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Walk in Bath Showers Blog Update Walk in Bath Showers Blog  
RSS 6 |  Walk in Bath Showers Blog

Tips to Modernise your Master Bath with Bathtub

Selecting a bathtub appears to be a very easy task, but there are in fact loads of diverse things to consider.

From the material to colour to the accessories and design, the selections seem nearly infinite.

Don’t let yourself besieged by the practice of replacing a bathtub, just follow these tips and enjoy the process by making your place delighted.

Do not make it appear overcrowded

Many individuals think bigger is better, but it may differ with the size of your bathroom. Don’t choose a bathtub that covers all the space making your bathroom look crowded. Conversely, you need a soothing place to sit and soak comfortably. With the help of expert remodelers, you can pick up the right sized walk in baths for your master bathroom.

Think of easy cleaning

Bathtubs are a place of relaxation and rest, so you should choose an option that gives you more time to spend in soaking rather than cleaning. Pick the best tub made from a material like acrylic that is easy to clean and maintain. You can save the time of scrubbing and washing the tub made of seams or tile wall as these require more cleaning.

Look for the Therapeutic Benefits

When it comes to walk in tubs, many people think that these are for individuals with disabilities. The fact is you can also enjoy its amazing benefits. The walk-in tubs come with the comfortable seats and massaging jets making the bubs wonderful for soaking and relaxing. There are several types of walk-in tubs available in the market like tubs with hydrotherapy jets that can provide you ultimate therapeutic benefits like giving relief from the aching muscles and joints among athletes, etc.

Consider suitable Installations

Some bathtubs are easier to install than others. So, choose for fast and simple installation if you have less or no time to spend in the installation process.

Go with Customisationselections

For making your bathroom look unique and helpful for every member of your family, choose experts,

That offer customisation. They can offer you variants of walk in bathtubs with distinct colours, style, and accessories as per your specific demands and desires.

The post Tips to Modernise your Master Bath with Bathtub appeared first on Walk In Bath Showers.

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(Published: Tue, 12 Feb 2019 10:54:48 +0000)

Tips to Make Most Room from an Oddly Shaped Bathroom

Walk in baths are the first choice of many individuals to perk up the bathing experience of their near and dear ones. You can get the best walk in baths fitted to your bathroom even in an oddly-shaped room from experts.

With a little effort and creativity, you can get more space even from an oddly shaped bathroom. Whether the windows are wrongly placed or the uneven ceiling slopes, everything can be correctly used with proper planning.

With a clever selection of right bathroom equipment like walk-in baths for disability is the best option to fit comfortable, unlike the traditional bathtubs.

You can get a completely unique interior design for your space and can turn the awkwardly shaped small bathroom into a gorgeous place for relaxation. You can turn simple room to a lavish wet room.

Make use of off-the-wall designs – Dealing with the protruding or slanted walls is one of the common problems faced in bathroom design. It becomes hard to fit wall features like basins, toilets, bathtubs, etc. You can use the space with free-standing alternatives giving new look and more radiance to your space. An under floor heating system is also a good option for using narrow spaces efficiently.

Doors – Traditional doors can be an obstacle covering extra space. You can try hinged door that can fold in half after use. Sliding doors can also be used for reducing the area for its operation.

Experiment with distinct features – walk in baths is a good way to enjoy secure and comfortable bathing as it is better than traditional baths providing ease for users with disability problems.

Go Minimalist -To make your uneven shaped bathroom look spacious, reduce the clutter is the best and easiest way. Choose the slimmest design for the essential wardrobe you need. You can prefer wet rooms specifically you don’t require trying something new and want space for shower and bath.

Every bathroom space is different and so based on your place you can choose different renovating options for making out more as possible. Using mirror can help along with bright lights.


The post Tips to Make Most Room from an Oddly Shaped Bathroom appeared first on Walk In Bath Showers.

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(Published: Thu, 03 Jan 2019 12:00:26 +0000)

Latest Bathroom Remodeling Trends for this Season Change

As the season changes, our routine changes in some ways. We bring up the change in our living and also to our house. A better way to bring new enchanting appearance to your place is remodeling the bathroom. You can choose any season for remodeling the bath area, especially if your space is unsightly, deteriorating, or not functional.

With different season change, you can try different bathroom remodeling projects for enchanting your home’s value and beauty. Additionally, bathroom remodeling is an efficient approach for experiencing the joy of relaxation in hot as well as cold weather.

With a warm satisfying shower, or a soothing dip in a stunning new bath tub, warmer lights, stylish heated flooring, and other renovations, you can make every season change wonderful for you and your loved ones.

Here are some latest bathroom remodeling trends you can follow –

Tub-to-Shower Conversions

If you are using your bathtub rarely, you can resent it that will expand your home space. You can get an all in one showerfor reusing the space fruitfully. You can switch your existing bathtub to a lavish shower. It makes the bathroom more functional, stylish and trendy.

Fitting of Walk-in Tubs

Safety of your elders is always considered when it comes to bathroom remodeling. For adding safely and functionality of mobility disabled or seniors of your Family, get a walk in bath fitted to your space. Walk in tubs are offering leak-proof entry doors, in addition to luxurious features like air jets, hydrotherapy options, and heated seating for the soothing bathing experience.

Lighting advancement

Lights can lighten up any dark place and if it comes to the bathroom, lighting upgrades can bring an aesthetically pleasing look and functionality. It is significant to bring a balance between soft lighting and maintaining a soothing atmosphere. Try installing some bright lights around the mirror area and your vanity.

Storage Solutions

It can be tricky to comprise your entire requirements within small storage space. Let’s go trendy and bring up some creatively designed storage solutions that cover less space and let you keep more of your bathroom essentials efficiently.

So, choose your design and make the season change astonishing with bathroom remodeling.

The post Latest Bathroom Remodeling Trends for this Season Change appeared first on Walk In Bath Showers.

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(Published: Fri, 21 Dec 2018 11:18:48 +0000)

Choose the Right Shower Trays for Walk-in Showers

While choosing a new shower for your bathroom for comforting the person with a disability in your home, it is vital to make sure the shower tray is also perfectly fit for purpose. The specialists in mobility bathing already comprehend this need and use the best-suited shower trays designed exclusively for the mobility bathing marketplace.

Many may find the special kinds of shower trays expensive than the normal ones but are very helpful for the individuals facing mobility difficulties. These can help you to avoid unfortunate accidents as are convenient and easy to use for the users.

You may get various options in the market like the shower stools in picky can be dangerous in a low-priced. Using a low-quality shower tray can hurt your loved ones. The lightweight shower trays are the best solution for your walk-in showers as having ample space to keep all the essentials in a systematic manner.

The shape of the shower tray is an important aspect you should consider. Buy the shape you like but make sure it is perfectly matching to your walk-in shower’s size and shape. Square, rectangular and quadrant are the most common shapes available in the array.

It also prevents water leakage as a result less chance of slip and fall. When you get the shower trays fitted from experts, there are no gaps for water to escape leaving a dry and comfortable space for your near and dear ones. You can get the space-saving designs from professionals to meet your specific bathroom design and your expectations.

The post Choose the Right Shower Trays for Walk-in Showers appeared first on Walk In Bath Showers.

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(Published: Fri, 26 Oct 2018 12:47:43 +0000)

Experience Blissful Relaxation with Hydrotherapy Walk in Tubs

Hydrotherapy is one of the best forms of healing and relaxation for several decades. It offers restorative powers, improves your skin, gives peace of mind, and detoxifies the body. It gives relief from physical ailments. You can go to luxury spas and therapeutic baths to enjoy its ultimate benefits. But, for all, it’s not possible including seniors and individuals with a disability or reduced mobility.

