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Seo Specialists India - SEO News and Trends Update Seo Specialists India - SEO News and Trends  
RSS 6 |  Seo Specialists India - SEO News and Trends

Gain Popularity with Facebook Marketing SEO Tips

Undoubtedly, social media marketing is playing a fantastic role in increasing sales of online businesses. It helps in improving brand loyalty, recognition among potential customers. With millions of users on-board, Facebook has gained the number one position for social media marketing. All happens as Facebook marketing also helps with SEO.

But, many people think what exactly Facebook SEO can do for their business?

Hiring Facebook Marketing Services Company in India is a good approach for gaining popularity and revenues you desire in a timely manner. Experts can help to convert leads into business, elevated conversion rates and superior ranks in SERP. Seospecialistsindia is the best company you can trust for accomplishing your entire Facebook marketing objectives.

Facebook SEO can do a lot for your business and here are the tips you can apply in Facebook marketing SEO.

Win the game with the best name

To skyrocket brand awareness and overall growth, choose the best and attractive Facebook page name. It is the first step to optimize your Facebook page.

Optimization of Page URL

Your Facebook URL should be in matching with your product, business or brand name. It helps in better promotions, also ease individuals to memorize your brand or products.

Keywords in about section

Generally, people judge your brand through about pages. So, your about section should cover specific details and understanding including what, who, etc. about you and your brand. With targeted keywords in about, you can make your audience to find you effortlessly. So use relevant high traffic keywords.

Share without fear

Add complete business address and contact details. Many of us do not like this due to the fear of unwanted enquires. Adding these details is good in the eyes of bots. So share without fear.

Update and optimize status page

Posting updates regularly is a good activity. But, doing it cleverly is important for SEO. The beginning of “Write something…” serves as the Meta description for you. So make out the best of it by using it as a title in SEO.

Use keywords

Though Facebook marketing can be a friendly platform to connect with clients, using keywords is important. Use relevant keywords in most places as we do in on-page SEO. Company objective, about section, brand Description, are some areas used as SEO elements in Facebook page marketing.

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(Published: Wed, 22 Aug 2018 12:00:09 +0000)

Follow the Tips to Bloom your Blogs with SEO

Writing is an art and the skill improves with practice. In terms of publicity and SEO, good writing is not enough. Even you have eye-catching thoughts, a different way of writing and style, if your blog is not reaching to your audiences all efforts are wasted. So, using the right SEO techniques is important to make your blog popular among your targeted audiences. Whether you are hiring Professional Blogging Services or writing your own blogs, SEO is imperative.

Blogging is the answer to user-friendly SEO. With the help of effective SEO let you tap into an infinite stream of highly targeted traffic in a cost-effective manner. It helps in converting and nurturing visitors into customers, drawing organic traffic, engage your customers, makes you different from the rest and also grows the interest and demand of your services and products increasing your overall growth.

To make your blog SEO perfect and noticed, follow these tips – Keyword research is important

Do thorough keyword research as it is the key to better On-page optimization. Including the right keywords increases the probability of getting your content noticed. You can choose any keyword tool from the array available.

Use long-tail keywords

After choosing a couple of relevant and important keywords, place them in the right place. Say no to stuffing. Use keywords in a way that it puts a great impact on a search engine and humans. Use it in titles, introductory sentences, Meta descriptions, conclusions, headings, etc.

Image optimization

For making your blogs eye-catching and pleasing to audiences, using images and videos is a good idea. Include keyword in the file name and description of it. You can take help of professional Blog Writing Services India for better results.

Link the links

Building links is a good way to approach more audiences. When you are mentioning any other article or blog incorporate a link. This will provide you with good backlinks that can bring you in to search result pages.

Involve your readers

People love to read interesting stuff in addition to you can give them the opportunity to subscribe for further amazing posts of yours. Comprise significantly placed RSS or Feed Subscription Buttons in your blogs. With this, your readers and followers will have notification of your new posts.

Greet and serve your audience well

Other than providing fresh, interesting and unique content, show your gratitude in a timely manner. Let them know how important they are to you.

Be patient

Getting no or slow results even after your entire efforts, don’t panic be patient. It might take some time to new blogs crawl and get noticed.

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(Published: Mon, 20 Aug 2018 12:38:57 +0000)

Freshers Get Ready to Embark on a Victorious SEO Journey

Are you looking for a job? Are you a fresher and want to make a career in SEO? If yes then you landed in the right place.

SEO is one of the most powerful yet confusing words for the beginners. In today’s digital world, SEO is a catalyst for the success of several top ranking online businesses and activities. So making a career in this field can make you shine. But, it is difficult to crack the interviews without proper knowledge of the field.

Here, are some basic questions asked in interviews that you can prepare to get the opportunity to work in the SEO division.

Que1. What is SEO? Or what do you mean by the term SEO?

Ans1. It is the most basic question you would be asked. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process to improve the Search Engine rankings of websites, services, products, blog or any other online content. It involves the implementation of various techniques and tactics like keywords research, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, etc. With effective SEO one can earn natural, unpaid organic traffic.

Be specific and confident in your answers and do not use any words about which you have no or less knowledge. The interviewer can trap you from your answers. They can ask further questions from your answer like –What is on-page off-page SEO, how you do keyword research etc.

Don’t worry we will further discuss these questions as well.

Que2. Explain crawling, domain extension, web hosting, indexing.

Ans2. You should have a brief knowledge of all such small terms. At least you should know the basic definition.

Crawling – It is an automated process of acquiring data about a website. It means the search engines spiders/crawler/ bots search a website and gather details concerning every page counting the images, keywords, titles, etc.

Domain Extension – The notion used at the end of the name of the website like .com, .org, .in, .ed, .uk, etc. are the domain extension. It specifies the country code and specific organization.

Web Hosting – Services and technologies provided to businesses and website owners to store information and to be viewed over the internet.

Indexing – It is the process of adding WebPages in the Google directory after the completion of crawling.

Que3. Do you know about SERP?

Ans3. Search Engine Result Page or SERP are the pages showed by search engines as an answer to any query typed by the user. It also includes some advertisements on top.

Que4. What is a keyword?

Ans4. In terms of SEO, keywords are the phrases and words that searchers enter to search something into search engines. It defines your web page. Right keywords can help to rank well in search engines. In includes short-tail and long-tail keywords.

Que5. Explain long-tail keywords?

Ans5. Phrases with 4+ words are long tail keywords. These are better for more specific search and easy to rank.

Que6. What is on-page SEO?

Ans.6 On-page SEO includes the entire activities and tricks performed within the websites for getting top ranking and to attain more appropriate traffic from the search engines.

Que7. What is Off-page SEO?

Ans7. The other techniques and activities performed for improving the rankings of any website is call Off-page SEO. It incorporates numerous promotional activities, social media marketing, content marketing, link building, etc.

Que8. What are backlinks?

Ans8. Backlinks are valuable for better SEO. It refers to the incoming links from other links to your website. Genuine and good backlinks can help improve rankings in search engines.

SEO is a vast world in itself as you go deep you get more to know and learn new. We will come soon with more helpful SEO related questions.

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(Published: Fri, 17 Aug 2018 12:49:47 +0000)

Top 10 Advantages of SEO for Businesses

At the beginning of digital marketing, almost every newcomer looks for the best technologies and skills for establishing a remarkable imprint on potential clients and customers. Many of them get baffled when they hear about SEO for the first time.

Yes, it’s quite obvious because SEO in itself is a giant world. If used correctly it can help you rule and make a noteworthy position in your digital market field. SEO is one of the most reliable and efficient approaches amid other tactics and process to nurture new businesses.

Some top advantages of SEO for businesses are described below that will blow your mind and make you choose the best SEO Specialists India to serve you.

  1. Stay High and Give Tough Competition to Business Rivals

In the marathon of online business, with professional SEO you can be the first to come in sight of audiences, to earn more than your competitors. Ultimately you will win the race and be on top of search engines.

  1. Growth in Website Organic Traffic

All efforts are to improve your organic website traffic. As you begin the SEO efforts, traffic will boost steadily. To observe the improved results use reporting tools and Google Analytics and watch your sales touches the roof.

  1. Improve Brand Awareness

With higher rankings on the SERPs, you can build brand awareness. When your website appears in the top rankings of search engines, a number of potential customers automatically increases making your brand popular. This also builds up strong web presence boosting your revenues.

  1. Cost-Effective Approach

Unlike other costly advertising methods, SEO is a cost-effective approach in which you need to put a little amount of hard earned money and receive higher profits. Moreover, the results are permanent as you huge brand exposure and opportunity capture more leads. Enjoy high ROI on less investment.

  1. Make Your First Impression Impressive

Don’t judge a cover by its book a known cliché, but honestly, we all do. So with SEO, you can make your first impression impressive by coming in the top rankings of search engines.

  1. Become Mobile Friendly

For combating with the mobile-friendly update of the Google algorithm, SEO can help. Updating to an eye-catching and responsive web design, SEO can significantly aid in providing an excellent user experience to the mobile users. Addition of premium pictures with useful descriptive text provides great mobile optimization.

  1. 2 4/7 Promotions

You work on SEO in the day, but it works for you 24/7. SEO does not sleep and works to improve your rankings constantly.

  1. Long-Lasting Results

It might take a long time for a website to optimize come in top rankings. But, once it is done, you will be in your high position. SEO results are long-lasting and trustworthy. Keep an eye on the Google algorithm updates and update SEO accordingly to avoid any loss.

  1. Superior Conversion Rates

SEO-optimized websites load quicker, are effortless to read and surf. These appear accurately in nearly all kinds of devices, counting mobile and tablets. This will help you to grab and retain the attention of visitors and win the competition by turning them into your customers and permanent visitors.

  1. Improve Your Overall Online Presence

Along with the search engines, you can promote yourself on the social media platforms to gain more views and customers. Make mind-blowing presence over YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms with social media marketing SEO and gain more clients and customers.

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(Published: Thu, 16 Aug 2018 12:51:22 +0000)

Retain SEO Effortlessly While Website Redesign

The decision to redesign your old business website is a good opportunity to come up with fresh content, look, and energy. This can increase your overall business growth, a number of potential clients as well as revenues. But, it can hurt your hard-earned organic traffic and rankings if not done correctly. Redesigning an existing website requires more attention and efforts to retain and improve the current SEO status.

Follow these tips and do not decimate your organic traffic – Before the beginning

Think about the SEO before touching your site to redesign. Prefer professional Website Designing Services to get the best results if lacking developer team of your own.

Backup your current site. Now it’s time to set a development website to no index, no follow. Make sure the entire important search engine responsive URLs are working right.

Remove outdated pages

Use the opportunity to remove the useless or old pages at this stage to lighten your website. Old promotional offers or contests page of no use should be removed.

Content design

Update the existing content; bring up fresh elements in it. Make sure the spelling errors, grammar and proofread is done fruitfully. You can change the quality, look, and style of the content to make it more engaging and catchy. Evaluate content for accurate Meta title and description used.

Accumulate the benchmark metrics

Keep all the essential website data counting ranking, indexed pages, organic traffic, revenues, and conversion rate website previously. You can compare further it with the new website when goes live.

At the time of Website redesign

Configure robot.txt to prevent your site from getting indexed. You can hire the best Web Development Company in Mumbai India. They have years of experience in website redesigning making them provide excellent redesign without hurting your SEO.

Let the development and SEO team work hand in hand

Proper alliance amid the teams throughout the redesign process is important to make the things smooth and profitable.

Ensure correct description, page title, and heading tags

Make sure all the descriptions, tags and titles are proper in each page,

Check the internal and external links

Whether you are adding new pages or not, ensure all the links are redirecting to the right site. For newly added links try to link them with older good ranking pages.

Check all the images and alt tags. Check responsiveness as well.

A coming soon page

It is better to put a coming soon message or something like that for non-working functionalities for your visitors when the redesigning is in process.

