowing in mind. We put a lot of efforts, strategies, and skills to improve the social presence of our website. But, the point to consider is, are we doing it in the right way.

From decades, we are talking about user-focused SEO strategies, when it comes to SE, but how many of us are actually able to use Professional Organic SEO Services and right strategies to attain the desired results.

Essentially, we are required to target two groups to come up in the top rankings, i.e. the search engine robots like Google and Yahoo, and the humans. We have to maintain a balance to gratify both groups. Effective SEO is concerned to create connections with the targeted audience as connections are what fuel your growth.

Without the right connections, there can be no leads, traffic, sales, profits, etc. For attaining desirable results making lasting connections, defining the right audience and creating a strategy accordingly is important.

On the web, everything is not for everyone. Different businesses have different targeted audiences and users. Based on your targeted audience create fruitful, attractive and interesting content. For better results, try to couple the human side of requirements, wishes, and desires with the logical side of search engine functionality. This will surely aid in boosting the revenue and user relationships.

For the human, make your website content-rich, engaging, attractive and helpful. It should look good in addition to provide them what they are looking for. To help the search engine robots understand your website, use accurate Meta description tags and titles. This will make the website crawl easy and will emerge well in the eye of Google.

Use trustworthy and high-authority links as search engines determine how pages are related to and in what way. Through these links, engines can analyze the reputation of a website and metrics.

Maintain the relevancy of keywords and your page to be in the good books of visitors as well as engines. The best way to delight both groups, write for humans and optimize for Robots. To get the best results, take help of professional SEO Services in Mumbai India.

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Tips to Use Voice Search in SEO for Your Business

Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.” One of the famous quotes encourages people to perk up their businesses’ online presence. SEO plays a vital role in improving the online presence of any website is a very well-known fact. And, voice search is becoming a growing trend in the world of search and indeed something that SEOs should keep their eyes on.

Voice search or voice enables search allows users to give a command to their mobile or internet device by speaking instead of writing. Users of voice search are constantly increasing. Other than computers and phones now home assistant and smart speakers are offered to you that helps you to search whatever you want from anywhere in your space. The search has become more convenient, simple and effective with the voice search options available today in almost every internet device.

People are getting influence to type no more kind of phrases. And, this will cause an impact on the social presence of your business website. To stay ahead and to reach maximum users it’s time to leverage voice search to optimize your business website or application.

Some tips to use voice search in your business

Include informal tone in content

Try to use informal, user-friendly language that people use. It improves your chances of getting more users. Individuals generally use it most while driving or when involve in some other activities so informal phrases like ‘which is the best SEO company Navi Mumbai can help.

Add FAQ pages

A simple approach to using conversational spoken language is to add question and answers pages in an informal tone to your website.

Mobile friendly

Mobile-friendly, Not a new term in SEO. As voice search users are more on mobile make your business website user-friendly.

Long-tail keywords and phrases

Try to use long-tail keywords probably answering the queries of users. ‘Where is, ‘what is’, ‘best for’, ‘nearby me’ and related words in your keywords can help a lot. Try to offer more relevant answers to their questions.

Keep eye on mostly asked questions

Try to answer the questions your targeted audience desire in a concise way. Including answers to frequent questions like best SEO services in Mumbai near me can help.


The best way to find out the impact of your efforts and strategies is to do it yourself. Use voice search with different phrases and questions to understand how it works for your website. On the basis of results, you can compare your rankings and improve the strategies for better results.

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