Now you can enjoy such overwhelming benefits of hydrotherapy at home with hydrotherapy walk in tubs. Yes, many popular companies are offering you several options to revitalize the spirit, body, soul, and mind at the comforts of your place. We are aware of the advantages of walk-in bath for our loved ones and a walk in tub with therapeutic power would be borax on gold.

A walk in tub can provide -

Splendid soaking experience

You can enjoy warm waters soak into your bodies and souls making you feel more alive and refresh. It enhances your mood and physical rejuvenation.

Comforts with its exclusive design

Two-way doors, high-quality material, and comfortable design with leak-proof doors of the walk-in tubs make you enjoy every minute of your soak. You can use perfumed soaps or gel to make every bath special and delighted.

Less or no risk of slip and fall

These tubs are very safe and are designed carefully by experts to provide utmost comforts with least risk of fall and slip. So, you will be relaxed that your loved ones are enjoying the healing without worries. These are very easy to use.


For the seniors and disabled folks, these provide independence and confidence of doing their chores by own. Walk in tubs come with doors and shower head so you can enjoy a shower too.

Investment for future

The walk in tubs are easy to install and can be fitted in small space. Additionally, these bring a new look and feel to the bathroom enhancing the value of your place. It is like a future investment. You can enjoy your aging at the same place as your near and dear ones even with less mobility. It can also help in avoiding assisted living in the future.

So, get one installed in your space and enjoy its comforts, sooth your mind, body, and soul.

The post Experience Blissful Relaxation with Hydrotherapy Walk in Tubs appeared first on Walk In Bath Showers.

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(Published: Mon, 24 Sep 2018 12:13:08 +0000)

Make your Bathroom Ready for the House Party

Creating and decorating a perfect bathroom can be a tricky task. Integrating the practicality is the most important aspect in doing so. You need to be very careful and creative when hosting a party at home because of the traffic to bathroom increases. With some experts help and tips, you can make your bathroom congregate the entire needs and becomes a relaxing and indulging space.

Follow these tips and get ready your bathroom for the party –Cleaning is the first step

Let’s begin with the cleaning process. If you have a fully-equipped bathroom that you need to only clean the place efficiently to bring in the shine. The glasses of the walk-in shower should be clean. All the essentials like soap, gel, tissue papers should have to be placed in advance. And, have extra of these to avoid last minute hurry.

Decorative Curtains

If your bathroom curtains are old and you are thinking to change them, this is the time. But if not, you can simply hang some designer decorative ornaments and colourful rings to bring in the party mood.

Add colours and Wreaths

Adding bright colours is a good way to bring in charm, joy, and happiness in the ambience. You can change the wall colours. Add some vases with original or artificial flowers to make the space aromatic. Also, add wreaths to make it more beautiful and cherishing.

Add new walk-in bath

Your guests or relatives may stay with you for a few days and to ease their stay, add a new walk-in bath. This is good for all aged guests. Whether they are children or seniors with walk-in baths they will feel more comfortable and pleasing.

Mix and match storage

Whatever size of storage you have in your bathroom, make it expressive. You can use a blend of concealed and open storage so you can put away the unsightly, and flaunt the stunning bottles and stuff you use daily. This will also help them to get what they need without disturbing many of your personal stuff.

The post Make your Bathroom Ready for the House Party appeared first on Walk In Bath Showers.

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(Published: Mon, 17 Sep 2018 11:00:51 +0000)

Follow the Tips and Ensure the Safety of your Elders and Kids

We love our elders and want to do best for them to make them feel delighted over the aged factors affecting their health. Our worries upsurge when they face decreased mobility. Many of us prefer to install walk-in bath showers, walk-in bathtubs and many other such types of equipment to ease their routine life. Additionally, these are beneficial for our babies as they require the same care as elders do. These also make them feel independent and happy.

But, accidents can happen anywhere, even in the bathroom. So, prevention is better than cure and here are some safety tips which can increase the safety of your loved ones.

Inward-Outward opening doors

When you install the walk-in baths, make sure it has both inwards and outward opening doors. This will help them easy entry and exit without any fear of slip and fall.

Use Slip-free taps and strips under the bathtub

When getting out of the walk-in bathtub, even from a low height, one can slip. To avoid such conditions you can use no-slip strips and mats.

Safeguard bathroom against kids

To avoid any accidents with your kids, it is better to keep the bathroom lock after every use. If not possible, try let them not alone or unattended in the bathroom. Keep all the medicines and bathroom cleaning products away from their reach.

Adjust water heaters

Keep the water heaters set at a certain temperature so that your seniors or kids do not scald themselves with hot water.

Keep the soaps and shampoos to minimum

It is better to place only single shampoo, soap and gel in reach of your elders for their bath or shower. This will reduce the risk of dropping other things while taking one they need.

Grab bars

When we lose balance, the first thing we try is grabbing whatever ear to us. So install grab bars in strategic places, like on the wall next to the walk-in shower or tub. Make sure the grabs are strong enough to hold their weight.

Unplug or remove the electronics from the bathroom

Use of electronic appliances like hair dryer, straightener, etc. is common in the bathroom area. To avoid any shocks and injuries to elders it is betterto remove or unplug them after every use.

Handled shower head

You can install handled shower head for their convenience and making their shower soothing, safe and delighted.

The post Follow the Tips and Ensure the Safety of your Elders and Kids appeared first on Walk In Bath Showers.

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(Published: Wed, 05 Sep 2018 10:16:36 +0000)

Walk-in Showers, Bath or Wet Room, What Should You Choose?

When mobility starts declining, we plan to renovate our bathroom. Fortunately, we have different options like walk-in showers, walk-in baths, and wet rooms. All have their own advantages and disadvantages that make the choice difficult. Depending upon your personal choices and preferences, you can make a well-versed choice.

Know them well to choose the best option for you comprising your entire needs and requirements.

Walk in baths

Walk in baths are best for the people who prefer bath than shower but face problem in getting in and out. Walk in baths are accessible easily in distinct variants.

Soak yourself and relax.

In this, you can soak and relax your aching muscles. For the individuals facing joint pain or problems like arthritis, this can provide a soothing and enjoyable bathing experience.

Low step

Especially designed low step door makes your entry and exit easy and safe.

Fits in small space.

The mini walk-in shower bath fits for limited space. These are packed with all the features and more of bigger walk-in baths at affordable prices.

Easy to use and maintain

With experts, you can get the finest walk in baths that are not only simple, safe and easy but utter bliss too.

Walk-in showers

Vast choices available

You can pick from the huge array of options available in walk-in showers range. You can buy stylish, safe and affordable walk-in shower solutions meeting any sized bathroom.

Safe shower experience

These come with many elective extras available counting assistance poles, grab rails, fold down seating and duckboards for that little extra help.

Easy access

For the people with less mobility, walk-in bath showers give them the freedom to enjoy their shower fruitfully without the help of others.

Enhanced looks

In addition, to ease your bathing experience, walk-in showers also enhance the overall look of your space. The luxurious looking glass doors with elegant frames, add style and charm to the place.

Wet rooms

It is best for your near and dear ones having severe problems with mobility and is unable to use a shower or bath. It crafts a superior shower area than a traditional shower area and is mainly appropriate to wheelchair entrance.

Wet rooms bring aesthetic appearance and can boost the price of your belongings.

Regain your independence with the best wet rooms at your home as these provide obstruction free entry and exit.

For privacy, curtains can be added that also keeps spread of water to least.

So, pick the best walk in shower, walk in bath or wet rooms for your place suiting your specific needs and desires.


The post Walk-in Showers, Bath or Wet Room, What Should You Choose? appeared first on Walk In Bath Showers.