Post website redesign checks

Certainly, your site’s navigation should work efficiently and the 301 redirects are ok.

Create new robot.txt for your newly designed website. Additionally, craft an XML sitemap for Google search console.

Now you can observe the magic of website redesign by observing the changes in rankings and traffic.

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(Published: Tue, 14 Aug 2018 12:45:46 +0000)

Fall in Love with Website Content Writing

Love reading!

That’s a very good habit and book lovers like to read a lot of books, novels, etc. from the vast collection of books, with very few of them we get attached to, We find a connection with the characters and the story and writers. Reading fabulous writing is like enjoying some great singer. If the artist makes a touching connection with us even with some errors, we would love to read the whole book.

Well, it happens only with print media. Website content writing is totally different from it.

Web content is scanned. Or peeked at. Not read.

Today, the web visitors are always in hurry and hunt for the real knowledge of their interest. Whether it is to buy something online or to gather some information about particulars, they want quick and concise results.

They don’t give you a second chance at having millions of options at their fingertips, they switch to another site if didn’t get what they were looking for. Therefore, your website content should have to be crystal clear, attention-grabbing and in-depth to engage web visitors and hold readers’ attention.

Here are some effective tips collected to help you think and create out of the box web content –

Permeate your story

Tell your brand story in the way they like to read not in the way you want to tell. Cover all your business aspects, product details, etc. but in a way telling how beneficial to them.

Be the leader

Don’t be afraid of writing. You know your company and the product the best. So, bring out all you have or your potential clients and customers in an innovative manner. Let the professional Website Content Writing Services India do this on your behalf.

Be serious at work not in writing

Make content your weapon to kill two birds with a single stone. Try to create light-hearted content that immediately catches eye o the readers and make them read further.

Focus on keywords and phrase them accordingly

Don’t forget that search engine can make you visible on top rankings if you have the right keywords with appropriate content and rest SEO done efficiently. Make your content keyword rich to optimize search rankings.

Keep the accomplishments in website content writing

To stay ahead of the crowd, you need to think ahead from the crowd. As you have competitors in business manually, likewise you have in the online business too. So keep a command on your writing. This you can do by avoiding the use of passive voice. Use attractive vocabulary raising their interest. And, be simple yet effective with variation in your sentence style.

Crisp, clear yet special

Keep it simple, short but explaining. A five-line paragraph is good, but a three-line paragraph will do much better. Even you can let single sentences, and one-liners steal the show.

Revise your links

Update the content as well as the internal links whenever necessary. Linking to other pages is very essential to improve SEO. Expert Web Content Writers take care of this fruitfully.

Use inverted pipe method

Most of the web readers have a short thought period. Within the starting few seconds they decide to stay or leave your page. So, craft your content to like an upside-down pipe or cone. Put the significant and interesting messages on top of the page and gradually come to low with specific and peripheral particulars.

Keep the grammar correct and rechecked

Make sure you make no grammatical or spelling mistakes. This can affect your reputation. Take the help of experts if needed.


Distinguish and manage the content with bullets and numbers to make it easier for them to understand and memorize the specifics.

Adding videos and images to your web content is borax on gold.

For better e-commerce experience, deliver prices, size details and other related specifics of your products on the front page.

Write to all kinds of readers.

Stay original and do check for plagiarism

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(Published: Mon, 13 Aug 2018 11:29:27 +0000)

Tips to Buy a Splendid New Domain Name

Domain names have been at the vanguard of the digital world for businesses and personal for several years.

Some think that – If you have a high-class and good-looking website and business, individuals will surely visit and you gain potential customers, correct?

Well, not so sure and fast…

Domain name is an imperative key aspect of any website as it makes or breaks the first impression. Moreover, it affects SEO and your brand image in the marketplace. Hence, it is important to give time and choose your new domain name for business wisely. With a perfect and fascinating domain name, you can attain long-term success and growth.

No need to sweat, this can be easier if you follow some important tips like –

Choose creative over standard

Creative, catchy are the words you should think about while buying a new domain for your business, blog, etc. It is quite possible you have lots of competitors in your filed and to stand out from the crowd you need to think out of the box. So, instead of selecting generic terms go for something catchy and mind-blowing that makes sense and expressing your business idea.

Keep it short and concise

Try to choose a name between 6-14 characters because shorter is better in case of the domain name.

Easy to read, spell and write

Today’s generation is always in hurry. So make sure your domain name is easy to read and write. This will make your audience easily type and share on the social media platforms increasing your chances of getting more popularity. Your domain name should roll off the tips of your fingers as well as from the tip of your mouth.

Say no to hyphens and numbers if possible

A domain name should be punchy and smooth. As people likely to forget numbers and hyphens it is better to avoid and stick to the letters.

Keyword is the key

Keyword is the key, A known cliche, right.

But, it’s worthy to have your targeted keyword in the domain name to improve your SEO. You can use the keyword at the beginning of the name making the name dominant and SEO rich.

Check check & check

Once you are done with the name, check its availability on every social media platforms. For better results and to avoid confusions, you should have the same name in every place. This will help your audience to be in touch with you easily on every platform they want.

Choose correct domain name Extension

.com is the best. If possible try to get .com extension. If not, then go or .org. And, if not getting any of these, it is better to look for some other enchanting name. This will surely bring long-lasting benefits to your business reputation and potential revenues.

Your domain name will have a significant impact on the success and potential of your website.

Take help of domain name generators

If nothing comes in mind let the domain name generators help you in getting the best name for you. Seed your targeted keyword and get hundreds of suggestions that can give you an idea of a perfect domain name.

Avoid legal issues

Choose wisely and make sure you buy from a professional and legal domain name seller to avoid any future issues. Such things can hurt your business image in the future.

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(Published: Sat, 11 Aug 2018 09:48:21 +0000)

Top 7 Content Marketing Tips for a Successful Product Launch

So, the time has arrived to celebrate the Granulations of new product launch…

No wonder it brings different sorts of worries altogether.

The victory of a fresh product launch relies on several factors. With the use of distinct digital marketing tools and channels, you can make certain a victorious introduction. Among all, Content marketing plays a long-lasting role in this. Content containing evergreen appeal leaves a lasting impression on a product launch.

7. Utilize Visual content

With the innovative tools and features offered by several social media platforms, you can use visual content to attract more and more audience.

Come up with some surprising visual teasers to blend the curiosity of your followers. Or just upload some images describing the look or use of your new product. Or you can highlight the launch date and crucial quality of your product with prevailing one-liners. Experienced Product Content Writers are qualified to play a long-term game on social media. They can describe your product innovatively.

6. Capture the essence

Invest your time and energy to create unique, engaging and interesting content for the product launch to make it successful by grabbing the attention of your targeted audiences. A piece of content explaining every essence o your product can make you stay on social media and in demand over time if it touches the heart of audiences. Hence, this will help you in performing better in organic search making your product launch a sensation.

5. Craft and share out captivating Infographics

Become an artist and bring out your all creativity to design attractive infographics. People think twice before buying a newly launched product. With proper knowledge about your product, you can make them believe in you and your product. Eye-catching infographics can help to educate and intrigue your audience simultaneously.

4. Make your audience to write

Let your users generate content with a branded hashtag in the caption. Yes, make them spread the word about your products through some contest or interesting quiz stuff. Offer them some surprising gifts or prizes for participation, etc.

3. Find relevant distributors

All your efforts of writing quality content adorable infographics is of no your if not reach to the right audience. To publish your content approach the relevant channels and distributors that can help you in gaining more potential clients and followers for your product launch.

2. Say aloud with a press release

The press release is important for big exposure of your product launch. It aids in announcing the important aspects of your product launch. Incorporate answers to all the related essential questions like what, when, how, where, why, etc. Make it crisp, clear, easy to understand and to the point. Adding some quotes with the product launch will be a plus.

1. Ask experts for professional content writing services

Creating unique content that stays for long over social media sounds terrifying for newcomers. No worries as today you can hire professional Content Writing Services India, offering excellent writing and related services. They can develop and execute a thorough content marketing strategy in conjunction with your product launch prolifically.


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(Published: Fri, 10 Aug 2018 09:54:29 +0000)

Want to Upsurge Organic Traffic Go for URL Optimization

The first impression always counts!

And when it is about your website, URL is the first thing introducing your online business or service to users and search engines. So obviously, your website’s URL should have to be clear, engaging and self-explaining.

Some people think a URL is just a sole fingerprint holding the unique position of a web page over the internet. But, the thought of an SEO expert is different. For an SEO expert, it is an effective approach to increase social visibility as it aids search engines to understand the content and purpose of the webpage. As good and relevant would be the URL more the chances of increasing organic traffic. Hence, URL optimization is essential to improve website rankings.

Here are some important tips about URL optimization for better results –

1. Use readable URLs

Users, as well as search engines, prefer easy to read URLs as it provides them clear understanding about the content on the page. Precise and easy-to-understand URL helps you connect with your target marketplace.

For instance

You are looking for professional SEO company in Mumbai, and options is here

which link would our prefer, of course, the first one as it gives you an idea of getting SEO company in Mumbai that you are looking for.

2. KEYWORDS is the key

Using exact targeted keywords in the URL is always a good option as it emphasis the purpose of the webpage. Whether it is informative, transactional, administrative, etc. providing clarity at the beginning will surely add up in your overall online presence and growth.

3. Say yes to hyphens and avoid underscores

Playing by the rules can help a lot in generating organic traffic. To separate keywords in the URL, it is strictly stated that Google algorithm reads hyphen not underscore.

4. Use Canonical URLs

Use canonical URLs to avoid penalties of duplicate content. There are several ways to canonicalize.

5. Shorter is sweeter

Try t use a shorter URL and gain value by keeping it between 50 to 100 characters. The search engine can read long URLs, but shorter will be helpful for users as these are easy to read, copy, paste and share.

6. 301 redirect

Use 301 redirect if you have changed URL for any reason. This will avoid the removal of your already indexed page by search engines.

7. Use mobile-friendly URLs to a sitemap

Mobile-friendly pages have a propensity to rank higher in mobile search results. And, today mobile users are increasing at a rapid rate. So, take leverage of it.

8. Use robot.txt and avoid capital letters in URL

To avoid bad links use robot.txt and to avoid confusion for search engines and users keep URL simpler without capital letters and fancy characters. You can take help of Social Media Marketing Company in Mumbai.

9. Use URL to titles

Using URLs to title achieves typically the human-centric goal, i.e. to permeate a brilliant sense of what the web user searching on the page through the URL.

10. Evade dynamic parameters when possible & create XML sitemaps

XML sitemaps help search engines in finding your site’s pages more efficiently and this can also be used as a reference when picking the canonical URLs.

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Important Social Media Platforms for Your Online Business

All set, to start your dream business!

Finally, all the admin things and process are done accurately place. With all the profoundly perceptive of your new startup and coming brand identity, now it’s time to enlighten the world about your business in a fruitful way.

With the blessing of evolving marketing tools and platforms, it becomes easier to have direct access to your target audience. Today, there are several social media platforms and Social Media Marketing Company in Mumbai that can help you connect with your audience in meaningful interaction aiding you in establishing your brand in their minds and hearts.

To gain long-term benefits of social media you need to heed to the latest technologies and marketing methodologies. Make sure you have a strong and engaging command over social media to perk up your business.

Some easy to use and effective social media platforms you can add in your marketing toolbox are –


One of the most common and highly used platforms that offers target digital advertising platform making you to easily reach a diverse range of audiences. Here, you get people from different age groups and all genders so it simplifies your work of getting the right audience. Facebook’s e-commerce integration is a plus for businesses. Professional Facebook Marketing Services Company in India can help your potential users to easily reach you and your online store in just a few clicks. So, you can increase your numbers and brand popularity with Facebook.


Another promising social media platform for businesses in 2018 is Instagram. This platform assists you to abolish clutter, highlighting your goods and services in an incredibly visual manner. You can attract users by telling your brand’s story with distinctive and appealing visual content. Instagram vigilantes on visuals, both video, and images.