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(Published: Wed, 29 Aug 2018 11:22:36 +0000)

Choose the best walk in baths for couples

Regardless of how lovey- dovey you are in whatever other room of the home, at times, with regards to the bathroom, couples can rapidly turn from cutesy to aggressive.

When you’re in a race to get prepared for work or you have arrangements to meet the in-laws and are running behind, there’s nothing more terrible than holding up with a bite of toothpaste while your other half has got shaving cream everywhere throughout the ledge.Spare yourself from the anxiety by introducing ‘his and hers’ sinks.

Choose walk in showers or walk in baths to make your bathroom more renovated and new-looking. In the event that you have space to play with, consider introducing separate units, which gives you the additional extravagance of your own stockpiling. On the other hand, in case you’re hoping to capitalize on a littler bathroom, a twofold bowl gives the same true serenity without overpowering your space.

A bathroom ought to be a spot where you can feel casual, regardless of the fact that you’re in somewhat of a surge. Be that as it may, it’s difficult to be quiet when you’re stumbling over towels or thumping toothbrushes on the floor.

Basic increments can have a colossal effect in a little, shared space by keeping things sorted out.

Capacity components, for example, a twofold robe snare or double toothbrush holders, mean there’s a spot for everything in the bathroom – and no reasons for when everything isn’t in its place.

While it’s an indispensable room when it’s an ideal opportunity to inspire prepared to go out, a bathroom is additionally an awesome spot to loosen up – and it can be sentimental as well.

Notwithstanding organizing your space so that it’s as utilitarian as could be expected under the circumstances, don’t pass up a great opportunity for the opportunity to fuse includes so you can likewise make the most of your bathroom with your exceptional someone. When it is an ideal opportunity to inspire prepared to go out, a washroom is additionally an incredible spot to loosen up – and it can be sentimental as well.

To make your bathroom refreshing and delighted choose the stylish and designer walk in baths and enjoy a wonderful time with your beloved.

The post Choose the best walk in baths for couples appeared first on Walk In Bath Showers.

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(Published: Fri, 22 Jul 2016 10:18:59 +0000)

Benefits of bamboo towels for babies

Being parents are the most precious feeling and reason of happiness for couples. But, taking care of your beloved child becomes sometime challenging especially babies. It can be a tough task for making the temperature correct, best bath products to be used for baby, etc. you need the safe and effective products for your little ones to provide them a comfortable and soothing bathing experience.

Choosing the right bath towel is as important as the right baby bathing products and organic cotton towels made from bamboo is the best option. The bamboo towels are much more than water absorbent towels. They are completely safe and soft for the delicate skin of your baby. The softness of the organic bamboo towels will make your baby feel delighted and his bathing little easier.

Bamboo towels are made from natural fibre that makes baby’s skin enjoy the tender and soft feeling making him relax. These towels absorb more water leaving baby’s skin moisturized.

Using bamboo towels are best for your baby as it provide many more health benefits like it is hypoallergenic material reducing the symptoms of skin problems, allergies, asthma in small children. It keeps your baby warm in winter season and cool in hot weather due to its thermal regulating ability. This is best for the sensitive skin of your baby. These grow without insecticides and pesticides and its strong fibres do pill so provide lasting service.

Bamboo towels are odorless and antibacterial keeping your baby smelling fresh. On the online stores offering genuine organic bamboo towels and related products will offer you some stunning and stylish bamboo products in distinct ranges to make your shopping easy, convenient and cost-effective.

Choose the most stunning and soft bamboo towels for your baby and make them feel relaxed and enjoy a wonderful time with your baby while giving him a cosy bathing.

The post Benefits of bamboo towels for babies appeared first on Walk In Bath Showers.

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(Published: Thu, 21 Jul 2016 09:38:40 +0000)

Special walk in steam shower tub for adorable bathroom

Bathroom plans are turning out to be substantially more extravagant nowadays. Today there are numerous individuals anticipating incorporate rich sterile product and shower fitting to make their washing space an amazing one. With this you will find that top brands from the universe of sterile product have acquired and as yet dispatching pieces that offer a great deal more than the base essentials. Today the greater part of the walk in showers or bathtubs is intended to offer a one of a kind unwinding knowledge to the clients.

While shower tub combos were at that point a major hit, you will find that outlines in these with the additional steam component now managing the business sector. Yes, steam shower tub combos are soon turning into a hot pattern and numerous are deciding on these to prepared their fantasy bathrooms. If you are looking something innovative and relaxing to your bathroom, then add a combination of steam shower tub.

Benefits of steam shower tub

Essentially these are profoundly multi functional units which offer you more than one element at once. Besides, a different shower and a bathtub certainly imply more venture of sometime and cash. This single unit suits a bathtub and shower and gives a definitive component of a steam room also.

This one helps you enjoy advantages of a steam space for the wanted term with only a one time venture. Again the alternatives in outlines guarantee that you have one piece that appropriately fit in your shower. The wide value range makes it conceivable to pick an outline that fits in your financial plan.

While buying the best suited unit for your bathroom, there are myriad of options of walk in baths accessible in the market counting distinct designs, brands, sizes and price range. You can choose different options with several elegant features and the price also varies depending on the features you prefer to choose.


The post Special walk in steam shower tub for adorable bathroom appeared first on Walk In Bath Showers.

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(Published: Mon, 18 Jul 2016 06:39:44 +0000)

Benefits of walk in baths, bath lifts and walk in showers

Walk in showers, shower lifts and walk in baths can make life less demanding for you, particularly if you have been compelled by confined versatility till now. These exertion sparing showering arrangements can make your bathing and shower experience charming and soothing again. With these inventive showers you will need no help of other individuals when you bathe. A walk in shower, for occurrence, will have deliberately situated ergonomic handles to grasp in the event that you slip.

Walk in Baths

Walk in showers are useful for the individuals who need to soak in bathtubs without worrying about getting in and out of the tub, or slipping on the wet tub floor. These as a rule have a water-tight entryway in favor of the shower tub that you open to get inside. These baths additionally have low edges, so you don’t need to move in or out of the tub. Simply open the entryway and walk in. Numerous models are furnished with several classy features. Great brands of walk in baths have thermostatically controlled taps and touch control handsets for basic operation. Hostile to slip floors and hold rails are other basic elements of walk in showers.

Bath lifts

These are useful for the individuals who would prefer truly not to introduce walk in showers or gives, or the individuals who need to travel often. Bath lifts are to some degree like convenient seats that ascent here and there with the utilization of a hand held control set. You put these inside a shower and raise it to the edge of the tub when you need to get in, or out. You bring down them to bathe. Some are inflatable seats that are controlled with a joined hand set. Others are compact force situates that look like little lift seats. These too are controlled with the assistance of touch-control handsets.

Walk in Showers

A walk in shower can regularly come connected to a walk in bath. It can likewise come as a stand-alone shower. A decent walk in shower will have a low edge, hostile to slip floor, and simple controls, as thermostatically controlled lever taps. Aside from that, it should have grasp rails and movable seats, on the off chance that you get drained while remaining in the shower.

So choose what you prefer for renovating your bathroom with the latest arrangement for making your bath easy, soothing and safe.

The post Benefits of walk in baths, bath lifts and walk in showers appeared first on Walk In Bath Showers.

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(Published: Thu, 14 Jul 2016 09:03:55 +0000)

Mini walk in bath for small space

Are you tired of cleaning the traditional bathroom doors and cleaning the shower curtains, still having the same boring bathroom, if yes you are not alone.

With the changing trends and innovation in technologies, people are shifting to some trendy and excellent ways to make their bathroom appear special and delighted. For several individuals, amalgamations of showers/tubs are no longer enviable. They want spacious, clean and clutter-free space where they can relax and enjoy soothing moments.

Dream of a soothing and spacious bath is common among folks, but the limitation of space in their bath area becomes a barrier in fulfilling their dream. If you desire to get a wonderful walk in bath in your bathroom, not to worry as it is possible with the introduction of mini walk in bath. The mini walk in baths is very compatible and can be placed in tiny space.

The mini walk in bath is packed with the delightful feature as covered in the normal sized walk in baths. It is prolifically designed for the individuals having limited space and facing bathing difficulties. Using the mini walk in baths is very easy and efficient. You can conveniently use it even when having limited space.

You can sit back and enjoy a long relaxing bath. If you like to take a shower, mini walk in baths accomplishes your entire desires. It makes bathing activity convenient and easy for seniors and disabled individuals of your family. It is an ideal solution when you are looking something elegant and efficient for your bathroom.

It provides luxurious bathing experience to individuals facing mobility problem as the door is of 4-6 inch making them easy to get in and out of the bath. The mini marvel walk in bath brings esthetic plea of your master retreat. It also adds value to your home so you get extra money while selling.

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Benefits of curbless walk in showers

Walk in showers are the first choice among individuals when they are looking for some special to renovate their bathroom. There is a huge range of walk in showers are available that you can choose for enhancing the overall appearance of your space. Curbless walk in showers are the latest innovation people love to bring in their space. The barrier free shower not only eases your way to enter or exit the bathroom, but also presents a lavish spa-like appearance.

A curbless walk in shower provides several benefits counting -

The foremost benefit of such walk in showers is that it brings the sleek, stylish and incessant look to your bathroom.

It improves the accessibility and easier to use for the people of any age including children, adults and seniors. It provides additional safety for every disability and all ages all without lacking the looks.

It makes the bathroom look bigger as covers less space. This means your small or medium sized bathroom will also look stunning and bigger with curbless walk in shower.

With a curbless walk in shower, you will be having clear lines in the bathroom and less clutter that can decrease the look of the bathroom.
Such type of shower helps you in cleaning the space as having fewer crannies and nooks to clean.

The availability of the sizes, colours and shapes of the curbless showers suits every bathroom style counting modern, traditional or contemporary as have an assortment of designs and styles.

These are also known as barrier free showers giving ease and comforts to enjoy a soothing and lavish shower to lessen the whole day stress and fatigue.

To get you desired style curbless walk in bath in your bathroom, take help of experts. You can trust the leading suppliers of walk in showers to get best results without hurting your pockets.

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Brighten your walk in bath with a splatter of red colour

Are you looking to renovate your bathroom for giving it a stylish and aspiring look and feel, add some bright colours along with the accessories you are selecting. To make your bathroom dazzling whether it is big or small, choosing the right colours and products is important. With a touch of red colour in your space in some elegant and classy way, you can make it a wonderful part of your home.

It is not necessary to accomplish your entire walk in bath with a red colour; instead, you can use its shades in some elegant manner. For attaining an ultra-modern look, pick the bright tones like candy-red, crimson that reflects fashionable vibe. Using wine-toned tints, oxblood, scarlet is ideal if looking to lessen the intensity of the red colour. For crafting a distinguishing effect choose some softer shades in combinations counting pink, purple or rose with white and other light shades.

Paint a wall. A simple and efficient approach of renovating your bathroom is simply painting a single wall or tile. Shade the selected wall in a dark colour and leave the rest walls with a neutral shade. This presents a current look without recoiling the sense of the room.

Integrate red coloured accessories like bathrobes, curtain, towels, etc. to match up the customized look. You can change this anytime you want. So, no worries about having any permanent change in your bathroom. Moreover, this will provide you the opportunity to bring in several classy modifications without hurting your budgets and sentiments attached. This would be like the cherry on the top.

If your bathroom is spacious, add some bathroom furniture pieces with shades of red that are helpful in keeping your bathroom organised and clean. For your walk in showers, you can add some colourful glasses that enhance the whole appearance of your space. For adding glitter, you need to keep your space clean and tidy.

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Benefits of smooth and luxurious bamboo towels

Bamboo towels are very high in demand nowadays. These are ideal to use as well as to gift to your loved one on special occasions. Bamboo is a versatile and easily available resource in nature that can be used in the manufacturing of classy and highly efficient towels, bathrobes, bath sheets, bed sheets and many other products. Bamboo products are very soft to touch and feel.

From ancient times, these were used in the transportation, cooking, medicine, textile, etc. Now you can enjoy the benefits of stylish bamboo towels and other products to enhance your living standards and bathing experience. These are completely made from 100% bamboo fibres making it organic and completely secure to use. These are non- allergic and have several benefits.

Check out some of the advantages of adding bamboo towels and related products in your home and using them in your routine life –


The bamboo stalks require less water and can grow at faster rate in comparison to other plants. So, cultivating bamboo is an easy and cost-effective process. Moreover, it releases more oxygen into the atmosphere than other plants, so we are purifying our surrounding air in some ways.


Bamboo is sustainable in nature as it grows and replenishes itself automatically every year. You need not to use any kind of pesticides or fertilizers as required in the growth of cotton or timber.


The bamboo fabrics are very soft so you can use it in any ways you want. Bamboo towels are very gentle to be used on any skin type.

Fights bacteria

Bamboo towels are made from natural fibres having several properties like anti-fungal, anti-microbial and such related things fighting against bacteria even after washed many times. This means you are safe to use the towels even after several washes.

More absorbent

Bamboo towels absorb about four times more water than its weight. You can choose different types of bamboo products counting bathrobes, bath sheets, face towels and much more.

Choice availability

The bamboo products are accessible in vast varieties of colours, patterns, designs and styles to match up with your taste, class and status.
You can enjoy more benefits of organic bamboo towels by adding them in your bathroom.

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Walk in bath tubs better relief while bathing

A walk in bath tub is a safe and reliable for all generations. These are fruitfully designed for offering stability, protection and better bathing experience. These are accessible in several unique designs having built-in seats to avoid the risk of sliding down and triumphing entirely submerged while desiring a relaxing soak in the water.

The high quality and stylish walk in tub are ideal and safer for the families having children and seniors. The latest designer walk in baths are different from the traditional; bathtubs as having enhance features to make your bath more soothing and delightful.

It also have water temperature controller so that you get the warm, lukewarm and the right temperature water to enjoy a soothing bath that relaxes your muscles and take away all the pain and stress. These tubs are having stunning Bath mate Inflatable Bath Lift. The inflatable bath lift are having excellent lumbar support making it very easy for you to reach the bottom of the bath.

These are very simple, easy and quick bath that would aid you in enjoying a cosy bath with complete confidence. It also encompasses touch button for effortless inflate or deflate it. These absolute portable bath lift comes with own travel case that provides opportunity for using it at home or can take away when going out.

Enjoy complete peace of mind, safety while bathing with the anti-slip seating area and lumbar support available in such stunning walk in bath tubs. You can buy the astonishing and nice-looking walk in baths fitted in your bathroom. These are also very stunning in looks perking up the overall appearance of the bathroom.

To buy walk in baths for your home, you can go online and enjoy shopping from the vast range of baths and related products to make your bathing experience relaxing and enjoyable.

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Make Your First Date At Home Success With Bathroom Refurbishment

Your lady love is coming to your place for the first time,

Feeling excited,

Yes, you should be, but it brings a lot of responsibility on your shoulders as the first impression counts. The mixed feelings of excitement, nervousness, etc. can be a big emotional turmoil.

Your home should look stunning and clear so that she feels comfortable, relaxed and impressed. Decorating living room, dining area, kitchen and other areas of your home is important as you never know she can move in any room of your home. Additionally, make sure your bathroom is also maintained.