LinkedIn is considered one of the best social networking platforms for professionals. You can get excellent results if having recruiting firm or something related. B2B brands with an objective to grab the attention of business decision-makers and experts can gain incredible leads with this social media platform.


People love to watch interesting videos online and it is your opportunity to bring out your creativity. Create and publish amazing video content to reach and engage your targeted audience.


To drive more traffic to your business portal through images, use Pinterest. You can reach men, women, children across different demographics, including income, age, place, and education level it is an image-focused platform perfect for brands in the home décor, cosmetics, fashion, food, art, and related businesses. Here, your users can directly pick their favourites and buy conveniently in few clicks making you gain sales and visibility.


Hashtags play an imperative role in edifice your posts, hence use relevant hashtags. It offers advertising opportunities with which you can deliver digital ads to your online consumers. Choose from the plenty of ad formats meeting your needs and desires to attain your business digital advertising goals. In addition, you can take help of Twitter Marketing Services Company in India to get your promotions done professionally.


Make people understand you better with this question and answer platform. It offers you an opportunity to be an expert in your filed and make people understand your brand better. By providing reliable, realistic answers increase traffic to your website in addition to overall business growth.


With Google get more attraction and leads. By using all available resources into the platform you can attain success in reaching your potential customers. Its SEO value makes it an important tool for new start-ups and small commerce.

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Important Tips about SEO for Humans

When it comes to SEO; keywords, rankings, strategies, traffic, link building, target audience, content and so many such words start flowing in mind. We put a lot of efforts, strategies, and skills to improve the social presence of our website. But, the point to consider is, are we doing it in the right way.

From decades, we are talking about user-focused SEO strategies, when it comes to SE, but how many of us are actually able to use Professional Organic SEO Services and right strategies to attain the desired results.

Essentially, we are required to target two groups to come up in the top rankings, i.e. the search engine robots like Google and Yahoo, and the humans. We have to maintain a balance to gratify both groups. Effective SEO is concerned to create connections with the targeted audience as connections are what fuel your growth.

Without the right connections, there can be no leads, traffic, sales, profits, etc. For attaining desirable results making lasting connections, defining the right audience and creating a strategy accordingly is important.

On the web, everything is not for everyone. Different businesses have different targeted audiences and users. Based on your targeted audience create fruitful, attractive and interesting content. For better results, try to couple the human side of requirements, wishes, and desires with the logical side of search engine functionality. This will surely aid in boosting the revenue and user relationships.

For the human, make your website content-rich, engaging, attractive and helpful. It should look good in addition to provide them what they are looking for. To help the search engine robots understand your website, use accurate Meta description tags and titles. This will make the website crawl easy and will emerge well in the eye of Google.

Use trustworthy and high-authority links as search engines determine how pages are related to and in what way. Through these links, engines can analyze the reputation of a website and metrics.

Maintain the relevancy of keywords and your page to be in the good books of visitors as well as engines. The best way to delight both groups, write for humans and optimize for Robots. To get the best results, take help of professional SEO Services in Mumbai India.

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Tips to Use Voice Search in SEO for Your Business

Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.” One of the famous quotes encourages people to perk up their businesses’ online presence. SEO plays a vital role in improving the online presence of any website is a very well-known fact. And, voice search is becoming a growing trend in the world of search and indeed something that SEOs should keep their eyes on.

Voice search or voice enables search allows users to give a command to their mobile or internet device by speaking instead of writing. Users of voice search are constantly increasing. Other than computers and phones now home assistant and smart speakers are offered to you that helps you to search whatever you want from anywhere in your space. The search has become more convenient, simple and effective with the voice search options available today in almost every internet device.

People are getting influence to type no more kind of phrases. And, this will cause an impact on the social presence of your business website. To stay ahead and to reach maximum users it’s time to leverage voice search to optimize your business website or application.

Some tips to use voice search in your business

Include informal tone in content

Try to use informal, user-friendly language that people use. It improves your chances of getting more users. Individuals generally use it most while driving or when involve in some other activities so informal phrases like ‘which is the best SEO company Navi Mumbai can help.

Add FAQ pages

A simple approach to using conversational spoken language is to add question and answers pages in an informal tone to your website.

Mobile friendly

Mobile-friendly, Not a new term in SEO. As voice search users are more on mobile make your business website user-friendly.

Long-tail keywords and phrases

Try to use long-tail keywords probably answering the queries of users. ‘Where is, ‘what is’, ‘best for’, ‘nearby me’ and related words in your keywords can help a lot. Try to offer more relevant answers to their questions.

Keep eye on mostly asked questions

Try to answer the questions your targeted audience desire in a concise way. Including answers to frequent questions like best SEO services in Mumbai near me can help.


The best way to find out the impact of your efforts and strategies is to do it yourself. Use voice search with different phrases and questions to understand how it works for your website. On the basis of results, you can compare your rankings and improve the strategies for better results.

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How to Search on Google Effectively

When an internet user needs to find anything on the World Wide Web, first thing he does is to ask Google. He types in the necessary word or words and Google displays the relevant results. Most of the time he is satisfied with the results. But under certain circumstances Google does not provide the exact answers we are looking for. The answers to the query might not be what we are looking for. This looks like an interesting case study for people interested in SEO and search engine rankings. How can we make Google provide the proper answers? Are there any Google search tips and tricks to easily find the information?

Searching in Google is one of the important functions we do every day. This website has become a necessary part of our life. An SEO analyst should be curious what happens when people do not get the right results. They must probably be changing their search pattern. Mostly likely they might give up after few attempts. But there are some who do know how to google something. Yes there are certain tips and tricks to hasten your search query. They help you to get the most of search engines. Let us find out what these search methods are:

1) Use of quotations: When you need to search for a phrase use quotations marks around the phrase. For e.g.: if you are searching for Mumbai local train timetable, add quote marks before and after the phrase. So when you type in this manner “Mumbai local train timetable”, Google will fetch you the right results you are looking for. Of course, the phrase should be exactly in the way you would expect Google to show. Instead of the above phrase if you type “Mumbai local timetable train”, (note the position of the word timetable) you would hardly get any results.

2) Add or remove some search results: Not only SEO experts, but every common man should be aware of this useful web trick. When you query Google, the search engine understands what you are looking for. But sometimes it can provide you unnecessary details. To include certain searches while excluding others one needs to add the plus and minus sign before the words.

So just for example, consider you are looking for a hotel ABC located both at Mumbai city and Paris city. You need to visit the Mumbai hotel so in Google you need to type hotel ABC +mumbai -paris. The search engine will show you results for hotel ABC in Mumbai city and not in Paris. If you just type hotel ABC, it will show you results for both Mumbai and Paris.

3) The wildcard operator (*): This is another useful trick to search for a missing term on Google. Most probably you are not sure of the information to type, hence you can use an * mark to substitute that word. So to find out who invented the first telephone you type – first telephone was invented by *. The asterisk is used to replace the inventor name who incidentally is Alexander Graham Bell.

4) Searching for related words: Few SEO professionals must be aware of this trick. To search for a related word in addition to the original search term/s use the symbol ~. So if you want to search for Tourism in Mumbai and also want to include the word Bollywood in it, type “tourism Mumbai” ~Bollywood.

5) Quick definitions: To quickly find the definition of some term, type define:search term. Google will provide the definition of the search term. To find out what is the definition of SEO, type in Google define:SEO. The search engine will provide you the answer.

6) Site search feature: This is another useful way to get to a particular webpage or section in a website. For e.g., if you want to visit the trucks and buses page of Tata Motors go to google and type in the search box trucks and buses. Remember ‘trucks and buses’ are not part of the domain name but rather are a search term. Google will directly show you the relevant links of trucks and buses in the website.

It can be quite frustrating if you do not find the stuff you are looking for on search engines. Knowing the different tactics provided by Google helps us to procure the information we are looking for. An SEO professional should also be aware of these different ways of searching to strengthen his search engine strategies.

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What Did Indians Search for in 2017?

It is always good to know what people are searching on Google and other portals. For the SEO professional it is crucial to understand trends and what is popular. It helps in understanding what works and what does not. Knowing the past trends also helps in predicting the future trends. Indians have taken to the internet as fish to water. In our country the internet usage is increasing gradually but surely. Day by day, more and more Indians are joining the internet as they hear about its popularity.

According to some SEO analytical reports, by the beginning of the next decade more than half of India’s population would be accessing the internet. And they would be doing it not only on PCs, but also on smartphones, tablets, laptops and future mobile devices. Ask anybody what is their favorite search engine and they would reply Google. Yes, Google has been the primary search engine for searching anything on the wide web. Bing and Yahoo are also been used but their usage is not considerable. People joke that they only use these websites when Google is down for some reasons.

So somebody who is interested in SEO would ask what did Indians search for in 2017? What caught their fancy? It would be an interesting read to know what goes in the minds of our country people. Let us find out some of the top searches which were revealed by analysts:

1) Bollywood

This is an all time favourite. Indians can never get enough of Bollywood. I am sure everybody must have heard of this Indian movie industry. If somebody has not heard either he or she must have been in a coma for long time or must have been living a hermit life in the jungle. But jokes apart, Bollywood is serious movie business. Their movies are not only famous in India, but internationally also. People can never get tired of this glamour world. There are several websites based primarily on Bollywood and are doing good from the SEO perspective.

2) Cricket

This is the nation’s most adored sport. And therefore one of the top Google searches of 2017. Why are people so passionate for this game of bat and ball? Why is cricket the favourite sport of India? We will try to deal with these questions later in a different article. But it definitely satisfies the SEO enthusiast’s query that cricket and sports were the top search terms in 2017.

3) GST

Post-demonetisation our country had to face another new major change in the form of GST. People were curious what it was and how it would affect them. It was a big change in the taxation field and affected both consumers and businessmen. The first point of getting any answers was Google. SEO analysts saw a spike in Google searches for this term.

4) Bitcoins

Another term which caught the attention of Indian netizens in 2017 was the word Bitcoins. This cryptocurrency ruled the roost on Google for sometime because of its high valuations. People wanted to know all about Bitcoins and how to trade and invest in them. As SEO experts, we have to realize that we Indians are always interested in money making activities and do not ignore other avenues of earning some extra money.

5) Aadhaar and Pan cards

One of the trends SEO analysis revealed was to do with Aadhaar cards. With the government directive to link Aadhaar and Pan cards, many Indians were interested in knowing how to go about it. With the deadline drawing near many people wanted to know ‘how to link Aadhaar with PAN card’ and ‘how to link Aadhaar with mobile number’. As Aadhaar is slowly becoming mandatory in all sectors of our lives, it will continue to draw attention on search engines at least for the coming future.

6) Miss World Beauty Pageant

Our score in the Olympics may not be much, but we Indians surely have a good reputation in the Miss World contests. First it was Aishwarya Rai, Diana Hayden and Yukta Mookhey to name a few Indian Miss World winners. And the recent winner Manushi Chhillar not only charmed the international world but also captivated the hearts of Indians. This was apparent by the Google searches in India for Manushi Chhillar in an effort to know more about her.

Though these top searches which are annually released may or may not relate to your industry, it is always better to keep our ears and eyes open. The SEO expert is always expected to pick up clues and indications of what is happening in his or her sphere of interests. There will always be such trends in the future, some temporary, while some lasting for a longer time.

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Businesses Which Can Benefit From SEO

Few years back when you required a particular product or service the first thing you would refer to was the Yellow pages. This business directory could be found everywhere: in homes, offices, clubs and libraries. And you could get these thick books absolutely free. You just needed to look out for the listing of the desired product and call their offices. The bigger the Ad of the manufacturer, the more the chances of them being noticed. Another way to look out for your desired product was to call your landline telephone inquiry number and ask them.

With the advent of the internet and SEO, the yellow pages can hardly be found anywhere. People have stopped referring to these directories. These business friendly books were a cheap and easy way to get noticed not only for national companies but also for the local industries too. The landline telephone number has also taken a backstage. With the birth of mobile phones you can hardly find a proper landline phone. But businesses and industries will continue to need to be noticed. Some of them cannot afford the expensive hoardings, TV and newspaper advertisements or a marketing team.

There is a solution for such companies who want to be noticed by the general public but are on a shoestring budget. The answer is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. For some, who are not so tech savvy, it is vital to get used to this acronym. In layman’s terms, it is about getting your business noticed on the internet. An ideal place on the internet is on the first page of search engines. That’s where your business gets noticed. Several businesses can utilize this internet strategy but there are some who can reap the maximum benefit. The best businesses to target for SEO are given below. See if you are one of them:

1) A New Business
A business which has just commenced operations, or a Startup for short, can tremendously benefit from SEO. Startups in the beginning have very less or almost zero awareness in the market. Also they do not have the necessary budget to advertise their brand or products. One way to get people to know about their business is to use the power of SEO. It is cheaper as well as easy to use. Only requirement is to post fresh unique content regularly and optimize through appropriate keywords.

2) Handyman Services
Plumbers, electricians, house repair workmen all are essential services. Usually they do not advertise their services. So suppose on one very hot day in summer your ceiling fan stops working. You need an electrician to fix it. If you are not aware of any electrician, what is the first place you look? Obviously by googling it on your mobile. Such essential handyman services could benefit a lot by using SEO to highlight their businesses. They can enlist on local online directories or use Google My Business tool. This is a free and easy to use tool for businesses to manage their online presence.

3) Bars and Restaurants
I do not know about others, but when I get bored of eating at a particular restaurant I search online to find a new restaurant. There I find menus, recent prices, images, special dishes and the contact details of the restaurants. Certainly the Bar and Restaurant business can benefit in a big way by using SEO. It is the perfect way to attract more customers to your restaurant. With the right SEO, restaurants and bars will not only rank higher in search engine pages but also in popularity and sales.

4) Real Estate Offices
Cities are growing and expanding. The construction industry is thriving day by day. Everywhere one can see new buildings and offices coming up. People are looking for cheaper houses with better facilities. Businessmen are searching for better offices and shops to market their products. What do you do in such cases? Approach real estate offices and agents to get you the right property at the right price. Real estate agents are usually aware of each and every available property in their area. Their clients are mostly educated people who have better awareness of technology. So it is wise for such real estate people to get noticed on the internet by harnessing SEO strategies.

5) Hospitals and Clinics
Whenever you need specialized medical or any other routine services you usually look up on the net. It provides you vital clues as to the nature of the medical services offered. From the review sections you can guess how good or bad they are. From the medical articles you can get more information about a particular disease and its treatments. Hospitals and clinics being local in nature will definitely benefit from local SEO. With increasing competition among doctors and other medical practitioners you need that extra edge to stand out. Thus the medical industry can use some SEO best practices to get noticed.

Apart from other industries, these businesses can really benefit from SEO. They need to get more visibility and more traffic for them to grow.

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Google Algorithms and its Impact on SEO

SEO is an ever evolving field. What rules were valid yesterday may or may not be true today. Similarly what rules are applicable today may no longer be applicable in their pure form in the future. Search engines are in a major way responsible for how the common person uses SEO. Google for example wants to provide the best experience for users. Hence, they are changing the way they provide search results. In the past unethical folks used SEO to their advantage to provide substandard content. Their intention was to move high up in rankings without delivering any quality content.

But gone are the old days now. Search engines are getting smarter. They are constantly in the process of research and development to remove any deficiencies in their method of working. They are one step ahead of those who want to cheat them. And one way to do that is to regularly come up with updates and process changes. Google makes a lot of changes to its algorithms and frequently comes up with something new. It chooses not to announce all its algorithms. There could a reason to it. By not publicizing each and every algorithms, Google prevents some people from messing with SEO rankings. There are some unscrupulous people in this world who will do anything to fool with Google updates.

Let us see some of the major algorithms Google has come up with. Anybody who is interested in SEO rankings and has online interests should keep a watch for such updates.

Google Panda

What is Google Panda? This was a major Google SEO algorithm. Before 2011, there were lot of complaints regarding low quality contents showing on top of search rankings. ‘Content Farms’ were the leading cause of such low content sites. Content farms are websites that collect information from various sources to compile it in one single website. Often the information was stolen in order to create a large collection of pages. This was done in order to rank high on Google on the basis of keywords.

But on February 2011, Google changed all that. The Panda algorithm was launched in that period which filtered out sites which provided low quality duplicate content and were involved in keyword stuffing. Sites which did not provide any value-added services to users saw themselves at the bottom of search rankings. Initially this algorithm was known as the Farmer update. But later it came to be known as the Panda algorithm. Panda incidentally has nothing to do with the actual animal, rather this algorithm was named after a software engineer whose name was Panda.

Google Penguin

Penguins are considered cute creatures located near the poles. But this Penguin algorithm is not a lovable bird but rather a change in Google’s search techniques which has upset the SEO world. After the Panda algorithm, Google continued its attack on low-quality content through the Penguin algorithm. Launched in April 2012, this project aims to end search engine spam (Black Hat SEO) from attaining a high ranking in search engine results. Keyword stuffing and spammed backlinks were on its primary hit list. This algorithm also targeted hidden links and hidden keywords on webpages.

Google Hummingbird

This project was a major Google algorithm to change how people viewed SEO. Initiated in 2013, it was different than the previous Panda and Penguin algorithms. Rather than focusing on keywords, Hummingbird placed great emphasis on the context of the content. It preferred natural, logical content rather than actual keywords. Hummingbird valued websites which sought to enhance the human experience rather than search engine requirements. With this algorithm Google is trying to tell us to focus on quality content and on-page SEO.

Google Pigeon

In its continuous attempt to provide better SEO experience to users, Google launched the Pigeon algorithm in 2014. This project was different than the previous ones as it concentrated on local searches. With the initiation of this algorithm Google’s goal was “providing a more useful and relevant experience for searchers seeking local results”. Pigeon aims to help both the Google user as well as local businesses. The user’s geographical location plays a major part in this search. Local business directories are now seeing better visibility in search rankings after the beginning of Pigeon.

These were some of the algorithms which affected search engine traffic. It changed how people were doing SEO. We can expect further such Google updates in the future. But there is no need to worry for the genuine, ethical website or blog owner. Just post fresh unique content, avoid keyword stuffing, give up spamming backlinks, take care of On- and Off-page SEO, etc. Most important of all, be sure to keep an eye on future Google updates.

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Get Extra Business Edge With Local SEO

Just a decade or so back SEO was quite different. Whatever updates and changes that we see now in search engine rankings were absent few years back. The criteria for ranking on Google and other search engines has changed radically. During those times there was no difference between normal and local SEO. But today with changing business environments, search engines have become more specific and geographically narrow. And that’s how local SEO came into the picture.

Ever heard of local SEO?

What is local SEO and why is it important that your business know about it? Let me explain with some examples. Imagine you have unexpected guests in your house and you wish to take them out for dinner. You are mostly likely to search in Google for “restaurant + your locality”. You get a list of restaurants which are located geographically very close to your place. Or perhaps you got a job in a new city. You rented a flat in the new city and relocated there. Everything in the new location was strange for you. Now suppose you had an urgent need to visit a hospital. You immediately type in google “hospital near me”. Google spits out the complete list of hospitals which are near your house.

This is what local SEO is all about. It can be defined as a branch of SEO which deals with search engine optimization of industries and businesses in a particular locality. It is optimizing your online content so local consumers can easily find you. It is more relevant for those who are interested in generating more customers in their immediate vicinity. Assume you own a fast food restaurant in a locality. When somebody in your area looks out for fast food on Google, does your restaurant figure in the top searches? If the answer is no, then calculate the number of customers and the kind of traffic you are losing just because you are not there in the listings. And that is where local SEO can help. Its importance is going to rise more and more as the number of mobile users grow.

Local SEO compared to traditional marketing

Local SEO is similar to traditional marketing but it is lot cheaper and more focused. In traditional marketing you hire salespeople, give ads in newspapers and local magazines, distribute pamphlets and do a dozen other things. All these cost money and effort. Local SEO is comparatively cheaper than this. In traditional marketing you have no accurate way of knowing how your marketing campaign is doing. In local SEO one can know the status through online traffic and the number of customers coming in through search engines.

How to make local SEO work for you? Some of the tips to ensure a steady stream of customers are:

  • Enroll in Online Directories: Include your business in online directories. When people search for any particular product or service mostly likely they are going to see a couple of online directories on the top. If you are listed in those directories your business name, address, products and telephone number will be displayed. Additionally, for e.g., if you have a restaurant, your menu will be displayed or if you are a plumber, your services will be listed out. An excellent way to get noticed online.
  • Enlist on Google My Business: It is free and it works. It is an advantage for your local SEO status. If you are not enrolled on this page, you will not appear on local map listings which Google displays in its results for local searches. Logging in Google My Business is an easy process which anyone can do.
  • Optimized for mobile: According to one survey, more than 50% Google local searches take place from mobiles. Also majority of sales happen through these searches. Mobiles are ready devices for people to search for products and services near their locations. If you want to get the best of local SEO, your websites and landing pages should be mobile friendly. They should load faster and be legible when seen on small screens.
  • Keep your customers happy: This is not a direct local SEO strategy. Rather it is common sense. If you have the habit of keeping your customers happy, they will always turn toward you when they need you. They will provide recommendations to others about you. This is as good as local SEO. No amount of technology and SEO tactics can compensate for that personal touch and care to keep your customers happy.
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7 Tips to Hire the Right SEO Company

Does your website show on the top of search engines when you type the relevant keywords? Is your company visible on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines? If the answer is no, then you are practically invisible for potential customers who are searching for your products. A good search engine visibility is key to business success. What your website is missing is proper SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

But not all website owners have the time to look after the SEO of their business. Many may lack the technical expertise needed to improve search engine rankings. Search Engine Optimization is not child’s play that anybody can easily do on their own. In such cases, one can go for hiring an SEO consultant or a professional company which is specializing in search engine optimizing. How do you get a trustworthy person to do the job? There are several SEO companies showing in search results—whom to choose? Here are some ways you can choose the right candidate:

1) What do you wish to achieve: Decide on the goals for hiring the SEO firm. You may want to have an online presence and hence get a website build. Or you may be having a website, but not getting good rankings. If you need a new website build, chances are the SEO firm may also be in the business of website creation. You have a better chances of getting a discount if the firm handles both your website creation and your website rankings.

2) Narrowing your search: The best way to find a reputed SEO company is by word of mouth publicity. This is a common method how small firms and companies source their suppliers. Ask your friends or business colleagues to give recommendations. Another way is to google it. If the company is good at SEO they themselves will be found on the top of the search rankings. Although this is not a foolproof way to determine as it also depends on the kind of keywords you have used for searching.

It is not necessary that the company you wish to hire has to be geographically close to you. SEO work can be even carried out through emails, phone calls, skype calls, video chats and other electronic options. So if you feel a particular SEO firm is good, but far, do not hesitate to hire them.

3) Ask for past clients list: If the SEO company has worked with previous clients they must be having a list of them. Check out the names on the list. Are they reputed companies? They may perhaps not be MNCs but at least they should be reasonably well placed. If the clients have good businesses, that means your consultants have a good reputation in the market. You can even go ahead and ask for testimonials from their clients just to be double sure.

4) Open to communication: Are you able to access the SEO company officials whenever you need to clarify some doubts? Do they provide you detailed explanation of the queries you are having? Being accessible is even more relevant when you have paid all their pending dues after work completion. A sign of a trustworthy and dependable SEO consultant is how they communicate 15 days after receiving their final check payment. Such people believe in maintaining good relations with their client even after the contract is ended.