Here are some tips that your bathroom can help in making your date perfect and entertaining -

Groom your confidence
Almost we all get ready in our bathrooms and aware of everything that helps us to look at our best. So, arrange your bathroom in such a stunning handy way so you get whatever things you need on time without any mess. This will groom your confidence as you can get ready or touch up in a little span of time.

Encompass handy baskets and shelves in your walk in shower for keeping your shampoo, perfume, cream and other products organised.

Check yourself
Last moment touch up and check before your date knocks at your door is important. To check clean teeth, nose and perfect dress, etc. bathroom is the best place.

After the first introduction and small talk, the bathroom is the ideal space for seeking some quiet moment for recharging yourself for making your rest date rocking. This does not mean you should move to pee too often as this may confuse your girl. The bathroom can be your checkpoint to make sure your teeth are clean after having spinach dish or something cheesy.

Express your class and personality
It is quite obvious your guest would ask the way to the bathroom when spending hours, eating, drinking at your place. Here, is the chance to strike the iron when it is hot. If you have walk in baths, make sure it is clean and tidy. Decor every minute detail of your bathroom to totally impress your dream girl. A boutique of trendy colourful tiles with matching designer furniture and accessories can perk up the look of your bathroom.

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Easy Tips To Clean The Walk In Baths

Walk in bathtubs are getting popular among individuals especially for helping the seniors. Walk in baths provide various benefits to individuals like reducing the risk of bathroom slip and fall that are common in that age. Walk in baths let your seniors enjoy a safe bath without having the assistance of others. It let them enjoy living at their space independently and enhancing their quality of life. Walk in baths offer luxurious styling and totally effortless entry for individuals.

For enjoying its efficient benefits, cleaning and maintenance are important. This will prolong the lifespan of the tub. Cleaning the bathtubs and walk in showers are not so loved and easy task among many individuals. It is up to you at what time you like to clean the bathroom.

There are some effective ways to clean the bathroom fruitfully. Here are some fruitful tips you can pick for cleaning your walk in bathtubs.

Clean the bath frequently as this will save your time and require less effort.

You should wipe down the wet surface after you bath or shower. This would be a preventive and easy measure cutting down your time for scrubbing and cleaning your tub.

For lowering the humidity level in the room and let the moisture escape from the ambiance, keep the windows of the bathroom open.

Avoid using the steel wool, wire brushes, or other scratchy things to preserve the smoothness and beauty of the tub.

Use the Epsom salts that is safe for your bath tub.

Give a proper check to the electrical components at regular interval just to ensure everything is working fine.
Do not use the oil-based bath stabilizers for cleaning.

Sometimes the soap residue, bath oils, body oils, etc. starts to settle on the surface of the tub. This reduces its beauty. For removing and cleaning this, you can use dishwashing soap or bleach.

So, follow the tips and keep your bathtub clean and new like for prolonged years.

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It’s Time To Renovate Your Bathroom With Walk In Bath

When you come to know about the arrival of your friends or guests to your home, you quickly clean up your place, put new table cloth, new cushion covers, changing the rugs and many such things to make your home look at its best.

All done, forgot something…

What about your bathroom?

Have you ever thought your old fashioned bathroom can spoil your whole image at ones?

So, recognise the signs of renovating your bathroom. Here, are some signs that can help you know the time to renovate your bathroom.

It’s like walking in the old age home
You have changed your night wear. You might be using the latest makeup instead of your old kit then why not changing your old styled bathroom. In our routine life, we get used to the bathroom features we are having and do not realise that these are now outdated. Give a look and thought to your bathroom to change the few aspects that are grabbing attention of your guests. You can replace your old bathtub with the latest walk in baths. This will perk up the look of your bathroom fruitfully.

Varying circumstances
If you are thinking to add up new features and accessories to your bathroom, but are finding it difficult to find space, then it is the time to renovate your bathroom. For an expanding family, installing big bathtubs or walk in showers for the elders is necessary. You can add up multiple basins to avoid morning arguments at brushing time.

Leak or crack are observed
There might be little cracks or leakage problem in your bathroom that do not affect you much. But, avoiding these may push in big troubles in the long term. The cracks may increase with time as leak will weaken the tiles of your bathroom.

You are becoming nit picking
Are you feeling complaining to yourself every time you are entering your bathroom? You need to renovate and make the bathroom design convenient and practical. Switch to the corner sink or toilet if you are continuously banging your elbow or knee on the protruding feature. Install shower cubicle, walk in shower or bath as per your choice to enjoy a relaxing and pleasant soak.

Putting home for rent or sale
To get good value while selling or renting your space, make sure you renovate and clean your bathroom as it can add value to your existing space.

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Tips To Perk Up The Limited Bath Space

The bathroom area is one of the most important parts of any home. It is the place where you start your day. If the bath area is beautiful and well organized, you get new zeal and energy that lasts for whole daylong. To make your bathroom look beautiful, you can renovate it by using some latest bath equipment, storage place and walk in baths. Myriad of bathroom renovation options like walk in baths are available today that you can use to perk up the overall appearance of your bathroom.

Small bathrooms are very common in the UK, but small-sized space can be a bit difficult in daily routine. Today, with the help of different ideas and options available to renovate the bathroom, you can enlighten small space into functional-rich and spacious bath area. Here, are some of the finest tips that can help you in transforming your bath area into a wonderful place.

Go for the fitted furniture –
To store the bathroom essentials go for the slim and fitted furniture that takes less space whilst adjusting your entire necessary bathroom products fruitfully.

Let the light in –
Let light come in. it is perfect to create an illusion of space in a small bathroom. This will help you feel brighter and bigger.

Keep things to minimize –
Keep the bathroom things to minimal. Keep only the things you need on daily basis, as this will help in making the room look clean and well managed. Keep things like towels, brush, soap, shampoo, etc. You can also try out some unique ways to keep your essential items neatly and in a well to do manner.

Space saving replacements –
You can replace the old bathroom furniture with the new one that consumes less space.

This will help you in adding sparkling stars to looks of your home in addition to increasing the value of your place. You can go online to find out the distinct beautiful, small yet comfortable walk in bath and walk in showers available at very reasonable rates that you can improvise your bathroom.

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Tips To Make Your Soak In Walk In Bathtubs More Effective

Heading home, after a long hectic day, nothing is better than a soak in warm water. Whether you day finished in toiling, lounging, socializing or in any other important task, a soak can give you a soothing cap to your hectic day.

The people living with you might be elder or suffering from any mobility problem, walk in bathtubs can be a good option for them. You can give them relaxing and soothing experience daily in the comforts of the home with walk in bathtubs.

To enhance the benefits of warm water soak, following some of the tips that can make you feel more relaxed and delighted.

• Oatmeal – for the people are suffering from skin irritation, allergies, oatmeal is good to get rid of the itches.

• Peppermint – For an amplified rejuvenation and extra freshness add some fresh peppermint leaves or oil in water. This will give you an extremely natural cooling effect.

• Lavender – When talking a bath before bed, adding lavender essential oil in water can give you strikingly pleasant sleep. It relaxes you and increase the positivity level in you. You can also try out adding your favourite fragrance oil to have a deep sleep.

• Eucalyptus – To relax your stressed muscles, eucalyptus is a good option. From ancient times, it is offering the ultimate pleasure and relaxation. Bay, sage, Epsom salts are the alternatives for this as these gives the same effect.

• Detox combos – You can also use the detoxifying herbs to give yourself an herbal and healthy treat of a combo thyme leaves, marjoram, pine needles, baking soda, etc.

For therapeutic effects, you can go for the walk in bathtub having air or water jets.

You can add up any other herbal product or oils of your choice for additional effects. You can buy them online from the reputed stores and are suitable for any bath area without disturbing your existing place.