5) Provide you detailed explanation: Hire someone who explains to you what are the basics of SEO. This way you know what is happening. Also note whether they are making unbelievable promises such as claiming to improve your website rankings within an unreasonably short period. SEO takes time and patience and anybody promising you the moon should be treated with suspicion. Perhaps they intend to utilize unethical strategies which might temporarily improve your rankings but will lead to penalties in the long run.

6) Size of the team: If you happen to visit their office note the size of their team. If you just see 1 or 2 members in the staff, you should wonder why. Though this might not be a hard and fast rule, but more staff means plenty of work and clients and a high demand because of quality work. More clients signifies more experience and knowledge.

7) Affordability: Last, but certainly not the least, can you afford the SEO company? If they are good but the SEO plans and pricing are expensive, it can toss your budget out. Hence, select those who are reputed but also offer affordable pricing plans.

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Writing for the Web: Print vs Online

Before the advent of the internet and SEO, books and newspapers were our medium of reading. It was the usual practice to browse through the morning newspaper on our way to work. Subscriptions to libraries and reading halls was the norm. Remember when you use to sit for hours in the library reading your favorite novel. An ideal way to spend your weekend morning was to leaf through your favorite magazine while sipping on a cup of tea or coffee. Remember in your childhood you would rush home from school eager to read your new comics book.

But things have changed now. Books, magazines, newspapers, comics and brochures are not the only sole medium of information. Now most of the people get their daily dose of content by going online through websites and blogs. The way people read has drastically changed. What does this mean for content writing? We all know how content is important from the SEO point of view. Should writers change how they write when posting on the net? And the answer is a complete Yes.

How should a writer transform his style of writing on the web. Let’s find out some of the writing for the web best practices:

1) The F shape pattern: Content writing is just not about SEO and keywords, it is also recognizing the manner in which a reader reads online. While reading on hard print people read word by word, and line by line. But while on the web, they normally use the F-pattern layout. It means on web page, they will scan the top section in a horizontal way. Next they will check out the left side text. A little towards midway, they will again cross the horizontal section of the content which coincides with the lower horizontal bar of the alphabet F. As they go further down, they will read on the left margin of the page. The content writer should place key points of his article in this F shape pattern. So there are better chances of getting the message across.

2) Use bulleted text: Another content writing tip to fulfill your SEO goals is to provide bulleted format text. Consider the following example and find out which is easier to read:

a) Go to the super mall on your way back home and do not forget to bring these items: vegetables, biscuits, sandwich, butter milk, and tissue paper


b) Go to the super mall on your way back home and do not forget to bring these items: 

  • vegetables
  • biscuits
  • sandwich
  • butter milk, and
  • tissue paper

You may have noticed point (b) is easier to read, clearly separates text, avoids overcrowding, and promotes scanning which is the natural tendency of the reader. So use bulleted text in your content wherever needed.

3) Short paragraphs: Using long paragraphs and writing a piece of text in one huge column for online reading is like murdering your article. For your SEO strategy to be effective, separate your text into short paragraphs. Provide one idea per paragraph. This way they are easy to read. Readers are better able to understand and remember your content. Use active voice for your sentence instead of passive. Active voice calls for action and makes it easier to understand for people whose native language is other than English.

4) Subheads highlight your content: Use subheads to begin a new point or idea. This way readers are able to know what to expect in your content. Subheads are like a map of your article. Just as a map guides you through a large area, subheads guide readers through the content, especially if it is a big article.

5) Do not provide false information: When we read an article in a newspaper, we can check out certain facts by querying the newspaper. We generally trust the information we read in hard print. But when it comes to web content, anybody can post an article or a blog. The author’s name is usually not given and we cannot clarify doubts online. So people are cautious while reading on the net. An online writer has to realize this fact and always try to build confidence by posting trustworthy content. Any false information can lose trust and thus viewership.

Thus we see that writing online is very different from writing for hard print. You have to adjust to the way people read on the web and write accordingly. Writing on the web is not just using the latest SEO techniques, it is also about enhancing reader experience and providing worthwhile information.

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Marketing Your Resort Through SEO

I have been to a beautiful resort which lies on a scenic hill station. I got to know it from a friend who had visited it the previous year. This resort has all the necessities a tourist could wish for. It has a beautiful valley view, delicious food, 24 hours prompt room service, and clean and hygienic interiors. Even the rates are affordable. There is one problem though. When you search on google, this resort can be found on the 4th page. It is as good as being invisible from the SEO point of view.

In a way it was good for me that the resort was on the 4th page. More down the search results meant less crowds, less expensive, and more freedom. But if there are similar good resorts and hotels which come on the bottom of search results, I may not be able to find them. This way I would be missing a lot in form of variety and choices. Some resorts and hotels are far away from civilization based at isolated locations. Could this be the reason they are unaware of SEO, web traffic, rankings and stuff like that? Right now, I do not know the answer. But I am going to find out.

Somehow I consider it my moral duty to make them aware that there are scores and scores of people searching for them. These people are from far away places and want to visit these resorts and beautiful locations. Resorts, such as the one I mentioned above, should make themselves ‘findable’ by incorporating the appropriate basic SEO tactics on their websites. What are the reasons this resort and similar places are not well known in spite of having all the ingredients a fun loving tourist would want? What can they do about it? Let us find out more:

1) Power of the internet: Some people have still not realized the power of the internet. They just consider it as one of the newer technologies that come and go. Resort owners and hoteliers are cautious in their approach to the internet. As they are not sure what the internet can do for them, they do not wish to spend time and money on SEO and stuff. One thing is sure, somebody who is not able to harness the power of the internet might as well be staying in a period 100 or 200 years back. Internet is here to stay and we are going to encounter it in our paths for a long long time to come.

2) Urban vs. Rural folks: In the city almost everybody has heard of SEO, digital marketing and social media. But this is not the same in the countryside. Most of the resorts and hotels are located in isolated areas which come in rural zones. The owners have to stay far away from civilization for long periods of time. This could be the reason they are not much aware of the developments taking place in the urban areas.

3) Too much information: Another reason the hospitality industry might be away from SEO is that there is too much information available. They could be downright confused and overwhelmed by the amount of material available on the topic of SEO. Moreover this information is related to the mainline businesses such as FMCG industries and online marketing. There is a shortage of content especially for the leisure industry pertaining to resorts and accommodation businesses. 

4) Trying to save money: Maybe you have heard about SEO. Perhaps you have read about it and tried to implement it on your website. A Do-It-Yourself kind of tactic. But you failed miserably. This is a similar case when you have a fever and try to treat yourself rather than seek doctor’s treatment. SEO is a vast field and newer updates are coming up on a regular basis. What works today may not work tomorrow. So rather than following a Do-It-Yourself formula to save some money, hire a SEO professional. Though initially he will charge you, it will be cheaper in the long run. He will provide the necessary boost to your website to lift your business off the ground.   

Tourism is a multi-million dollar industry. But there are also a large number of competitors to share your profits. It is advisable to use all strategies and techniques to attract the maximum number of customers. Till now you have been a naive and simpleton business owner using offline business and sales strategies. You thought that the best way to get customers was door to door marketing and putting up costly banners. But now after reading this article you must have become convinced of the power of online marketing and the effectiveness of SEO.  

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The Mobile Revolution: SEO for Mobile

More than a decade back people waiting at public places were either found reading newspapers, or talking with somebody, or just staring around. There was one gadget which had still not made its appearance then–the ubiquitous mobile phone. But in the present day, wherever you look around in a public place you are most likely to see people staring into their mobile phones. Either they are checking their emails, or reading something on the net, or maybe just giggling at some joke on whatsapp. The mobile has captured everybody’s hearts and therefore their lives.

According to one media report, in 2017 there are around 300 million smartphone users in India. If this report is accurate, very soon half of India’s population would be using smartphones in the near future. What does it mean for businesses and website owners? It means more and more people are getting on the mobile and their everyday use is increasing rapidly. It also means a huge portion of customers would be accessing products and commercial websites through mobile smartphones. Hence, it is logical to take into account SEO and user experience for mobiles.

Mobilegeddon–The Google Mobile Friendly Update

Some time back in 2015 we saw how Google took into account mobile experience by launching Mobilegeddon. This SEO algorithm took into account the user-friendliness of websites on smartphones and other mobile devices. Websites which looked better on PCs as well as on mobiles were given priority in search results. Whether or not this had a huge impact is irrelevant. The point to note is Google too is placing increasing emphasis on how consumers are efficiently served on smartphones.

There is a lot of difference between using the internet on a PC and on the mobile. There is an urgent need to tap this mobile market. If one has to survive in the harsh, competitive world adapting to the mobile revolution has become the need of the hour. How can one make their website mobile friendly? The following are some ways how one can create an SEO mobile friendly website:

1) Responsive Web design: This term signifies that the design and layout of your website should be compatible across several devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets and mobiles. Responsive Web designing is all about designing your website information and layout to adjust in different environments such as browsers, screen sizes and page orientations.

2) Page loading speed: Another crucial step for an SEO friendly mobile website. If your web pages load very slowly on mobile smartphones, it can provide a frustrating experience for users. You need to focus on the size of the files on your website used on PC and mobiles. What works on a PC may not work on smartphones. Make sure your web pages load smoothly and fast on mobiles. This is also a Google criteria for better ranking.

3) Make use of white space: When the designers are constructing a website enabled for mobiles, business owners think of utilizing all the white space that is available in the website. They want to fill in as many keywords and SEO friendly elements in their mobile layout. But that can backfire. White spaces add balance to the layout and does not clutter it. The white space we are speaking of is the empty space between major elements in the layout. It is very much part of the design as the design itself. White spaces are more relevant in mobile layouts as they help make your website clean and neat in appearance.

4) Keep it simple: Another way for an SEO-enabled mobile layout is to keep it as simple as possible. Given the small and restricted space available on smartphones, only important key elements should be made available in the mobile website. Give priority to what matters most. Shorten lengthy articles. A mobile user does not have the inclination to read through long detailed product description. He just needs less but useful information to take a decision.

5) Avoid heavy images: Images speak louder than words and add variety to the design of the website. But some heavy images take time to load. It can prevent fast loading of pages on a smartphone. Hence, if they are not necessary avoid them in mobile layouts or use low resolution versions.

Companies were least concerned for mobile SEO before the advent of smartphones. But with the increasing usage of this important device, it is necessary to keep up with the changing times.

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SEO Mistakes: Avoid Being Kicked Out By Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the technique to get ahead of others in the rankings of search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. There is no doubt that SEO is really vital for websites to earn traffic. Organizations invest a lot of time, effort, and money to get their websites optimized for search engines. But is it possible they could be doing just the opposite? Are they committing SEO mistakes which are pushing them down rather than up the rankings of search engines? Check out if you are making the following mistakes:

1) Content is King: If you have low-quality, crappy content on your website, then it is time to say bye bye to your SEO rankings. That is because search engines hold content with high regard. If your content is bad, your rankings are going to be bad. How to enhance the content on your website? Make sure it is informative and provides appropriate knowledge to your readers. More words the better. Ideally it should be beyond 600 words touching around 1000 words. It should be grammatically correct with proper sentence construction, no spelling mistakes, right usage of punctuation etc. Readers would not stay long on a page which is poorly written. People would avoid linking to your website if they see poor content.

2) Plagiarized content: Content on your website or blog should be unique and not copied from elsewhere. Using plagiarized or duplicate content is one of the worst SEO mistakes one can make. Also  two different pages on the same website should not have the same content. This is a big no-no for search engines and you are likely to be discarded from search results. Use plagiarism checking softwares to ensure there is no duplicate content.

3) Too many keywords: Keyword stuffing is an unscrupulous and unethical practice by some desperate SEO enthusiasts to get rankings. First of all, content stuffed with keywords becomes awkward to read. These keywords appear out of context and unnatural leaving the reader scratching his head. Plus search engines have become smarter. Such pages containing excessive keywords would be filtered out or demoted in rankings. In some cases it would be removed altogether. Moral of the story: Write in a normal manner with keywords thrown in as naturally as possible.

4) Ignoring the mobile revolution: Just as there was a computer revolution few decades back, today we are seeing a mobile revolution. If you are not sure, just look around you. Almost every other person seems to be using a smartphone. And those who are not using are most likely seriously considering buying. Not having a mobile phone nowadays is almost equal to living in the prehistoric times. One of the common SEO mistakes websites make is underestimating the power of the mobile. Webpages which are not mobile-friendly give a poor experience. And search engines are first to notice this fact. If a website does not offer good mobile experience, it is likely to lose rankings. A smooth mobile experience also facilitates load speed, page appearance, font size, video loading etc.

5) Not getting expert advice: Most blog or website owners think they are SEO experts once they read up on SEO on the net. They feel now they know all about SEO. But trust me, SEO is not that simple. It is like watching few medical YouTube videos and thinking you have become a doctor. Somethings are best left to the experts. New strategies and techniques are always cropping up in the field of SEO. In your busy schedule, it is not possible to keep abreast of what is happening in the SEO world. Whereas an SEO professional is skilled in his domain awareness. He continuously upgrades his knowledge in his field of expertise. So our opinion is if you do not have the time to dedicate to the search engine rankings of your website, hire a full-time professional.

Though these 5 common SEO mistakes are obvious not everyone are aware of them. Moreover the SEO field is an ever expanding field. Whatever is applicable now, may be obsolete tomorrow. So keep abreast of the latest happenings on a regular basis.

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Some Useful SEO Terms To Remember

If a tourist goes to a foreign country he is most likely to come across an alien language. He will not be able to understand what the natives are saying. They will also scratch their heads when he tries to tell them something. Basically it will appear like a funny scene of total confusion right out of Hollywood.

When a new website owner decides to hire an SEO professional, they would come across a similar situation. The website owner obviously does not know about SEO so he hired a professional, while the other guy is dealing with a complete novice. One can imagine the confusion that would follow in the office because of this situation. It will be like the example of the tourist above except that it will not be so funny.

Lack of proper communication in a business environment is a serious issue. It is therefore necessary that the concerned party (in this case the website owner) should familiarize himself with the subject at hand. That means he should understand the terms used in SEO and what they mean. Not only the website owner but anybody who is interested in search engines and how they rank should be up-to-date with the terminology and their impact on SEO. Here are some common terms which are good to know:

White hat SEO: It is the set of techniques and tactics to improve your web site search engine rankings without resorting to cheating or unethical means. In other words, you religiously follow all the terms and conditions laid out by search engines. If you try to break rules, you are likely to be penalized or entirely banned. So always wear your white hat so to speak. Posting high quality content for human users, using appropriate keywords, regularly updating new content, optimizing your website for fast load speed are some of the examples of white hat SEO.

Black hat SEO: This term is the opposite of white hat SEO and means circumventing or breaking the rules of search engines. How to know whether your SEO manager is indulging in black hat SEO? If he is posting content on the website for search engines rather than for human consumption, he is more likely using black hat SEO techniques (read tricks). These tricks are no more fruitful as search engines are getting smarter every day. You are most likely to be banned for using these black hat methods. Article spinning, keyword stuffing, duplicate content are some examples of black hat SEO.

Search engines: Have you ever used search engines? If your answer is no, then you are probably wrong. Anybody who has used Google has used a search engine. They are the websites which help locate the links of content which a user wants to search. Search engine examples other than Google are Bing and Yahoo which are the more common ones.

Keywords: One of the important terms in SEO is keywords. The keywords or phrases that you use on your website are the ones which help people find you on search engines. Keyword form the basis of SEO hence a lot of time and effort should be spent on using the right keywords which can spell success for your SEO campaign.

Title tag: It is the title of the web page in an HTML code. One can see it on the top of the web browser. It is also visible in search engines results as a clickable heading. Descriptive title tags are important from SEO perspective as they help the site to rank well with search engines. The title tag tells search engines what users can find on the actual page.

301 redirect: This sounds like the section of a legal code, but actually it is an instruction for search engines that a particular web page has moved to another location. For e.g., if a web page has moved to we need to alter the path with the 301 redirect from old URL to new URL. So a user searching for would automatically be sent to It also helps the search engines index the new page and/or retain the SEO rankings of the page.

Knowing these basic terms would help you in getting familiar with how websites and SEO are correlated. You will not appear like a tourist in a foreign land trying to understand their language. It will also aid in effectively communicating with your SEO team and planning out a strategy to get good search engine rankings.





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Content Is The Boss In SEO

One of the important aspects of SEO is content. Content and SEO go hand in hand. They are like the two sides of a coin, inseparable from each other. What constitutes content on a website? It includes all the blogs, articles, videos, images, and infographics on the website and are accessible to the user. When we talk of content it does not mean any content. The content has to be clean, original, interesting and informative. Below are the reasons why content helps in a major way in securing search engine rankings:

1) Content informs and educates: Content is king in digital marketing. It provides additional product information and education. If you just place the image of your product on your website it would not have much impact. But imagine adding product information, FAQs, informative articles, case studies and suddenly you are adding value to your product. People get more information and they are able to make an educated choice. It helps in improving the search engine rankings and thus it is said content and SEO go hand in hand.

2) Good content builds trust: Content can make or break a website. When I access a website and note that they have misspelled some words or have made a factual error I get turned off. If somebody can make that kind of simple errors, how can we trust their products. One or two minor mistakes are fine, but making a bunch of them throughout the website is unpardonable. Some unscrupulous, so-called SEO experts use excessive keywords in the content to make it rank better. Such keyword stuffed content looks awkward to read and can confuse the reader. If you use naturally flowing content as much as possible it helps in capturing the interest and the trust of the user.

3) Content facilitates traffic: Imagine SEO traffic flowing to a website and they find little or no content on the pages. The user would bounce out within seconds and move elsewhere. Content helps the traffic to stay on your pages and linger for a long time. They find something to engage with rather than empty pages with sparse content. Instead of content some websites use negative or bad SEO to attract clients. But those tricks do not work for long as the user immediately closes the pages and moves away.

4) Incorporation of keywords: When Google or any search engine wants to rank a particular webpage, it looks for keywords. Without content it is not possible to use keywords. They cannot be used in isolation. So content helps in the use of SEO keywords which in turn helps search engines to rank your website.

5) Content helps social validation: If your content is worth reading, provides value and solutions to problems and is interesting, it is shared by users on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and other places. The more people share, the more people are able to access it and link to it. Your content helps you build an audience and create brand awareness. This indirectly helps SEO by increasing website traffic and promoting your content.

So now you realize how content is related to SEO. Though there are other factors also involved, content forms a major part of search rankings. You can create compelling content that attracts people by using:

  • Simple language: Your readers or users most probably are not noble prize winners or scientists. They are your normal average people who go to 9 to 5 jobs, have beer on weekends, and watch TV to chill out. Your website or blog language should be simple to understand for the lay person. No awkward SEO language, no difficult words, just plain simple English.
  • Fresh content: You need to regularly update your website or blog content. If there is no fresh content, readers will not bother to visit to read stale content. Also from the SEO perspective, search engines gives more value to fresh content as against text which has not been updated for a long time.
  • Attention grabbing headlines and subheads: People skim rather than ‘read’ on the web. They do not use the same focus while reading web pages as they do while reading newspapers. So having creative and appealing headlines and subheads helps readers grasp the context quickly.
  • Images and videos: There is a popular saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. Having images, diagrams and videos to further validate a point is a great way to create compelling content. They help to illustrate your topic of discussion and enhances the reading experience. But remember to use these elements if they are really helping the text—not just for the sake of creativity.
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When Does SEO Efforts Bear Fruits?

Suppose a new business starts a website. They hire the best SEO manager to enable their website to stand out. The manager implements the latest SEO techniques on the webpages right from great content to keywords and links. Every thing seems to work smoothly. Subsequently, this gives rise to an obvious question. When will the SEO methods start working? How soon will the traffic to their website flow in? All very good questions but a tad too early. Things don’t work this way in the web world.

Starting a bricks and mortar store

That reminds me of a new bricks and mortar store which commences business in a commercial location. They advertise their products throughout the town using banners, pamphlets, local TV channels etc. And they wait eagerly to see their customers start flowing in on the very next day. In fantasy land this could happen—customers start flowing in since morning and by end of the day all the products are sold out. But in real life things are different.

Starting an online website

In real life customers start to come to know of a new store in their locality. Slowly the trickle of people starts one by one. Gradually the growth picks up and eventually the store has a considerable clientele. The same happens to a new website. Even if you use the latest SEO techniques, traffic does not start flowing from Day 1 or even Day 10. People think as soon as a website is launched, Google takes notice  immediately and starts crawling and indexing it. They expect their webpage to rank on the first page as soon as possible.

Success factors of bricks and mortar store

Well things are further from the truth than that. Just to simplify the SEO process, refer to the above example of the bricks and mortar store. There you can see few customers at the end of the month. If you have a really great business model, with good service, attractive layout, ease of transactions you can see a stable flow of customers within 3 to 4 months. In a year, customers start referring your store to other clients and you can considered yourself established in the market.

Success factors of an online website

That brings us to the question ‘How long does it take for a website to show up on google?’ For a new website to show SEO results, it takes around 4-6 months time period. This period is required by Google to rank your website. This also shows Google views your site as trustworthy. By the end of the year you can fairly see a steep rise in organic traffic. That is to say if your SEO manager has done a fairly good job in getting in the good books of Google. There are several factors why a particular website shows faster SEO results while another takes longer. These factors are the time period of the website launch, your rivals, the content, the funds allocated for SEO and several other reasons.

How to hasten up the process of SEO?

So now you must be wondering whether there is a way you can speed up the process of getting organic traffic. Well it depends upon certain factors such as:

  • Low competition keywords: We all know how keywords are important to rank higher in search engine results. But when you are using the same keywords remember your competitors are doing the same. In fact, online businesses which have started before you have already used the same keywords and are ranking high. So how do you beat them? The answer is to use low competition keywords which others are not using. Though this is not simple as it sounds, but if you have selected the right SEO manager he should get your website out of this situation as smoothly as possible.
  • Investment on SEO: The amount of investment you have set aside for SEO also determines how fast your website shows results. If you pay peanuts, you get peanuts in return. Get my point? If you are spending ‘x’ amount on SEO, your rival is probably spending ‘2x’ if not more. Obviously he is getting better results than you. In short, understand the importance of SEO and be willing to set a proportional budget for it.
  • Webpage optimization: This term refers to the activity a website takes in order to improve its search rankings. I am not going to go in the nitty-gritty of this feature as that would be a completely new article. All that I can say is that there are two ways a webpage can be search engine optimized: On-page and Off-page. On-page refers to everything you do on your website like addition of HTML and meta tags, internal linking, proper URL structures, mobile friendly pages, etc. On the other hand, off-page refers to all activity outside the website such as link building, social networking, etc.
  • Domain age: The period your domain exists on the internet also determines how soon your website will rank on search engines. But that does not mean if your domain was purchased 5 years back, Google will treat it as 5 years old. Rather more importance is given as to when your website was crawled and when it was indexed.

So these are some ways to get your website rank faster. A bricks and mortar store gathers business by providing quality services and goods to clients. Similar an online business website can gather rankings by doing everything that is ethical and acceptable by search engines. Any move to get quick traffic using negative SEO techniques can earn a bad reputation and will be penalized by Google and other search engines.

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Best Search Engines of the World

Is there life beyond Google? This search engine has become so much a part of our everyday life that it is difficult to imagine there could be other websites like Google. What is the first thing you do if you have a query? You just Google it! Matter is solved! The word SEO (Search Engine Optimization) would have just been invented for Google. But for those, who might not be aware, there are other search engines available on the net. They may not be as popular as Google but they have their market share and people do use them if they want to look up something on the net.