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Walk In Aqua Bath For Complete Safety And Comforts

You might have heard about the walk in baths and showers many times from several people around you. These provide complete safety and independence to your elderly family members to have a relaxing pleasant bathing experience daily. If you want such an amazing and helpful walk in bath options at your bathroom, then several striking options are waiting for you.

Professionals manufacture different styles of walk in baths to provide you an absolute safe bathing area for your loved ones. Additionally, these are ideal to perk up the overall appearance of your bath area, adding value to your home. Amid all, the Aqua bath is one of the best walk in baths for complete protection and pleasure.

The walk in aqua bath is contoured for comfort and space for giving you the most soothing bath probable every day.

This standard design comes with extraordinary contours within the bath for providing a bigger bathing area for giving a deeper, more satisfying bath. Using this is very easy and you get the most comfortable seating position the most calming ever.

Using your walk in Aqua Bath is not only easy, safe and time-saving, but also sheer ecstasy too.

There are different benefits of Aqua bath –
• Internal grab rail
• Right or Left sided access door
• Thermostatically controlled lever taps
• Elective hydrotherapy spa system
• A moulded seat for additional comfort
• Anti-slip flooring
• little threshold entry
• Pop up waste
• Available in a range of colours to match your existing suite

Go get one fitted in your bath area for your dear ones and give them a wonderful, soothing bath experience. This will fill them cherished and fine all day long and you will be stress free when at work, away from home.

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Heal Common Alignments With Hydrotherapy Walk In Baths

You might have heard about hydrotherapy also known as hydropathy. Hydrotherapy is an effective process to treat certain pain and aches by using water. Hot as well as cold water are used to cure certain medical conditions and this can give a soothing experience especially to elderly people. The process is popular and used from centuries as a vital part of life. Hydrotherapy treatments aid the body to get rid of the toxins causing inflammation and joint pains. It relaxes muscles and relieves the pressure on the bones and joints. You can feel relaxed both physically and mentally by using it.

We do not have much time to go to spas for getting the treatment so to help such people, new hydrotherapy walk in baths are introduced. Today, you can enjoy the process at home itself with the introduction of the latest and innovative walk in baths. Professionals are manufacturing walk in baths with hydrotherapy spas to provide healing and soothing experience. It is the treatment introduced by Roman.

Get fitted a hydrotherapy walk in bath at your home and unwind yourself after the hectic day, every day. Whether you are feeling joint pain or stiff muscles, a bath in walk in bath can give you ultimate pleasure. With a walk in bath at home, you can enjoy the lavish treat anytime you need without making holes in pockets.

Your family members especially elders can also enjoy a pain-reducing and relaxing massage regularly. They need not have to go out for this as they can enjoy it in the privacy and convenience of their own home. The warm moving water in the bath gently washes the stress and pain out leaving a wonderful and cherished – YOU.

It can helpful in curing –
• Arthritis
• Restless leg syndrome
• Back problems
• Circulatory disease
• Inflammation
• Muscle cramps

So, get fitted the one at your place and enjoy the effective benefits of walk in baths to live a pleasing and stress-free life every day.

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Tips To Help Your Aging Parents Stay Safe At Home

About 85-90% of elderly people desire to stay in their own home, as they age. However, this becomes difficult as the people get older, found in researches. Seniors used to face falls and slip problems that hurt them when they stay alone at home. To avoid such situations, you can make some changes to your place and can make your home more secure and peaceful place for your senior family members.

You can adopt some effectual strategies that can make the home safer, more comfortable, and more adaptable to your senior’s altering ability of performing their Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), like bathing, cooking, and using the bathroom independently.

Here, are some little and effective changes to do for your home -

• You can make space accommodate a walker, wheelchair, or another kind of disability aid and still uphold the resale worth or even add to the value of the home

• Install railings on both sides of the staircase or make arrangements of bath, kitchen, and bedroom on the ground floor to avoid the need of using the staircase

• Check out the hazards around the home that can upsurge the risk of slip and fall

• Install bright and good lighting in and out of your place. This can help the seniors to walk around safely as they can see the obstacles easily in bright light

• Remove damaged rugs or carpets that can trip a grown-up person or hitch a walker or cane

• You can install handrails on both sides to secure the steps

• Get good-quality lever handles installed on the faucets and doors

• Get grab bars in the showers and bathroom

• Install walk in shower to walk in bath to your place to give them comfortable independent bathing experience and facilities.

• Installing walk in bath or showers can give them ease to entering and exit in and to the bathroom independently.

Doing little changes can improve your home and can save your family members from the illness and accidents. So, for it and give a secure happy life to your senior family members and enjoy a delightful life with them.

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Walk In Shower Enclosures Or Walk In Showers. What To Choose?

Why go for the walk in shower enclosures when you have walk in showers, walk in shower cubicles, walk in shower cabinets and so many other permutations and combinations of such terms.

You might be confused about the terms. Don’t worry you are not alone. Many people are confused about what is the difference between the walk in shower enclosures and walk in showers? They appear to describe distinct things.

But the answer is all are same. Briefly, walk in shower is the abbreviation for a walk in shower enclosure.

Now aren’t you happy to know the clear idea about the terms.

Now, what exactly a walk in shower enclosure is?
A walk in shower enclosure is fundamentally a specifically designed cabinet encasing your shower. It has a broad door that enables easy and safe in and out of the user. This is generally constructed with glass panels; toughened glass and these glass panels are fixed firmly onto a bathe tray.

Distinct benefits of walk in showers -
• Walk in showers are best for the elderly and disabled people to enjoy a relaxing shower experience
• These are available in distinct sizes and patterns to fit in your existing bath area
• They add charm to your bathroom, bringing enchanting trendy looks to your shower
• Secure your bathroom floors
• More than a person can use it at the same time
• These look beautiful and make your small bath area bigger.

You can go to the online stores to get the different stylish and a myriad of sizes available for suiting your specification. These ranges from triple sided shower enclosures to single glass panels, framed to frameless enclosures and a complete host of techniques and designs.

Consider some essential points while buying a new walk in shower enclosure -
• The space and size of your bathroom
• Choose the enclosure more suitable to your every family member
• Your budgets and the looks you want for your home.

Rely on the best online stores of the finest and the latest walk in showers and related articles without hurting your pockets.

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Guidelines For Bathroom Modernizing For Elderly Access

In surveys, it is found that injuries that happen in the bathroom are more common among the older people. Whether you are getting older, bringing your parents into your home or want to plan for your future, there are distinct bathroom remodeling steps and options are accessible to make your bathroom space more accommodating to elders.

Some of these you can fix by yourself and some require experts to make your place more effective and useful for every family member. Choosing the right option depends on the level of mobility and requirements of the individual using the bathroom. Walk in showers can be the best alternative to give independence and ease to enjoy soothing shower to your loved ones. Along with the walk in showers, walk in bathtubs there are several things you can do to perk up the usability of your bath area.

Some of the bathroom improvements you can do yourself are as follows -

• Set up grab bars - Installing high-quality grab bars around the toilet and in the shower can aid your elders and disabled family members to stay steady on their feet. You can install the wall bars parallel to the ground for better security.

• Revolutionize the doorknobs and handles – Replacing the old harder knobs and handles of cabinets and sinks with the larger and easy to use one is a good way to increase the level of ease for disabled. You can also replace the faucets in the shower if they are old and difficult to turn. Use simple, large, and stylish kind of fixtures and faucets to perk up the usability as well as the overall appearance of the place.

• Advance the lighting – With age, our vision is decreased. So, make sure your bathroom has enough lights. Replacing the old bulbs with some bright lightings or adding extra light fixtures can help your loved ones to avoid slip and falls.