A search engine is a website that gathers and organizes information from over the internet. When a person searches with a query, the search engines present links to information which closely matches the search query. A website which has the most relevant content plus has done the proper SEO will figure in the top of the results. Without search engines it would be difficult to locate information on the vast web. It would be like searching for a particular book in a huge room filled with books. The books are arranged in row but there are no markings or labels to sort them out in categories. You can understand how difficult it would be to locate the book you want. So search engines help you to locate information efficiently. Let us see what are the different search engines available:

1) Google: There is no need to introduce Google. Right from the young school going kid next door to your 90 year grandma—everybody has heard about or used Google. Google is almost 2 decades old and was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. All bloggers and SEO analysts are aware that Google is the most popular website and the largest search engine in the world. It handles around 1 billion searches per day which is quite an enormous task. Its email service, Google drive and chat softwares are equally popular. Google drive is a free software to backup your files on your PC, phone, or tablet. It would be interesting to note that the homepage of many internet browsers in the world is Google.

2) Bing: Bing is another popular search engine just like Google but operated by Microsoft. Initially everyone thought Bing would be the alternative to the monopoly by Google. But the truth is far from that. Bing has a long way to go to equal or surpass Google. Both have different search algorithms and give weightage to different criteria. Though Google has the highest percentage of users, Bing is not totally ignored. It does have a fair share of the market. What does that mean for the SEO professional? It means in this tough competitive world, having your website optimized for Bing is a good idea. When all your rivals are on Google, why don’t you use the power of Bing as well.

3) Baidu: This search engine is China’s answer to Google. When Google was banned in China, Baidu came up in its place. It has a considerable market share estimated to be around 76% in China. Though Baidu offers similar products and services like Google, its presence is only dominant in China. Certain SEO techniques which are applicable on Google may not be applicable on Baidu. Someone who wishes to tap the vast middle class consumers of China has to realize that the SEO set of rules is different with Baidu. Find out about them and use them to your advantage.

4) Yahoo: When you hear of Yahoo you are instantly reminded of Yahoo Mail or Yahoo Messenger. Yahoo is also a search engine if you have not heard about it. But it is still way behind Google. Somebody who does SEO should realize that Yahoo is still used in places where other search engines are not available. When Google, for instance, is down for an indefinite period people rush to Yahoo as a second resort.

This is not a complete list of search engines. There are others also. When you are planning your SEO strategy, do not just keep Google in mind. ‘But,’ you complain, ‘the whole world is on Google’. And that’s exactly my point—when the whole world is on Google, why don’t you seize this opportunity to harness the power of other search engines also. Learn more on how these search engines can provide you better advantage than Google. Therein lies your competitive edge.

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Top 2017 SEO Blogs Contenders For 2018

The year 2017 is coming to an end. The new year 2018 is almost on the door steps. The current top SEO blogs have managed to maintain their position throughout 2017. In the ever changing world of the internet, these SEO blogs have still remained on top of the popularity charts at the end of the year. Will they remain on the top in 2018? Only time can tell. Are you a business owner looking to increase traffic on your website? Or a blog user trying to attract readers? Whoever you are, you need to keep abreast of the advances in the SEO field. There are over a 100 SEO blogs on the net. As it is not possible to read all we have shortlisted a few blogs which are considered leaders in SEO technical know how.

1) Search Engine Land: This site is one of the leaders in the field of SEO, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and PPC (Paid Search Advertising). Danny Sullivan, California-based technologist, is the co-founder of Search Engine Land. He along with Chris Sherman are industry veterans in the field of search marketing. If you require any information on SEO, Search Engine Land is a one-stop shop for it.  Search marketing is a vast field and to learn more about it Search Engine Land is the place to start with.

With over a million viewers, this site has every right to be in the top 2017 SEO blogs list.

2) Moz: Moz has been around on the net for over a decade. I find this name rather cute for a website and is easy to remember. But that’s not the reason why they are famous for. Moz is an authority in the field of SEO. They also provide software, tools, and resources to enhance your marketing campaign. Though some of the material found on Moz is paid, you will find many free services for SEO education, tips and tricks, and other useful things. It would not be a wonder if this site also features as the top SEO blogs of 2018.

3) SEMrush: This SEO and IT specialists group started out on a smaller scale in 2008. Now it has expanded to more than 400 employees in four different countries. That speaks a lot of their popularity. This SEO blog provides business owners with the best practices of search engine optimization. Their informative posts deals with the latest happenings in SEO zone, ways to improve internet traffic and how to avoid penalties. Surely worth a second look.

4) SEO Book: Another favorite contender for the 2018 SEO top blogs, this site is more than a decade old. It was founded by Aaron Wall who is considered one of the reputed names in the online marketing industry. They claim that their techniques and strategies are not based on theory but rather on experience, hard work and actual practice. There are a lot of features available for the SEO enthusiast looking to enhance his knowledge. SEO Book is for the advanced user who knows the basics and wants to get into more deeper technical aspects.

5) Hubspot: This list of SEO blogs would not be complete without the mention of Hubspot. Its blog provides easy to understand information on SEO tools, news and analysis, and how to conduct internet marketing tips. If you need to know about web design, sales and marketing and other aspects of search engine strategies, visit their website for more information.

6) Yoast: Last, but certainly not the least, we have to mention Yoast in this list. One of the top SEO blogs, the motto of Yoast is to make your website work. There are many websites currently existing on the web. But they are not in working order unless they are properly optimized for the web. Yoast makes that possible. They make sure that your website navigates easily and quickly. They use SEO so that your website is found easily by search engines. The informative SEO literature on their website is read by millions of users and is gaining popular each day. It would be no surprise if Yoast figures in next year’s top SEO blogs list.

Though there are other sites which could make it to this list, we thought the above are the most popular ones. It would be interesting to note whether they would have the same ratings in the 2018 list.

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How To Start A Great Blog?

Finally you have decided to write a blog. Maybe writing is your passion and you want to express your thoughts to the world. You want to become the future Mark Twain or a JK Rowling and think that a blog is a good way to make a start. Or perhaps making some extra money by utilizing SEO techniques is on your mind. You have been hearing about all those famous blogs and how they are minting money. You also want to try out and find out if blog writing is your cup of tea. Whatever be the reason, the fact is you have finally decided to start a blog. And you want to know how to begin. Let us see how to go about it:

1) Choose a topic for your blog:

Are you feeling confused on which topic to choose for your blog? There are so many blogs out there that you are not sure how your blog can be different from others. Well first and foremost, ignore what is out there. Find out what you are interested in. What do you enjoying doing? There are better chances you writing better if you are naturally interested in that topic. Ideas will flow smoothly and you will not be caught for lack of words. But that does not mean you can choose any topic you like. Effort should also be made to understand whether there would be viewership for your content. Your interests and your readers’ choices should be compatible.

2) Read a lot:

Want to write better? Then read a lot. That sounds funny but if you want to generate lot of ideas and content you need to read furiously on the topic of your blog. Join a library, subscribe to a magazine, visit used books stores—the more you read, the better you get at writing.

3) Writing for SEO:

If you write the world’s best blog post but if it not SEO optimized it will not show in search engine rankings. If you are planning to monetize from your blog it should appear on the top rankings. This will be a test of your skills and judgment. But if you are truly passionate about writing you can manage both the writing and SEO part of your blog. If you have no or very less knowledge of SEO then read on the web or join some professional course. If possible hire a temporary SEO consultant who can guide you in the initial stages of your blog.

4) Using paragraphs:

If your blog is one big block of text it would be confusing for the reader. Divide your article in small paragraphs. Paragraphs help arrange the blog post into neat layered blocks of text. This is essential for readability as well as sustaining the message. Use appealing headings and subheadings. Paragraphs and headings also help search engines note the layout of your blog and judge the content. This is advantageous from the SEO point of view.

5) Visual content:

A picture speaks louder than words. Having visual content in the form of photos, videos, graphics etc. can do wonders to your blog. But if you use these elements from the net you might face copyright issues. Hence, it would be advisable to use your own photos or videos. For e.g. if you write a travel blog, click pictures and videos of the various places you visit and upload it on your blog. This would lead to authenticity of your blog and at the same time creating a personal appeal.

6) Don’t write just for the sake of it:

Do not post a blog every day just because somebody said it is good for SEO. Focus on quality not quantity. If you write trash to increase your count, Google and other search engines are going to notice it. The obvious result would be that your blog will be sent to the bottom of search results.

Check out Effective SEO content writing tips.

7) Is your blog edited?:

Last, but not the least, have you edited your blog? Just read through the article and find out if all the ideas are conveyed in a systematic manner. Is the structure of the blog logical with one concept leading to another? Eliminate any typos and grammatical errors. Run a spell check at the end of writing any blog. If possible, have a colleague or buddy read through your blog before publishing. It is always better to have a second look to avoid missing some obvious stuff.

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(Published: Wed, 13 Dec 2017 11:31:33 +0000)

Tips to Increase Website Traffic Within a Short Time

It is raining websites. They have become so popular that when a new business is started first and foremost the promoters consider having a website. It is estimated that around 100 thousand websites are launched every day around the world. A new website is like a new born deer in the jungle. It should be up and running withing a short time. If it does not, it is likely to pounced upon and devoured by its predators (read competitors). How do you make your website stand apart from million other websites? If it is a new website how do you increase the traffic within a short time?

1) SEO: What is that?: If your website is not optimized for SEO you are as good as invisible to the world. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is allowing internet search engines to locate your website. This allows people who are looking for your products to be directed to your website. The right SEO can attract valuable clients to your website whereas the wrong one will make you hidden behind tons of search results. If you can, hire an SEO consultant who can provide the much needed guidance and boost to lift your website from ground zero.

2) Socialize: Social media is a powerful tool to reach out to prospective customers. Creating a presence on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest is absolutely essential to draw traffic to your brand new website. It helps in recognition of your brand and create a client base. You can open a channel of communication with key audiences through the use of social media. Remember to use different approaches for various social media. A Facebook strategy might not be as effective on LinkedIn and vice versa. Use social media to your advantage to make your website popular as fast as possible.

3) Provide a feedback page: Enable your website users to provide feedback and queries. Review and respond regularly! It can be very frustrating if a client asks a query and nobody responds. Clarifying their doubts promptly helps them take decisions which are positive for your business. A lady was fascinated by a mobile cover guard on a website but was hesitating because she not sure whether it would fit her mobile model. She posted a query on the website mentioning her mobile brand and model. She got a response immediately through mail with a pic of a similar mobile and the cover fitted to it. Result: The lady placed an order immediately.

4) Is your website user-friendly?: Are potential clients able to navigate your website pages easily? Do they come to dead ends on some pages and do not know where to proceed? Your website might be built by the most creative designers in the world who know all about how to make attractive websites. But if they do not know how to make customer-friendly designs, your website is almost as good as nothing. Navigation is one of the important aspects of browsing a website and it can either break or make your online business’ future success. So do a thorough check of your website’s navigation elements before going online.

5) Make Google your best friend: You might be wondering why only ‘google friendly’ when there are other search engines available such as Bing, Yahoo, Ask etc. If you want the answer, ask any average person which search engine he or she uses on the net. Most likely he or she will respond ‘Google’. Google was and will continue to be everyone’s favorite search engine at least for some time to come. So doing everything that Google likes is going to be favorable for your website. This includes having appropriate SEO keywords, great quality content, fast loading website, attractive design and layout, as well as appropriate usage of videos and images. Do not try to cheat Google just for SEO by spamming, key word stuffing and adding bad links as Google has advanced techniques to catch such offenders.

In this cutthroat competitive online business, every strategy and every technique counts. Use them to your advantage to get the traffic to your website fast.


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(Published: Tue, 12 Dec 2017 12:21:38 +0000)

Obvious SEO Tips and Tricks Which You Miss

From the heading you can understand that this article is about SEO tips and tricks. When you begin an article it is mandatory to define the topic. But the word SEO has become so popular nowadays that I am feeling silly to define it. It is like doing a cooking show and trying to explain what a gas stove is. So I am going to skip telling you what SEO means and straightaway go to some obvious tips and tricks to help search engines prioritize your webpage. Though they are obvious, people tend to overlook them again and again. The reason could be that they come to know some latest SEO techniques and choose to ignore the old ideas. Whatever the reasons, you just cannot do away with some basic stuff to get your blog to rank on the first page.

1) Content is the king:

Though this is an obvious SEO method, users are misusing it or have not understood the fundamentals. I cannot overemphasize the importance of content. This is one of the crucial factors to help search engines locate you. But beware, do not write for search engines. If you do, your article will appear a mess, unworthy of reading. If you write with the reader in mind you will create a truly engaging article. People will flock to your blog or website, if you provide them with useful information. Don’t write content which looks like it is meant for robots or automatons. Keep your primary consumer in mind and you would surely come up with great content. Your goal is to not only entertain the reader but also inform him.

Also when it comes to content, you need to offer unique content to sustain interest. If the content on your blog is more or less similar to ten other blogs, you will not stand apart from the rest. So you need to set standards for unique novel content to attract viewership.

2) Keywords, keywords, keywords:

If content is king, keywords would be the queen. Keywords in SEO terminology are the words people use in search engines to locate the information they need. If you want to have a successful website the keywords on your website should be matching to what people are searching for. Keywords cannot be just randomly selected. Careful research and analysis goes into picking of keywords. But it is all worth it as the right keywords help you get higher rankings by search engines, more sales orders, and greater visibility. Do not force keywords where they will look awkward. This trick will backfire and you will lose credibility.

3) Use of videos:

If you use a picture it will just define a topic, but a video will provide a complete description. Suppose you own a resort. If you post photos of the various sections of your resorts it will just paint half the picture. But if you shoot a video of your resort and post it, it will portray a more realistic picture. Prospective customers are more likely to be interested in booking your resort. This also helps search engines realize that your website has rich media information. If you can, have a transcript of the audio part of the video which aids in its findability. Lastly remember to upload your videos on youtube so that your website doesn’t slow down during peak season. I do not wish to get into the SEO tips and tricks for youtube as that would cover a whole new article. You can read more about that on the net.

4) Optimized for mobile and tablets:

It is happening and everybody is noticing it. A mobile phone revolution is taking place and it is happening at a lightning pace. Almost every other person is using a smart phone. If your website or blog is not optimized for mobile, you are missing a lot. Mobile optimization is nothing but giving the best possible experience for mobile users when they access your website from smartphones. Screen sizes, page speed, fonts etc. are some of the aspects taken care of during mobile optimization. Do not forget about other similar devices such as tablets etc. This is another obvious SEO tips and tricks which many fail to tap into.

Thus when you are tuned into latest SEO techniques, make sure you are not missing out on the fundamental strategies. New tactics will always come and go, but the basics will always be there.

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(Published: Wed, 06 Dec 2017 07:54:05 +0000)

SEO in the Noble Field of Healthcare & Medical Industry

If there was a critical need for SEO in any field, the medical industry would be top in the list. Healthcare is one of the most sought after service in the world. Not only because it is an important field but also because it is an emergency services sector where minutes and even seconds are crucial. The hospital and clinician service is one of the largest industry in the world. It is pertinent that patients can easily search their location and this is the reason SEO comes into play.

For those who are not familiar with the term SEO, here is a brief explanation. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of user traffic to a particular website. This is achieved through organic search engine results. Quality refers to the right type of clients, while organic here refers to any results which you do not have to pay for. In short if you are an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor, patients suffering from a sore throat will be easily able to locate you on the web.

Coming back to the question why SEO is important for the medical sector. The following discussion tells you the reasons for making your healthcare website SEO friendly:

1) Gives you visibility on the web:

You have just launched a new website for your multi-specialty hospital thinking people will be able to reach you from far and wide. But you are not getting the kind of response you had expected. What’s wrong? The reason is even though you have the finest website built by the top designers, if it is not SEO friendly it is as good as nothing. Even if you have spent time, money and resources on creating a web presence, if your patients do not know you exist, how can they find you. An SEO strategy for your website will attract traffic to your medical organization or clinic.

2) Your competitors are doing it:

Believe or not, your competitors are already using experts for implementing SEO techniques for their websites. If you were wondering how come your rival hospital is flourishing, while patients at your clinic were down to a trickle the answer is staring right in your face. If you want to get ahead of your competition, you have to enhance your medical website with the latest SEO tips and tricks.

3) The local clients:

A hospital or a medical professional service mostly caters to the local area. Assume your clinic specializes in skin treatment and there are other five skin specialists in your area. You would want to have your clinic come up on the top of the searches when people in your area google for skin specialists. The patients in the neighborhood should be quickly able to locate you. This is where SEO proves useful. You will be able to list your healthcare business on local online search directories. Any patient searching for a particular service or any other related keyword would be able to see your organization on the top.

4) Target audience:

The SEO science is different from other marketing channels. It is a unique feature which helps you directly connect with your target audience. This audience is actively in need of your services and they are the ones who directly convert into your customers. SEO filters out unlikely clients while focusing on highly prospective clients.

5) SEO is cost-effective:

Another advantage for medical institutions, doctors, and clinics is that SEO is cheaper than other standard forms of marketing. Newspapers ads, healthcare marketing sales people, TV commercials are very expensive. As compared to them SEO is cost-effective and at the same time more successful.

Industries other than the medical field are using SEO for an online presence. Then why should the healthcare industry lag behind. Whether you are an individual healthcare provider or a medical institution, understanding the changing times is your key to success. Take the help of the SEO channel to reach out to the scores of patients who need the help of your valuable services.

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(Published: Mon, 04 Dec 2017 07:21:13 +0000)

Tips to hire SEO expert for your company
SEO Techniques

To rule the search engine, SEO is considered as the best technique among individuals. As the rules and algorithms of search engines are changing constantly, reaching to the top and maintaining the rankings becomes a tricky task. For doing so on your behalf you can hire SEO experts. SEO needs a blend of marketing, technical knowledge, business strategy, etc.

When it comes to an ecommerce business, it includes efficient balance of customer attainment and profits depending on SEO of your business website. While hiring SEO expert for your company check out some essential points to make a result-oriented decision.

Hire an individual having his own skill set with urge to grab more training related to your business. SEO is quickly changing field requiring learning and adaption of latest tricks and technique quickly to attain desired results.

A self-motivated SEO expert can help you the best in attaining desired rankings. They should be capable to analyse the needs of your business to increase awareness of your business and product among targeted audience. He/she should have analysis, research, statics, etc. in his approach. You should hire self-sufficient experts like us to drive you forward. They apply their own unique and effective SEO techniques and tricks to groom your business over web.

To get Professional Organic SEO Services you can hire the experts available online. To make your business rock on the social media and search engines, you need the best and unique SEO service providers. They can improve the online visibility of your website. With increased visibility, you get increased target and traffic to improve your overall business profits.

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(Published: Wed, 20 Jul 2016 11:02:11 +0000)

Tips to hire SEO expert for your company
SEO Techniques

To rule the search engine, SEO is considered as the best technique among individuals. As the rules and algorithms of search engines are changing constantly, reaching to the top and maintaining the rankings becomes a tricky task. For doing so on your behalf you can hire SEO experts. SEO needs a blend of marketing, technical knowledge, business strategy, etc.

When it comes to an ecommerce business, it includes efficient balance of customer attainment and profits depending on SEO of your business website. While hiring SEO expert for your company check out some essential points to make a result-oriented decision.

Hire an individual having his own skill set with urge to grab more training related to your business. SEO is quickly changing field requiring learning and adaption of latest tricks and technique quickly to attain desired results.

A self-motivated SEO expert can help you the best in attaining desired rankings. They should be capable to analyse the needs of your business to increase awareness of your business and product among targeted audience. He/she should have analysis, research, statics, etc. in his approach. You should hire self-sufficient experts like us to drive you forward. They apply their own unique and effective SEO techniques and tricks to groom your business over web.

To get Professional Organic SEO Services you can hire the experts available online. To make your business rock on the social media and search engines, you need the best and unique SEO service providers. They can improve the online visibility of your website. With increased visibility, you get increased target and traffic to improve your overall business profits.

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(Published: Wed, 20 Jul 2016 11:02:11 +0000)

Benefits of professional website design services

Online business is grooming and spreading wings at a fast pace and website design plays a vital role in this. A good website is required to be visually attractive with functional forms. The website is required to be interactive with the clients and visitors. Interaction with the visitors not only drives their engagement but also encourages the users to revisit to the site and offering clients with repeat custom.

Hence, to make your online presence stronger and appealing, having an attractive yet well-functioning website design is important. It grooms your business. Here, are some benefits of a good website design that can help you in enhancing your social presence.

Improved brand identity

With a well-organized functional and effective web design, you can build your brand identity. With a steady visual language, you can a more brilliant notion. You can target your audience easily with a user-friendly and pleasing website.

Make your visitors stay, increases leads

Clicks are not so important. Visitors who browses and stay at your site is important. Generally, people leave the page after one look to the site so your website should have something special to make them interested and stay to know and buy your products and services.

Result-oriented SEO

When you hire a professional Web Design & Development Agency Farnborough for designing your website, you are not only assured to get a well-designed and functional website, but also a website with proper SEO. Experts in the field have an awareness that creating a website is not enough, proper SEO and optimization has to be done to make it rank in the search engines. So, hire the best professionals adding glimpse to your site with efficient SEO.
Keeps you ahead of the curve

It is quite natural you might be having several competitors. With a beautiful, professional and user-friendly website design you can keep yourself above your competitors.

Bring more revenues

A resourcefully designed website is capable of drawing more attention and generating more traffic to your website. People are attracted towards interesting and attractive things that you can bring in your website. Hence, to maximize the prospective of your website effectiveness and design, hire experts.

Room for development

With experts you always have room for improvement in your website to enhance its ranking and turn it as your clients and customers prefer.

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(Published: Thu, 14 Jul 2016 09:24:58 +0000)

Benefits of professional website design services

Online business is grooming and spreading wings at a fast pace and website design plays a vital role in this. A good website is required to be visually attractive with functional forms. The website is required to be interactive with the clients and visitors. Interaction with the visitors not only drives their engagement but also encourages the users to revisit to the site and offering clients with repeat custom.

Hence, to make your online presence stronger and appealing, having an attractive yet well-functioning website design is important. It grooms your business. Here, are some benefits of a good website design that can help you in enhancing your social presence.

Improved brand identity

With a well-organized functional and effective web design, you can build your brand identity. With a steady visual language, you can a more brilliant notion. You can target your audience easily with a user-friendly and pleasing website.

Make your visitors stay, increases leads

Clicks are not so important. Visitors who browses and stay at your site is important. Generally, people leave the page after one look to the site so your website should have something special to make them interested and stay to know and buy your products and services.

Result-oriented SEO

When you hire a professional Web Design & Development Agency Farnborough for designing your website, you are not only assured to get a well-designed and functional website, but also a website with proper SEO. Experts in the field have an awareness that creating a website is not enough, proper SEO and optimization has to be done to make it rank in the search engines. So, hire the best professionals adding glimpse to your site with efficient SEO.
Keeps you ahead of the curve

It is quite natural you might be having several competitors. With a beautiful, professional and user-friendly website design you can keep yourself above your competitors.

Bring more revenues

A resourcefully designed website is capable of drawing more attention and generating more traffic to your website. People are attracted towards interesting and attractive things that you can bring in your website. Hence, to maximize the prospective of your website effectiveness and design, hire experts.

Room for development

With experts you always have room for improvement in your website to enhance its ranking and turn it as your clients and customers prefer.

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(Published: Thu, 14 Jul 2016 09:24:58 +0000)

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