• Install a thermostatic shower tap – using the faucets with a thermostatic valve reduces the chances of burn, as these do not get hot easily.

• Choose the best walk in bathtub – To get in and out and climb the bathtub can be a very difficult task for aged and injured people. So, walk in bathtub is the best solution for such people. Walk in bathtubs with belts offer ease to get in and out of the tub and enjoy a soothing bath experience.

• Fix a nonslip mat - Slippery floor upsurges the changes of fall and injuries. By using nonslip mats on the floor, on the shower floor you can avoid the risk of fall and slip to a great extent.

• Replace or remove the rugs – Wet rugs can also be a reason of people to fall or slip. So, removing the rugs completely or changing it with the rubber mat can do well.

• Fit a special-height toilet – elevate the toilet to some inches as it let the elders sit and stand easily. Replace the small existing toilet with a heighted one with an adjustable version providing an option to select the height as per individual’s need.

All these remodeling tips will help you in offering comfort and ease to your elders and disabled family members. So, follow the guidelines and enhance the overall appearance of your place.

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Tips For Choosing Walk In Showers Without Doors

Are you thinking to remodel your bathroom and looking some ideal solutions to get some striking design that not only perk up the appearance of bath area but also at the same time becomes an ideal option for the less able family member, then doorless walk in showers.

It offers some striking and more required benefits counting easy maintenance, easy accessibility, and safety.

Cleaning the doors and floor may be a chore and walk in showers gives ease to clean the bath area in a simple and effective approach. This is very easy to clean and requires very less maintenance. Many of us are having glass slider doors, but that can also be an obstacle when they fuse or run off their slides. Walk-in showers without doors can lessen these worries and you can install them in your space with level or low thresholds.

1. These are always custom designed to suit the precise desires of individuals-
Walk in the shower without doors can be easily installed in any corner of your place and can be replaced with your existing bathtub or shower. As these are having an opening to the rest of the bathroom, the flooring, walls are designed in a way to contain water. According to the preferences and needs of homeowners,’ custom tiles and partitions are created. Whether you want waterproof walls or tiled walls, all can be done and all done superior to the showerhead.

2. Options for base of walk-in showers-
Today, there are several pre-fabricated showers pans and showers are available, not always, every base will go well with the doorless walk in shower you want at your space. The water should be drained easily and do not pond on the floor. Such situations may be risky as you might fall or slip.

You need to consider three important points while thinking of walk in shower -
• Custom or standard base
• Entrance height that can vary from zero to four inches
• Surface supplies

3. Placing the shower head at proper place-
It is essential to keep the water to be directed away from the lights and other fixtures. You need to consider the spray radius of the showerhead while selecting. Choosing an adjustable handheld shower is best so that you can move it as per your needs and requirements.

4. It evades the need of extra ventilation or lighting-
If your walk in shower is large enough, then you need not require any extra ventilation or lighting. It is totally on you if you want to get some extra lighting, you can go for it.

5. Cleaning and maintenance-
The openness of a doorless walk-in shower gives you the opportunity to clean it easily. A lot of walk-in showers have lined, ceilings or floors that were making the cleaning to grout can be a dull task for you.

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Bathroom Decoration Ideas For Elegance Loving Homeowners

Are you feeling bored with your old, traditional bathroom? Is your bathing experience is becoming daunting rather than a soothing one? If yes, then you strictly need a bathroom renovation. Whether you wish to add some vibrant color to the room or want to create a spacious bath area or install some new fixtures, there are multifaceted options available for you. With this, you can turn your boring place into a happening and relaxing place.

Here, are a few bathroom decoration ideas for making your bathroom, one of the most delightful and soothing place.

Make it more vivacious
You need not require any interior expert to remove the colors of sadness from your bath area. You can transform your area by using some livelier colors and applying some decorative wallpaper. If you have windows, avoid using heavy and dark-colored blinds or curtains that block the natural light. Instead, use some light colored thin covering that offers a secure screen in addition to letting some natural light in.

Construct more space
You might be feeling cramped in your bathroom due to the useless bathtub. Make out more space in your bath area by replacing the tradition tub with the advanced and enlightening walk in bathtubs. You can replace the giant fixtures with some modern and stylish fixtures covering less space. Install shelves in place of heavy cabinets to save space.

Install Modern Fixtures
No one wants to have cracked or ugly bathtubs. Bathing makes, you feel fresh and energetic and if you bath in lovely and stylish bathtubs, the experience is going to increase for sure. Over the web, you can find out a myriad of walk in showers and walk in baths to perk up the looks and feel of your restroom. This will not only enhance the appearance and your bathing experience, but also bring positive vibes in the atmosphere.

Starting your day from the beauty of such amazing bath area will make you feel delighted for the whole day long.

The post Bathroom Decoration Ideas For Elegance Loving Homeowners appeared first on Walk In Bath Showers.

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(Published: Mon, 09 Nov 2015 06:20:05 +0000)

Exquisite Shower Module Best To Fit In Your Bathroom

Are you looking for an ideal and easy to use the shower for your home? Want to provide comforts and independence to your seniors to enjoy a cosy shower by their own? Do you wish to give a lavish and eye-pleasing looks to your home? Exquisite shower module is the perfect answer your entire such questions and bathing needs.

Exquisite shower module is a gift for the disabled and the people having mobility problems. These showers come with unique design and style to suit different taste and offer great comforts. It comes with designer and stylish glass doors with engraved modesty panels, contemporary tile-effect sheets and elective fold down seat making it luxurious as well as the definitive answer to every bathing difficulty. These are very easy to clean as comes with particularly crafted swab clean tile effect panels. You can easily clean the mouldy grout.

It offers various different benefits and exclusive feature counting -

• It can be easily installed in your bath area within a single day with no fuss and no mess.
• This walk in shower comes with low threshold
• Degrades the changes of slipping as having slip resistant flooring
• Can be easily fitted in the same old bath space
• Variety of attractive mosaic designs to choose from
• You also get an optional fold down seat
• Make your shower in your style with thermostatically controlled shower
• It also enhances the appearance and overall looks of your home adding value to it.

These features are making the showers more liked and preferred by many people worldwide. You need not invest much in bringing the independence and a cherished smile on the face of your loved ones. Anyone can afford this as are available at very reasonable prices. Professionals will come to your place and install the entire unit plus guide you enjoy its benefits exceeding beyond your expectations. This is a perfect way top enhance the looks of a narrow bathroom.

So, get an exquisite shower module fitted in your space and enjoy a relaxing and soothing shower.

The post Exquisite Shower Module Best To Fit In Your Bathroom appeared first on Walk In Bath Showers.

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(Published: Fri, 06 Nov 2015 05:22:58 +0000)

Walk In Bathtubs – Freedom To Bath Independently Never Looked So Easy

Freedom is the birth right of every individual. But, with the increasing age or due to some injuries, many people are not able to do their routine work by themselves. They need the help of others to move and bath. If you have faced an accident that is making it difficult for you to get in and out of your bathtub, then walk in bathtubs are the ideal solution for you.

A few organizations offer walk in bathtubs installation and related services. This implies that your bathroom can get a mess more secure. Numerous tubs offer elements that keep the tub cleaner for more timeframes, are slip safe thus a great deal. In case you are old, debilitated or simply experience difficulty getting in and out of the tub, you don’t need to live in consistent trepidation. Rather, you can get a walk in bathtub installed with many security components. It gives ease to simply get in and out of the bathtub.

These offers various safety Features including, but not limited to-

Sanitary gel coating
Anti-scald technology
Self-cleaning system
Wider door
Low step-in
An anti-slip seat
Anti-slip tub floor
Quick release drain
Safety bars

Reachable controls and many more to come.
With such fantastic features, you can be stress-free. You are having easy control over the water temperature, comforts, adjustment, stepping and more. This kind of bathtubs can offer you or a loved one some more years of satisfying and pleasant independent living.

Along with a walk in bathtubs, you can renew the shower area with walk in showers. With walk in shower, you would realize that maintaining independence never looked so good earlier. It also offers great benefits to the individuals who want to enjoy a delightful shower independently derivate of the injury or physical disability.

The post Walk In Bathtubs – Freedom To Bath Independently Never Looked So Easy appeared first on Walk In Bath Showers.

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(Published: Wed, 21 Oct 2015 06:59:59 +0000)

Aquatec Orca Bath Lifts – Freedom To Enjoy Peaceful Bath

Aquatic orca bath lift is the blessing for the people having a mobility problem. It is an outstanding solution for them to enjoy a wonderful relaxing bathing experience. It is a high-quality portable reclining bath lift with design requiring less space. It ensures the user gets utmost engagement and legroom in the bath. It comes with the most updated techniques with two-piece design allowing quick folding for transportation and storage. You can easily set it in just a few seconds.

The Orca bath lifts are the first-class quality, an ergonomic bathing solution that amalgamate the best safety features and improved comfort with convenient handling. A person with up to 140 kg weight can use the lift and for heavier people XL version is available. It is durable due to its superior quality. It is very easy and time –saving to clean as comes with a smooth surface. It has an integrated neck support to make it easy to operate.

It is a very prevailing bath lifter with auto unlock structure for speedily remove from the bath. Chiefly available in a two pieces style and its seat has textured surface. Its versatile features with an easy to use integral battery give complete compact hand control for individuals. With just a touch of a button, you can operate it as per your requirements and get a wonderful soak in the water of your choice.

You can get this ultimate Aquatec Bath Lift fitted in your bath to make your elders and disabled family member enjoy a pleasant and relaxing bath independently. You can easily carry them when going out.

It’s several distinguishing features include –

• Simple one hand operation
• Excellent safety features
• For easy in and out, extra-extended seat is available
• Reclinable to improve the bathing comfort
• Slip-proof, soft covers for extra safety
• Covers that you can wash easily in machine

So, get the one and make it easy for your loved ones to enjoy their freedom of bathing according to their timings and needs.

The post Aquatec Orca Bath Lifts – Freedom To Enjoy Peaceful Bath appeared first on Walk In Bath Showers.

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(Published: Mon, 19 Oct 2015 08:13:59 +0000)

Bath Belt Gives Independence To Bath Comfortably

Walk in showers and bath are very popular solutions for individuals to enjoy a wonderful bath and shower experience. You can feel relaxed and enjoy the soothing feel of warm water. Bath belts and lifts are the extensions to the soothing experience. Bath belts are the effective solution that let a person easily get in out of the bathtub easily.

For the people who find it difficult to get in and out of the bathtubs, bath belts are the finest option. These simple solutions incorporate no major inconvenience and installation. You can enjoy its different benefits with a very little investment and no fuss. You can buy rely on the Mermaid bath belts offered by professionals as these offers you an opportunity to enjoy stress-free independent bath daily without any significant changes to the bathroom.

This dynamic bath belt is secured between a bracket attached at floor level and discreet wall-unit. With a touch of a button, the broad bath belt forms a stable seat that lowers you softly to the base of the bath. You need not have to remodel your bathroom to get this fitted in your place. It is gaining popularity among individuals for offering such benefits for enhancing their lives.

Engineers take a complete evaluation of the wall strength and things needed for the bath belt fitting. With walk in shower, this gives you complete peace of mind and satisfaction of having the best thing at your place giving you an ultimate bathing experience. It has different benefits counting -

• It can carry up to 20 stones in weight
• A rechargeable battery powers it
• Home revelation with genuine working model
• Elective belt sleeve facilitate you for staying in an upright position while being lifted out of the bath or lowered into it.
• It is very easy, quick, and safe to install.

Therefore, let it fitted in your bathroom and make your place look wonderful, feel wonderful, stay wonderful, and bath independently.

The post Bath Belt Gives Independence To Bath Comfortably appeared first on Walk In Bath Showers.

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(Published: Tue, 13 Oct 2015 05:21:09 +0000)

Enjoy The Benefits Of All-In-One Walk In Showers

All-in-one walk in shower is the most reliable and lucrative solution for the entire bathing difficulties. Life is not always the same. Time shows many shades of life and we need to be prepared and enjoy every phase. People find it very difficult to bath by them when they grew old. You might have seen the same in your home when your grandparents were dependent on your parents for their routine work. Don’t let this happen to your parents or with you. Install all-in-one walk in showers to your bathroom. All in one walk in showers is the best alternative that gives your independence to bath independently in a secure way.

Professional walk in shower manufacturers can bring up the best all-inclusive shower module that has everything already built-in. You can easily take a bath or shower easily. The fitting process of this walk in shower is clean, neat and quick so you need not to spend much of your bucks and can be arranged in your existing bathroom. It means that you can get the all-in-one shower fitted at your place in a single day with no fuss, no mess, and no re-tiling.

Walk-in, sit down, stand up, the choice is all yours with the wonderful shower module. Special kind of shatterproof doors and panels are used in these showers to give you and your loved ones complete safety, comforts and peace of mind. Whether you want it to be fitted against a structure or a wall, in the bathroom, bedroom, workshop or office, these are perfect to be fitted anywhere you want. Actually, anywhere you have contact to a water supply, because there is no grouting or tiling. It is the perfect no leaking design with a combination of style, safety and comforts.

These are available in different size, colors and styles to match up with your existing bathroom, so can have beautiful renovation without getting heavy on your pockets. So, online choose the experts and enjoy the delightful benefits of all-in-one walk in showers.

The post Enjoy The Benefits Of All-In-One Walk In Showers appeared first on Walk In Bath Showers.

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(Published: Fri, 09 Oct 2015 05:28:05 +0000)

Walk In Bathtubs With Doors Of Blissful Relaxation

For many of us, bathing has become more than a cleansing routine process. We tend to luxuriate and linger in our bathtubs as the lukewarm waters soak into our bodies and our souls. We feel delighted, alive and relaxed with a soak in cold water for some time. But, with age, you might not be able to get in and out easily in your traditional bathtubs to enjoy the goodness of soaking. To enjoy the same pleasure even in your old age or to make your oldies enjoy that soaking pleasure, replace your old bathtub with the latest and innovative walk in bathtub.

Walk in bathtub comprises and influence scores of moods and circumstances; they range from physical revival to emotional liberate, from a fascination in delight to therapeutic reprieve. Walk in bathtubs have doors that make the entry and exit easy and comfortable for the disabled and older people.

With the most up-to-date and designer wall in bathtubs from professional, you are opening the door to blissful relaxation to the elderly and people with disability or mobility in your home. Walk in Bathtub can bring much more than ease to entry and exit for bathing. You can get peace of mind, relaxation, positive thoughts, pampering, stress reduction and sheer bliss and more with the advanced one touch walk in bathtubs. Such tubs offer safety, security and independence to your beloved.

You are not only opening doors to independent bathing for your elders, but at the same time opening doors for saving safety and equanimity. These are available in a varied range of options perfectly meeting the specific needs, budgets of different individuals.

Get a simple yet elegant bathtub to match your existing bath area surroundings. These are available with a removable seat beneficial for small families. Experts can manufacture it in distinct colors as a stylish addition to your existing bathroom. You can clean them easily in a short span of time. These also perk up the overall looks and value of your home.

The post Walk In Bathtubs With Doors Of Blissful Relaxation appeared first on Walk In Bath Showers.

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